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ARTS IN FIFE is a free publication created by Stuart Russell, to promote all arts within Fife, Scotland. The magazine showcases a range of local talent and constructs a dialogue between artists, voluntary organizations and the general public. This magazine displays art awareness and shows the important role art plays in bringing together communities. The magazine celebrates dance, drama, literature, media, music, visual arts, crafts and applied arts. It also promotes and supports local voluntary art groups, events and galleries. To submit work for the next issue please contact us via our website at:

Weekly Painting Classes Wednesdays 2-4pm Sep/Oct 2013 St Bryce Kirk Centre, Kirkcaldy Cupar Arts Festival Sat 5th Oct – Thu 17th Oct 2013 Various Venues, Cupar Buckhaven Art Exhibition Sat 7th Sep – Sun 8th Sep 2013 The Buckhaven Beehive Stich Stich Stich: Talk on Victorian Needlework 5.30 – Tue 29th Oct 2013 Museum of St Andrews University Botanical Illustration Workshop 10.30 to 3.30 – Sat 28th Sep 2013 Botanic Gardens, St Andrews

STUART RUSSELL is the former Arts Ambassador of Fife, representing Voluntary Arts Scotland. He has won awards for his voluntary work, contributing to volunteering in Scotland since the age of 16. He is a successful artist and poet in his own right and works hard to support the arts locally, with aims to make it more inclusive.

Contact us to advertise any creative events happening in Fife.

Scottish Storytelling Clubs Storytelling clubs give you the chance to enjoy live storytelling or, if you are a budding storyteller, to practice telling tales in a supportive and informal environment alongside professional tellers. If there are no clubs in your area, you or your organisation may wish to consider introducing storytelling to the activities of an existing club, or setting up a new club. The Scottish Storytelling Centre is happy to offer advice on setting up clubs to appropriate contacts in the community. Storyteller Development Groups give adult storytellers an opportunity to meet regularly in small groups to practice telling stories, focus on specific areas that need improvement, and give and take constructive criticism in a structured and supportive way.

O2 THINK BIG… Are you 13-25? Need money, support or training to help improve your community? We help young people launch ideas and programmes that benefit the places where they live. You provide the big idea; we provide £300 and the support to make it happen! ARTS IN FIFE… Is now supported by O2 and is itself a Think Big project. You can support Arts In Fife by visiting the O2 Think Big website and sharing the project through social media. You can also support the projects creator and leader Stuart Russell by visiting his personal website: For more information on O2 Think Big, and to support Arts In Fife, visit the website:

Scottish Fisheries Museum Situated in a wonderful collection of historic buildings at Anstruther harbour, we are a charitable trust that has become a national institution, with an international reputation. Our principal aim, in all of our efforts with regard to the displays in our extensive museum and our many educational and research activities, is to excite informed interest in the development of the Scottish commercial fishing industry among people of all ages in and beyond Scotland. Our collections are truly inspiring. They permit us to exhibit wonderful examples of historic fishing boats and gear. They help us to illustrate the geography and social structures of our fishing communities. They allow us to honour their ways of life, skills, customs, dress, creativity and resilience, and to improve understanding of the various external circumstances, environmental, technological, political and commercial, which had and still continue to have such an impact upon them. Our tearoom seats around 50, spilling over into our bright, woodpanelled Merchant’s Room Gallery – an eighteenth century merchant’s dwelling – which hosts twelve community art exhibitions a year. For more information about the museum, or to exhibit work in the Merchant’s Room gallery, just contact:

Artwork By Catriona Wallbutton Catriona is a visual artist living and working in Newburgh. She specializes in printing and is inspired by nature. She often holds exciting printing classes in Studio 222, Newburgh.

Stained Glass By Sarah Honeyman Sarah produces beautiful stained glass art, inspired by the surrounding environment. Sarah lives in Newburgh and works alongside Catriona Wallbutton at Studio 222. Her work is bright and colourful, with a real emphasis on natural shapes. She holds workshops in which people can learn the techniques she uses.

Music by the Monosapiens Rik Mono and his brother Simon have made electronic and acoustic music since they were children. Simon is a guitarist who teaches for Yamaha in Stirling, as well as his own private students in Fife. Together they are the Monosapiens. When they fist met Chris Grieve (trombonist) at a jazz bar, they started to work together on creating experimental jazz/electronic music. Their songs tend to start with a concept. Their new song “Trees� was produced after they measured the angles of some branches and twigs, using the numbers to help form the notes. Artwork By Fergus His sculptures are created from some of the least promising industrial materials he can find. The materials, be they wood, metal or stone have been protected against the elements but nature will prevail. The work evolves as it ages without the artist's hand. He seeks beauty in decay, inspiration through rescue and hope where all is lost.

Their new LP was released earlier this year on Gamma Proforma Records:

Welcome To Fife Fife is rich in heritage, vibrant in spirit and forward looking in attitude. What will it give you? Discover a new world of stunning beaches, picturesque seaside villages, forests and lochs. Party at festivals and delight in the natural larder of the countryside. There's so much to discover in Fife.

Graphics By Peter Valente Peter is a graphics artist born in Edinburgh and living in Auchtermuchty. Peter studied design and typography in Edinburgh. He started producing digital work based on his own photography and has developed a variety of different styles to produce his work. Peter works from his home studio in Fife.

You'll be able to shop all day in the specialist boutiques and craft-shops unique to Fife. Watch a play, opera or ballet, or dance the night away at a concert. Catch an art house film at an intimate cinema. There are plenty of events in Fife. Fife’s municipal museums and galleries are free to be enjoyed by all. Find classical works of the Scots colourists combined with contemporary art and sculpture from across the centuries. Winter and spring festivals and summer galas are a chance for everyone in the community to join in the celebrations. Dance at street fairs, let your hair down at concerts and revel in the festivals of music, art, theatre and comedy.

Paintings By Alan Stephens Alan works in oils. He paints people from all walks of life, young or old, as well as pet portraits, and landscapes. Alan is currently the president of St Andrews Art Club. Visit the club website:

Chillilicious is Scotland’s first and only chilli farm, making it the most Northerly chilli farm in the UK. Run by Patricia and Stacey Galfskiy, a mother/daughter team, they produce delicious chilli food products and handmade, chilli inspired, glass art that blends their combined love of food and art. Chillilicious also hold various glass-making workshops at their studio in Ceres, Fife. For more product information or to participate in a glass-making workshop, visit the website:


Creative Scotland is the national leader for Scotland’s arts, screen and creative industries. It’s our job to help Scotland’s creativity shine at home and abroad. We invest in talented people and exciting ideas. We develop the creative industries and champion everything that’s good about Scottish creativity. Scotland boasts an incredible range of talent, from award-winning directors and writers to widely recognised actors and internationally renowned musicians, visual artists, architects and digital companies. As a result of the wealth of indigenous talent, Scotland produces a huge volume of homegrown productions and products each year. We think Scotland’s creative industries are worth shouting about.

Newburgh is the northern "gateway" into Fife from Perthshire and is situated on the banks of the River Tay. There has been a settlement here for over 1,000 years with the "New Burgh" being granted its Royal Charter and burgh status from Alexander III in 1266. Although a small town, there are many local groups engaged in activities to keep the town flourishing. The Newburgh Regeneration Group has been successful in obtaining substantial financial support to carry out environmental improvements at the River Tay waterfront – previously the site of an old linoleum factory. There is a diverse arts network in Newburgh with many independent galleries and studio spaces. There is Studio 222, Big Cat Textiles, The Sun Gallery, Twist Fibre Shop, Steeple Arts Centre and Kit & Caboodle. Newburgh also boasts beautiful cafes, great views along the river Tay and rolling countryside. All in all Newburgh is a lively, bustling town with a range of local businesses catering for the needs of local residents and visitors alike.

To find out more about Creative Scotland and how they can help you visit the website:

Image of Newburgh Countryside By Stuart Russell 2012

Artwork By Usman Malik His artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. He deconstructs the dreams, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that become part of our childhood and adult culture. Having engaged in subjects as diverse as politics, religion, civil rights and architecture, his work reproduces familiar visual imagery, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. Each of his projects consists of multiple works grouped around specific themes and meanings.

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