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arts for life durham 2010 report


Dear Friends,

The first thing you notice about Arts For Life art tables is that they are happy places! Children who come to Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center to be treated for very serious illnesses find much more than painful procedures and confined treatment rooms. They find brightly colored paints and papers, canvases and oil pastels, yarn and almost anything else they could want to help them create all that they can imagine. As they engage their minds and hearts, their bodies relax, they become less afraid and more animated. They laugh, sing, and play. What started out as an unwelcome trip to a stressful place becomes an adventure they look forward to as they and their families cope with the realities of serious illness. This is Arts For Life. In 2010, more than 520 patients, siblings, and family members at Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center made new friends, spent happy time with their families, created art beyond their wildest imaginings, and let their spirits soar. In the process, they discovered a resilience that they may not have known they possessed, and from the struggles they faced everyday, they created masterpieces of hope and joy! This is Arts For Life. Thank you for being part of the family!

Shea Godwin Executive Director

The Arts For Life Team in durham Staff


Board of Directors

Mary Margaret Fulk Program Director

Laura Maruzzella

Becky Anderson John Dickson Karen Fitzgerald Matthew Leggatt Judy Major Doug Michaels Al Root Anne Sessions

Shea Godwin Executive Director

garet ctor mary mar Program Dire n and patient be

Teaching Volunteer Abby Timberlake

Rachel Zink Assistant Director Snee Howard Bookkeeper

Arts For Life Arts For Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people facing serious illnesses. By providing educational art programs, we enrich patients’ lives, nurture their minds and spirits, and encourage positive healthcare experiences for children and their families. Arts For Life helps children all day everyday in four cities across North Carolina. Arts For Life began in 2001, with one patient, one hospital room, and one camera. Today, AFL’s staff members, volunteers, and interns teach the arts to patients for over 240 hours each week. We work with more than 4,700 patients statewide annually. Our visual art, creative writing, and music programs decrease patient stress and anxiety, keep patients active and engaged, and help families cope with the realities of illness.

AFL Taught

Thousands of Art Lessons at Duke in 2010

Our team of art educators, volunteers, and interns brought 3,128 top-notch educational art lessons to 527 patients, siblings, and family members last year. Cat by Mary Catherine, age 5

arts for life at duke children’s hospital & health center

ImagIne for a moment that you are seven years old, riding upwards in an elevator while holding tightly to your mom’s hand. You are at Duke Children’s Hospital again - your home away from home - for treatment at the Valvano Day Hospital, where kids like you come for outpatient treatments like chemotherapy. But when the elevator glides to a stop and the doors slide open, instead of dreading the endless pricks and pokes and an afternoon of boredom, you are excIted to be at the hospital because that’s where the art table is!

Arts For Life Durham teaches art to young patients who come to Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center from all over the world. Sometimes, AFL Durham will see children who have participated in our Mary Margaret and the girls in the clinic art programs at one of our other partner hospitals in Winston-Salem, Asheville, or Charlotte, so AFL provides a continuity of care that is unique to the the experiences of these special families. The Arts For Life team, led by Mary Margaret Fulk, serves children at: • the Valvano Day Hospital and 4th Floor Clinics, where patients and families visit the hospital for outpatient procedures: pre- and post-transplant care, infusions, chemotherapy, tests, and more. Specialties at the 4th Floor Clinics include: Hematology/Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Allergy/Immunology, and Neuro-Oncology. The art table in the Valvano Day Hospital serves these patients as well as all other pediatric specialties at Duke. • the 5200 Unit, or Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, the inpatient unit that kids undergoing bone marrow, stem cell, and cord blood transplants call home for two months or more. Art time on the PBMT unit provides these children with a creative, educational outlet, where they can interact with other kids, spend time with a parent, and learn exciting art skills.

the arts for life program schedule at duke children’s hospital & health Center

Monday 9 am – 5:30 pm Valvano Day Hospital & 4th Floor Clinics Program Director 10 am – 1 pm Waiting Room, 4th Floor Clinics Volunteer (Aug – Dec)

Tuesday 9 am – 5:30 pm Valvano Day Hospital & 4th Floor Clinics Program Director

Wednesday 9 am – 3:30 pm Valvano Day Hospital & 4th Floor Clinics Program Director 3:30 pm – 5 pm 5200 (Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit) Program Director 10 am – 1 pm Waiting Room, 4th Floor Clinics Volunteer (Aug – Dec)

Thursday 9 am – 5:30 pm Valvano Day Hospital & 4th Floor Clinics Program Director

“Spider-web,” by Cameron, age 9

Total weekly scheduled programming hours = 91.75

Friday 9 am – 4 pm Valvano Day Hospital Intern (July – Dec)

“My Hands” Haley age 5

spotlight: haley

Diagnosed at six months old with Pompe Disease, a rare genetic disorder, Haley has spent the majority of her five years in and out of hospitals. When Haley heads to Duke for her weekly infusions—she scans the Valvano Day Hospital for signs of AFL Program Director Mary Margaret Fulk. When she sees glue, paint, and paper on the art table…she knows that it’s time to get creative. Haley is no stranger to the VDH. She knows every nurse, doctor and staff member by name (and if she hasn’t met you yet—she’ll be sure to introduce herself!). She enthusiastically shares stories about her family, her favorite songs and movies and the art project she is working on that day. Like clockwork after completing the project of the day, Haley always looks up, grins, and asks, “Well… what can we do next?” Whether it’s creating an amazing collage to display at home or painting a picture of her beloved cat, Simba, Haley fills her time in clinic with as much art as possible. Without fail, Haley is also the first to invite new patients, siblings, and parents to the art table, encouraging them to pull up a chair and join in on the fun. “Haley looks forward to coming to the hospital because she knows that she will be creating artwork with Mary Margaret. She makes many beautiful pictures and projects. When she does art, her time at the hospital goes by quickly and she leaves the hospital excited to return the next week.“ -Krystal Hayes, mother of Haley

“Silly Me” Riley age 4

“Happy Man” Joshua age 4

Laya on the PBMT Unit

Arts for life

art show masterpieces from the young artists in

AFL Durham’s program Self-portrait by Mary Katelyn, age 19

Self-portrait by Justin, age 11

in 2010, Arts For Life Durham taught over

43 hours of art lessons each week

“Lion,” by Sybrina, age 15

to patients, siblings, & family members

Oil pastel resist drawing by Ashleigh, age 16

Kelsey at the art table

pediatric bone marrow transplant unit

Undergoing a Bone Marrow Transplant is one of the most terrifying things that a child can endure. Families must uproot and relocate to the hospital where their child will endure up to eight weeks of intensive chemotherapy and other medications on the journey to engraftment and remission. Arts For Life helps to provide comfort, stability, and joy for these families. From pre-transplant work-ups through the long inpatient stay and post-transplant check-ups, Arts For Life is there to provide educational and engaging art programming to patients and families. With one-on-one bedside visits and group art time on the PBMT unit, AFL encourages patients to get out of their rooms, take back some control, and let their imaginations soar!

Young patient Corbin creating a fantastical dragon on the PBMT unit

interns & Volunteers

In 2010, Arts For Life Durham launched Volunteer and Internship Programs to further support patients and families who come to Duke Children’s Hospital. From teaching art and preparing projects to creating community awareness for Arts For Life Durham, volunteers and interns are an incredible asset to our programming. A huge thank you to Laura Maruzzella and Abby Timberlake for all of their incredible work in 2010! Together, they brought an additional 13 hours of art programming each week to patients and families. “In my final semester at NC State University, I interned with Arts for Life Durham on Friday mornings - creating art with patients, siblings and families. As a sibling of a cancer survivor who was treated and now works at Duke Hospital, it was especially important for me to include siblings at the art table whenever possible. Having visited the Day Hospital before the addition of the Arts for Life program, it was amazing seeing the clinic itself transform with the colorful displays of artwork on the walls and the enthusiastic artists rushing to create at the art table. My experience as an intern with Arts for Life was one of the most enjoyable parts of my undergraduate career and I will be taking everything I learned to graduate school in the fall.” ~Laura Maruzzella, AFL intern 2010

Suhani and volunteer Abby

Do You Love Kids & Art? do you want to make a difference in young patients’ lives? AFL Durham is expanding its Teaching Volunteer Program to reach more young patients in need! If you have a few hours each week to transform the healthcare experience for some very special children, please contact Mary Margaret today: or 919-745-7583 Thank you for your support!

Mary Margaret with young patient, Sandhana

special events at duke children’s hospital

In addition to regular arts programming Monday through Friday, AFL Durham supports young patients and families by participating in special events throughout the year. The team leads exciting art projects to add a creative element and help make these events even more fun and successful. AFL kids and their parents love seeing an Arts For Life art table outside of the clinic!

Self-Portrait by Terry, age 8

A few of AFL’s events at Duke include: - Rainbow of Heroes Celebration in April and Rainbow of Heroes Walk in May - Duke’s Day of Remembrance in June - Camp Kaleidoscope in July, where AFL Durham teaches art to over 100 campers and counselors!

- the Camp Kaleidoscope Reunion in October, & - in November, a Door Decorating Contest on the Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, a collaboration between Child Life and Arts For Life - helping kids and families decorate the doors to their hospital rooms, where they call home for up to eight weeks while at Duke for transplant. Check out young patient Fiona’s room at Thanksgiving time!

brothers and sisters at duke

When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness and undergoes treatment, the entire family is affected. For siblings, the hospitalization process can be just as frightening as they join their brother or sister on a journey filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Brothers and sisters can sometimes feel lonely, left out, and frustrated. Their entire world shifts and tilts in ways different from their sibling and their parents. The art table is a special place for patients and siblings - to paint, draw, sculpt, and explore. During a time when siblings can also feel lost and confused, they always have a chair open to them at the art table. It is a place where they can come to express who they are, share their thoughts and feelings, and create works of art that make their voice heard.

Sisters Yazda, Laya, & Yara in the hospital room

Katie, mother of patient Fiona and sibling Finlee, says,“Fiona’s treatment at Duke over the last 11 months has been a challenging and grueling experience as I tried to juggle a one-year old preparing/recovering from transplant (Fiona) and her twoyear old sister (Finlee). The bright moments were when we visited the clinic and Finlee was able to escape the world of infusions, medical jargon, and physicians... and join Mary Margaret at the art table. While she was creating art, I could focus more clearly on discussions with our medical team and caring for Fiona. Finlee’s face brightens faster and more sincerely when she sees “Ms. Mary Marker” than anybody else.”

Every year, families look forward to Duke’s S.I.B.S Day (Some Important Brothers & Sisters). S.I.B.S Day is dedicated to honoring these special family members. The sibs start their day with an Arts For Life art project - this year, they created selfportraits, always a great way for kids to explore their unique personalities and sense of creativity. After that, the kids do incredible, once-in-a-lifetime things - like stand on the helicopter landing pad, or watch a pharmacist mix a batch of chemotherapy. A big part of what makes Arts For Life programs extraordinary is our attention to the whole family: parents and siblings are invited to make art, too, which means that everyone walks away from the hospital having made special memories and enjoyed Three sisters of patients create their self-portraits quality family time. with Mary Margaret’s guidance on SIBS Day

Arts For Life Sends a Heartfelt

Thank You! to the People Who Made Our Work Possible in 2010

Our deepest appreciation goes to our supporters at Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center. With the hospital’s support, AFL brings peace, light, and laughter to young patients on their darkest days. We especially owe our gratitude to Edith Rosenblatt, who champions our programs in countless ways and is our inspiration for her work with kids and volunteers at Duke. We also could not accomplish our work without the support of Duke’s Kids Care Grant Committee, Kristen Ammon, and Marshall McIver. Hasbro is the reason AFL Durham has continued to flourish and grow. We are so very thankful for Hasbro’s generous support. Mark Anderson and the Loretta Ho Sherblom Insurance Agency have sustained Arts For Life’s programs since their beginnings. Arts For Life Durham would not be what it is today without them. Thank you, Mark! Mary and Harden Blackwell’s gift, in honor of Burns Blackwell, enabled the AFL team to help many children in need in 2010. The All-American Athletic Association and Laurie Adams have been generously supporting AFL Durham since 2009. We send our deepest thanks to the students and faculty of Franklin Academy for their kind donation to AFL in memory of art teacher Brandy Miller. It is a great honor to support young patients and families through art in Brandy’s name. Our Special Thanks to: Stephanie and Bradley Adams • Malinda Beamer • Martha Brooke • Thomas and Margaret Cooper Patricia and Donald Ellis • Liz Frazier • Jeanne Grushinski • Ben Herod • Pat Kiko • Deanna and Carl Pettersson Jack Ryder • Liz and Donny Short • Diana Steifel • Stephen Stimpson • Yvonne Treska • Janice Turkett Carolyn and Jay Willis • Mary and James Wydick • and many more

What people are Saying about arts for life "Arts For Life is such a vital part of the many support services offered at Duke! Since its inception, I have witnessed the broad smiles, enthusiasm, creativity, confidence, and extended learning the patients have experienced by participating in this excellent program. The incredible artwork displays throughout the hospital and on the PBMT give testimony to the value of this program. It is obvious that every piece of art is created with heart and soul!" - Marshall McIver, Durham Public Schools Hospital School Teacher

“Arts for Life was my son’s only reason for “wanting” to go to clinic. If he did not have his art to look forward to as well as the joy that Ms. Mary Margaret has brought to his life, our experience would have been much more difficult. Arts For Life has eased our anxiety, distracted Joey from his pain and discomfort, and has given us hope and immense healing. We cannot thank Arts For Life enough...” - Katy Buchta, mother of patient Joey Sisters Krista & Jordan working together at the art table

How You Can Help:

CONTACT arts for life

Host a Coffee Talk or a House Party to share AFL’s work with the community ! info@a Volunteer at Duke, teaching art to young patients fln 919-74 Make a donation to sustain our vital arts programming 5-7583 Organize a Cakes For Kids Bake Sale to benefit Arts For Life Contact us today to find out about opportunities to get involved with Arts For Life! to learn more about our work wIth young patIents

& famIlIes, vIsIt: Front Cover Artwork: “Texured Tie-Dye,” by Mary Katelyn, age 19

Arts For Life Durham 2010  

Learn about AFL Durham's art programs for young patients and families at Duke Children's Hospital and Health Center in 2010.