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All the reasons we and

in the Cayman Islands! 23 FEBRUARY 2013

Minister’s Message Hon. Mark Scotland MLA, JP

Here in the Cayman Islands we are a multi-talented set of individuals who write, paint, dance, make movies and express ourselves with flare! The Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts, Cayfest, aims to provide a forum in which Cayman’s finest can showcase their unique talents in a manner that all can share and embrace. Cayfest is a colourful mix of visual and literary arts, music, theatre, film, fashion design, and cultural discussion, with an emphasis on local culture. One of our most inspiring national events, it aims to enrich the local art world and the general public’s awareness of art. As usual this year’s festival will shine a spotlight on the many talents that can sometimes otherwise lie hidden amongst our shores. It also includes a diverse range of participants. Though small, the Cayman Islands is a multi-cultural society in which people from different backgrounds interact, and share their enjoyment of many different mediums and cultural experiences from around the region and around the world. This has created fertile soil for Caymanian culture to grow, and allows us to present to you a rich array of talent. Highlights of past festivals include: the ever-popular Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase (TCFS), the National Arts & Culture Awards, Café Cayman, the Historical Treasure Hunt and the work of countless local artists and arts organisations. Cayfest has come from small beginnings, just as our Islands did. It was a small idea with a lot of heart. As Minister for Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture, I am proud to share this wonderful cultural kaleidoscope with the public. We look forward to seeing each of you at the many events that have been organised throughout the festival!


Chairman’s Greeting Martyn CW Bould MBE

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Cayfest, now in its nineteenth year, showcasing the diversity of our cultural talents and demonstrating those things that make us uniquely Caymanian. Of course, any country’s culture is not static or changeless. On the contrary, it is in a constant state of flux, influencing and being influenced by other cultures. A country’s culture therefore reflects its history, mores, institutions and attitudes, its social movements, conflicts and struggles. At the same time it is dynamic and continually evolving. And so the Cayfest line up this year mirrors the development of our multicultural community, which now includes more than 130 nationalities and, to reflect this, we are presenting the second year of Dress for Culture Day to raise awareness of the diversity of our society, and as importantly, to raise funds for CNCF’s many youth programmes including Young At Arts, Young Image Makers, Summer Arts Camp and Grants for the Arts. An exciting event new to Cayfest this year is the Red Sky at Night Festival, transforming the Harquail centre stage into a celebration of music, dance, storytelling, arts & crafts, film, and, of course, delicious Caymanian food!!! All this is topped off by a Historical Treasure Hunt in Bodden Town, hosted by the Department of Tourism, and of course, the 19th Annual Arts & Culture Awards, where we honour members of our community for their invaluable contributions to the development and preservation of arts and culture. I wish to thank our hardworking and dedicated staff, our volunteers and particularly our sponsors for making Cayfest possible and continuing the tradition of showcasing all that is Caymanian for the enjoyment of all. Please Enjoy!!!

Artistic Director’s Greeting It is so important that we acknowledge the contributions of artists, corporate contributors and volunteers to the work of CNCF and, by extension, to arts and cultural development, preservation and celebration in the Cayman Islands. When one sees a stage production such as our most recent offering, “Doubt”, or shares in our enduring presentations, Cayfest and Gimistory; when one hears the beautiful voices of our folk singers; reads our arts journals, the plays of Dr. Frank McField or the poetry of Leonard Dilbert or Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette; when one passes by Miss Lassie’s deceptively simple wattle and daub home, experiences her paintings or enjoys the music of Mr. Radley and Aunt Julia Hydes, one may not ever stop to think of the cost. Yet, none of it, nothing the Cayman National Cultural Foundation does, could be possible were it not for the tremendous contributions of our artists, sister organisations, sponsors, volunteers and audiences. This festival, therefore, is less about CNCF and more about celebrating the people who either make the organisation work in the first-rate manner it does, or whose work contributes to Cayman’s artistic and cultural evolution. We wholeheartedly acknowledge, thank and laud our artists, culture makers, sponsors and volunteers who weave their individual strands of endeavour into the whole thatch plait that is us.


Henry Muttoo MBE, MA


National Arts & Culture Awards The National Arts and Culture Awards recognise those who attain a level of merit in their artistic discipline, contribute to the arts, culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands and support the work of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation. Awards are also presented for Volunteer of the Year, Sponsor of the Year and the Chairman’s Award for outstanding long-term support of CNCF’s work. The Awards ceremony is a CNCF initiative that began in 1991. If you would like to make a nomination for the 20th Annual National Arts & Culture Awards please get in touch by emailing or by calling (345) 949 5477.

Meet the winners of the 19th Annual National Arts & Culture Awards...

Chairman’s Award Tropicana Tours • Rollin Jackson


Tropicana Tours, founded in 1981, is the Cayman Islands’ first ground tour operator and is the largest grossing destination management company in the Cayman Islands. They provide your transportation, of course, but also themed parties, off-site events, catering, hospitality desks, local tours and activities, and other specialised products and services to ensure that they satisfy the needs of groups of all sizes. Tropicana Tours’ long-standing involvement with CNCF has assisted us in delivering our creative cargo, as well as affordable programmes to the community. From providing their bus service for the Young at Arts programme to taking care of our international storytellers during Gimistory, their slogan really does confirm their work – “We do it all for you.”

Sponsor Of The Year Butterfield is proud to support the Cayman National Cultural Foundation Young At Arts programme. We believe that supporting the development and aspirations of young people is important. The arts are a fundamental building block to education and academic achievement. Programmes such as this build on our children’s overall development, self-esteem and self-confidence, and provide a positive outlet for them after school and during the holidays. Butterfield encourages appreciation and exploration of the arts and is pleased to support our national foundation in this huge undertaking."Rebecca L Ebanks, Marketing & Communications at Butterfield

Volunteer Of The Year

Alberto Estevanovich

Originally from Costa Rica, Alberto Estevanovich moved to Grand Cayman in 1970. He came on board as a CNCF volunteer in 2005, and has proven to be an important member of the team for such events, festivals and initiatives as Gimistory, Rundown, Cayfest, Save Miss Lassie’s House, the National Arts & Culture Awards, Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase and more recently, the production of “Doubt”. Alberto’s 40 plus years in the hospitality industry have proven invaluable, as he often handles the management of the CNCF bar and any food and beverage related responsibilities during shows and festivals.

Winston Salmon

Winston James Salmon was born in England and has been residing in the Cayman Islands for over 30 years. He is a trained science teacher and accountant and is a passionate lover of all aspects of the arts. Winston never says ‘No’ and has volunteered consistently during the past year at Gimistory, Miss Lassie’s House, the production of “Doubt”, in the CNCF office, the Harquail Theatre costume room… to name just a few. Always enthusiastic, it’s our pleasure to recognise Winston as Volunteer of the Year for the second year in a row!


In 2012, CNCF continued to attract new volunteers year-round by offering a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, both in the office and at special events. Alberto Estevanovich and Winston Salmon were chosen by CNCF staff as "Volunteers of the Year" because they could both be called upon to reliably and consistently answer every call, sometimes at very short notice and sometimes for every single night when a production was on stage.


Arts & Culture Awards HERITAGE CROSS AWARD GOLD Captain Charles Marvin Ebanks Captain Marvin has been a role model of honesty and integrity for the Cayman Islands community. He has silently given to those in need and with his warm hospitality has given reason for countless tourists to return to Cayman year after year. One of the founders of Stingray City, Captain Marvin has pioneered an attraction that has contributed greatly to Caymanian culture and brought millions of dollars to the Cayman Islands’ economy. Captain Marvin is the recipient of the West Bay Heritage Award, the DOT Ambassador of Tourism Award, has been featured in Skin Diver Magazine and has also been recognised by the American Society of Travel Agents. His most recent achievement in November 2012 was being inducted into the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. At the young age of 96, he’s truly a mentor for others coming up in the tourism water sports industry. We are delighted to award Captain Marvin a Gold Heritage Cross Award.

HERITAGE CROSS AWARD GOLD Nurse Josie Solomon Nurse Josie Solomon has spent more than 20 years impacting arts and culture in the Cayman Islands. A talented traditional artist and founding member of the Bodden Town Heritage Committee, Nurse Josie sews, plaits thatch and sisal, crochets, and is eager to pass down her skills to anyone who is willing to learn. She has consistently given back to the community by providing opportunities for residents (including school children) and visitors to learn more about culture and Cayman’s heritage at the Nurse Josie Seniors’ Centre. The Centre is enthralling – taking you back to the days of yore, reminding you of Cayman’s ties to the sea and the land, and the many persons who came before to make our islands what they are today. 5

Arts & Culture Awards HERITAGE CROSS AWARD SILVER Mrs. Annie Joy Ebanks Mrs. Annie Joy Ebanks began straw work at the age of five. Taught by her mother, she made her first basket at six years of age. Mrs. Annie’s work reflects all that is traditional Caymanian art and she was recently recognised by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. From her creative artistic interpretations to original thatch designs, she has been an innovator in the field of thatch work. Mrs. Annie is a member of the Cayman Traditional Arts Council and has contributed to countless community events and activities. Imparting traditional knowledge wherever possible and dedicating her life to her work, Mrs. Annie is undoubtedly a cultural treasure to be cherished.


Miss Patricia Bent is a talented, inspirational and ambitious performing artist and teacher. At all times she seeks to keep her work culturally relevant, while simultaneously entertaining youth with her quick humour. Committed to keeping Cayman’s culture alive, Miss Bent has woven her performing arts skills and cultural knowledge into quality theatre productions. She has written and produced several plays including “Isabel”, aired by CNCF and Radio Cayman in 2010. Miss Bent has received CNCF Grants for the Arts for her work and continues to produce outstanding work in the arts for Cayman to enjoy.


Miss Patricia Marie Bent






___NIKMJWWSKWUKIaUIVK]T\]ZMŒ!! Visit for more information on our CNCF programmes and our Dress for Culture Day! 7


Dress for Culture Day was first held in May 2012, and returns this year as a featured event in the Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts, Cayfest. The dress up / dress down fundraiser highlights the virtual kaleidoscope of cultures that co-exist and work together in the Cayman Islands, and confirms our commonalities which can be embraced and appreciated. There can be any number of variations to participate in Dress for Culture Day, depending on the type of business or organisation. Participants can show expressions of their culture by wearing their national colours, or an item that demonstrates something specific and special to their culture, such as sports pins, caps and the like. Whether you are a Canadian who loves to sport your favourite hockey jersey, an Indian who enthusiastically wears a piece of colourful sari fabric or a Caymanian who displays intricate embroidery or smocking on their clothing, Dress for Culture Day is for everyone to indulge in. For those who prefer something simpler, donning a tie or other piece of clothing with national colours, or in the case of an office, decorating a section of the workspace with photos and mementos to show the various cultures represented in the organisation, is a perfectly good way to celebrate. For some, sharing culinary delights from near and far can also be a real treat on Dress for Culture Day. Of course, the ultimate goal is to raise funds for the youth and arts programmes of the Cultural Foundation and a straightforward monetary donation in any amount from staff and businesses would be greatly appreciated. To make the most of the initiative, though, participants are encouraged to add some cultural elements in order to emphasise "Cultures working together for the benefit of Cayman's Culture". We suggest $3 for students and $5 for adults, so join us as we work together for the benefit of Cayman’s Culture!

Supports Cayman National Cultural Foundation


Participating Organisations “If we are

together NOTHING IS


If we are divided ALL WILL FAIL.

– Winston Churchill

THE CAYMAN CATBOAT CLUB is a non-profit Cayman Islands cultural preservation organisation. Always eager to share and collaborate, the Catboat Club has partnered with CNCF on past events such as the Cayfest Catboat Regatta, and continues to support the ever-popular CNCF Summer Arts Camp and RUNDOWN. The Club is thrilled to be a part of the “Red Sky at Night” festival by providing ‘the stage’ for actors performing an excerpt from Dr. Frank McField’s “Playground”, directed by Henry Muttoo, at 7pm. Be sure to stay on for Captain Kem afterwards, as he shares a bounty of maritime stories in the “Dining Room” at 7:30PM. For more information on the Cayman Catboat Club, visit


THE CAYMAN DRAMA SOCIETY (CDS) is committed to providing quality live theatre to educate, enrich and entertain, while providing lifelong learning opportunities and fostering creative expression. The upcoming CDS production of “Stomp the Rock”, written and directed by Sue Howe, is a stage production of rhythm, dance and theatre. Cayman’s version of “Stomp”, “Stomp the Rock” has its own original numbers, themes, and rhythms. Come enjoy a sample of this talented group's high-energy theatre experience on Centre Stage at 8:30PM during the “Red Sky at Night” festival! For more information on the Cayman Drama Society, visit

THE CAYMAN ISLANDS DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM (DOT) aims to protect the environment, support the economy, promote the Islands as a premier destination for visitors and also, to support local businesses and business people. This year DOT and CNCF will be hosting the annual Historical Treasure Hunt in conjunction with Cayfest on February 23, 2013. The Hunt will be held in the district of Bodden Town at the Coe Wood Beach from 9am – 12pm. The objective of this family event is to increase the knowledge of both locals and visitors about the first capital of Grand Cayman and the historical treasures it has to offer. For more information or to register, email or phone (345) 244 1254.

THE CAYMAN ISLANDS NATIONAL ARCHIVE (CINA) enables good record keeping across the public sector and manages, preserves, and provides access to the documentary heritage of the Cayman Islands. The CINA display at the “Red Sky at Night” festival will highlight just some of the unique pieces held in the Historical Collection. The fascinating and emotive images on display will provide a mere glimpse into Cayman’s past. As noted by Capt. Keith Tibbetts, “I’ll always remember them…the men, turning it with handles and singing the songs. It comes to my mind regularly one of the songs they were singing, ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’. That used to be a very popular song on the island in those days. I fancy I can hear them singing that now.” Visit for more information on CINA and how you can access Cayman’s documented heritage.


THE CAYMAN ISLANDS ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY is 22 years old this year! The Society holds regular free meetings to the general public once a month at Pedro’s Castle (Pedro St. James). Members have exclusive access to astronomical events and facilities. The Society is currently helping the University College of the Cayman Islands run and expand the new UCCI Dr. William Hrudey Observatory as well as assist with astronomical courses. This past year, members were involved with the successful STEM conference held at UCCI. The society believes in bringing astronomy to the people and has had countless successful school visits and public appearances. Last year the rare viewing of “The Transit Of Venus”, held on a rooftop in Camana Bay, drew huge crowds! Observations at “Red Sky at Night” will be held after dark from 7:30pm until 10pm; hopefully the Moon and Jupiter will make a star-studded appearance! For more information on the Astronomical Society and to become a member, contact Chris Cooke at or phone (345) 925 7657.


THE CAYMAN ISLANDS NATIONAL MUSEUM (CINM) celebrates the unique natural and cultural heritage of our three Islands. Through our dynamic programmes, exhibits, and collections, CINM nurtures a living connection with the nation's past and its future quality of life. Discover Cayman’s vibrant history with CINM at the “Red Sky at Night” festival. At the CINM stall, you’ll find delicious Caymanian desserts, unique items from the Museum gift shop, local crafts, and information on our upcoming educational programmes and current exhibits. Come by anytime between 4pm and 12 midnight and be a part of keeping Caymanian history alive! For more information on CINM, visit or call (345) 949 8368. THE CAYMAN ISLANDS SEAFARERS ASSOCIATION (CISA) started in 1989. The group consists of a number of seamen whose objectives include but are not exclusive to: supporting and protecting the character, status and interest of seamanship in the Cayman Islands; providing information related to the industry; developing programmes and raising funds for programmes such as the seamen’s library; and raising funds for property for the Association. CISA will share their seafaring knowledge at the “Red Sky at Night” festival! Join Captain Paul Hurlston in the “Dining Room” at 7:30pm as he and his friends share their stories and experiences of life at sea.

FRIENDS OF FILM (FoF) is a diverse group dedicated to film, video production and motion picture production in the Cayman Islands. Their mission is to unite filmmakers and create a more friendly filmmaking community representing the voice and vision of the production industry in Cayman Islands. Members work together to support, inform, educate, and collaborate. For more information on how to become an FoF member, email You may also want to check their Facebook 11


THE TRAVELLING CARIBBEAN FILM SHOWCASE (TCFS) is an annual film festival representing filmmakers from the Caribbean, Africa and its diasporas. The festival is produced by the TCFS Office, a division of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), located in Havana, Cuba. CNCF is the Organising Committee for the Cayman Islands, and entities such as UNICEF and UNESCO support TCFS annually. TCFS offers short, feature length and animated films for people of all ages, and is a creative and effective way to share films not readily available online, in theatres or in stores. For Cayfest, a selection of films from the first four Showcases will be screened in the Studio Theatre, including “Swallow” by award-winning Caymanian filmmaker Frank E. Flowers. THE VISUAL ARTS SOCIETY is a non-profit organisation for art appreciation, enhancement, and learning in the Cayman Islands. The Society promotes, supports, and encourages local artists to participate in events and exhibitions within our community. Members of the Society are professional artists, hobbyists and people who simply have a passion for art and enjoy being involved in an art community. During the “Red Sky at Night” festival the Visual Arts Society will feature various artists displaying from 4pm to 12 midnight. Jolly Molly Polly will be displaying a selection of fascinators / headpieces inspired from nature and birds, with a little bit of a rock twist. Eileen has her own line of handmade jewellery made from her favourite materials such as freshwater pearls, gemstones, crystals and pewter. Tatiane Tibbetts will display unique cold porcelain, cute little charms and earrings, custom-made cake toppers, cookie-treat jars, clay figurines, picture holders and other super cute trinkets. There’ll be bags made from recycled material from Jane Moon, and Mary McCallum will have some photos and mixed mediums on canvas and art cards. In the Creative Kids area from 4pm to 6pm, VAS will have an area set up where kids can come and decorate their very own mug that they can take home.


THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF THE CAYMAN (NGCI) serves to promote and encourage the appreciation and practice of the visual arts, of and in the Cayman Islands. This mandate is achieved through a variety of activities that aim to reach all members of the Cayman Islands community and the visiting public. During the “Red Sky at Night” festival NGCI will be open to the public from 4pm until 12 midnight and is accessible by foot from the F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre. The current exhibition Prayer Canvases, featuring 25 original paintings by Miss Lassie, is not to be missed. You may also want to take the opportunity to stroll the NGCI labyrinth under the stars! For more information on NGCI visit or phone (345) 945-8111.


SKY DOME LINE-UP LITTLE MAGIC Time: 3:50PM (50 MINS) Description: Acoustic fusion of Blues, Rock, Jazz & Caribbean in an organic Caymanian style. LADY RABIA featuring Andy Blake & Nayil Arana Time: 5:35PM (20 MINS) Description: Folk songs from the Cayman Islands with accompaniment by CI Folk Singers members Nayil on violin and Andy on guitar. HERITAGE DRUMMERS Time: 6PM (20 MINS) Description: Clifton Hunter High School drummers led by Randy Chollette. Their drumming style mixes Afro-Cuban and Caymanian rhythms. KATE ALLENGER & FRIENDS Time: 6:30PM (20 MINS) Description: A classically trained violinist, Kate is joined by family Corey and Melody, and friend Jarrett to present a little mix of everything from classic to original songs.


RAZAMATAZZ Time: 7:30PM (20 MINS) Description: This group of advanced recorder players have a repertoire that includes Pop culture hits such as the Beatles’ ‘When I’m 64’, well-known classics like the ‘CanCan’ and ‘Toreador song’ from Carmen and folk melodies such as ‘Greensleeves’. DJ ALEXI Time: 8:15PM (45 MINS) Description: DJ Alexi describes his music as “sexy, funky, familiar, soulful and edgy,” and credits an eclectic mix of musical influences from Elvis Presley, Boy George and Paul Oakenfold, to Bob Sinclar and Led Zeppelin.


PEACE MAKERS Time: 4:15PM (15 MINS) Description: Presenting a fusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz with a positive, Christian message. CINDC & SCHOOL, DANCE UNLIMITED Time: 4:30PM (30 MINS) Description: The Cayman Islands’ National Dance Company and School, Dance Unlimited presents a dance demo video and four new dance numbers that range from Contemporary to Afro-Fusion from different age groups. KRI Time: 5:15PM (25 MINS) Description: Presenting upbeat Modern and African dance numbers. EVELYN ROBAINA & GISCLIF ARTOLA Time: 6PM (15 MINS) Description: Evelyn and Gisclif set the stage for a Cuban Jazz number complemented by projected imagery.

JAZZ MEZZENGERZ Time: 6:30PM (30 MINS) Description: Nine student musicians present a soulful collection of Jazz music.

I AM PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE Time: 7:50PM (30 MINS) Description: A unique blend of Caribbean, Afro-Latin, traditional and contemporary rhythms as well as original Jams in a distinctly Caymanian, ‘Organic Percussive Style’. “STOMP THE ROCK” a CDS production written by Sue Howe Time: 8:30PM (15 MINS) Concept and Direction: Sue Howe Cast: Tom Blake, Rachael Boyd-Moss, Madeline Bowyer, Jacoline Frank, Neil Hamaty, Hannah Howe, Sue Howe, Michael McLaughlin, Isabella Rooney, Adam Stoner, Gabrielle Wheaton Description: Eleven performers in an ensemble piece encompassing rhythm, movement and theatre.


CAYFEST ON CAMERA Time: 4PM (10 MINS) Description: A visual presentation from FRESH 2012 featuring local fashion designers and models.


ALMOND TREE STAGE LINE-UP GONE COUNTRY Time: 6PM (60 MINS) Description: A five-member Country Band playing classic covers and original music.

VENITA RYAN AKA VINNIE RAINWATER Time: 7:30PM (10 MINS) Description: Monologue entitled “Distant Drums”, written by Venita Ryan, inspired by the Jim Reeves song. ANDY BLAKE Time: 7:45PM (15 MINS) Description: Singer, songwriter and musician, Andy presents original songs with Jazz, Blues and Reggae influences.

BONA FIDE Time: 8:15PM (45 MINS) Description: A Quintet playing a warm blend of Caribbean, Pop and R&B hits.

SUITE ELITE Time: 10:45PM (60 MINS) Description: A dynamic six-piece band that covers a range of genres from Pop, Rock, Disco, Dance, Soul, Reggae and more!


STUDIO THEATRE LINE-UP TITLE: THE SKY SERPENT (LA SERPIENTE DEL CIELO) Time: 4:15PM (1:42 MINS) Director: Stephanie Rueckoldt Country: Colombia | Genre: Animated film (PG) Synopsis: At dawn, the rainbow serpent arrives and paints the day with all its colours. When the Sun hides, the serpent leaves with him.

LADY RABIA – Storytelling (Live Performance) Time: 6:30PM (30 MINS) Description: Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim is a Caymanian author, illustrator, poet and master storyteller, best known as the creator of Cayman's first children's media property, Kaa Kaa & Tokyo. Come listen as she shares the hilarious misadventures of the zany duo, Kaa Kaa and Tokyo.

TITLE: AME NOIRE (BLACK SOUL) Time: 4:20PM (9:47 MINS) Director: Martine Chartrand Country: Haiti / Canada Genre: Animated film (PG) Synopsis: A grandmother teaches her grandson the history of his people who travelled from Africa to the Caribbean, then from USA to Canada.

TITLE: BLOOD Time: 7:05PM (38 MINS) Director: Judy Singh | Country: Canada/Cuba | Genre: Documentary (PG-13 Brief nudity) | Synopsis: JamaicanCanadian dub poet d'bi young explores art, politics and feminism with a group of fellow female artists in Cuba.

TITLE: RAIN Time: 4:45PM (85 MINS) Director: Maria Govan Country: Bahamas | Genre: Feature Film (PG-13) Synopsis: A teenager named Rain moves from a tiny rural island in the Bahamas to Nassau with her drug-addicted mom, Glory, when her grandmother dies. Rain looks within for strength and discovers she has a gift for running, but she will have to overcome many obstacles to succeed. TITLE: PLANTING Time: 6:15PM (5 MINS) Director: Badir Awe Starring: Brian Braggs, Natasha Kozaily Country: Cayman Islands | Genre: Short Film Fiction (PG) Synopses: “Planting” follows a young attractive pair who don’t exactly hit it off. Opposites attract, or not.

LEONARD DILBERT aka ATM – Poetry (Live Performance) Time: 8:10PM (30 MINS) Description: Leonard Dilbert is a poet from West Bay. His reading will feature live wrestling with angels and demons, and between the imperial language and the native tongue. TITLE: SWALLOW Time: 8:50PM (23 MINS) | Director: Frank E. Flowers Country: Cayman Islands | Genre: Short Film (R) Synopsis: After the death of his father, a Florida high school student takes an assignment as a drug mule to earn money for his college tuition. TITLE: RISE UP Time: 9:15PM (88 MINS) | Director: Luciano Blotta Country: Jamaica | Genre: Documentary (PG-13) Synopsis: There’s a place where music isn’t just entertainment, it’s a way of life. Rise Up travels to Jamaica’s flourishing underground music scene where aspiring artists, Turbulence, Ice Anastasia and Kemoy, seek to “rise up” into the legendary eminence of their iconic predecessors.


TITLE: THE STAR FISHER (EL PESCADOR DE LAS ESTRELLAS) Time: 4:30PM (12 MINS) Director: Marcela Rincón González Country: Colombia | Genre: Short Fiction (PG) Synopsis: The Star Fisher is a love story---part legend, part fantasy---about two children on the Pacific coast of Colombia.

TISH SCOTT – Poetry (Live Performance) Time: 7:45PM (20 MINS) Description: Tish Scott is a lyrical goddess, fluent in the world of words. Tish will share poetry that speaks love, lust, anger and many more emotions.


ARTS HAPPENINGS (FESTIVAL GROUNDS) Creative Kids Time: 4:00PM (3 HOURS) Location: Creative Kids corner at the top of Astronomical Avenue next to the Harquail Theatre Description: Arts, crafts and traditional games and activities for kids of all ages. From 4pm until 6pm the Visual Arts Society will be hosting a special kids workshop! Not to be missed. CI Marching Band Time: 4:50PM (20 MINS) Location: Beginning at Almond Tree Stage, CIMB will travel to the Creative Kids area and then to Sky Dome stage before heading down Penny Lane to Café Cayman. They will exit on Astronomical Avenue. Description: 40+ performers playing a high-energy selection of Contemporary and Traditional numbers with movement and manoeuvres! CI Folk Singers Time: 5:15PM (15 MINS) Location: CIFS will begin in Creative Kids area and head to Penny Lane. They will end at Sky Dome stage. Description: A taste of Caymanian folk songs including a selection from ‘Aunt’ Julia Hydes. Acapella.


Excerpt from “Playground” written by Dr. Frank McField Time: 7PM (30 MINS) Concept and Direction: Henry Muttoo Cast: Harwell McCoy (Pa) Morgan DaCosta (Tom) & Jevaughnie Ebanks (Willie) Location: Beside the pond, at the “Dining Room” Description: In this scene, a young boy (Willie) is taken to sea by his father (Tom) and grandfather (Pa) to be

put through the ‘rights of passage’ - learning to fish. During the journey the boy not only learns to fish but is taught many important lessons of life through the stories of his father and grandfather. Capt. Kem Jackson & Capt. Paul Hurlston Talk Time: 7:30PM (30 MINS) Location: Beside the pond, at the “Dining Room”. Description: Cayman Catboat Club and CI Seafarers Association members share stories about life at sea. Sky Watch with the Astronomical Society Time: 7:30pm (2.5 HOURS) Location: At the end of Astronomical Avenue on the way to the National Gallery Description: Observations will be held after dark from 7:30pm until 10pm; hopefully the Moon and Jupiter will make a star-studded appearance! “Red Sky at Night” Laser Show Time: 9PM – 9:15PM (15 MINS) Location: Beside the pond, at the “Dining Room”. Description: A visual treat of luminous laser imagery choreographed to music. Pan ‘N’ Riddim Time: 9:15PM – 9:45PM (30 MINS) Location: Adjacent Almond Tree Stage. Description: Presenting the best in Calypso, Soca, Reggae and Pop hits, in a fun and energetic style on steel pan drums. DJ Alexi Time: 9:45PM (60 MINS) Location: Emcee Rooftop, Harquail Theatre Description: DJ Alexi describes his music as “sexy, funky, familiar, soulful and edgy,” and credits an eclectic mix of musical influences from Elvis Presley, Boy George and Paul Oakenfold, to Bob Sinclar and Led Zeppelin.

Emcee’s Bios

Matt Brown Matt Brown's persona has the ability to transcend all age barriers resulting in successfully captivating wide segments of radio and TV audiences. With his unique demeanour and powerful sense of humour, Matt Brown is becoming a local celebrity. Currently co-hosting the top Caribbean morning show on HOT104.1FM, as well as recently co-presenting the islands largest festival, Pirates Week 2012, Matt Brown has ignited a new brand of entertainment! Already holding a degree in professional Recording Arts, and currently pursuing another tertiary degree in Social Studies, he consistently delivers a polished presentation. Delving into writing, acting, producing and music, Matt Brown always makes a positive and lasting impression on the listening and viewing audience. Through his programs, he has had the pleasure of interacting with some of the Caribbean's top talents including Alison Hinds, Barrington Levy, Oscar B, Red Rat, Lady Saw, John Holt and many more! Also, he is a key player in introducing top comedians to the island, including Damon Williams, Micheal Colyar, George Wilborn, Tony Roberts and Pierre Edwards. His philosophy is "Don't languish over the past, don't fear the future, happiness lies in the present moment! Enjoy your evening with Matt Brown! Maia Muttoo Maia Muttoo is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts with distinction in History, English, and American Studies. At the University, she served on the Undergraduate Journal of American Studies' editorial board as an assistant editor, and later as co-editor in chief. She recently represented the Cayman Islands in Grenada at UNESCO's Caribbean Youth Forum on Intangible Cultural Heritage, and currently works at the Cayman Islands National Museum as Programme Specialist/Editor. She is proud to be part of a creative family, and is passionate about literature, theatre, and film.


Dane Ramoon Music and creativity seem to be a sure constant in Dane’s life and it is again reflected in his hobbies. While growing up, he found himself taking a keen interest in radio. More specifically, he was drawn to the personalities and so much so, that he found himself often tape-recording his favourite shows and studying their techniques. Fast-forward to January 2013 and it’s no surprise that Dane is now entering his 9th consecutive year in the radio business. From “Dane’s Backyard” on dms’ X107.1FM to “The Wakeup Shakeup” on Selecta Renegade’s Star 92.7FM, Dane has steadily made a name for himself as a radio personality and show host. He is the co-founder of the widely recognized music group “The Iz”. He is also in the process of tying up loose ends for his newest project “Dope Radio” – a website focusing on music, events, and blogs. Anyone that has met or even briefly spoken to Dane has picked up on his complete passion for what he does; he is surely a man that lives by the quote “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Featured Performing Artists Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim, CEO and Founder, Contessa Black Entertainment, is the creative genius behind the company’s dynamic multicultural family entertainment properties. The published author of over forty-eight short children’s stories and articles, Lady Rabia has been featured as a storyteller at CNCF’s Gimistory (2012), Culture Jam open mic (2011) and on Caymanian Stories radio programme. For Cayfest and its “Red Sky at Night” festival she will share her love of folk music and storytelling.

DJ Alexi is a veteran of Cayman’s music scene. Canadian-born DJ Alexi has been working the turntables for the past decade. The DJ, originally trained as a chef, describes his music as “sexy, funky, familiar, soulful and edgy,” and has become a mainstay on Cayman’s entertainment scene, thanks to his ability to attract crowds wherever he plays. His passion for music started at a young age, when he would spend every pay cheque on tapes, CDs and rare vinyl. Alexi credits an eclectic mix of musical influences from Elvis Presley, Boy George and Paul Oakenfold to Bob Sinclar and Led Zeppelin. Easily one of the longest running and most preferred DJs on the Island, the man definitely has a firm grasp on giving the people what they want on the floor... The dance floor. Kate Allenger & Friends. Kate is a classically trained violinist however, she enjoys playing many different genres of music. She is a member of the Cayman National Orchestra and also plays for weddings, receptions, parties and events. Kate likes to collaborate with other musicians and for the “Red Sky at Night” festival Kate will be joined by her son Cory, her daughter Melody, and friend Jarrett.

Andy Blake has appeared in CNCF’s Rundown (2012) as a reggae musician, and was the winner of the 2010 ‘Cayman’s Got Talent’ competition. He was also awarded Most Original at the same event for his song-writing abilities. Andy has many musical influences and enjoys song-writing and playing a number of different genres of music. Keep an eye on Andy as he plans on releasing his first album later this year. 21

Leonard Dilbert aka ATM is a poet from West Bay. His reading will feature live wrestling with angels and demons, and between the imperial language and the native tongue. His critically-acclaimed book of poems “Grown from this Ground” was produced by CNCF in 2003.

I AM... Percussion Ensemble, was founded in 2009 by Randy Chollette & Eden Hurlston and specialises in unique rhythms to move the body and soul, performing Caribbean, Afro-Latin, traditional and contemporary rhythms as well as original Jams in a distinctly Caymanian, Organic Percussive Style. Damion Thaxter, drummer for Cayman Islands Folk Singers, has since joined the group adding his amazing percussion skills and knowledge. Join I Am… Percussion Ensemble on the third Saturday each month at Gardenia Court, Camana Bay, 5:30-7:30pm for The I Am...Drum Jam and check out their Facebook page for videos and upcoming events. The Cayman Islands Folk Singers. In 2009, CNCF formed the Cayman Islands’ Folk Singers, a company of amateur singers and musicians dedicated primarily to preserving, celebrating and propagating the musical traditions of the Cayman Islands. The company exists to bring to the people of the Cayman Islands folk music works of the highest possible artistic and technical standards and production values and works that are reflective of the Caymanian image and appreciative of our place in the Caribbean region and the wider world. The songs of ‘Aunt’ Julia Hydes comprise a significant portion of the company’s repertoire and the list is rounded out with songs from around the region, including Jamaica, Belize and Guyana.


Gone Country was formed, by Nashville native Bob Moseley, in 1997 after he noticed the discrepancy between Caymanian’s love of country music and the lack of bands playing it live. Gone Country plays a mix of traditional classic country and new country while also showcasing the original songs of the band members themselves. The band also prides itself on their electrifying live performances. Original songs by Bob Moseley and Gone Country such as “Cayman Moon”, “Little Island Girl”, “Another Whip Cracks” and “Me & You” can be heard regularly on local radio stations throughout the Cayman Islands. Since 1997 Gone Country has played on a regular basis at many venues throughout the Cayman Islands and has also shared the stage with well-known performers such as Kenny Rogers, Paul Overstreet, Tanya Tucker and T.G. Sheppard. Thanks to Gone Country the tradition of country music in the Cayman Islands is alive and well.


The Jazz Mezzengerz is a group of young musicians dedicated to the art form of Jazz Music. Their ages range from 12-19. Both individually and collectively, they have received numerous accolades and awards, including: NCFA Gold & Silver, NCFA Best Drummer, Young Musician of the Year Runner-Up. Their repertoire consists of standard big band swing to Afro-Cuban to Funk and Fusion, while also performing professional standard improvisation. Enjoy their message of the highest art form of Music, The Jazz Mezzengerz! Pan ‘N’ Riddim. Bandleader Michael Lemay has been playing music for the past 20 years. He formed his own band, Pandemonium Steel Pan Jamm, when he left high school, and has been playing a variety of music for audiences of all ages and teaching the art of steel pan ever since. Outside of the Cayman Islands, Pandemonium, now called Pan ‘N’ Riddim, have played in La Ceiba, Honduras; Detroit, Michigan (USA); and Toronto, Canada. Michael has also represented the Cayman Islands in New York, through the Department of Tourism, and has been featured at CNCF’s Culture Jam and Gimistory. Evelyn Robaina feat. Giscliff Artola. Evelyn is a Cuban choreographer and dancer who has been featured at several CNCF events such as Dance Vibes: ‘Pivotal Junction’ (Cayfest 2010), Dance Vibes: ‘Magic Box & Alchemy’ (Cayfest 2011) and the National Arts & Culture Awards. Gisclif, a Cuban dancer of the Caribbean Dance Company whose dance styles include traditional Cuban, Folklore and Contemporary, has also appeared on the ‘Pivotal Junction’ show, as well as in local fashion shows. Both are happy to return to the Cayfest stage for the first ever, “Red Sky at Night” festival. Suite Elite is celebrated as one of the top providers of live entertainment in the Cayman Islands. They are a dynamic, professional act, ready to make “Red Sky at Night” an unforgettable showcase of live entertainment. Come enjoy music from some of the most talented and experienced industry professionals the Cayman Islands has to offer. Vibrant stage energy and amazing sound quality is part of what has established this exclusive act as the most sought after live entertainment both on stage and television throughout the Caribbean since their formation in 2005. Suite Elite covers a wide range of musical genres that move you to dance under the stars.


Also featured at “Red Sky at Night” are: CINDC & School Dance Unlimited, KRI Performing Arts, Peace Makers, Bona Fide, Little Magic, Clifton Hunter High School Heritage Drummers, The Cayman Islands Marching Band, Razamatazz, Venita Ryan and Tish Scott.

Featured Visual Artists & Craft Persons

Aston Ebanks is a self-taught Conceptual artist. His passing interest in photography became a passionate hobby when he moved to Switzerland in 1997. Aston spent seven years living between Grand Cayman and Switzerland, and even did a one year stint in Western Samoa living in a Faley (a traditional hut). Travelling not only expanded Aston’s understanding of the world, but it also defined him as an artist. With projects such as “The Maze”, a site specific installation constructed out of three thousand recycled wooden shipping pallets, and “The Faley”, an ongoing permanent installation constructed out of the invasive Australian pine, Aston continues to cross mediums and challenge the vernacular. In addition to these independent projects, Aston continues to work closely with the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, as an outreach Art Instructor at Her Majesty’s Prison Northward and Caribbean Haven, the Government funded Drug Rehabilitation Center. Rose May Ebanks, like her mother Mrs. Rosalind, has devoted her life to keeping the tradition of thatch plaiting alive in the Cayman Islands. She has done numerous demonstrations in schools and teaches the youth at every opportunity. She has been instructing children and adults for over 20 years and each year, she assists the CNCF at the popular Summer Arts Camp. Anyone who has seen her in action can attest to the excellent rapport she has with students of all ages. Her tireless efforts have been acknowledged by Her Majesty the Queen during the Quincentennial Year in 2003 and last year, she received a Gold Star for Creativity in the Arts at the 18th Annual Arts and Culture Awards. Rose May Ebanks will have her work on display along “Penny Lane” at the “Red Sky at Night” festival.


Luelan Bodden aka “Lutz” began to develop his long lost passion for art 16 years ago. Over the years he has accumulated an impressive resume and a number of accolades including: exhibiting work at the Bienal del Caribe 2004 in Santo Domingo; representing the Cayman Islands at an exhibition in Chicago; being selected to create a monument in May 2010; and more recently, having one of his conch shell creations chosen as a gift from the Cayman Islands to the Jamaican people, in honour of their Golden Jubilee of Jamaica’s Independence. Lutz has also been awarded the Artistic Endeavour Award in 2001 and Star for Creativity in the Arts Award in 2010 from CNCF. At the “Red Sky at Night” festival, Lutz will be exhibiting his gigantic glow-in-the-dark blue iguana sculpture – not to be missed! Lutz continues on his quest to stretch his and his audience’s imaginations with his mind-blowing masterpiece concoctions, simply referred to as Art.


Horacio Esteban is a Cuban-Caymanian visual artist who is also a core member of Native Sons. Best known for his work in Caymanite, Horacio’s pieces have been celebrated in the Cayman Islands but can also be found in homes of diplomats, celebrities and royalty world-wide. His locally inspired lines of souvenir items, paintings and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces represent his love and appreciation for Cayman’s maritime heritage and underwater world, not to mention the Islands’ raw, natural beauty and resources. Horacio’s contributions to Caymanian art were recognised in 2003, when he was awarded for Artistic Excellence in Sculpture by CNCF. With an insatiable appetite for new courses of expression, he continues to interpret the rich and diverse world that surrounds him, constant in his pursuit of creative opportunities and the achievement of artistic goals. Watch Horacio at the “Red Sky at Night” festival as he creates unique pieces of art at “Caymanite Corner”. Sue Howe has lived in Grand Cayman for over 20 years, where she has played an active role in both the performing and visual art scene. Her favourite visual art mediums are oil paint, acrylic, chalk pastel and photography. Her work includes both abstract and realism, and her inspiration comes from all that is around her in these Islands she calls home. The people, places, and the beautiful sea provide her with endless images and ideas to work from. She has shown her work in many exhibitions over the years, and had the honor of working on Miss Lassie’s house “Mind’s Eye”, replicating many of the paintings for the doors and shutters in preparation for the home’s recent opening for the public. She is proud to be a part of the “Red Sky at Night” festival, and hopes that you enjoy her works. Gordon Solomon is one of Cayman’s well-known painters. A member of the Native Sons, his work is heavily inspired by Caymanian culture, history, traditions and spirituality. Through his work, Gordon hopes to nourish the talent and spirit of others. As an artist he is always looking for opportunities to expand his own talents, either by travelling to other countries to exhibit work or take in lectures. He invites everyone and anyone to speak with him about art and the creative process. At the “Red Sky at Night Festival” Gordon will exhibit his work as well as create a large interactive piece from 4pm-6:30pm in the “Dining Room”, which you can be a part of. “I see myself no different from anyone else, I just maximize my gift. I am blessed to have the talent to paint, create and inspire; my paintings come from my heart, my spirit.”


“Red Sky at Night” will also feature these Visual Artists and Craft Persons: Letitia Davis-Eden (craft), Patrice Donalds (craft & jewelry), Kathryn Elphinstone (painting & art installation), Kara’s Glass Garden (hand painted glassware), Xiexie Designs (handcrafted silver jewelry), Buzzy Buzzing (glass & etching work), Shilpa Tagalpallewae (henna tattoos), Three Girls and a Kiln (ceramics), Donna Bryan (traditional craft), Stephanie Ford (makeup & jewelry), Christiana Edwards (woodwork & jewelry), Martha Flores (painting), Dwight McLean (craft), Jo Austin (illustration & painting), Stoak'd (pop art) and more!

Café Cayman Featured Culinary Artists CHEF AL’s: A taste of East End at “Red Sky at Night”! Pick up a hearty plate of Salt-beef Rundown, Fish Rundown or for the vegetarians, Stew Beans and Pie. Chef Al is sure to please with these popular local dishes, and don’t miss out on the homemade ice cream, coconut jelly and creamy egg custard --- one serving might not be enough! CAYMAN CABANA OCEANSIDE RESTOBAR: Serving Caymanian cuisine with a twist! For “Red Sky at Night” Luigi Moxam and team invite you to come and taste some good Caymanian cooking off the caboose that tastes as good as it looks. Also, visit Cayman Cabana Oceanside Restobar on the waterfront in George Town for fresh local seafood including tasty fish tea, a signature swanky and a cultural keepsakes like the 345 collection of shirts and souvenirs. Come celebrate your passion for life andall that is good with delicious food, drinks and entertainment. CAYCAKE: Everyone loves a nice slice of custard top cornbread or a stretchy-sweet piece of cassava cake, and Charlotte Bailey from North Side won’t disappoint with her traditional Caymanian desserts. Come try one or more of several varieties of cakes including the pumpkin and biscuit, and savour the sugar, spice and everything nice in these homemade treats! MAMA G’S KITCHEN: Hailing from the beautiful sister island of Cayman Brac, Derrylee Martin Rankine is cooking up delicious Caymanian food for your tasting pleasure. Come have a plate of Stew Conch, Curried Chicken, Cayman-style Fish and more! You can even pick up some homemade local juice and cut guava at Mama G’s Kitchen. GEORGANNE RANKINE’S CABOOSE & JERK STAND: A favourite at events island-wide, Georganne and her George Town team are pulling out all the stops to offer you a taste of the Cayman and the region. Everything from BBQ Chicken to Cayman-style beef to Jerk pork, Crab and Lobster will be available for you to feast on. Fresh homemade juices will make your meal complete! SUGAR DAISY – SWEET TREATS FOR THE SOUL! Allison Smith is whipping up her sweet treats for all to enjoy. From decadent chocolate cake to the oh-so-loved Cream of Wheat heavy cake, be sure to pick up something scrumptious from Sugar Daisy to take home!




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