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The Lifestyle Introducing a fashionable colorful yet functional new cases for personal devices that match your lifestyle. ArtsCase believes that less is more with Exclusive designs and powerful colors. Stylish cases that show everyone your sparkling personality and make your Device look stunning! However, we're not only about the looks, we care for your Device. Established in New York City, ArtsCase started just like an inspiration, an idea and one goal: to offer protection for smartphones but not just that, we also wanted your device to reflect your style, after all, why does a case had to be just that and not an extension of your personality? With that in mind the ArtsCase creative team began to design cases that could offer slim protection with hard shell polycarbonate cases plus fresh and live colors, as time went by, new ideas came and the inspiration grew bigger incorporating new technologies and techniques to make your case more colorful and more like you, bringing designers different countries like U.K, U.S, Sweden, Turkey, Indonesia, Norway, among others to collaborate with us and developing new lines of accessories such as double-protection printed cases and custom made cases. Now ArtsCase it’s far more than just a creative team in a round table talking about color a Smartphone’s case up, now ArtsCase is also engineering, web design, customer service, marketing. This is why ArtsCase is stylish protection ArtsCase The LifeStyle

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Hello!! My name is Andrea Rincón, my friends call me Anchobee. I’m a Mexican designer living in Spain. I’m passionate about surface pattern design, illustration and graphic design. My romance with design has been a long one, ever since I was little I have been decorating every surface I got my hands on. I would describe my work as hand drawn modern organic patterns undulating with rhythm. My design is contemporary and bold. I like to use few contrasting, bright colors or black and white. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Karen Harris

hi. my name is karen. i have a degree in architecture and have had a rewarding career in architectural design, commercial and residential interiors, graphic design, product design...all things design...and what it all comes down to is this...i just LOVE shapes. and not only do i have this crazy love affair going with shapes, the shapes made BETWEEN the shapes gets me pretty excited too. sometimes i will move the elements of a design around until the motifs and the spaces between the motifs are "talking to each other".


Kathryn’s love of design started at age six when she first designed and hand painted a t-shirt. Born and raised in rural Australia, her graphic design career has taken her from Sydney to Ireland and the UK where she’s been able to focus her love of colour and texture into surface pattern design. With an honours degree in Visual Communication, Kathryn loves experimenting with colour, hand-drawn elements, typography and photography. Her work is also strongly influenced by her years of travelling. Kathryn has designed for some of the world’s top brands, although no experience is yet to compare to seeing her patterns on products.

Nika Martinez

Living in Malaga, just steps from the Mediterranean Sea has definitely been a huge inspiration in my work. It's hard not to be inspired by the sun and the sand, the sky and the beautiful sea. I try to imbue my designs and patterns with all the colour and vibrancy of life I see around me. My patterns are selling for homewares and fashion designs as well as electronic devices. I hope this collection brings you a little taste of that beauty."

Monika Strigel

Monika lives in Bavaria, Germany and her love for pets and all sorts of animals cannot be questioned. She lives more outdoors than indoors and bright and shiny colours accompany her daily life, which she starts with a smile every day. For her artistic realization she uses all sorts of techniques like photography, watercolouring, illustration and typography. She is a self-taught designer and her designs are often humorous, sometimes cute and inspirational, but mostly eyecatching. Take the time to stroll about her wide-ranging portfolio and explore your favourite case.

Designed by Famous Artists Made especially for you Printed in The U.S.A. iPhone 5/5S StrongFit MSRP $39.99

GS4 mini SlimFit MSRP $34.99

iPhone 5C StrongFit MSRP $39.99

GS4 SlimFit MSRP $34.99

GS4 mini StrongFit MSRP $39.99

iPhone 5/5S SlimFit MSRP $34.99

GS4 StrongFit MSRP $39.99

iPad mini MSRP $59.99

iPhone 5C SlimFit MSRP $34.99

New Designers


Aylen iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238331 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338331 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234331 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334331 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236331 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336331 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237331 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337331 iPad mini SKU: AC1235331

Floral Anchor QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238330 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338330 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234330 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334330 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236330 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336330 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237330 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337330 iPad mini SKU: AC1235330



iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238343 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338343 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234343 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334343 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236343 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336343 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237343 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337343 iPad mini SKU: AC1235343

Sudoku Warm QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238363 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338363 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234363 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334363 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236363 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336363 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237363 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337363 iPad mini SKU: AC1235363

Tiny Dancer


iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238342 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338342 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234342 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334342 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236342 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336342 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237342 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337342 iPad mini SKU: AC1235342

Yerbabuena QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238332 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338332 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234332 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334332 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236332 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336332 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237332 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337332 iPad mini SKU: AC1235332


Black Tipi iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238334 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338334 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234334 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334334 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236334 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336334 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237334 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337334 iPad mini SKU: AC1235334

Suduko Cool QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238362 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338362 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234362 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334362 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236362 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336362 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237362 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337362 iPad mini SKU: AC1235362

New Designers

Giallo QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238323 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338323 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234323 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334323 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236323 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336323 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237323 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337323 iPad mini SKU: AC1235323

Taliesin in Emerald City QTY

Ain't No Mountain Cool QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238360 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338360 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234360 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334360 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236360 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336360 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237360 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337360 iPad mini SKU: AC1235360

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238361 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338361 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234361 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334361 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236361 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336361 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237361 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337361 iPad mini SKU: AC1235361

Crochet QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238321 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338321 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234321 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334321 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236321 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336321 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237321 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337321 iPad mini SKU: AC1235321

Blumen Blue QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238322 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338322 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234322 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334322 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236322 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336322 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237322 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337322 iPad mini SKU: AC1235322

Party Chevron Powder QTY

Always Greener QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238341 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338341 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234341 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334341 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236341 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336341 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237341 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337341 iPad mini SKU: AC1235341

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238354 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338354 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234354 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334354 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236354 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336354 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237354 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337354 iPad mini SKU: AC1235354

Disco QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238340 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338340 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234340 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334340 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236340 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336340 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237340 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337340 iPad mini SKU: AC1235340

New Designers

Nude Chevron QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238351 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338351 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234351 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334351 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236351 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336351 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237351 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337351 iPad mini SKU: AC1235351

Giraffe Teal QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238364 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338364 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234364 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334364 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236364 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336364 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237364 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337364 iPad mini SKU: AC1235364

Elephant Blue QTY


Tapestry in Solstice QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238356 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338356 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234356 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334356 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236356 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336356 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237356 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337356 iPad mini SKU: AC1235356


iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238320 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338320 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234320 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334320 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236320 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336320 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237320 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337320 iPad mini SKU: AC1235320

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238355 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338355 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234355 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334355 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236355 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336355 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237355 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337355 iPad mini SKU: AC1235355

Tribal Aztec QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238333 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338333 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234333 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334333 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236333 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336333 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237333 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337333 iPad mini SKU: AC1235333

Chevron Water Galaxy QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238353 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338353 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234353 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334353 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236353 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336353 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237353 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337353 iPad mini SKU: AC1235353

Chevron Block Silver Grey QTY

iPhone 5C SlimFit SKU: AC1238350 iPhone 5C StrongFit SKU: AC1338350 iPhone 5/5S SlimFit SKU: AC1234350 iPhone 5/5S StrongFit SKU: AC1334350 GS4 SlimFit SKU: AC1236350 GS4 StrongFit SKU: AC1336350 GS4 mini SlimFit SKU: AC1237350 GS4 mini StrongFit SKU: AC1337350 iPad mini SKU: AC1235350

Screen Protector

SKU: AC060434

MSRP $14.99

Do It Yourself

Your photo + Our Case = The Best Gift

How do I do it? Choose your Device

Phone 4 / 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini.

Upload your photo or Design

Upload high quality jpeg images that are at least 1700 x 1200 pixels. The better quality image that you upload, the better your case will look! We recommend uploading images that are 300 dpi and all images must be in RGB color mode.

Create your Case

With the best technology for the printing process, the design you choose will cover even the sides of your case providing a 3D effect. Include Screen protector

Scrape the Code Ship your Case Enjoy!

Choose your Device

Printed in USA

Upload your photo or design

Custom your case

Shipping method

Gift Card ArtsCase Gift Card The Gift of LifeStyle Recipients can redeem and use their ArtsCase Gift Cards on any ArtsCase available at or use our DO IT YOURSELF module at and custom your case with your own photos and take that memory with you everywhere. Gift Card made a great business oportunity with a reasonable margin of revenue. Plus we ship them to you for free in Any Domestic Order. Corporate ArtsCase Gift Cards come in convenient large packs of $35, $40 or $60 denominations. With corporate orders, you can choose to Custom the ArtsCase gift Card with the Logo of your Company or any other Design for any denomination of the ArtsCase Gift Card personalized and deliver it by email.

POP Marketing

Stylish Retail Blister Protection Style & High Quality

Hanging For Universal Hook

Thermo Sealed for Security

Custom Thermoform Tray for case fitting

Feel Touch Testing Hole

Product Description

Hard ThermoformTray

Arts your Case Series

SlimFit and StrongFit Series

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