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Issued November 18, 2013

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 25/11/2013 (Mon) | 18:00 | CYM 105



FOREWORD According  to  Section  VI  of  the  Constitution  of  the  Association:   1. The  Annual  General  Meeting  shall  be  held  within  the  last  two  weeks  of   November.  (Article  3a)     2. The  Annual  Report  of  the  Association  shall  be  distributed  among  the  members  of   the    Association  at  least  7  days  beforehand.  (Article  3e)     3. The  business  of  the  Annual  General  Meeting  shall  be:     iii.  To  receive  and  adopt  an  annual  report  of  the  activities  of  the  Association  of   the  current  session  prepared  by  the  General  Secretary.  (Article  3f)                                                                                  


CONTENT   Section  A.   Individual  Reports   Chairman   Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal   Vice-­‐chairman,  External   General  Secretary   Financial  Secretary   Academic  Secretary   Welfare  Secretary   Sports  Captain   Sports  Captain   Publication  Secretary   Social  Secretary   Current  Affairs  Secretary   External  General  Secretary   Faculty  Affairs  Secretary   Marketing  Secretary     Section  B.   Functional  Reports   Mini  Live  Concert   Inauguration  Ceremony   Cultural  Forum   Career  Series   June  Fourth  Series:   (a) Exhibition   (b) Magazine   Registration  Day   Orientation  Day   Orientation  Camp   Arts  Festival   High  Table  Dinner   Dean’s  Forum   Welfare  x  ‘Superpass’  Series   Inter-­‐Faculty  Debating   Competition   Participation  in  Sports   Events          

Executive  Committee  Members     Mr.  Chan  Lit  Man,  Floppy   Mr.  Lee  Yiu  Cheong,  Tommy   Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar   Mr.  Au  Kin  Wai,  Arnold   Ms.  Shikata  Hisa   Ms.  Cheung  Lai  Sum,  Lesley   Ms.  Wong  Lok  Yin,  Jessie   Mr.  Liu  Tin  Tsan,  Angus   Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy   Ms.  Ho  Yin  Yee,  Flora   Ms.  Kong  Pui  Wing,  Kammy   Ms.  Kwong  Kit  Ying,  Kenas   Ms.  Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie   Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken   Ms.  Wu  Sin  Mei,  May  

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Person(s)-­‐in-­‐charge   Mr.  Chan  Lit  Man,  Floppy   Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken   Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar   Ms.  Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie   Ms.  Kwong  Kit  Ying,  Kenas  


Mr. Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar   Ms.  Shikata  Hisa   August   Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy   Ms.  Ho  Yin  Yee,  Flora   August   Ms.  Kong  Pui  Wing,  Kammy   Mr.  Lee  Yiu  Cheong,  Tommy   September   Ms.  Cheung  Lai  Sum,  Lesley   October   Mr.  Au  Kin  Wai,  Arnold   November   Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken   November   Ms.  Wong  Lok  Yin,  Jessie   Ms.  Wu  Sin  Mei,  May   November   Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar  


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Mr. Liu  Tin  Tsan,  Angus   Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy  



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Annual Report   Chairman  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A. Introduction   In   accordance   to   the   Constitution   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   Session   IX,   Article   2a,   ‘The  Chairman  shall  be  the  chief  executive  of  the  Association  and  shall  be  responsible  for   the   schedule   and   the   smooth   progress   of   the   activities   of   the   Association   and   shall   preside  at  all  meetings  of  the  Executive  Committee.  In  the  occasion  that  only  one  or  no   past  representative  is  elected,  the  chairman  of  the  preceding  Executive  Committee  of  the   Association  shall  take  the  seat  as  the  Past  Council  Representative.’     B. Individual  Report   (1) My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   I   have   fulfilled   the   duties   as   an   Executive   Committee   of   the   Association   by   getting   involved  in  the  general  affairs  of  the  Association  such  as  guiding  the  society  room  and   maintaining  the  daily  operation  and  order  of  the  society  room.  I  have  also  participated   in  the  preparation  of  every  activity  held  by  the  Executive  Committee  of  the  Association   as  well  as  the  discussion  in  the  regular  ex-­‐co  meetings.       (2) My  role  as  the  Chairman  of  the  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   As   a   chairman   of   the   Executive   Committee   of   the   Association,   I   have   prepared   the   agenda   of   all   the   regular   meetings   and   chaired   almost   all   the   regular   meetings.   Also,   I   have   taken   up   all   the   vice   person-­‐in-­‐charge   of   every   activity.   Through   communication   and  coordination  with  the  respective  person-­‐in-­‐charge,  most  of  the  activities  were  held   smoothly   and   successfully.   Over   the   year,   I   have   made   every   endeavor   to   develop   and   maintain   a   good   relationship   and   maintain   frequent   communication   with   academic   societies  and  external  student  societies  like  other  Faculty  Societies,  the  Faculty  of  Arts,   Union  Executives  and  the  HKU  Arts  Alumni  Association.     (3) My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   According  to  the  constitution  of  the  Association,  the  Chairman  of  the  Association  is  one   of   the   ex-­‐officio   council   in   the   Arts   Students’   Council,   Arts   Association,   the   Hong   Kong   University   Student’s   Union.   Over   the   year,   by   attending   all   the   meetings   of   the   Council,   I   have  actively  participated  in  the  discussions  during  the  meetings.  The  Council  has  coped   with   a   myriad   of   businesses   in   the   current   council   session   like   passing   the   financial   budgets,  the  half-­‐yearly  reports,  the  half-­‐yearly  financial  reports,  the  annual  reports,  the   annual  financial  report  of  the  academic  societies  and  the  Association  central   Executive   Committee.   Reports   of   the   five   standing   committees   and   statements   responding   to   current  affairs  are  also  passed  in  the  Council.  In  the  meantime,  the  Council  has  approved   the  affiliation  of  two  new  academic  societies,  namely  the  Korean  Society,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   and  the  American  Society,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U..  The  Arts  Students’  Council  serves  as  a  platform   for   opinion   exchange,   I   have   also   tried   hard   to   bring   the   members’   opinions   into   the   Council  for  discussion.       (4) My  role  as  a  member  of  the  Constitution  Review  Committee,  A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As   the   chairman   of   the   Association,   I   am   the   one   of   the   members   in   the   Constitution   Review   Committee,   A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U..   I   am   to   represent   the   Executive   Committee’s   views   and   opinions   in   the   amendments   of   constitution   of   the   Association   and   the   academic  societies.  In  the  current  council  session,  I  have  attended  most  of  the  meetings   and   expressed   the   concerns   of   the   Executive   Committee   in   constitutional   matters.   In   the   current   council   session,   the   committee   has   shown   its   approval   for   the   constitutions   of   the   Korean   Society   and   the   American   Society.   Other   matters   like   the   amendments   of   the  


constitutions of   academic   societies   and   the   subscription   fee   of   the   Association   were   also   discussed  in  the  committees  to  collect  the  opinions  of  different  councilors.     (5) My  role  as  a  member  of  the  Finance  Committee,  A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   The   Finance   Committee,   A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   serves   as   a   crucially   important   financial   advisory  body  to  the  Arts  Students’  Council.  It  requires  the  carefulness  of  the  members   in  dealing  with  financial  matters  of  the  Association  and  its  affiliated  societies.  I,  as  one  of   the   members,   helped   scrutinize   the   financial   budgets   and   financial   reports   of   the   Association   executive   and   academic   societies.   In   the   meantime,   I   have   acted   as   the   Secretary  to  the  Committee  and  helped  with  the  jotting  of  minutes.       (6) My  role  as  a  member  of  the  Election  Commission,  A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   The   Election   Commission,   in   accordance   to   the   Association   Constitution,   is   an   ad-­‐hoc   committee   which   functions   as   a   body   of   preparing   and   holding   the   Annual   Election   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   I   have   tightly   cooperated   with   other   members   of   the   committee   including   Mr.   Lee   Yiu   Cheong,   Mr.   Ng   Wai   Ka,   Oscar,   Tommy   and   Miss   Ho   Yin   Yee,   Flora   to   make   the   election   a   great   success.   The   Commission   has   strictly   complied   with   the   regulations   clearly   stated   in   the   Constitution   and   By-­‐laws   of   the   Association   and   the   Election   Regulation   of   the   Hong   Kong   University   Students’   Union   (HKUSU)   in   organizing  the  Campaign  and  the  General  Polling.     (7) My   role   as   a   member   of   the   Joint   Consultative   Committee   of   the   Faculty   of   Arts,   The   University  of  Hong  Kong   The  Joint  Consultative  Committee  serves  as  a  relatively  informal  way  of  communication   channel   between   the   Faculty   staff   and   the   students.   The   Committee   has   convened   two   meetings   this   year.   In   the   meetings,   I   have   expressed   my   concern   on   the   future   use   of   the  Main  Building,  the  honor  classification  under  the  new  four-­‐year  curriculum  and  the   lack  of  vending  machines  and  notice  boards  in  the  Run  Run  Shaw  Tower.  Both  positive   and  negative  responsive  actions  have  also  been  received  by  the  Faculty  and  the  Estate   Office   and   some   problems   are   deplorably   unsolved   due   to   the   restrictions   set   by   the   Estate   Office   like   the   failure   in   requesting   the   installation   of   vending   machines   in   the   Run  Run  Shaw  Tower.       (8) My  role  as  a  member  of  the  Search  Committee  for  the  Dean  of  Arts   The   University   authorities   have   approved   Professor   Kam   Louie’s   will   of   resignation   as   the  Dean  of  Faculty  of  Arts,  HKU,  and  his  term  of  office  will  end  on  1st  January  2014.  The   selection   process   of   the   new   Dean   of   the   Faculty   is   about   to   begin.   The   Faculty   will   conduct  a  worldwide  recruitment  for  the  next  Dean.  The  Search  Committee  of  the  Dean   of   Arts   is   the   official   advisory   body   in   assisting   the   HKU   Council   and   the   Vice-­‐Chancellor   in  wrestling  with  the  matter  of  the  change  of  deanship.  In  mid-­‐October,  I  was  officially   elected   as   the   sole   student   representative   in   the   Search   Committee   who   is   held   responsible   for   representing   students’   interests   and   opinions.   The   Committee   has   convened  one  meeting  since  the  commencement  of  the  Dean  Selection  process  on  23rd   October   2013.   I   have   expressed   my   concern   of   the   transparency   of   the   Dean   Selection   process  and  that  the  Committee  has  agreed  to  raise  the  transparency  of  the  process  by   allowing   the   candidates   coming   to   the   campus   for   a   direct   consultation   with   the   students.  I  have  also  distributed  questionnaires  among  the  students  so  as  to  collect  their   opinions  towards  the  new  deanship.  In  the  meantime,  I  have  publicized  the  mechanism   of  the  Dean  Selection  and  the  most  updated  information  through  the  Facebook  page  so   as  to  keep  the  students  abreast  of  the  selection  process.     C. Internal  Affairs   (1) General  Affairs  


Mr. Au   Kin   Wai,   Arnold,   as   the   General   Secretary   of   the   Association   has   fulfilled   his   constitutional   duty   and   his   efforts   are   highly   appreciated   by   other  Executive   Committee   members.  He  has  recorded  all  the  minutes  of  the  regular  Executive  Committee  meetings.   He   has   also   taken   up   the   role   as   a   communicator   with   other   student   societies   and   external  bodies  by  managing  the  Association  portal  email  account  and  proofreading  all   the  mass  emails  sent  by  the  Association  portal  email  account.  As  a  General  Secretary,  Mr.   Au  Kin  Wai,  Arnold  at  the  same  time  acts  as  a  manager  of  the  Association  Facebook  page,   the   regular   online   platform   for   releasing   information   pertinent   to   the   Association.   All   the   posts   released   in   the   page   have   also   been   proofread   and   approved   by   him.   The   Half-­‐ yearly  reports  and  the  Annual  Reports  were  also  published  after  his  careful  proofread.   All  in  all,  his  proficiency  in  bilingual  writings  and  carefulness  has  greatly  facilitated  his   work.     (2) Welfare   Miss   Wong   Lok   Yin,   Jessie,   as   a   Welfare   Secretary,   has   performed   well   throughout   the   session   in   managing   the   Society   Room.   Our   Society   Room   opened   from   11:30am   to   6:00pm  every  teaching  day.  Under  Miss  Wong’s  arrangement  of  the  shift  of  duties,  ach   timeslot   was   also   taken   up   by   at   least   one   Executive   Committee.   All   Executive   Committee  members  also  took  up  their  responsibility  to  guide  the  society  room.    Though   society   room   may   not   be   able   to   be   opened   on   time   in   some   occasion,   it   is   still   a   rare   situation.  In  case  of  anyone  of  the  Executive  Committee  members  being  unable  to  guide   the   society   room,   other   Executive   Committee   were   also   willing   to   give   their   helping   hands.       During   the   session   2012-­‐2013,   we   have   met   the   representatives   of   the   Estate   Office   and   the   Centennial   Campus   Management   Department   for   several   times   to   discuss   matters   concerning   the   optimization   and   addition   of   facilities   in   the   society   room.   We   are   glad   that   we   have   received   two   extra   sofas   and   one   notice   board   allocated   by   the   abovementioned   bodies.   I   would   again   like   to   take   this   opportunity   to   express   my   gratitude  for  their  generous  support  in  optimizing  the  environment  of  the  society  room.     The   society   room   offers   a   myriad   of   services   to   members,   namely   the   sale   of   Society   products   at   discounted   price   (Hoodies,   tee-­‐shirts   and   notebook   cases,   files,   society   papers  and  umbrellas),  self-­‐served  telephone;  self-­‐served  computer  with  Internet  access,   self-­‐served  printing,  self-­‐served  photocopying,  self-­‐served  scanning,  self-­‐served  hot  and   cold  distilled  water  dispense,  self-­‐served  smartphone  charging,  lending  of  board  games   and  lending  of  books.  Credit  should  also  be  given  to  Miss  Ho  Yin  Yee,  Flora  for  her  efforts   in  designing  all  the  society  products.     (3) Finance   The   Financial   budgets,   Half-­‐yearly   Financial   Report   and   the   Annual   Financial   Report   were   prepared   by   Miss   Shikata   Hisa,   the   Financial   Secretary   and   approved   by   me.   The   expenses   have   been   well   monitored   by   Miss   Shikata   and   that   all   the   receipts   are   well   kept.  The  success  of  the  activities  should  also  be  ascribed  to  the  efforts  of  Miss  Shikata  in   managing  the  Association  finance.       (4) Association  Affairs   The  Executive  Committee  of  the  Association  has  organized  a  total  of  12  activities  in  the   session   2012-­‐2013.   The   Inauguration   Ceremony   2013   was   held   in   early   February   to   introduce   the   newly   elected   ex-­‐co   members   and   the   upcoming   events   to   the   students   and  the  University  staff.  Innumerable  events  were  also  held  to  promote  academics,  arts   and   culture   among   our   members   including   the   Mini   Live   Concert   in   late   January,   the   Cultural   Forum   (Theme:   Hong   Kong   Culture)   in   late   March   and   the   Arts   Festival   in   early   October.   In   hopes   of   raising   the   members’   awareness   in   our   society   and   sense   of   7    

responsibility as   a   citizen,   we   have   organized   the   June   Fourth   Series   in   the   late   April.   June   Fourth   memorial   magazines   were   distribute   freely   to   our   members   and   a   June   Fourth   Exhibition   was   also   held   in   the   G/F   of   the   Union   Building   to   display   various   historical   sources   like   newspapers,   photos   and   videos   so   as   to   allow   our   members   to   know   more   about   the   truth   of   the   massacre.   The   Registration   Day   and   the   Orientation   Series  were  held  in  mid  to  late  August  to  help  complete  the  registration  process  of  Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   for   freshmen   of   the   Faculty   of   Arts   and   to   provide   freshmen   opportunities   to   get   adapted   to   University   life.   Career   Series   held   in   mid-­‐April   served   to   introduce   related   occupations   to   students   of   the   Faulty   of   Arts   from   different   perspectives   for   future   career   planning.   Acting   as   a   bridge   of   communication   between   the  students  and  Faculty  is  one  of  the  purposes  of  the  Association,  the  Deans’  Forum  was   therefore   held   in   early   November   to   provide   a   platform   fostering   communication   between  the  Faculty  and  the  students  concerning  any  Faculty  Affairs.  High  Table  Dinner,   being  one  of  the  most  traditional  scholastic  activities  in  the  University,  it  was  held  in  late   October   to   enhance   the   cohesion   and   bonding   among   the   members   of   the   Association.   With   the   hopes   of   providing   members   with   comprehensive   welfare,   apart   from   the   welfare   provided   in   the   society   room,   the   welfare   and   super-­‐pass   series   were   held   to   provide   welfare   packs   and   other   kinds   of   gifts   to   our   members.   Apart   from   the   abovementioned,   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   has   also   taken   part   in   the   Inter-­‐Faculty   Debate   Competition   in   November.   The   competition   was   co-­‐organized   by   the   Debating   Society,   H.K.U.S.U.   and   other   five   Faculty   Societies.   The   Association   team   has   even   entered  the  Final  after  defeating  the  team  of  Engineering  Society,  H.K.U.S.U.     (5) Sports   Apart   from   the   abovementioned   activities,   the   recruitment   of   players   of   sport   competitions  was  in  process  throughout  the  session  and  it  was  well  accomplished  by  the   Sports   Captains   Mr.   Liu   Tin   Tsan,   Angus   and   Miss   Fan   Sin   Chi,   Cindy.   They   have   demonstrated   their   capability   in   leading   and   managing   the   sports   teams   as   well   as   publicizing   the   relevant   news   concerning   the   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions.   Several   sports  prizes  have  also  been  won  in  the  current  session.     (6) Marketing   Credits   should   also   be   given   to   Miss   Wu   Sin   Mei,   May   (Marketing   Secretary)   for   her   efforts   in   searching   for   sponsorships   for   some   of   the   activities   like   the   Inauguration   Ceremony,  the  Orientation  Camp  and  the  Welfare  and  Super-­‐pass  Series.  Both  cash  and   kind   sponsorships   were   also   found   for   supporting   the   abovementioned   activities   and   the  sponsorships  also  made  the  activities  great  successes.       (7) Social  Activities   Strengthening   the   cohesion   and   bonding   between   the   members   is   also   one   of   the   missions   of   the   cabinet.   Miss   Kong   Pui   Wing,   Kammy   (Social   Secretary)   has   taken   the   lead  in  organizing  the  Super-­‐pass  Series  in  November  which  aims  at  providing  members   with   opportunities   of   recreation.   Members   were   invited   to   write   super-­‐pass   couplets,   enjoy   candy-­‐floss   and   popcorns   for   free   and   take   black   and   white   instant   photos.   The   Super-­‐pass  Series  has  received  very  positive  responses  from  our  members.     (8) Publication  and  publicity   The  publication  and  publicity  work  were  handled  by  Miss  Ho  Yin  Tee,  Flora  (Publication   Secretary).   Throughout   the   session,   the   Executive   Committee   of   the   Association   has   published   several   publications   including   the   inaugural   booklet,   the   June   Fourth   Memorial   Magazine,   the   freshmen   booklet   being   distributed   in   Registration   Days,   the   Association  newsletter.  Publicity  works  have  always  been  an  indispensable  component   in   the   success   of   activities.   Various   kinds   of   publicity   means   were   used   by   the  


Association Executive  Committee  to  promote  the  activities  like  the  use  of  Facebook  page   and  posters.       (9) Academics   Miss   Cheung   Lai   Sum,   Lesley   (Academic   Secretary)   has   actively   taken   up   the   constitutional  duty  to  promote  academics  in  the  session  which   has  received   recognition   and   appreciation   from   other   colleagues.   News   and   articles   related   to   arts   and   culture   have  always  been  posted  or  shared  in  the  Association  Facebook  page.  Miss  Cheung  Lai   Sum,   Lesley   (Academic   Secretary)   may   sometimes   share   her   own   cultural   critiques   or   commentaries   through   the   Facebook   page.   Arts   Festival   2013   at   the   same   time   ended   in   great  success  with  the  active  participation  by  our  members.       (10) Faculty  Affairs   The  Faculty  Affairs  Secretary  (Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken),  the  Vice-­‐Chairman,  Internal  (Mr.   Lee  Yiu  Cheong,  Tommy)  and  the  Chairman  of  the  Association  (me)  are  held  responsible   in  managing  and  dealing  with  Faculty  Affairs  and  we  three  worked  as  a  team  in  striving   for  the  betterment  of  Faculty  Affairs  and  communication  between  the  students  and  the   Faculty.       Several   issues   have   been   brought   to   our   attention   in   our   session,   being   the   lack   of   vending   machines   in   the   Run   Run   Shaw   Tower,   the   perplexity   of   the   difference   in   the   honor   classification   system   between   the   old   curriculum   and   the   new   334   curriculum,   the   chaos   occurred   in   the   online   registration   procedures   of   the   Graduation   Ceremony   2013  of  the  Faculty  of  Arts  and  the  Change  of  Deanship.     Regarding  the  problem  of  the  lack  of  vending  machines  in  the  Run  Run  Shaw  Tower,  it  is   noticed  that  after  the  relocation  of  the  Faculty  of  Arts  from  the  Main  Building  to  the  new   Centennial  Campus,  the  number  of  vending  machines  in  the  Run  Run  Shaw  Tower  is  far   from  satisfaction  that  it  cannot  meet  the  students’  needs.  We  have  proposed  a  number  of   locations  for  installation  of  vending  machines  in  the  new  Run  Run  Shaw  Tower,  however,   the   Estate   Office   did   not   approve   of   our   suggestions   on   the   grounds   that   there   will   be   paintings  being  hung  on  the  proposed  locations.       For   the   perplexity   of   the   difference   in   the   honor   classification   system   between   the   old   curriculum   and   the   new   334   curriculum,   we   received   some   voices   from   the   final   year   students  that  a  second  up  honor  will  only  be  given  at  the  Grade  Point  Average  (GPA)  3.0   and  it  aroused  apprehension  and  perplexity  among  the  final  year  students.  In  response   to   the   circumstances,   we   have   released   statements   through   the   Association   Facebook   page  to  make  the  students  clear  about  the  differences.     In  terms  of  the  chaos  occurred  in  the  online  registration  procedures  of  the  Graduation   Ceremony   2013   of   the   Faculty   of   Arts,   after   we   were   brought   to   the   attention   that   the   number  of  seats  were  inadequate  for  the  graduates  to  bring  along  their  parents  and  that   the   online   system   was   in   serious   chaos,   Mr.   Chan   Kwok   Kit,   Ken   (Faculty   Affairs   Secretary),  on  behalf  of  all  the  Executive  Committee  members  sent  a  letter  to  the  Faculty   immediately   to   express   the   students’   concerns.   We   have   kept   the   students   updated   about  the  event  through  the  Facebook  page.  The  event  came  to  be  settled  by  the  efforts   of  the  Faculty  in  recovering  the  registration  procedure  of  the  ceremony  into  a  hard-­‐copy   application  instead  of  online  registration.     Last  but  not  least,  for  the  issue  of  the  Change  of  Deanship,  as  mentioned  in  the  individual   report,   I   was   officially   elected   as   the   sole   student   representative   in   the   Search   Committee   who   is   held   responsible   for   representing   students’   interests   and   opinions.   The  selection  process  will  last  at  least  nine  months  but  no  longer  than  two  years.  Arts   9    

students are  welcomed  to  express  their  opinions  and  concerns  to  me  so  that  their  voices   can  be  valued  by  the  Search  Committee.       D. External  Affairs   (1) Union  Affairs   Mr.   Ng   Wai   Ka,   Oscar   (the   Vice-­‐Chairman,   External)   is   the   representative   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   (AAR)   in   the   Hong   Kong   University   Students’   Union   Council   (Union   Council)   Session   2013.   All   the   affairs   concerning   the   Union   have   been   well   accomplished  by  him  and  Miss  Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie  (the  External  General  Secretary)   which  their  efforts  have  received  recognition  and  appreciation  from  the  colleagues  and   the   ordinary   members.   Mr.   Ng   Wai   Ka,   Oscar   has   dedicated   his   full   passion   in   the   works   related   to   the   Union   Council.   He   has   attended   almost   all   the   meetings   of   the   Union   Council   and   entered   several   standing   committees   of   the   Union   Council   including   the   Constitution  Review  Committee,  the  Delegation  to  the  Hong  Kong  Federation  of  Students   (HKFS).  Moreover,  he  was  also  one  of  the  members  of  the  Election  Commission,  HKUSU   Council  Session  2012  and  actively  engaged  in  the  operation  and  the  preparatory  works   of  the  Annual  Election  2013  and  the  By-­‐Election  of  Annual  Election  2013  of  the  Union.       In  the  handover  controversy  of  the  Union  in  early  2013,  Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar  has  tightly   cooperated   with   other   Union   Councilors   in   expressing   the   students’   discontent   and   opinions   towards   the   Union   Executive   Committee   and   the   Council   Chairman   of   the   previous  Union  Council  Session  by  releasing  statements  and  organizing  mass  assemblies.     (2) University  Affairs   Getting   members   involved   in   University   Affairs   is   one   of   the   goals   of   the   external   affairs   of  the  Association.  One  of  the  most  significant  tasks  we  have  done  related  to  University   Affairs   was   promoting   issue   of   the   change   of   Vice-­‐Chancellor   among   our   members   in   October.   The   Association   Facebook   page   has   been   updating   members   about   the   development   of   the   Selection   of   the   new   Vice-­‐Chancellor   since   June.   When   Professor   Peter  Mathieson  was  appointed  by  the  HKU  Council  in  early  October  this  year  which  has   sparked  of  fierce  debate  over  the  transparency  of  the  selection  system  and  the  new  Vice-­‐ Chancellor   itself,   the   Association   Executive   Committee,   in   light   of   this,   have   published   leaflets   discussing   the   existing   flaws   of   the   selection   system   and   provided   students   with   information   concerning   the   governance   structure   of   the   University   so   as   to   raise   the   general  students’  knowledge  and  awareness  of  University  Affairs.       (3) Social  Affairs   The   Association   Executive   Committee   is   also   committed   to   raising   the   members’   awareness   in   social   affairs.   The   promotion   of   current   affairs   among   the   members   has   been   accomplished   by   Miss   Kwong   Kit   Ying,   Kenas   (Current   Affairs   Secretary)   and   Mr.   Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar  (Vice-­‐Chairman,  External).       The   Current   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   chaired   by   Miss   Kwong   Kit   Ying,   Kenas   (Current   Affairs   Secretary)   has   created   a   Facebook   page   this   year   to   promote   current  affairs  among  the  members  by  sharing  news,  articles  and  political  commentaries   in  internet.  The  Committee  has  also  organized  several  activities  in  the  campus  to  raise   the   members’   of   current   affairs.   In   March   and   April   this   year,   the   workers   in   the   Kwai   Chung   Terminals   went   on   labor   strike   due   to   the   poor   working   environment   and   the   unreasonable   salaries.   The   Committee   distributed   leaflets   in   the   campus   and   invited   students   to   sign   on   a   hand-­‐made   banner   and   the   banner   was   later   hung   in   the   terminals   as   a   support   for   the   terminal   workers.   The   Committee   has   also   encouraged   the   students   went   to   demonstration   to   directly   express   their   opinions.   Mr.   Kwong   Kit   Ying,   Kenas   (Current   Affairs   Secretary)   has   demonstrated   an   effective   cooperation   with   other   Current  Affairs  Secretary  of  other  Faculty  Societies  in  responding  to  the  issue.   10    

The Association  Executive  Committee  has  also  been  paying  much  attention  to  the  pace   of  political  reforms  in  Hong  Kong  and  the  development  of  the  ‘Occupy  Central  with  Love   and   Peace’   campaign.   Mr.   Ng   Wai   Ka,   Oscar   (Vice-­‐Chairman,   External),   as   a   member   of   the   Delegation   to   Hong   Kong   Federation   of   Students   (HKFS),   HKUSU   Council,   has   actively   taken   part   in   the   D-­‐Day   and   other   kinds   of   activities   held   by   HKFS.   He   in   the   meantime   acted   as   a   bridge   between   the   Association   and   the   HKFS   in   letting   the   Association  Executive  Committee  and  the  members  knowing  more  about  the  attitude  of   the   general   academic   front   towards   the   ‘OCLP’   campaign   as   well   as   the   pace   of   democratization  of  Hong  Kong.  Facebook  page  has  also  been  fully  utilized  as  a  platform   for  releasing  information  pertinent  to  the  most  updated  development  of  the  campaign.       In   the   Second   Ordinary   Council   Meeting   of   the   Hong   Kong   University   Student’s   Union   Council   held   on   31st   March,   2013,   I   and   Miss   Kwong   Kit   Ying,   Kenas   (Current   Affairs   Secretary)   were   appointed   to   the   Current   Affairs   Committee,   HKUSU   Council   as   Union   Full  Members.  In  the  past  eight  months,  we  have  attended  most  of  the  meetings  of  the   Committee   and   engaged   in   the   discussion   of   current   affairs   in   the   committee.   The   committee   has   made   response   to   various   current   affairs   which   triggered   off   much   debate   in   the   society   by   releasing   statements,   publishing   leaflets,   setting   up   booths   in   the   campus   and   holding   forums   etc.   The   committee   has   not   only   committed   to   raising   the   social   and   civil   awareness   among   the   students,   but   has   also   encouraged   socio-­‐ political   participation   among   the   students.   Arranging   shuttle   buses   for   transporting   students  to  the  June  Fourth  Memorial  Assembly  was  one  of  the  good  examples.  Having   the   experience   of   the   312   Black   Gold   Statement   last   year,   statements   issued   by   the   Committee   have   undergone   a   careful   and   serious   process   which   makes   sure   that   it   is   conformity  with  the  rules  stated  in  the  by-­‐laws  of  the  Union.  Also,  it  is  worth  mentioning   that   the   number   of   meetings   held   in   the   current   council   session   is   much   greater   than   that   in   the   past   council   session   which   is   worthy   of   appreciation   so   that   more   opinions   from   the   Union   full   members   can   be   brought   into   the   Committee   as   well   as   the   Union   Council.     E. Conclusion   It   is   of   my   great   honor   to   take   up   the   Chairmanship   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013  and  I  have  experienced  and  learnt  a  lot  throughout  the  year.  Though   the   work   was   challenging,   but   it   is   grateful   that   I   have   received   support   and   encouragement   from   my   colleagues.   A   harmonious   relationship   has   been   maintained   throughout  my  term  of  office.     In   terms   of   the   activities   held,   it   is   generally   satisfactory   but   still   having   rooms   for   improvements.   The   activities   were   also   held   smoothly.   Though   some   unforeseeable   problems   may   sometimes   pop   up   during   the   course   of   activities,   the   Executive   Committee  members  were  still  able  to  get  over  them  by  some  other  corrective  measures.   The  success  of  the  activities  has  much  to  do  with  the  collective  efforts  and  determination   of  every  Executive  Committee  member  and  fellow  helpers.     I  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity  to  make  a  revision  on  my  performance  throughout   the  year  in  this  paragraph.  I  am  generally  unsatisfied  about  my  performance  throughout   the   year   which   I   must   hereby   make   an   apology.   I   may   sometimes   be   unable   in   leading   my   colleagues   to   get   well-­‐prepared   for   every   activity   ahead.   Misunderstandings   may   sometimes   occur   between   me   and   other   Executive   Committee   members   due   to   improper  ways  of  communication.  But  it  is  grateful  that  my  colleagues  are  considerate,   supportive  and  capable  that  they  can  make  up  for  my  shortcomings  and  inabilities.      


In terms   of   the   cohesion   among   the   members,   frankly   speaking,   the   Arts   Faculty   is   a   Faculty   with   a   relatively   large   number   of   students,   a   strong   sense   of   belongings   and   cohesion   would   be   more   difficult   to   be   built   up,   but   I   still   believe   that   more   can   be   done   to   foster   the   relationship   among   the   members.   More   social   activities   and   follow   up   activities  to  orientation  programs  can  be  organized  to  improve  the  situations.       Raising   members’   awareness   in   social   affairs   is   one   of   the   goals   of   my   cabinet   and   I   believe  that  the  goal  has  been  generally  achieved.  By  organization  of  activities  relating   to   current   affairs   and   promotion   of   current   affairs   through   various   means   like   Facebook   page   and   publications,   it   has   been   noticed   that   our   efforts   have   been   appreciated   and   members  are  more  willing  to  express  their  views  on  social  issues.  All  the  credits  should   go   to   colleagues   working   on   external   affairs   including   Miss   Kwong   Kit   Ying,   Kenas   (Current   Affairs   Secretary),   Mr.   Ng   Wai   Ka,   Oscar   (Vice-­‐Chairman,   External)   and   Miss   Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie  (the  External  General  Secretary).     Last   but   not   least,   may   I   take   this   opportunity   to   again   express   my   deepest   gratitude   for   the   contributions   and   efforts   of   all   my   cabinet   members.   The   generous   support   by   the   ordinary   members   and   the   Faculty   should   also   be   highly   appreciated.   May   I   also   offer   my   best   wishes   to   the   new   cabinet   and   wish   them   every   success   in   their   activities.   I   sincerely   hope   that   the   passion   in   serving   our   members   would   never   fade   and   can   be   passed  from  generation  to  generation.       Prepared  by,   Mr.  Chan  Lit  Man,  Floppy   Chairman,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                       12    

Annual Report   Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012  –  2013    

1. Introduction

1.1 Constitutional  Duties   According   to   the   Constitution   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   Section   IX,   Article   2b,   “The   Internal   Vice-­‐Chairman   shall   assist   the   Chairman   in   all   internal  affairs  of  the  Association  and  shall  be  the  ex-­‐officio  chairman  of   the  Executive  Committee  in  the  absence  of  the  Chairman.”   1.2 My  Roles  and  their  Duties  Respectively   As   an   official   bearer   of   the   Association,   I   have   played   multiple   roles   throughout   the   Session,   which   will   be   further   illustrated   and   evaluated   in   the  latter  parts  of  the  report.     As   a   member   of   the   Executive   Committee,   I   am   responsible   for   handling   the   daily   operation   and   finance   of   the   Association.   I   am   also   obliged   in   running  every  event,  both  stipulated  in  the  Year  Plan  and  ad-­‐hoc  activities   with  my  fellow  members  in  the  Executive  Committee.     As   the   Vice-­‐chairman,   Internal,   I   am   responsible   for   handling   enquiries   and  provide  assistance  to  the  twelve  Academic  Societies.  I  also  cooperate   with   the   Faculty   Affairs   Secretary,   Mr.   Chan   Kwok   Kit,   Ken   to   bring   the   concerns  of  students  to  the  Faculty  of  Arts.  Moreover,  I  cooperate  with  the   Social  Secretary,  Ms.  Kong  Pui  Wing,  Kammy  to  organize  social  activities   to  the  members  and  enhance  their  sense  of  belonging  to  the  Association.   As  one  of  the  longest-­‐founding  Faculties  of  the  University,  strong  ties  with   the  alumni  have  been  built.  Together  with  the  General  Secretary,  Mr.  Au   Kin  Wai,  Arnold,  I  liaise  with  the  alumni  of  Faculty  of  Arts  and  invite  them   as   Honorable   Guests   of   our   events.   Lastly,   I   am   responsible   for   booking   and   reserving   all   venues   and   materials   used   for   activities   held   by   the   Association.     As   a   Councilor   of   Arts   Students’   Council,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U,   I   have   engaged   myself   in   discussions   regarding   matters   related   to   both   the   Association   and  the  Faculty.  Appointed  by  the  Council  as  a  member  of  Faculty  Affairs   Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,  I  have  attended  committee  meetings  and   shared  opinions  regarding  faculty  affairs  with  fellow  committee  members.   I   was   also   appointed   by   the   Council   as   the   Chairman   of   Election   Commission,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.  I  have  taken  the  initiative  to  perform  a   series  of  preparatory  work,  so  as  to  facilitate  Annual  Election  2013.     2. Vision  Statement     I   believe   that   a   students’   society   is   established   primarily   for   serving   its   members.   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   is   no   exception.   As   one   of   the   Executive   Committee   members,   I   pledge   to   organize   quality   events   and    


handle enquiries   for   academic   societies   and   members   with   my   fellow   colleagues.   I   ensure   that   the   professional   image   of   a   Faculty   Society   is   built.   I   also   endeavor   to   maintain   the   relationship   among   Executive   Committee   members   through   actively   listening   and   responding   to   their   concerns,   so   that   tasks   throughout   the   Session   can   be   performed   in   an   efficient,  proficient  and  joyous  manner.         3. Brief  Review  on  Internal  Affairs  during  Session  2012  –  2013     3.1 Finance   Finance   of   the   Association   is   handled   by   the   Financial   Secretary,   Ms.   Shikata   Hisa.   She   is   responsible   for   drafting   both   the   financial   budget   and   the   financial   reports   of   the   Association,   as   well   as   scrutinizing   the   daily   operation   fees,   so   that   the   problem   of   being   over-­‐budget   in   functions   could  be  avoided.  Both  the  current  deposit  and  savings  deposit  accounts   have  been  handled  with  care  and  integrity.     Currently,  subscription  fees  for  ordinary  members  of  the  Association  shall   be   $30   per   year,   which   has   not   been   modified   since   1989.   With   a   sharp   increase  in  Consumer  Price  Index  over  the  past  twenty  years,  running  of   the   Association   has   been   increasingly   difficult.   Moreover,   in   order   enhance   the   quality   of   service   to   members,   it   was   proposed   that   subscription   fees   of   the   Association   should   be   raised   from   $30   to   $50   per   year.       The  proposal  has  been  discussed  in  Constitution  Review  Committee,  A.S.C.,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,   and   Arts   Students’   Council,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   Nonetheless,   as   there   were   still   diverged   opinions   among   Councilors,   more   consultation   sections  would  be  held.  The  proposal  would  therefore  be  passed  on  to  the   next  Council  Session  for  further  discussion.     3.2 Academic  Affairs   Academic   affairs   of   the   Association   are   handled   by   the   Academic   Secretary,   Ms.   Cheung   Lai   Sum,   Lesley.   Several   activities,   including   Cultural  Forum,  High  Table  Dinner  and  Arts  Festival  had  been  organized.     Moreover,   the   Association   has   been   actively   responding   to   academic   affairs   in   society.   Concerns   about   the   recent   political   censorship   of   the   drama   “The   Dream   of   the   Red   Chamber”   had   been   raised   on   the   official   Facebook  group.  We  also  expressed  our  concerns  to  possible  censorship   of   the   book   “The   Concise   History   of   Hong   Kong”,   which   was   written   by   Prof.  John  Carroll,  the  Associate  Dean  of  Faculty  of  Arts.  We  expressed  our   condolences  to  Mr.  Leung  Bok  Kwan,  the  renowned  Hong  Kong  author.     3.3 Welfare   Welfare   of   the   Association   is   handled   by   the   Welfare   Secretary,   Ms.   Wong   Lok  Yin,  Jessie.  A  welfare  week  was  organized  in  November.    


The Society  Room  located  in  Room  4.20,  Run  Run  Shaw  Tower,  Centennial   Campus  is  open  for  members.  Members  are  welcome  to  visit  our  Society   Room  to  enjoy  the  photocopying  service,  water  dispensers  and  borrowing   of   books   and   sports   equipment.   Different   society   products   have   also   been   sold.     3.4 Sports   Sport   activities   of   the   Association   are   handled   by   the   Sports   Captains,   Mr.   Liu  Tin  Tsan,  Angus  and  Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy.     The   Association   has   been   actively   participating   in   Inter-­‐faculty   Competitions   organized   by   Sports   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   throughout   the   year.   Notably,   we   have   won   the   Champion   for   Women’s   Basketball,   3rd   Runner-­‐up   for   Men’s   Football   and   3rd   Runner-­‐up   for   Men’s   Volleyball.   We   have   also   organized   a   friendly   basketball   match   with   Social   Sciences   Society,  H.K.U.S.U.     3.5 Publication   Publication  of  the  Association  is  handled  by  the  Publication  Secretary,  Ms.   Ho   Yin   Yee,   Flora.   As   publication   work   could   be   complicated,   other   members  of  the  Executive  Committee  have  assisted  her  with  patience.     Several  publication  works  have  been  published  for  different  occasions,  e.g.   the   Inauguration   Ceremony   Booklet,   Brochure   for   the   Cultural   Forum,   June   Fourth   Magazine,   Registration   Day   Freshmen   Survival   Guide,   Orientation  Camp  Booklet  and  the  Newsletter  of  the  Association.     3.6 Social  Activities   Social  activities  of  the  Association  is  handled  by  the  Social  Secretary,  Ms.   Kong   Pui   Wing,   Kammy.   Several   social   activities   have   been   organized   to   enhance  the  sense  of  belonging  among  members  of  the  Association.  These   activities   include   the   Mini-­‐live   Concert,   Orientation   Day,   Orientation   Camp   and   Super-­‐pass   Series.   Relations   among   the   Executive   Committee   members  have  also  been  maintained  through  gatherings.     3.7 Faculty  Affairs   Faculty   affairs   of   the   Association   are   handled   by   the   Faculty   Affairs   Secretary,   Mr.   Chan   Kwok   Kit,   Ken.   Dean’s   Forum   was   held   to   foster   the   relations  between  the  Faculty  and  the  Association.  We  also  followed  up  to   the   concerns   over   Graduation   Ceremony   2013   of   the   Faculty.   Members   of   the  Executive  Committee  were  also  invited  to  attend  functions  held  by  the   Faculty  of  Arts.     3.8 Marketing   Marketing   work   of   the   Association   is   handled   by   the   Marketing   Secretary,   Ms.  Wu  Sin  Mei,  May.  Sponsorship  has  been  sought  for  various  activities,   e.g.  the  Inauguration  Ceremony,  Orientation  Series  and  Welfare  Week.  It   was   also   ensured   that   the   Association   had   established   a   professional   image.    


3.9 Publicity In  the  absence  of  the  Publicity  Secretary,  publicity  works  are  handled  by   the   Publication   Secretary,   Ms.   Ho   Yin   Yee,   Flora.   Publicity   works   have   been  made  to  arouse  the  interests  of  the  members  towards  the  activities.     Printed   publicity   means   have   been   used,   e.g.   posters,   banners,   backdrops,   information   booklets,   leaflets,   road   signs,   table   stands,   etc.   An   official   banner  for  the  Association  was  also  printed  for  generic  use.     Electronic   publicity   means   have   as   well   been   employed.   Mass   e-­‐mails   were  sent  prior  to  activities  of  the  Association.  The  official  Facebook  page   of   the   Association   was   established.   Updated   information   about   the   Association  has  been  instantly  uploaded  to  the  page.   3.10 Council  Affairs   Arts   Students’   Council,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   is   the   official   body   to   facilitate   discussion   among   different   parties   in   the   Association.   More   complicated   matters  would  discussed  preliminarily  in  its  Standing  Committees  before   being   put   forward   to   Council   Meetings   for   other   administrative   executions.     Up   till   15th   November   2013,   five   Ordinary   Council   Meetings   and  six  Emergency  Council  Meetings  have  been  held.     Year   plans,   financial   budgets   and   reports   of   the   respectively   societies   have   also   been   received   and   adopted   by   the   Council   for   record-­‐keeping   purposes.  Several  important  motions  have  been  received  and  adopted  by   the   Council   for   the   Session   2012   –   2013.   For   instance,   two   student   organizations,   American   Society   and   Korean   Society,   have   affiliated   to   the   Association.   The   Council   also   endorsed   a   statement   regarding   the   riot   organized  by  the  pier  workers.     I   would   like   to  express   my  greatest  gratitude  to  Mr.  Yuen  Kit  Shing,  Bill,   the   Council   Chairperson   and   Ms.   Leung   Hiu   Wai,   Cody,   Secretary   to   the   Council  for  their  leadership  and  maintenance  for  the  Session  2012  –  2013.       3.11 Miscellaneous   Daily   operational   duties   of   the   Association   are   handled   by   all   Executive   Committee   members,   organized   by   Mr.   Au   Kin   Wai,   Arnold,   the   General   Secretary.     Activities   related   to   External   affairs   of   the   Association,   e.g.   Careers   Series,   June  Fourth  Series  and  Inter-­‐Faculty  Debate  Competition  are  handled  by   the  External  Affairs  Team,  which  comprises  of  Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar,  Vice-­‐ chairman,   External,   Ms.   Kwong   Kit   Ying,   the   Current   Affairs   Secretary   and   Ms.  Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie,  the  External  General  Secretary.   4. Brief  Review  on  Functions  held  during  Session  2012  –  2013  

4.1 Robynn  and  Kendy  Mini-­‐live  Concert    


Robynn and  Kendy,  one  of  the  popular  female  bands  in  Hong  Kong,  were   invited  to  the  University  to  hold  a  mini-­‐live  concert  in  late-­‐January.  As  an   ad-­‐hoc   event   held   before   the   Inauguration   Ceremony,   it   was   held   successfully  with  the  collaboration  of  the  record  company.  The  girls  had   rocked  Global  Lounge  with  their  sweet  voices.  A  brief  sharing  section  was   conducted  between  their  performances,  which  had  made  the  event  more   rewarding  and  thought-­‐provoking.     However,  as  this  was  an  ad-­‐hoc  event,  there  were  not  many  open  spaces   left   for   reservation.   It   would   have   been   more   appealing   and   attractive   if   a   better  open  space  could  be  booked,  yet  with  the  limited  choice  of  venues,   we  did  believe  that  Global  Lounge  had  already  been  the  best  venue  for  the   event.     Personal  Evaluation   As  an  ad-­‐hoc  function,  it  had  replaced  the  Inauguration  Ceremony  as  the   first   official   function   of   the   Session.   Since   I   was   still   unfamiliar   with   the   booking   stuff   after   the   handover   of   Session,   I   did   not   take   part   in   reservation   of   the   venue.   Instead,   I   helped   with   the   setting   up   of   the   backdrop   and   took   some   photos   of   performance.   Generally,   my   performance  in  this  event  was  mediocre.     4.2 Inauguration  Ceremony   The   Inauguration   Ceremony   was   held   successfully   in   early-­‐February   in   Rayson  Huang  Theatre.  We  are  honored  to  have  the  presence  of  Ms.  Tisa   Ho,   Executive   Director   of   Hong   Kong   Arts   Festival,   Mr.   Leong   Kah   Kit,   Legislative   Councilor,   Dr.   Albert   Chau,   Dean   of   Student   Affairs   and   Prof.   John   Carroll,   Associate   Dean   of   Faculty   of   Arts   as   Honorable   Guests   of   the   ceremony.   Followed   by   the   procession   of   Honorable   Guests   and   the   Executive   Committee   members,   a   short   video,   which   introduces   the   Association  and  the  cabinet,  was  played.  Souvenirs  were  presented  to  all   joining  participants.     We   would   also   like   to   express   our   gratitude   to   all   helpers,   who   had   provided   us   with   so   much   assistance   with   preparatory   work   for   the   ceremony.   Their   presence   had   given   us   such   a   remarkable   commencement  of  our  Session.     Personal  Evaluation   I   was   responsible   for   booking   all   materials   required   for   the   ceremony.   I   also  liaised  with  staff  of  the  Faculty  for  the  reservation  of  Rayson  Huang   Theatre.   I   also   greeted   guests   and   participants   from   other   parties   of   the   University.  Generally,  my  performance  in  this  event  was  satisfactory.       4.3 Cultural  Forum   The   Cultural   Forum,   namely   “Viewing   Hong   Kong   Culture   with   Ten   Keywords”,   was   scheduled   in   late-­‐Match   at   Happy   Park.   Notably,   due   to   adverse   weather   condition,   the   venue   was   tentatively   changed   to   the   North  Concourse  of  K.  K.  Leung  Building.    


It is  our  great  honor  to  have  the  presence  of  Mr.  Lau  Sai  Leung,  founder  of   The   House   News,   Ms.   Lee   Lai   Yin,   Chairperson   of   Hong   Kong   Culture   Monitor,   Mr.   Wu   Chi   Wai,   Legislative   Councilor   and   Mr.   Shiu   Yeuk   Yuen,   a   renowned   current   affairs   commentator   as   our   guest   speakers.   The   ten   keywords   were   “Multi-­‐cultural”,   “Public   Space”,   “Freedom   of   Creation”,   “Artistic   Atmosphere”,   “Bureaucracy”,   “Cultural   Civil   Right”,   “Hong   Kong   Arts   Development   Council”,   West   Kowloon   Cultural   District”,   “Cultural   Bureau”  and  “Cultural  SMEs”.  Brochures  with  brief  information  about  the   theme  were  printed  for  the  audience.       Personal  Evaluation   Having  the  applications  sent  through  the  Students’  Union,  I  had  obtained   the  permission  of  using  Happy   Park  in   early   March.   Equipment,   including   PA  Systems,  microphone  stands,  tables  and  tablecloths  had  been  booked   prior   to   the   event.   The   backdrop   was   set   up   one   day   prior   to   the   Forum.   I   had  also  taken  part  in  changing  the  venue  from  Happy  Park  to  K.  K.  Leung   Building   North   Concourse.   Generally,   my   performance   in   this   event   was   satisfactory.    

4.4 Career Series   Career   Series   was   organized   on   mid-­‐April.   A   series   of   events   were   held   in   order  to  provide  assistance  to  members  who  would  like  to  search  for  jobs   in  the  future.  Different  companies  were  invited  to  set  up  their  booths  on   G/F  of  Union  Building.  Interested  applicants  were  allowed  to  have  instant   interviews  with  the  companies.     Meanwhile,   a   career   talk   was   held   in   Room   302,   Chong   Yuet   Ming   Amenities   Centre.   It   was   our   honor   to   have   the   presence   of   Mr.   Siu,   Feature  Editor  of  Esquire  Magazine  to  share  his  working  experience  as  an   editor   of   a   renowned   magazine.   Members   had   enjoyed   his   talk   and   had   acquired  much  knowledge  after  listening  to  his  sharing.     Personal  Evaluation   I  had  booked  Union  Foyer  for  the  entire  week  for  the  visiting  companies.  I   also   reserved   two   rooms   in   Chong   Yuet   Ming   Amenities   Centre   for   the   career   talk.   As   a   member   of   the   Executive   Committee,   I   took   my   duty   shifts   in   Union   Foyer   and   participated   in   the   career   talk.   Generally,   my   performance  in  this  event  was  satisfactory.     4.5 June  Fourth  Series   In   order   to   express   our   condolences   to   those   who   sacrificed   during   the   June   Fourth   Incident   in   1989,   the   Association   had   organized   the   June   Fourth   Series.   It   is   hoped   that   through   participating   in   these   events,   members   could   acquire   more   information   about   the   Incident.   A   total   of   two   events   were   held   during   the   June   Fourth   Series,   which   had   lasted   from  mid-­‐April  to  early-­‐May.     4.5.1 June  Fourth  Exhibition   18  

An ad-­‐hoc  exhibition  about  the  Incident  was  held  in  mid-­‐April  on  G/F   of   Union   Building.   Precious   first-­‐hand   sources,   such   as   newspaper   commentaries   and   video-­‐clips   were   borrowed   from   Hong   Kong   Alliance   in   Support   of   Patriotic   Democratic   Movements   of   China.   Students,  especially  those  from  the  mainland  of  China,  had  the  chance   to   delve   into   the   details   of   the   Incident,   which   was   a   thought-­‐ provoking  experience  for  them.   Personal  Evaluation   I   was   responsible   for   booking   four   display   boards   from   the   Estates   Office   and   other   associated   materials   for   the   Exhibition.   I   took   several   duty   shifts   at   the   counter.   Since   the   materials   were   borrowed   from   Hong  Kong  Alliance  in  Support  of  Patriotic  Democratic  Movements  of   China,   I   helped   return   the   display   boards   to   the   temporary   June   Fourth   Memorial   Museum   in   the   City   University   of   Hong   Kong.   Generally,  my  performance  in  this  event  was  satisfactory.     4.5.2 Distribution  of  June  Fourth  Magazine   A   counter   was   set   up   on   G/F   of   Union   Building   for   distribution   of   June   Fourth   Magazine   in   early-­‐May.   Some   copies   were   displayed   in   Union   Office  for  other  members  to  view.  We  also  distributed  the  magazines   to   other   affiliated   organizations,   office   of   the   Faculty   and   respective   department   offices   upon   request.   A   few   copies   are   still   available   for   members  to  read  in  the  Society  Room.     Personal  Evaluation   I   took   several   duty   shifts   for   the   counter,   and   had   distributed   the   Magazine   to   the   members.   However,   since   I   was   not   active   enough   responding   to   External   affairs   of   the   Association,   merely   did   I   take   part  in  the  making  of  the  Magazine.  Also,  my  lack  of  knowledge  in  the   Incident   had   led   to   insufficient   participation   in   this   event.   I   would   like   to   apologize   for   little   involvement   in   this   function.   My   performance   was  pretty  disappointing.     4.6 Orientation  Series   The  Orientation  Series  was  held  to  give  our  warmest  welcome  to   freshmen  of  the  Arts  Faculty.  We  also  provided  them  with  information   about  the  Faculty  of  Arts.  A  total  of  three  events,  led  by  the  Central   Organizing  Committee,  were  held  during  the  Orientation  Series  in  August.     4.6.1 Registration  Day   The  Registration  Day  was  originally  scheduled  on  14th  and  15th  August.   Nonetheless,   as   typhoon   Utor   struck   Hong   Kong   on   the   first   day,   the   University  had  decided  to  hold  the  Registration  Day  on  the  second  day   only.  Freshmen  were  required  to  register  in  the  Association’s  counters,   which   were   located   in   both   Room   LG.63   and   LG.64   on   LG/F   of   Centennial  Campus.  Society  products  were  available  for  sale  that  day.   Freshmen  were  required  to  visit  the  counters  set  up  by  our  academic   societies  after  leaving  the  counter  of  the  Association.  


However, it   was   reported   that   some   freshmen   had   left   the   Faculty   Zone   without   completing   the   entire   route.   The   setting   of   the   Centennial   Campus   had   made   it   difficult   for   helpers   to   monitor   the   entire  pedestrian  flow.  It  is  therefore  advised  that  K.  K.  Leung  Building   would  be  a  more  optimal  place  to  hold  the  Registration  Day.       Personal  Evaluation     Before   the   Registration   Day,   I   had   sat   some   meetings   of   the   Orientation   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   before   the   Registration  Day,  so  as  to  be  familiarized  with  the  Regulations  of  the   Orientation   Period.   Moreover,   I   made   an   information   factsheet   about   majors   and   minors   of   the   Arts   Faculty,   which   was   then   incorporated   into  the  Freshmen  Survival  Guide  published  by  the  Association.  I  was   also  responsible  for  packing  registration  packs  for  freshmen.  Some  of   us  even  stayed  overnight  in  Rooms  LG.63  and  LG.64  for  decoration.     I   was   responsible   for   enforcing   the   smooth   running   of   the   Orientation   Day.   As   a   route   helper,   I   also   guided   some   freshmen   that   would   take   a   double   degree   from   the   zone   of   their   first   society   to   the   zone   of   the   Association.   However,   it   was   regretful   that   some   freshmen   had   not   completed   the   entire   route   set   of   the   Association   during   the   Registration   Day.   Generally,   my   performance   in   this   event   was   satisfactory.     4.6.2 Orientation  Day   The  Orientation  Day  was  held  in  late  August  in  Room  LG.10,  one  of  the   lecture   halls   in   the   Centennial   Campus.   A   total   of   sixty   freshmen   had   joined   the   program.   Participants   were   divided   into   groups.   Together   they  got  to  know  more  about  each  other  through  completing  tasks  and   games   designated   by   us.   They   were   also   informed   with   information   about  the  University,  the  Faculty,  the  Association  and  whereabouts  of   Sai   Wan.   Questions   raised   by   freshmen,   such   as   course   selection,   affairs   related   to   prospective   majors   and   minors   were   properly   handled  by  the  Organizing  Committee.     Personal  Evaluation   I  was  personally  responsible  for  reserving  Room  LG.10  for  holding  the   Orientation   Day.   As   a   member   of   the   Organizing   Committee   (OC),   I   was  obliged  in  ensuring  a  smooth  running  throughout  the  program.  I   also   helped   order   pizza   sets   for   freshmen   and   had   purchased   materials   required   for   the   sub-­‐programs   of   the   event.   I   also   listened   actively   to   concerns   of   the   participants,   and   handled   their   enquiries   with   patience.   Generally,   my   performance   in   this   event   was   satisfactory.       4.6.3 Orientation  Camp   The  Orientation  Camp  was  taken  place  in  Shek  Kong  Kadoorie  Centre   from   27th   August   to   29th   August.   With   a   total   of   nearly   a   hundred    


participants and   around   forty   helpers,   the   Camp   was   one   of   the   toughest  and  most  challenging  programs  of  the  Session.     The   main   theme   of   the   Camp   was   “Around   the   World   with   the   post-­‐ 90s”.   Participants   were   divided   into   eight   groups,   in   which   each   represented   a   foreign   country.   Led   by   members   of   the   Organizing   Committee   (Group   dads   and   Group   moms),   participants   were   requested   to   complete   a   variety   of   programs   jointly   designed   by   the   Central   Organizing   Committee   (COC)   and   the   Program   Helpers,   e.g.   Cheering   Practice,   City   Hunt,   Detective   Game,   etc.   It   was   hoped   that   through   getting   involved   in   these   tasks,   freshmen   could   understand   their   identity   and   position   as   both   an   Arts   student   of   the   University   and   a   member   of   the   Association.   Moreover,   participant   had   built   strong  ties  and  friendship  with  their  group  mates.     Owing  to  its  complexity,  preparatory  work  had  commenced  in  April.  A   recruitment   section   was   organized   in   search   for   potential   members   of   the  Association  as  members  of  the  Organizing  Committee  in  mid-­‐April.   Several   briefing   sections   were   subsequently   held   from   mid-­‐June   to   early   August,   aiming   at   providing   them   with   sufficient   background   information   and   instructions   for   different   programs   of   the   Camp.   However,   due   to   an   unanticipated   surge   of   accommodation   fees   by   Shek   Kong   Kadoorie   Centre,   it   is   advised   that   more   contingency   campsites   could   be   booked.   It   is   also   suggested   that   more   helpers   and   participants  could  be  recruited  for  the  Camp.     I  would  like  to  express  my  deepest  gratitude  to  every  member  of  the   Organizing   Committee,   Program   Helpers,   technicians   and   photographers   for   providing   us   with   so   much   assistance.   The   Camp   could   not   be   such   a   success   without   your   help.   Most   important   of   all,   I   would   like   to   extend   my   sincerest   thanks   and   appreciation   to   the   Master   of   Ceremony,   Mr.   Yuen   Hon   Cheung,   Sunday   for   being   so   professional,  thoughtful  and  responsible  throughout  the  Camp.     Personal  Evaluation   As   one   of   the   Persons-­‐in-­‐charge   of   the   Orientation   Camp,   I   was   responsible  for  several  preparatory  work.  First,  the  application  to  the   campsite   was   first   sent   in   December   2012,   however   not   until   March   2013  did  I  realize  that  the  original  dates  for  the  Camp  could  possibly   clash   with   the   Registration   Day.   Several   remedial   measures   were   made,   such   as   filing   different   applications   to   the   remaining   government   campsites.   Nonetheless,   our   applications   were   not   successful.   Lastly,   I   applied   for   the   Kadoorie   Centre   once   again   for   another   period,   which   was   not   the   most   optimal   for   holding   the   Orientation   Camp.   Payments   were   settled   in   July   2013,   as   the   Centre   had   sent   me   e-­‐mails   regarding   the   information   for   reserving   the   campsite  from  27th  August  to  29th  August  2013.      


Second, I   had   taken   part   in   brainstorming   the   details   of   the   games   with   other   Orientation   Committee   members   and   helpers.   As   the   Person-­‐in-­‐charge   for   City   Tracing   and   Detective   Game,   I   attended   almost   every   meeting   with   my   colleagues,   and   had   made   sure   that   bugs   and   errors   that   would   occur   in   the   programs   would   be   minimized.   I   was   also   personally   responsible   for   guarding   a   game   station  in  Night  Walk  and  a  German-­‐teaching  station  in  SOCI  Game.     Third,   I   took   part   in   the   recruitment   process   for   Orientation   Committee   members   and   Program   Helpers.   A   recruitment   section   and   a  dialogue  section  were  held  in  May,  in  which  a  preliminary  round  of   Orientation   Committee   members   had   been   chosen.   Together   with   other   Executive   Committee   members,   a   total   of   three   briefing   sections   were   held   from   May   to   August,   in   which   I   had   participated   in   all   those   sections.   A   final   briefing   section   was   held   a   day   before   the   Camp   started,   in   which   both   the   COC   Booklet   and   the   OC   Booklet   were   distributed.     Regarding   on-­‐day   performance,   I   was   responsible   for   demonstrating   the   AA   cheers   for   the   participating   freshmen.   I   also   overlooked   all   materials   that   would   be   transported   from   Union   Foyer   to   the   Campsite.   Rooms   were   then   allocated   to   freshmen   and   other   helpers   after   obtaining   the   keys   from   the   General   Office.   I   made   sure   that   all   materials   used   for   functions   of   the   programs   were   in   place,   so   that   freshmen   could   enjoy   the   programs   during   the   Orientation   Camp.   Lastly,   I   double-­‐checked   the   materials   and   keys,   so   that   everything   was  in  place  before  we  left  the  Campsite.     Organizing  the  Orientation  Camp  was  one  of  the  toughest  challenges  I   had   ever   encountered,   but   everything   was   beyond   description   as   it   was  an  intriguing  experience.  Generally,  my  performance    in  this  event   was  satisfactory.    

4.7 Arts Festival   A   series   of   events,   themed   “Art   and   Society   in   Hong   Kong”,   was   held   during  the  Arts  Festival  in  early  October.  It  was  anticipated  that  through   engaging  in  the  Festival,  members  could  understand  the  core  concept  that   “Art”   and   “Society”   are   inseparable   parts,   which   supplements   and   constitutes  each  other  in  everyday  life.     The   Festival   was   commenced   with   an   Opening   Forum;   titled   “Popular   Music  Development  in  Hong  Kong”  was  organized.  Renowned  guests  such   as   Mr.   Chow   Bok   Yin,   Mr.   Edward   Chan   and   Dr.   Wong   Chi   Chung   were   invited.  Meanwhile,  a  counter  was  set  up  on  G/F  of  Union  Building,  where   activities  such  as  booking  crossing,  pen-­‐pal  exchange  and  book  fair  were   organized   for   members.   Members   were   invited   to   paint   tote   bags   at   discounted   prices.   A   Closing   Forum,   titled   “Artivism   in   Hong   Kong”,   was   held   with   the   presence   of   Ms.   Wong   Ying   Kei,   J.P.,   Dr.   Wong   Kwok   Choi   and   Ms.   Wen   Yau.   Members   interested   in   film   watching   could   apply   for   22  

our City   Tracing   led   by   Mr.   Keith,   a   Hong   Kong   film   fanatic   who   had   published  his  book  about  the  filmmaking  industry  in  Hong  Kong.     Personal  Evaluation   All  materials  were  properly  booked  in  early  September.  I  had  confirmed   the   reservation   of   both   Happy   Park   and   Haking   Wong   Podium   with   corresponding  authorities  in  mid-­‐September.  However,  since  I  was  out  of   town  on  30th  September,  it  was  to  my  deepest  regret  that  I  was  not  able  to   attend  the  Opening  Forum  of  the  Arts  Festival.  Nonetheless,  I  took  several   duty   shifts   at   the   counter   in   Union   Foyer,   and   had   actively   participated   in   the  Closing  Forum.  Generally,  my  performance  in  this  event  was  mediocre.    

4.8 High Table  Dinner   High  Table  Dinner,  the  annual  academic  event,  was  held  in  late  October  in   Loke   Yew   Hall,   Main   Building.   Members   could   apply   for   the   Dinner   through  the  online  application  system  set  up  by  the  Executive  Committee.   It  was  hoped  that  tighter  ties  could  be  built  between  the  Association  and   members  through  participating.     We   are   honored   to   have   the   presence   of   Prof.   Kam   Louie,   Dean   of   the   Faculty,  Prof.  John  Carroll,  Associate  Dean,  Prof.  Adam  Jaworski,  Associate   Dean,   Dr.   Albert   Chau,   Dean   of   Student   Affairs   and   Prof.   Benny   Tai,   the   Proposer  of  “Occupy  Central  with  Love  and  Peace”  Campaign.     We  had  picked  Gingko  House,  an  experienced  caterer  who  had  organized   several   meals   in   Loke   Yew   Hall   in   the   past.   Nonetheless,   it   was   to   great   disappointment,   that   the   person-­‐in-­‐charge   of   the   restaurant   had   reported   that   the   restaurant   had   not   brought   enough   ingredients   for   the   Dinner.   They   the   serving   of   meals   was   therefore   temporarily   postponed.   We   would   like   to   express   our   deepest   apology   to   all   participants   had   any   inconvenience  been  caused.     Personal  Evaluation   I   was   responsible   for   confirming   the   details   with   the   catering   company,   Gingko  House.  I  also  booked  a  suitable  amount  of  furniture  from  Estates   Office   as   the   company   instructed   me   to   do   so.   I   was   also   obliged   in   handling  members’  online  applications  over  the  phone  by  asking  them  to   complete  the  registration  process  through  paying  for  the  event.  Materials,   such  as  candle  stands  and  green  gowns  were  either  purchased  or  booked   by  me.  Generally,  my  performance  in  this  event  was  satisfactory.     4.9 Dean’s  Forum   Deans’  Forum  was  held  in  early  November  in  Room  4.04,  Run  Run  Shaw   Tower,   Centennial   Campus.   It   was   our   honor   to   have   invited   Prof.   Kam   Louie,  Dean  of  the  Faculty,  Prof.  Julia  Kuehn,  Associate  Dean  of  the  Faculty,   Prof.   John   Carroll,   Associate   Dean   of   the   Faculty,   Prof.   Douglas   Kerr,   Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Faculty  of  Arts  and  Mr.  Edward  Shen,  Secretary   of  the  Faculty.     23  

The Forum  commenced  with  a  couple  of  questions  previously  received  by   the   Association.   Concerns   about   selection   of   courses,   prospective   exchange   programs   and   the   distribution   of   examination   papers   were   raised.   The   participants   also   raised   their   concern   about   the   process   of   Dean   Selection   and   the   dispute   associated   with   the   Graduation   Ceremony   for  Arts  Graduates  this  year.     Personal  Evaluation   Materials  for  the  event  were  properly  booked.  I  raised  several  questions   regarding   the   use   of   mini-­‐televisions   inside   the   elevators   of   Run   Run   Shaw   Tower,   Centennial   Campus   and   the   future   arrangements   of   Common   Core   Programs.   I   also   presented   souvenirs   to   the   participating   guests   on   behalf   of   the   Association.   Generally,   my   performance   in   this   event  was  satisfactory.       4.10 Inter-­‐faculty  Debate  Competition   The   Inter-­‐faculty   Debate   Competition,   which   had   not   been   organized   since   the   60s,   was   held   as   an   ad-­‐hoc   event   in   November.   Organized   by   Debating   Society,   H.K.U.S.U.,   six   Faculty   Societies   including   the   Association   had   participated   in   the   competition.   Members   of   the   Association   Debate   Team   were   openly   recruited   by   the   members   of   the   Executive  Committee.     The   Association   Debate   Team   had   performed   extraordinarily   well   in   both   the   preliminary   rounds   and   the   Semi-­‐finals   organized   on   5th   August   and   11th  August.  I  would  like  to  congratulate  them  for  their  previous  victories,   and  wish  them  all  the  best  for  the  Finals  on  26th  November.     Personal  Evaluation   As   an   entire   beginner   in   debating,   I   helped   a   little   for   this   event.   Other   than   setting   up   and   packing   the   stuff   we   had   booked,   all   I   could   do   was   to   show   my   support   to   the   participants   as   an   audience.   Generally,   my   performance  in  this  event  was  mediocre.     4.11 Welfare  x  “Super-­‐pass”  Series   The   Welfare   x   “Super-­‐pass”   Series   was   organized   in   mid-­‐November   on   G/F   of   Union   Building.   Welfare   packages,   together   with   the   Association   tote   backpack,   was   distributed   to   our   members.   Members   could   also   enjoy   popcorn   and   candy   floss   prepared   by   the   Association   next   to   the   distribution   counter   of   welfare   packages.   We   also   accepted   down   payments  for  purchasing  the  society  jacket,  which  would  be  distributed  to   members  the  following  week.     The   “Super-­‐pass”   Series   was   also   held   next   to   the   counter.   Members   interested   in   Chinese   calligraphy   were   welcomed   to   write   down   their   wishes   for   the   coming   examination   on   a   piece   of   red   banner   (Fai   Chun).   Moreover,   members   were   invited   to   take   instant   photos   beside   the   counter  with  their  friends  or  fellows.      


Personal Evaluation   All   materials   had   been   reserved   in   early   November.   Some   welfare   products   were   taken   in   industrial   buildings   in   Kwai   Chung.   I   have   also   packed  the  welfare  packs  with  my  fellow  Executive  Committee  members.   I  also  took  several  duty  shifts  at  the  counter.  Generally,  my  performance   in  this  event  was  satisfactory.    

5. Individual Report    

5.1 My role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   As   a   member   of   the   Executive   Committee,   my   general   duties   include   taking   duty   shifts   of   the   Society   Room,   attending   Executive   Committee   Meetings,   providing   service   to   members   and   organizing   activities   of   various  kinds.  My  personal  evaluation  regarding  organizing  activities  has   been  discussed  in  Part  4.  Other  duties  would  be  covered  in  this  section.     5.1.1 Society  Room   Every  member  of  the  Executive  Committee  has  the  obligation  of  taking   shifts   of   the   Executive   Committee.   I   have   taken   my   duty   shifts   throughout   the   Session.   If   my   colleagues   were   not   available   during   their   shifts,   I   also   helped   them   take   their   shifts.   I   also   helped   maintain   the   tidiness   and   cleanliness   of   the   Society   Room,   so   that   members   could  pay  a  cozy  and  comfortable  visit  to  the  Room.     5.1.2 Executive  Committee  Meetings   During   the   Session   of   2012   –   2013,   43   Regular   Executive   Committee   Meetings   have   been   held.   Most   of   these   meetings   were   held   in   the   Society  Room  at  6:30  p.m.  on  Tuesdays.  I  have  attended  almost  every   regular   Executive   Committee   meetings   throughout   the   Session.   I   discussed   and   provided   my   colleagues   with   constructive   opinions   in   these   meetings.   I   have   also   taken   up   the   task   of   agenda   setting   for   Regular  Meetings  occasionally,  starting  from  August  2013.     Ad-­‐hoc   Executive   Committee   Meetings   were   also   held   within   the   Session,   mostly   between   June   and   August   due   to   heavy   workload   for   the   Orientation   Series.   As   a   member   of   the   Central   Organizing   Committee   (COC),   and   the   Person-­‐in-­‐charge   for   the   Orientation   Camp,   I  have  attended  most  of  these  meetings.   5.2 My  role  as  the  Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal   As  the  Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal,  my  duties  include  providing  assistance  to   academic   societies,   handling   faculty   affairs,   organizing   social   activities,   managing   alumni   affairs,   and   booking   all   resources   and   reserving   all   venues  related  to  every  function  of  the  Association.     5.2.1 Academic  Societies   A  harmonious  relationship  is  maintained  between  academic  societies   and   the   Association   throughout   the   Session.   I   have   provided   them   with   assistance   regarding   the   reservation   of   materials   and   the  


interpretation of   the   Constitution.   I   had   raised   my   concern   over   the   lack   of   Society   Room   by   some   newly   established   academic   societies   to   both   the   Faculty   of   Arts   during   Dean’s   Forum   and   the   Centennial   Campus   Management   Committee.   I   also   joined   some   of   their   activities,   such   as   bazaars   and   field   trips.   I   would   like   to   express   my   greatest   gratitude  to  the  some  Executive  Committee  members  of  the  academic   societies,  for  their  courtesy  in  helping  us  during  the  Orientation  Camp.   Stronger   ties   with   them   had   been   built   through   cooperating   in   the   Camp.     It  is  suggested  that  stronger  ties  between  the  academic  societies  and   the   Association   could   have   been   built   through   creating   more   cooperation   opportunities   with   each   other.   For   instance,   discussion   of   a   multi-­‐society   event   could   have   been   facilitated   before   drafting   the   Year  Plan  of  the  societies.     5.2.2 Faculty  Affairs   Faculty  affairs  are  jointly  managed  by  the  Faculty  Affairs  Secretary,  Mr.   Chan   Kwok   Kit,   Ken   and   me.   During   the   Session,   Dean’s   Forum   was   held  to  facilitate  communication  between  teaching  staff  and  members   of  the  Association.  A  brief  summary  had  been  uploaded  to  our  official   Facebook  page  for  reference.     Personally,  I  attended  some  functions  held  by  the  Faculty.  For  instance,   I   joined   the   Faculty   Briefing   Section   as   a   helper   in   May   2013.   I   also   held  campus  tours  to  visiting  students  from  the  University  of  Toronto   in   June   2013.   In   July   2013,   I   participated   in   the   Summer   Institute,   which   was   a   traditional   event   organized   by   the   Faculty   to   secondary   school  students.  It  was  anticipated  that  through  participating  in  these   events,  a  collaborating  relationship  could  be  built  between  the  Faculty   and  the  Association.     We  also  actively  responded  to  the  dispute  over  Graduation  Ceremony   2013   organized   by   the   Faculty.   It   was   reported   that   some   graduates   were   not   allow   to   bring   more   than   one   family   member   to   the   Graduation  Ceremony.  An  e-­‐mail  regarding  this  issue  was  sent  to  the   Faculty,   and   had   received   positive   feedbacks.   The   Faculty   is   now   separating   the   Prize   Presentation   Ceremony   and   the   Graduation   Ceremony,   so   that   every   graduate   could   bring   a   maximum   of   two   members  in  their  family  to  witness  this  remarkable  moment  in  time.     It  is  of  my  deepest  regret  that  due  to  disputes  over  the  By-­‐Election  of   the   Annual   Election   of   the   Students’   Union,   the   University   did   not   endorse   the   results   of   the   Undergraduate   Student   Representatives   Election   for   Board   of   Faculties.   Undergraduate   Student   Representatives  in  Board  of  Faculty  of  Arts  of  the  year  had  therefore   fallen  vacant.  It  is  hoped  that  the  preceding  cabinet  could  voice  their   opinions   through   electing   as   one   of   the   Undergraduate   Student   Representatives  in  Board  of  Faculty  of  Arts.    


5.2.3 Social Activities   Social   activities   are   jointly   organized   with   the   Social   Secretary,   Ms.   Kong  Pui  Wing,  Kammy.  As  stated  before,  social  functions,  such  as  the   Orientation   Series   and   the   “Superpass”   Series   had   been   held.   Social   gathering  within  the  Executive  Committee  had  also  been  held  several   times.   A   harmonious   relationship   is   maintained   through   holding   these   activities.     It  is  suggested  that  social  activities  co-­‐organized  with  other  Faculties   could   also   be   held   in   the   coming   Session,   so   that   members   could   meet   friends  from  other  Faculties  as  well.     5.2.4 Alumni  Affairs   Connections  with  the  alumni  have  been  built  up.  As  I  was  personally   unavailable   to   attend   the   Annual   Dinner   of   Hong   Kong   University   Arts   Alumni   Association,   the   General   Secretary,   Mr.   Au   Kin   Wai,   Arnold,   had   substituted   me   and   attended   the   Dinner.   I   had   also   processed   a   few   applications   for   Associate   membership   and   received   some   donations  from  our  alumni.     It  is  suggested  that  donations  or  campaigns  could  be  organized  later,   so   as   to   build   stronger   connections   with   our   alumni.   We   might   also   invite  them  as  guests  or  our  functions.     5.2.5 Booking  of  Resources   I   was   personally   responsible   for   booking   all   resources   and   reserving   all  venues  for  holding  events  for  the  Association.     Various   counter-­‐parties   could   be   reached   for   booking   resources   of   different   kinds.   For   instance,   one   should   reach   the   Learning   Environment   Services   for   audio-­‐visual   equipment,   because   the   department   offers   the   best   audio-­‐visual   equipment.   For   furniture,   one   should   approach   Estates   Office,   Chong   Yuet   Ming   Amenities   Centre,   Fong   Shu   Chuen   Amenities   Centre   or   the   Students’   Union   Office.   Classrooms   and   lecture   halls   are   managed   by   the   Examinations   Unit,   while   rooms   in   the   amenities   centers   are   either   arranged   by   the   Students’  Union  or  the  Amenities  Centers  themselves.  Booking  should   be   made   according   to   nature   of   the   event,   length   of   the   event   and   convenience  of  retrieving  the  resources.       It   is   suggested   that   bookings   should   be   made   as   early   as   possible,   because   preparatory   work   for   a   function   could   hardly   start   without   having  the  venues  and  materials  finalized.  Borrowing  resources  from,   and   lending   resources   to   other   societies   are   highly   encouraged   too.   Booking   has   always   been   a   troublesome   and   complicated   process,   though   one   could   certainly   master   it   after   booking   resources   for   multiple  times.      


5.3 My role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   Members  of  the  Executive  Committee  of  the  Association  are  members  of   Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.  directly.  I  have  played  multiple  roles   throughout   my   Session,   including   a   Councilor,   a   member   from   Faculty   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,   and   the   chairman   of   Election   Commission,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.     5.3.1 My  role  as  a  Councilor   In   this   Council   Session,   5   Ordinary   Council   Meetings   and   6   Emergency   Council   Meetings   were   held.   I   was   only   absent   for   one   meeting   throughout   the   Session.   Matters   regarding   affiliation   applications,   reports   submissions,   etc.   had   been   discussed.   I   was   appointed   as   the   Acting  Secretary  to  the  Council  in  the  6th  Emergency  Council  Meeting   in  November.       As  an  individually  elected  Executive  Committee  member,  constructive   opinions   had   been   provided.   Moreover,   I   had   voted   according   to   my   personal  judgments  without  bias.     5.3.2 My  role  as  a  member  of  Faculty  Affairs  Committee   Issues   regarding   the   Faculty   of   Arts   had   been   discussed   with   other   members  of  the  Committee.  For  instance,  means  of  publicizing  faculty   affairs   had   been   mentioned.   As   a   member   of   the   Committee,   I   discussed   with   other   members   actively,   and   had   given   constructive   opinions  in  particular  issues.     5.3.3 My  role  as  the  Chairman  of  Election  Commission   Appointed   as   the  Chairman  of  the  Commission,  I  was   responsible   for   setting   dates   for   the   opening   and   closing   of   the   nomination   period,   organizing   a   Campaign   Meeting   for   proposed   Executive   Committee   members,   arranging   Annual   Election   2013   and   handling   corresponding   follow-­‐up   matters   with   other   members   of   the   Commission.     Mass   e-­‐mails   that   aimed   to   notify   the   members   the   opening   and   closing   of   the   nomination   period   for   Annual   Election   2013   had   been   sent.   Nomination   forms   had   been   drafted   for   potential   Executive   Committee   members   to   fill   in.   I   was   also   responsible   for   ensuring   a   smooth   progress   of   the   Campaign   Meeting,   organized   from   14th   November  to  15th  November.  Resources  for  the  Campaign  Meeting  had   been   booked   in   early   November.   Regarding   Annual   Election   2013,   I   am   obliged   in   instructing   other   members   to   make   ballot   papers,   to   look   for   Returning   Officers,   to   set   the   polling   station   up   and   to   publicize  the  Election.  Votes  would  be  counted  soon  after  the  closing   of   the   Annual   Election.   A   report   would   be   handed   within   two   weeks   after  the  official  announcement  of  the  Election  results.     It  is  hoped  that  Annual  Election  2013  could  be  run  smoothly.      


6. Conclusion  

It is  my  honor  to  have  served  as  the  Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal.  I  would  like   to   express   my   gratitude   to   my   members   and   my   fellow   Executive   Committee  members  for  giving  me  such  an  unforgettable  year.     Never   has   it   been   an   easy   task   to   manage   the   internal   affairs   of   the   Association,   as   it   is   somehow   limited   by   the   scope   and   vision   of   the   Association  itself.  With  eleven  Executive  Committee  members  responsible   for  a  particular  aspect  of  internal  affairs,  it  could  be  even  more  difficult  to   coordinate.  I  must  admit  that  I  should  have  performed  my  duties  better,   especially  in  terms  of  connections  with  other  parties  of  the  University.       Having   cooperated   with   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   members,   we   have   become   friends   who   would   share   lots   with   each   other.   With   the   heavy   workload,   however,   it   has   been   pretty   difficult   to   organize   gatherings   for   us.   It   is   therefore   anticipated   that   more   social   gatherings   within   our   cabinet   would   be   organized   after   the   official   handover   of   Session.       I  would  like  to  express  my  warmest  thanks  to  the  Vice-­‐chairman,  External,   Mr.   Ng   Wai   Ka,   Oscar,   for   properly   handling   all   external   affairs   with   his   fellow  External  Team,  so  that  I  could  concentrate  on  internal  affairs.     “Giving   and   taking”   is   the   core   value   of   being   an   Executive   Committee   member,   and   is   indeed   one   of   the   core   principles   in   life.   The   more   you   gave   and   contributed,   the   more   you   harvested   and   gained.   This   golden   rule   applies   to   everyone,   and   I   sincerely   hope   that   the   succeeding   cabinet   could  always  remember  this,  and  realize  it  through  being  responsible  all   the  time  in  the  coming  Session.  To  conclude,  responsible  people  should  be   proud  of  themselves,  for  witnessing  their  achievements  after  a  year’s  time,   and  vice  versa.       Therefore,   I   would   also   like   to   express   my   greatest   gratitude   to   the   Chairman,  Mr.  Chan  Lit  Man,  Floppy  for  adopting  a  laissez-­‐faire  leadership   style   throughout   the   Session.   His   leadership   style   had   enabled   the   Vice-­‐ chairmen  and  other  Executive  Committee  members  to  achieve  way  more   than   we   were   supposed   to   learn.   I   would   also   like   to   congratulate   him   for   enjoying   his   fruitful   and   rewarding   life,   for   participating   in   Drama   Production   during   the   Orientation   Series,   and   for   living   in   hall   after   the   commencement  of  the  first  semester  in  2013.     I,   on   behalf   of   the   Executive   Committee,   would   like   to   wish   him   all   the   best  in  hall  after  his  departure.  

To  sum  up,  I  would  like  to  quote  a  few  lines  from  an  article  in  Punch  Magazine.     「上莊給了你甚麼,就視乎你給了莊甚麼。⋯⋯上莊很辛苦,可是我不願意錯 過的一段經歷。我要下莊了,心中只有不捨和不捨。希望下莊的人會有共嗚,  


也希望上莊的人明白自己要得到甚麼和願意付出些甚麼,才不會白過這一 年。」——《致上了莊的奴隸們》   Well  said,  well  said.       Prepared  by,   Mr.  Lee  Yiu  Cheong,  Tommy   Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                                    


Annual Report Vice-­‐chairman,  External  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U. Session  2012-­‐2013   1.  Introduction According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Session  IX  Article  2c)  “The   Vice-­‐chairman,   External   shall   be   the   chairman   in   all   external   affairs   of   the   Association   and  shall  represent  the  Association  in  the  Union  Council.”   This   report   serves   as   a   review   of   my   work   done   as   Vice-­‐Chairman,   External   of   Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Session  2012-­‐2013.   2.  Review  of  Individual  Performance  in  Internal  Affairs 2.1  General Throughout  the  session,  I  have  devoted  concerted  efforts  to  maintaining  the  running  of   the   Executive   Committee.   I   have   attended   most   of   the   Executive   Committee   Meetings   and  tried  to  give  constructive  ideas  and  comments  on  every  matter  and  fulfilled  my  duty   of  taking  shifts  in  the  society  room.  I  have  also  assisted  in  the  running  of  the  Facebook   page,   like   standardizing   the   albums   format   of   the   page   and   assisted   with   Tommy   Lee,   the  Vice-­‐Chairman,  Internal  with  the  materials  booking  when  necessary.   Besides,   I   have   been   a   helper   in   several   faculty   events   such   as   Prize   Presentation   Ceremony  2012  and  Distinguished  Lecture  in  the  Humanities  held  by  the  faculty.   2.2  Society  Functions 2.2.1  Mini-­‐Live  Concert This  is  an  ad-­‐hoc  event  which  was  not  planned  to  be  held  in  our  annual  working  plan.   The  event  was  initiated  by  a  friend  of  mine  working  in  a  music  company  who  would  like   to   seek   co-­‐operation   with   the   Association.   I   have   assisted   in   contacting   the   music   company  and  distributing  leaflets  on-­‐day.   2.2.2  Inauguration  Ceremony In   the   preparation   of   the   event,   I   have   suggested   several   ideas   about   the   video   to   be   played  on-­‐day  and  maintained  communication  with  the  technician.  I  have  also  suggested   Ms.  Tisa  Ho,  Executive  Director,  Hong  Kong  Arts  Festival  as  one  of  our  honorable  guests.   On   the   day   of   the   event,   I   helped   with   distributing   work   to   helpers,   talking   with   honorable  guests,  and  greeting  invited  organizations.     2.2.3  Cultural  Forum I   am   the   Person-­‐In-­‐Charge   of   this   event.   The   event   clashed   with   the   By-­‐election   of   Annual   Election   2013,   which   was   also   a   major   part   of   my   work   as   a   member   of   Union   Elections   Committee,   HKUSU   Council,   Session   2012.   With   heavy   workload,   I   have   managed   to   organize   this   event   smoothly.   My   work   includes   invitations   of   guests,   writing  pamphlets,  on-­‐day  set  up,  being  the  host  of  the  forum.  Credits  should  be  given  to   Lesley  Cheung,  Academic  Secretary  for  suggesting  the  discussion  topic  and  writing  post-­‐ event  summary.       2.2.4  Career  Series It   is   my   regret   that   I   have   not   involved   much   in   the   whole   preparation   of   this   event.   First,   most   of   my   attention   has   been   paid   to   cultural   forum   and   June-­‐Fourth   series   as   they   were   also   in   progress   at   the   time.   Second,   I   admit   my   lack   of   knowledge   and   interest  made  me  less  devoted  to  it.  I  am  deeply  sorry  for  my  inadequate  involvement  of   this  function. 31    

2.2.5 June-­‐Fourth  Series For   the   exhibition,   I   helped   with   exhibits   selection   from   the   Hong   Kong   Alliance   in   Support  of  Patriotic  Democratic  Movements  in  China,  the  set-­‐up  of  the  event  and  taking   shifts  in  the  booth.   Apart   from   that,   I   am   one   of   the   four   Editorial   Board   members   for   the   June-­‐Fourth   Magazine.   Throughout   the   preparation,   I   have   tried   to   give   constructive   ideas   on   the   content,  typesetting  and  editing  of  the  magazine.  I  am  also  responsible  for  the  articles  on   the  Pillar  of  Shame.   2.2.6  Registration  Day I  am  one  of  the  Person-­‐In-­‐Charges  of  this  event.  As  the  chairman  of  Orientation  Affairs   Committee,   Arts   Students   Council,   Session   2013,   I   was   more   familiar   with   most   of   the   details   on   Registration   Day   and   therefore   dealt   with   the   division   of   labor   among   the   Executive   Committee   on   the   day   of   the   event.   The   decoration   of   the   room   and   the   materials   preparation   was   done   together   with   some   of   other   Executive   Committee   members.   2.2.7  Orientation  Day I   was   mainly   responsible   for   on-­‐day   logistics   of   materials   in   this   activity.   To   be   frank,   most   of   my   attention   went   to   Orientation   Camp   and   I   would   like   to   apologize   for   my   inadequate  efforts  in  the  preparation  of  the  event.   2.2.8  Orientation  Camp I  am  one  of  the  members  of  the  Central  Organizing  Committee  (COC)  of  the  Orientation   Camp   and   there   are   mainly   3   things   I   was   responsible   for.   First,   I   have   brought   to   the   attention   of   all   Executive   Committee   members   the   points   to   note   of   the   Orientation   Regulation,  HKUSU  2013.  Second,  I  was  actively  engaging  in  the  preparation  of  all  sub-­‐ events   of   the   Orientation   Camp,   especially   Night   Walk   and   Campfire.   Third,   I   have   maintained  good  communication  with  the  MC  of  the  event  and  the  program  helpers  to   ensure  smooth  running  and  good  division  of  labor.   2.2.9  Arts  Festival With  experiences  of  holding  a  forum  in  the  first  semester,  I  mainly  helped  with  the  two   forums   held   in   the   Arts   Festival.   I   gave   comments   on   the   discussion   topic   and   suggestions  on  the  guest  speakers.  And  I  also  assisted  with  the  set-­‐up  and  tidy-­‐up  on  the   day  of  the  event.  I  was  also  the  host  of  the  closing  forum.   2.2.10  High  Table  Dinner I  suggested  Professor  Benny  Tai,  the  co-­‐organizer  of  the  “Occupy  Central  with  Love  and   Peace”  campaign  as  the  guest  speaker  and  maintained  communication  with  him.  On  the   day   of   the   event,   I   was   responsible   for   the   set-­‐up   of   Lok   Yew   Hall   and   greeted   the   honorable  guests.   2.2.11  Dean’s  Forum On  the  day  of  the  event,  I  have  asked  a  number  of  questions  to  the  Dean  and  Associate   Deans  on  issues  varying  from  student  activities  to  faculty  affairs.  I  also  helped  with  the   tidy-­‐up  and  the  return  of  the  materials  after  the  event  ended.   2.2.12  Welfare  x  ‘Superpass’  Series I  discharged  my  duty  of  taking  shifts  in  the  booth  and  helped  with  the  set-­‐up  on  one  of   the  three  days.  In  general,  I  was  dissatisfied  with  my  performance  in  helping  the  whole  


event. There   were   a   lot   more   I   could   do   like   preparing   the   welfare   packs   yet   most   of   my   efforts  went  to  the  Inter-­‐Faculty  Debating  Competition.   2.2.13  Inter-­‐Faculty  Debating  Competition This  is  an  ad-­‐hoc  event  which  was  not  planned  to  be  held  in  our  annual  working  plan.   I   am   the   Person-­‐In-­‐Charge   of   this   function,   with   enormous   support   from   some   of   my   fellow  Executive  Committee  members  like  Kammy  Kong,  Social  Secretary,  Kenas  Kwong,   Current  Affairs  Secretary,  Lesley  Cheung,  Academic  Secretary  and  Flora  Ho,  Publication   Secretary.   I   was   an   co-­‐organizer   of   this   event,   helping   with   the   motions   review,   drafting   rules   and   schedule   of   games,   materials   booking,   coordination   between   joined   faculties   societies   and   debating   society,   HKUSU,   debater   recruitments,   set-­‐up   of   the   on-­‐day   competition.  I  was  also  a  debater  representing  the  Association  in  several  games.   2.2.14  Participation  in  Inter-­‐Faculty  Sports  Events My   support   for   the   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions   was   shown   only   in   the   first   half   year   of   the   session,   like   playing   for   the   men-­‐volleyball   competition   and   cheering   for   women-­‐badminton  competition.  I  always  wished  I  could  do  more  in  showing  support  for   the   efforts   of   Angus   Liu   and   Cindy   Fan,   the   two   Sports   Captains.   It   was   partly   due   to   the   clash  with  lessons  that  I  could  not  fulfill  such  wish.   2.3  Arts  Students  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U. 2.3.1  Council  Meeting  Attendance I  was  generally  unsatisfactory  with  my  meeting  attendance  in  the  Arts  Students’  Council,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   but   there   are   several   reasons   for   my   absence.   I   was   absent   in   the   ECM2   due  to  health  problems  as  I  felt  unwell  after  12  hours’  vote  counting  procedures  for  the   By-­‐election  of  Annual  Election  2013.  I  was  absent  in  ECM3  due  to  some  family  issues.  I   was  absent  in  CM3  as  I  was  not  in  Hong  Kong  at  the  time.  For  compensation,  I  tried  to   keep   updated   with   the   meeting   progresses   by   checking   minutes   and   asking   fellow   councilors.   Meeting   Date   Attendance   CM1   17/12/2012   ü   ECM1     7/3/2013   ü   ECM2   29/3/2013   Absent     ECM3   3/4/2013   Absent   CM2   4/5/2013   ü   CM3   2/7/2013   Absent   ECM4   26/7/2013   ü   ECM5   8/9/2013   ü   CM4   15/10/2013   ü   ECM6   14/11/2013   ü     2.3.2  Council  Business I  have  engaged  in  active  discussion  on  different  issues  during  the  council  meetings.   In   each   ordinary   council   meeting,   I   reported   the   updates   of   external   affairs,   important   motions   and   resolutions   passed   in   the   Union   Council,   if   any,   and   invited   councilors  to  join  various  activities  related  to  external  affairs.   I  have  also  proposed  amendments  to  the  Constitution  and  By-­‐laws  of  the  Association   in   ECM5   with   reference   to   the   Constitution   and   By-­‐laws   of   other   Faculty   Societies   and   the   Union.   Besides,   I   have   paid   due   attention   to   maintaining   good   communication  with  affiliated  sub-­‐organizations  and  parties  interested  in  applying  


for affiliation   and   helped   with   answering   their   enquiries   on   the   related   constitutional  procedures.   2.3.3  As  a  member  of  Current  Affairs  Committee  ,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U. There   are   4   meetings   held   in   total   during   the   session,   including   one   Ordinary   Meeting  and  3  Emergency  Meetings.  I  was  absent  in  the  1  Emergency  Meeting  due   to   my   duty   as   a   member   of   Union   Elections   Committee,   HKUSU   Council,   Session   2012.   My   work   in   the   Committee   includes   running   the   Facebook   page,   giving   constructive  comments  and  organizing  activities.   In  general,  not  much  work  have  been  done  in  the  Committee  except  the  response  to   Dock   Strike   at   the   Kwai   Tsing   Container   Terminals.   One   reason   is   the   Executive   Committee   seems   a   more   efficient   channel   than   the   Committee   itself,   which   may   have  inadequate  quorums.   2.3.4   As   a   member   of   the   ad   hoc   committee   –   Orientation   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U. I   was   appointed   as   the   Chairman   of   this   Committee   in   CM2,   which   consists   of   1   representative   from   Executive   Committee   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   each   academic   society   and   1   past   representative.   Students’   organizations   which   intend   to   affiliate  to  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  were  also  invited  to  the  meetings.   A  total  of  six  committee  meetings  were  held,  including  both  3  Ordinary  Meetings  and   3   Emergency   Meetings.   In   the   meetings,   I   provided   important   information   and   updates   discussed   in   Orientation   Affairs   Committee   of   the   Union   Council   and   initiated   discussions   over   the   amendments   of   the   Orientation   Regulation   of   the   previous  session,  the  planning  of  on-­‐day  fixed  route  and  room  allocation.   Detailed   evaluation   and   recommendations   have   been   made   in   report   of   the   Orientation   Affairs   Committee,   Arts   Students’   Council,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,   Session   2013.   Overall  speaking,  it  is  my  deepest  regret  that  I  have  not  led  the  committee  to  make   satisfactory  arrangements  on  the  day  of  the  event.   2.3.5  As  a  member  of  Election  Commission,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U. I  was  appointed  as  a  member  of  Election  Commission  in  ECM5,  which  consists  of  all   executive  councilors  this  year.  I  have  assisted  in  preparing  nomination  forms,  ballot   papers,   setting   up,   and   operation   of   the   polling   station.   Due   attention   was   paid   on   meeting   the   stipulated   conditions   in   the   Constitution   and   By-­‐law   relevant   to   the   Election.   I   was   also   responsible   for   suggesting   Returning   Officers   from   the   Union   Council  for  the  Annual  Election.   2.4  Evaluation 2.4.1  Running  of  the  Executive  Committee Attendance   of   Executive   Committee   meetings   was   marked   yet   the   review   of   attendance   and   follow-­‐ups   were   inadequate   throughout   the   session.   The   Executive   Committee   of   the   incoming   session   should   be   more   noted   of   meeting   attendance   problems.   For   example,   proper   reasons   should   be   given   for   absence   or   late   arrival   and  punishment  for  serious  cases  and  enforcement  of  punishment  shall  be  done.  The   Executive   Committee   members   should   seek   ways   to   notify   those   absentees   about   the  resolutions  of  the  particular  meeting. st


The Executive   Committee   members   should   also   be   actively   engaged   as   much   as   possible   in   events   or   issues   which   may   seemingly   not   fall   into   their   constitutional   duties.   With   sufficient   understandings   and   communication,   the   running   of   the   Executive  Committee  would  be  smoother.   2.4.2  The  functions  of  the  Association It  has  always  been  my  conviction  that  the  events  of  the  Association  shall  be  able  to   distinguish   it   from   the   events   of   affiliated   organizations   to   ensure   a   diversity   of   events   for   members.   This   year,   there   were   events   catering   for   the   needs   of   our   members  and  there  were  also  ones  promoting  awareness  of  current  affairs.   However,  there  are  still  much  room  for  improvement  for  our  society  functions  like   the   decoration   of   the   events   could   have   been   more   delicate   and   the   number   of   participants   in   general   may   not   be   satisfactory.   Some   events   like   Dean’s   Forum   could  be  considered  to  be  deleted,  as  the  number  of  participants  has  been  not  good   over   the   past   few   years.   There   may   need   to   be   other   ways   to   facilitate   the   communication   between   members   and   the   faculty.   For   example,   questionnaires   on   faculty   affairs   can   be   distributed   to   the   members   so   that   members’   questions   and   opinion   can   be   collected.   The   results   can   be   later   on   transferred   to   the   faculty   for   reference  and  seeking  replies.   Besides,  the  website  of  the  Association  should  be  updated  as  soon  as  possible.   2.4.3  The  running  of  Arts  Students  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U. In   this   Council   Session,   there   are   mainly   few   issues   discussed   in   the   meetings,   namely  the  application  for  affiliation  to  the  Association  and  receiving  and  adopting   the   reports.   As   all   are   procedural   works,   few   achievements   have   been   made.   For   example,   discussion   on   the   amendment   to   the   Constitution   and   By-­‐law   of   the   Association  are  insufficient.  The  discussions  should  have  started  earlier  so  that  more   consultation   can   be   made.   I   have   also   attempted   to   report   more   external   issues   in   the  Council  meetings,  but  concrete  discussions  on  the  issues  have  been  rare.   It  is  also  an  unhealthy  phenomenon  that  most  councilors  are  not  eager  in  joining  the   discussion   and   the   meeting   frequencies   of   standing   committees   are   few.   Arts   Students’   Council   shall   be   a   platform   for   facilitating   communication   among   different   parties  of  the  Association  and  it  appears  that  such  functions  of  the  Council  become   less  emphasized  by  some  councilors.  In  future,  it  would  be  encouraging  to  see  more   councilors  initiating  the  discussions  and  giving  feedbacks  more  actively.   3.  Review  of  Individual  Performance  in  External  Affairs 3.1  General Union   affairs,   University   affairs   and   current   affairs   comprise   the   external   affairs   of   the   Association.   The   three   components   are   interconnected   and   equally   important   yet  Union  Affairs  is  considered  as  the  first  priority  of  my  work,  followed  by  current   affairs  and  University  affairs.   3.2  Division  of  labor  among  external  team The   external   team   in   the   Executive   Committee   consists   of   Annalie   Chow,   External   General  Secretary,  Kenas  Kwong,  Current  Affairs  Secretary  and  I.  At  the  beginning  of   the  session,  as  the  issues  in  the  Union  Council  were  not  yet  settled,  division  of  labor  


has rarely  been  discussed.  It  was  till  around  April  that  we  started  to  have  meetings   on  the  objectives  of  the  external  affairs  activities  and  the  division  of  labor.   As   Vice-­‐Chairman,   External,   I   am   in   charge   of   Union   matters   and   University   matters,   while  Current  Affairs  Secretary  will  be  leading  in  current  affairs  as  the  chairman  of   Current  Affairs  Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.  and  seeking  cooperation  in  current   affairs   with   other   Faculty   Societies.   Meanwhile,   External   General   Secretary   has   helped  with  promoting  external  issues    like  designing  publicity  work  and  translating   Chinese  version  of  statement  to  English.   3.3.   As   the   representative   of   the   Association   in   The   Hong   Kong   University   Students’  Union  Council 3.3.1  Council  Meeting  Attendance During  my  terms  of  office,  I  as  the  representative  of  the  Association  have  attended   23  meetings  out  of  24  Union  Council  meetings,  which  includes  5  emergency  council   meetings   in   Council   Session   2012,   7   emergency   council   meetings   and   12   regular   council   meetings   in   Council   Session   2013.   I   was   replaced   by   Floppy   Chan,   Chairman,   in   CM5   as   I   was   not   in   Hong   Kong   at   the   time.   I   am   sorry   that   I   was   absent   in   the   meeting   in   which   the   amendments   to   the   Internal   Regulation   and   Financial   Regulation   of   the   Union   have   been   discussed   and   adopted.   I   caught   up   with   the   meeting  progress  by  referring  to  the  minutes  of  CM5  afterwards.   Meeting   Date   Attendance   ECM9(2012)   1/1/2013   ü   ECM10(2012)   30/1/2013   ü   ECM11(2012)   20/2/2013   ü   ECM12(2012)   21/2//2013   ü   ECM13(2012)   2/3/2013   ü   CM1(2013)   4/3/2013   ü   ECM1(2013)   21/3/2013   ü   CM2(2013)   31/3/2013   ü   CM3(2013)   19/4/2013   ü   ECM2(2013)   28/4/2013   ü   ECM3(2013)   24/5/2013   ü   ECM4(2013)   5/6/2013   ü   CM4(2013)   15/6/2013   ü   ECM5(2013)   22/6/2013   ü   CM5(2013)   5/7/2013   ü (replacement)   CM6(2013)   28/7/2013   ü   ECM6(2013)   17/8/2013   ü   CM7(2013)   13/9/2013   ü   CM8(2013)   4/10/2013   ü   ECM7(2013)   15/10/2013   ü   CM9(2013)   23/10/2013   ü   CM10(2013)   25/10/2013   ü   CM11(2013)   11/11/2013   ü   CM12(2013)   15/11/2013   ü     3.3.2  Annual  Election  2013 In  Council  Session  2012,  the  issues  discussed  were  all  concerned  about  the  Annual   Election   2013.   In   December   2012,   it   was   revealed   that   the   then   Union   Elections  


Committee, HKUSU  Council  (the  Committee)  had  passed  election  arrangements  in  a   closed-­‐door   meeting   and   the   opening   of   nomination   has   not   been   officially   announced.  In  Emergency  Council  Meeting  9  (ECM9),  all  the  decisions  made  by  the   Committee   were   repudiated.   In   the   adjourned   meeting   of   ECM9,   with   the   absence   of   the   Chairperson   of   the   Union   Council   (CC),   the   Committee   members   were   reappointed.   Later   on,   as   the   Chairperson   of   the   Union   Council   claimed   the   adjourned   meeting   was   invalid,   debates   arose   over   the   membership   of   the   Committee.   In   ECM   10,   motions   of   no   confidence   were   moved   against   CC   yet   the   meeting   was   announced  closed  by  CC  before  entering  the  related  agenda.   With   reference   to   the   Constitution   of   the   Union,   ECM11   was   held   by   a   convener   elected  by  at  least  1/3  councilors.  In  that  particular  meeting,  CC  was  removed  from   their  posts  and  an  acting  CC  was  appointed  afterwards.  The  ECM  12  and  13  focused   on  the  statement  issued  to  the  public  for  clarification  of  the  issue  and  the  By-­‐election   of  Annual  Election  2013.   With  disagreement  on  the  resolutions  of  the  Committee  and  the  rulings  of  the  CC,     The  following  works  have  been  done  in  response  to  the  whole  incident:     (a) I   have   drafted   and   issued   2   joint   statements   with   more   than   20   councilors   in   the   name  of  AAR,  in  response  to  the  rulings  of  the  CC.   (b) A   cosign   was   initiated   with   Social   Sciences   Society,   HKUSU   in   response   to   the   incorrect  and  subjective  news  report  by  SingTao  Daily.   (c) An  open  letter  was  drafted  by  Arnold  Au,  General  Secretary  to  clarify  the  issue   and  arouse  members’  concern  over  the  incident.   (d) An  assembly  with  1500  participants  was  held  to  call  for  the  stepping  down  of  the   CC,   the   then   President   of   the   Union   and   General   Secretary   of   the   Union,   the   vacated  Chairperson  of  the  Committee.   (e) A  meeting  was  held  to  explain  to  Academic  Societies  of  the  Association  about  the   incident  and  the  consequences  that  may  have  caused.   (f) Updates  of  the  incident  were  spread  to  members  in  the  form  of  various  leaflets,   booklets  and  Facebook  page.   3.3.2  HKUSU  Council  Session  2013 From   April   to   June,   the   council   meetings   of   Session   2013   focused   on   the   3   major   issues  of  the  handover  dispute.  First,  the  society  office  refused  to  proceed  with  the   application   for   change   of   registered   office   bearers   as   the   past   did   not   cooperate.   Secondly,   the   University   was   reluctant   to   take   stance   and   help   with   the   change   of   administrative   resources   like   Mass   Email   account.   Thirdly,   the   CC   of   the   previous   session   added   himself   as   one   of   the   two   signatory   holders   of   the   Union   current   account  in  HSBC  and  it  has  thus  greatly  affected  the  financial  autonomy  of  the  Union. In   response,   the   Union   issued   a   letter,   cosigned   by   over   100   sub-­‐organizations   of   HKUSU,   including   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   and   all   academic   societies   of   the   Association  to  restate  the  wrongdoings  of  Dan  Chan  Koon  Hong,  Past  President and   Tam  Chun  Sing,  Chairperson  of  the  Union  Council,  Session  2012  and  request  for  the   University  to  return  administrative  resources  of  the  Union.   Due  to  media  pressure  and  negotiations  with  the  HSBC,  HSBC  removed  Tam  as  the   signatory   holder   in   June.   Weeks   later,   the   University   also   issued   mass   email   to   show   its  stance.  The  society  office  has  also  agreed  to  make  the  change  of  registered  office   bearers  later  on.


As the   handover   dispute   was   settled,   the   Council   managed   to   discuss   issues   on   University   affairs,   social   affairs   and   amendments   to   the   Constitution,   By-­‐laws,   Election   Regulation,   Financial   Regulation   and   Internal   Regulation   of   the   Union.   Half-­‐ yearly  reports  Union  Executives,  Popularly  Elected  Union  Councilors,  Campus  Media   were  also  thoroughly  discussed  before  the  adoption.             3.3.3   As   a   member   of   Union   Elections   Committee   and   Election   Commission   of   HKUSU  Council   In   the   adjourned   meeting   of   ECM9,   I   was   appointed   in   the   Union   Elections   Committee,   HKUSU   Council,   Session   2012.   I   was   responsible   for   preparing   nomination   forms,   sitting   counters   of   the   nomination   form   collection   during   the   nomination  period.  I  have  also  helped  with  the  logistics  work  of  Central  Campaigns,   taking  shifts  in  the  Election  office  on  the  Election  days,  vote  counting,  dealing  with   complaints.   Great   efforts   have   been   put   in   ensuring   the   Annual   Election   and   By-­‐ election   held   in   line   with   the   constitutional   procedures   and   rules   written   in   the   Election  Regulation.   3.3.4  As  a  member  of  Delegation  to  Hong  Kong  Federation  of  Students  of  HKUSU   Council In   CM1,   Council   Session   2013,   I   was   appointed   as   the   Acting   Chief   Delegate   of   Delegation  to  Hong  Kong  Federation  of  Students  and  attended    Annual  Conference  of   HKFS   from   16/3/2013-­‐18/3/2013.   After   the   By-­‐election,   I   have   helped   with   the   Delegation  as  an  official  observer.  I  have  actively  participated  in  the  events  held  by   the   Delegation,   including   attending   several   times   of   the   standing   committee   meetings,  64-­‐hour  Hunger  Strike  from  1  June  to  4  June,  being  a  marshal  of  1  July   Demonstration,   meetings   on   political   reform   during   the   summer,   2   Deliberation   Day   on   13/10/2013,   tour   to   the   Northeast   of   New   Territories,   forum   on   the   Vice-­‐ Chancellor   Selection   and   the   “Time-­‐Freeze”   event   on   1/10/2013.   In   short,   I   have   been  an  active  participant  in  HKFS  activities,  yet  it  is  always  in  my  belief  that  more   should  have  been  done  by  DHKFS    to  get  members  more  well  known  of  HKFS.   3.3.5  As  a  member  of  Constitution  Review  Committee  of  HKUSU  Council In   ECM7,   I   was   appointed   as   a   member   of   Constitution   Review   Committee.   As   it   was   a   late   appointment   on   October   towards   the   end   of   my   term   of   office,   only   the   3   and   4   regular   meetings   were   attended.   In   the   Committee,   I   have   actively   engaged   in   discussions   on   the   amendments   of   sub-­‐organizations   and   the   Constitution   and   By-­‐ laws.   Besides,   I   have   helped   with   presenting   the   constitution   amendments   of   sub-­‐ organizations  constitution  drafts  of  interested  parties  for  affiliation.  It  is  my  regret   that  I  was  appointed  at  such  a  late  stage  that  I  could  not  have  devoted  more  efforts   to  plugging  some  loopholes  in  the  Constitution  and  the  By-­‐laws.   3.3.6  As  a  member  of  Council  Restructuring  Working  Group  of  HKUSU  Council In   CM3,   I   was   appointed   as   a   member   of   Council   Restructuring   Working   Group.   In   total,   3   meetings   have   been   held   in   my   terms   of   office,   including   two   regular   meetings   and   one   emergency   meetings.   In   the   1   meeting,   five   criteria   was   set   in   council   restructuring,   namely   balance   of   sub-­‐organization,   campus   life,   popular   consent,   equal   number   of   votes   for   everyone   and   weighting.   In   later   meetings,   different  proposals  on  the  seats  distribution  have  been  hotly  debated.   st








In general,  the  committee  members  have  reached  consensus  that  the  seats  of  Union   Executives,  Hall  Students’  Association  and  3A  should  be  reduced,  yet  argued  on  the   exact  number  of  seats  to  be  cut.  Overall,  the  progress  of  the  working  group  remains   slow.   Continuous   efforts   made   over   sessions   are   needed   in   future   to   achieve   the   goal.   3.3.7  Returning  Officer During   my   terms   of   office,   I   have   been   appointed   as   the   Returning   Officer   in   the   followings: (a) Annual   Election   of   Starr   Hall   Students’   Association,   HKUSU,   Session   2013-­‐ 2014 (b) Annual  General  Meeting  of  Starr  Hall  Students’  Association,  HKUSU,  Session   2012-­‐2013 (c) Annual   General   Meeting   of   Wei   Lun   Hall   Students’   Association,   HKUSU,   Session  2012-­‐2013 (d) Annual   General   Meeting   of   Architectural   Society,   HKUSU,   Session   2012-­‐ 2013 (e) Annual  General  Meeting  of  Medical  Society,  HKUSU,  Session  2013 (f) Annual  Election  of  Social  Sciences  Society,  HKUSU,  Session  2014   3.4  University  Affairs 3.4.1  Annual  Debate The  Annual  Debate  this  year  was  held  in  CM9  on  23/10/2013.  Before  the  meeting,   various   motions   were   proposed,   including   the   compulsory   membership   system,   vice-­‐chancellor   selection   mechanism.   Eventually,   the   motion   was   “The   maximum   intake  of  non-­‐local  applicants  to  HKU  should  be  reduced  ”  and  the  school  authorities,   councilors   and   full   members   had   been   active   in   voicing   out   their   opinions   on   the   topic.   In   particular,   the   debate   has   aroused   much   concern   from   non-­‐local   students   over   the   integration   on   locals   and   non-­‐locals.   After   the   meeting,   University   Affairs   Committee   has   proposed   arrangements   for   non-­‐local   students   easier   to   integrate   into   student   activities.   In   general,   this   year’s   Annual   Debate   has   been   successful   in   the   sense   that   it   draws   attention   from   more   full   members   to   the   Union   so   that   the   Union  can  improve  itself  by  collecting  the  opinions  from  them.   3.4.2  Vice-­‐Chancellor  Selection I   have   been   highly   concerned   on   this   issue   since   the   beginning   of   the   terms   of   office,   keeping   up   with   the   latest   progress   reported   by   the   media   and   the   University.   In   June,   an   article   was   drafted   and   posted   on   the   Facebook   page,   commenting   on   the   Vice-­‐Chancellor   mechanism.   In   October,   after   the   announcement   of   the   recommended   candidate,   a   poster   has   been   put   on   the   Facebook   page   introducing   the   procedures   of   the   selection.   In   the   consultation   session   later,   a   booklet   on   the   Vice-­‐Chancellor  selection  was  distributed  to  the  attendees.  In  general,  the  work  has   received   positive   feedbacks   and   University   Affairs   Committee   has   held   a   meeting   afterwards  on  giving  recommendations  on  the  Vice-­‐Chancellor  selection  mechanism.   The  recommendations  were  thoroughly  discussed  in  the  Union  Council  and  sent  to   the  University.     3.4.3  The  Future  Development  of  the  Main  Building In  2012,  the  University  has  started  the  consultation  work  on  the  future  use  of  Main   Building,   including   consultation   session   and   workshops.   On   October   2013,   the   University  has  released  a  development  plan  on  the  future  use  of  the  Main  Building,  


which has   received   positive   feedbacks   from   the   students.   For   example,   up   to   50%   percent   of   the   Main   Building   is   reserved   for   teaching   and   learning   purpose.   After   enquires   with   University   Affairs   Secretary,   the   venue   bookings   by   student   organizations  in  Main  Building  are  still  allowed  in  the  plan.   3.5  Current  Affairs 3.5.1  Dock  Strike  at  the  Kwai  Tsing  Container  Terminals                   In   April,   the   dock   worker   went   for   at   the   Kwai   Tsing   Container   Terminals   in   an   attempt   to   protest   against   the   exploitation   by   Hong   Kong   International   Terminals   Ltd.(HIT).   In   support   of   the   dock   workers,   the   Current   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,   has   set   up   booths   for   gathering   signatures   on   a   green   banner.   The   banner   was   later   sent   to   dock   workers.   Some   committee   members   and   I   have   also   made  several  times  of  visits  to  the  6  Container  Terminal.     In  Late  March,  the  Current  Affairs  Committee  has  issued  the  statement  “Declaration   On  The  Recent  Dock  Labor  Strike  Incident”  to  demand  for  reasonable  wages  for  dock   workers  and  their  working  safety  and  rights.   I   have   also   joined   with   Kenas   Kwong,   Current   Affairs   Secretary   in   the   march   on   7   April,  2013  to  express  grievances  against  HIT  and  support  dock  strikes.     3.5.2  Commemorations  of  the  June  Fourth  Massacre Apart  from  June  Fourth  Series  held  by  the  Executive  Committee,  I  have  also participated   in   the   Candlelight   Vigil   and   the   Mongkok   Vigil   in   commemorations   of   the   death   of   Chinese   dissent   Li   Wangyang   organized   by   the   Hong   Kong   alliance   in   support   of   patriotic   democratic   movements   in   China.   Also,   I   have   joined   the   cleansing  of  the  Pillar  of  Shame  and  the  64-­‐hour  Hunger  Strike  held  by  HKFS.   3.5.3  Political  Reform  In  Hong  Kong During  summer,  the  Association  has  cosigned  a  letter  initiated  by  HKFS,  promoting   political  reform  on  Registration  Day  by  distributing  publications  on  the  issue.   Before  the  2  Deliberation  Day,  a  briefing  session  to  introduce  the  event  was  held  for   academic   society.   Union   Executives   were   invited   as   guest   speakers   in   the   briefing   session.   Around   8   academic   societies   have   sent   representatives   to   attend   the   meeting.   Besides,  I  have  assisted  in  organizing  the  1  Deliberation  Day  and  also  participated   in  the  2  Deliberation  Day.   3.5.4  Other  Issues In  December,  it  was  found  that  the  Central  Policy  Unit  (CPU)  has  taken  in  charge  of   Public   Policy   Research   Funding   Scheme,   currently   managed   by   The   Research   Grants   Council   (RGC).   The   move   has   aroused   concern   over   academic   freedom   and   institutional   autonomy,   as   CPU   was   not   as   apolitical   as   RGC.   CPU   has   also   made   amendments  to  funding  requirements,  which  was  not  discussed  and  adopted  in  the   Legislative   Council.   In   response,   the   Executive   Committee   has   issued   a   statement   and  it  has  aroused  many  students’  concerns.   th






In January,   in   response   to   Southern   Weekend   censorship   in   January,   the   Executive   Committee   has   supported   the   outspoken   liberal   newspaper   in   China   by   posting   photos  on  the  Facebook  page.   In   May,   Malaysia’s   General   Election   2013   has   sparked   public   outrage.   To   show   grievances  against  gerrymandering  and  electoral  fraud  in  Malaysia,  the  cover  photo   of  the  Facebook  page  was  changed.   In  October,  regarding  the  public  outcry  over  denial  of  HKTV’s  free-­‐to-­‐air  TV  license   without   proper   explanation   by   the   government,   the   cover   photo   of   the   Facebook   page   was   changed   to   call   for   members   joining   25   October   assembly   in   the   government  headquarters.   In  November,  the  Association  has  initiated  Inter-­‐faculty  Debating  Competition  with   Debating   Society,   HKUSU   and   other   5   Faculty   Societies.   Motions   are   on   political   reforms,   post-­‐secondary   education,   compulsory   membership   of   the   Union,   etc.   It   aims  to  raise  awareness  of  students  on  social  issues.   3.6  Evaluation 3.6.1  Division  of  labor  among  external  team The  three  posts  on  external  affairs  were  added  in  the  1980s  and  the  posts  of  Current   Affairs  secretary  and  External  General  Secretary  have  remained  vacant  over  the  past   few   years.   The   division   of   labor   among   the   external   team   has   therefore   been   in   question  and  there  are  several  problems.   Firstly,   the   naming   of   External   General   Secretary   is   rather   ambiguous,   making   the   duties   of   this   post   unclear.   It   is   recommended   that   the   name   of   “External   General   Secretary”  be  changed  to  “External  Secretary”.   Secondly,   the   duties   of   External   General   Secretary   may   not   be   clear   enough.   Compared   with   Vice-­‐Chairman,   External   and   Current   Affairs   Secretary,   External   General   Secretary’s   constitution   duties   are   not   clearly   stated.   For   example,   he   or   she   may  not  be  ex-­‐official  chairman  of  a  particular  committee.   Yet  it  could  also  mean  there  are  lots  of  potential  rooms  for  development  of  this  post.   In   future,   External   General   Secretary   can   consider   equip   himself/herself   with   Photoshop   skills   to   focus   on   the   publicity   and   publication   work   of   external   affairs,   like   issuing   newsletter   on   external   issues   which   are   extremely   important   and   necessary.   Another   suggestion   is   to   work   on   University   affairs,   which   are   often   ignored   by   students   and   research   on   and   promote   long-­‐debated   social   issues   like   LBGT   rights   and   political   reforms,   while   Current   Affairs   Secretary   aims   at   responding  to  issues  that  are  currently  debated  in  society.   3.6.2  The  balance  between  external  and  internal  affairs Both   external   and   internal   affairs   are   of   equal   paramount   importance   to   me.   Throughout  the  year,  I  have  been  trying  to  fulfill  my  duty  as  an  Executive  Committee   member  and  Vice-­‐Chairman,  while  trying  to  make  breakthroughs  in  external  affairs.   When  there  were  important  events  in  either  internal  or  external  issues,  much  more   attention  may  need  to  go  to  either  side  and  priority  would  always  vary.       th


For example,   at   the   beginning   of   my   session,   the   Annual   Election   2013   has   caused   much   chaos   in   the   Union,   to   an   extent   that   all   affiliated   organizations   of   HKUSU   could   have   been   seriously   affected.   I   have   therefore   dedicated   my   full   effort   to   solve   the   problems   as   much   as   I   can,   while   I   tried   to   maintain   my   involvement   in   the   society   functions   and   explained   the   updated   situation   to   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   members.   On   the   other   hand,   during   the   Orientation   Period,   due   to   my   responsibility   as   the   Chairman   of   Orientation   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.,   A.A.,   H.K.U.S.U.,   PIC   of   Registration   Day   and   COC   of   the   Orientation   Camp,   I   have   involved   my  self  more  in  the  internal  issues  instead  of  external  affairs.   Above   all,   I   sincerely   wish   that   understandings   of   different   posts’   constitutional   duties  can  be  reached  and  conflicts  be  avoided,  as  both  internal  and  external  affairs   are   important   parts   of   the   Association,   and   they   are   all   related   to   members,   implicitly  or  explicitly.  I  would  like  to  hereby  thank  my  fellow  Executive  Committee   members  for  their  understandings  all  along.   3.6.3.  On  my  role  as  a  Union  Councilor It  has  been  my  great  honor  to  be  a  councilor  in  HKUSU  Council,  Session  2012-­‐2013.   During   my   terms   of   offices,   I   did   endeavor   to   fulfill   my   duty   as   a   councilor.   Before   meetings,  I  have  read  numerous  working  papers,  done  research  on  issues  that  I  am   not  familiar  with,  and  prepared  questions  on  every  agendum.  I  was  willing  to  speak   up  and  tried  my  best  to  articulate  my  arguments.  All  these  may  not  be  observed  by   my  members,  but  I  hoped  these  efforts  could  help  make  a  better  Union.   This  year,  I  tried  to  involve  more  members  by  bringing  information  from  the  Union   Council   as   I   believe   the   role   of   members   are   more   important   than   anything.   Without   members’   concern   and   support,   probably   the   Union   is   still   chaotic.   I   posted   information   relevant   to   academic   societies   in   the   Arts   Students’   Council   Facebook   group,   reported   my   work   in   every   ordinary   council   meeting   that   I   attended,   held   meetings   with   academic   societies   when   necessary.   Besides,   it   is   glad   to   see   my   fellow  Executive  Committee  members  to  keep  an  eye  on  Union  affairs.  For  example,   Arnold,  our  General  Secretary  has  been  a  member  of  the  Union  Council  Secretariat.   However,   it   is   my   regret   that   I   have   not   put   adequate   efforts   in   pushing   forward   the   constitution  amendment  and  council  restructuring  of  the  Union.  The  work  to  initiate   the  discussions  on  these  topics  seems  to  fall  on  the  Chairperson  of  the  Union  Council   and   some   Union   Executives.   There   is   also   room   for   improvement   in   gathering   members’   voices   towards   an   issue   before   it   is   discussed   in   the   Union   Council,   like   sending   questionnaires   in   class   visits   and   distributing   leaflets   in   campus   and   talking   to  members.   3.6.4  Overall  Comment  on  External  Affairs During  my  terms  of  office,  I  have  put  much  effort  in  raising  awareness  of  members,   making  changes  in  Union  affairs,  while  in  University  and  current  affairs,  the  aim  is  to   respond   to   hotly   debated   issues   in   society.   Union   affairs   has   always   been   my   top   priority.   It   is   because   the   Union   has   experienced   too   many   setbacks   over   the   past   few   years.   From   312   statement   controversy,   Lung   Wah   Street   incident   to   Annual   Election  2013  dispute,  the  Union  has  not  made  any  advances  in  the  previous  years,   but  gone  backward  and  lagged  behind  the  members’  needs.  


As a  faculty  society,  There  is  a  reason  for  the  Association  in  putting  more  efforts  to   safeguard  some  core  values  of  the  Union.   Yet,  in  the  absence  of  the  Union  in  most  external  issues,  It  is  also  my  belief  that  the   Association   should   take   a   step   forward   in   current   affairs   and   University   affairs,   voicing   out   for   some   HKU   students.   With   Union   Affairs   as   the   priority,   I   have   spared   less   efforts   in   these   two   aspects,   mainly   responding   instead   of   analyzing,   brining   new  insights,  initiating  discussions  in  the  issues.   To   create   bigger   impacts   in   external   affairs,   one-­‐off   acts   and   traditional   ways   like   issuing  statements  cant  serve  such  purpose.  The  efforts  made  alone  by  one  society  is   just  too  trivial  that  the  members  of  the  Union  still  feel  not  interested  and  reluctant  to   get   involved.   In   future,   the   cooperation   of   different   student   organizations   are   the   keys   to   making   breakthroughs   in   external   affairs.   For   example,   in   the   Annual   Election   2013,   only   with   the   joint   efforts   of   over   100   sub-­‐organizations   could   the   Union   manage   to   go   through   such   a   dark   time.   The   Inter-­‐faculty   Debating   Competition   is   just   yet   another   example,   although   the   efforts   in   promoting   current   affairs   remained   to   be   seen,   it   is   glad   to   see   that   more   faculty   societies   are   willing   to   take  one  more  step  forward  in  promoting  external  affairs.   The   ways   of   promotion   should   have   been   more   eye-­‐catching   and   meaningful   too.   ‘Artivism’  is  a  good  point  to  start  for  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Above  all,  I  hope  that  all  the  efforts  in  the  previous  year  have  given  a  impression  to   our  members  that  the  Association  is  outspoken  and  willing  to  safeguard  some  core   values  at  great  cost.   4.  Overall  Comment It   has   been   my   great   pleasure   to   serve   as   Vice-­‐Chairman,   External   of   Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  There  were  lots  of  challenges,  pressure  and  frustration,  but  I   also  found  my  work  meaningful  and  rewarding.   Being   the   Vice-­‐Chairman,   External   was   not   easy.   On   one   hand,   all   your   efforts   in   external   affairs   could   always   go   in   vain   and   ignored.   Outsiders,   and   sometimes   even   your  fighting  comrades,  may  not  understand  why  you  should  devote  yourself  into  it   and   realize   the   difficulty   in   your   work   either.   On   the   other   hand,   your   executive   members  expect  your  contributions  as  same  as  everyone  else.   The  fruits  gained  in  return,  however,  outweigh  all  these  hardships.  It  was  always  a   memorable   experience   that   you   fight   for   some   beliefs   with   a   group   of   people   that   you   have   just   known   for   a   few   months,   or   even   days.   It   was   always   touching   to   have   some  people  in  your  life  making  sacrifices  for  you.   I  was  far  from  perfect  as  a  Vice-­‐Chairman,  External,  yet  looking  back,  I  did  put  all  my   hard  work  in  fulfilling  my  duty  and  making  some  achievements.  Above  all,  I  haven’t   failed  the  name  of  AAEV  and  AAR.   Last  but  not  the  least,  I  would  like  to  express  my  greatest  gratitude  to  Accendo  Arts   for   giving   me   such   a   fruitful   year.   My   special   thanks   go   to   Kenas   Kwong,   Current   Affairs  Secretary  for  your  great  contributions  in  external  affairs.  I  also  feel  grateful   that   I   have   Tommy   Lee,   Vice-­‐Chairman,   Internal   and   Arnold   Au,   General   Secretary  


supporting me  all  along.  Without  you  two  behind,  I  wouldn’t  have  been  this  secure   when  I  dedicate  myself  to  external  affairs.   Prepared  by, Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar Vice-­‐chairman,  External, Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                                        


Annual Report   General  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     1.  Introduction    “The   General   Secretary   shall   handle   all   correspondence   of   the   Association,   record   the   Minutes   of   the   Executive   Committee   Meetings   and   prepare   the   Half-­‐yearly   Functional   Report  in  late  June  and  the  Annual  report  of  activities  of  the  Association  at  the  end  of  the   Association  session.”  (Constitution,  Section  IX,  Article  2d)     2.  Individual  Evaluation   As  the  General  Secretary  of  the  Association,  I  endeavor  to  fulfill  my  constitutional  duties   throughout  my  term  of  office.       Working   with   the   persons-­‐in-­‐charge   of   various   functions,   all   related   correspondences,   which   incorporate   the   invitations,   follow-­‐up   discussions   of   the   detailed   rundown   and   thank   you   letters   to   honorable   guests   as   well   as   all   other   corresponding   parties,   were   handled  timely  and  orderly.  Attendance  of  every  member  was  taken,  but  very  often  did   we  evaluate  on  such  matter.     Letters  were  drafted  and  proofread  for  Ms.  Jessie  Wong  and  Ms.  May  Wu,  Welfare  and   Marketing   Secretaries,   to   deal   with   the   organizations   interested   in   sponsoring   our   functions.  With  the  assistance  of  the  Mr.  Tommy  Lee,  Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal,  moreover,   we   were   closely   cooperating   with   the   Arts   Faculty   and   our   Academic   Societies   to   facilitate  administrative  work.       To   reach   as   many   members   as   we   could,   mass   emails   in   both   Chinese   and   English   languages  were  delivered  through  the  HKUSU’s  bulk  mail  service  prior  to  every  formal   function  targeting  all  current  members,  as  stated  in  our  Year  Plan  at  the  commencement   of  our  session,  serving  as  one  of  our  major  publicity  means.  For  all  other  occasions,  or  in   case  of  emergency,  basically  we  relied  more  heavily  on  our  Facebook  page,  established   in  December  2012,  for  instant  responses,  announcements  of  which  included  the  Annual   Election   of   Undergraduate   Student   Membership   to   the   Boards   of   Faculties   for   the   Session   2013   originally   scheduled   in   early   February   2013,   the   clarification   regarding   Honour  Classification  System  applicable  to  current  HKU  students,  the  By-­‐Election  for  the   Annual   Election   of   Undergraduate   Student   Memberships   to   the   Boards   of   Faculties   taken   place   in   late   March   2013,   together   with   the   Consequential   Arrangement   for   the   Change  of  Deanship  early  this  semester.       Furthermore,   for   all   sorts   of   publication   materials,   like   posters,   banners,   brochures,   leaflets,  booklets  of  various  functions,  most  of  the  word  processing  work  like  to  format,   to  translate  and  to  proofread  usually  go  to  me.  I  would  love  to  express  my  gratitude  to   Ms.  Flora  Ho,  Publication  Secretary,  Ms.  Annalie  Chow,  External  General  Secretary,  and   Ms.  Lesley  Cheung,  Academic  Secretary,  for  their  generous  assistance.     Concerning   the   Union’s   bulk   mail   system,   we   regretted   for   not   having   our   messages   delivered   frequently   at   the   beginning   of   our   session   since   it   is   suspected   the   previous   Central   Union   Executives   seized   many   of   our   mails   during   their   terms   of   office.   Subsequent   to   the   Union’s   turmoil   when   the   current   executives   resumed   their   administration,   the   efficiency   of   mail   delivery   was   significantly   improved.   Apart   of   utilizing   the   service   provided   by   the   Union,   we   attempted   to   manually   establish   a   database   during   the   turmoil   with   most   of   our   members’   personal   email   addresses   included,  as  well  as  to  approach  the  Arts  Faculty  office  for  notifying  all  Arts  students  our   upcoming   events   and   recruitments   of   helpers   for   the   Orientation   Period   2013.   The   smartphone   app   “Campus   Link”   designed   by   the   Campus   TV   further   provided   our   45    

members with   another   platform   to   receive   important   messages   of   the   Association   comfortably.     In  addition,  for  external  affairs,  I  helped  with  the  drafting  of  an  open  letter  to  the  general   public  in  Chinese  on  behalf  of  our  Executive  Committee  with  regard  to  the  turmoil  of  the   Union’s  Annual  Election  in  early  2013  titled  “敬請認清真相,勿被謊言蒙蔽;拆解大選 亂局,事實勝於詭辯”   to   briefly   clarify   such   chaos   to   our   members   who   might   not   make   a   very   clear   sense,   which   was   presently   published   on   three   prominent   local   online   media’s  webpages  –  namely  the  (香港獨立媒體),  the  House  News  (主場 新聞)  and  the  VJMedia  (輔仁媒體).     As   for   everyday   operation,   I   am   responsible   for   the   documentation   work   for   the   Executive  Committee  to  ensure  the  smooth  progress  of  arranging  functions.  Papers  like   minutes,  notes,  memoranda,  and  all  relevant  revised  proposals  or  outline  plan  for  events   are  recorded,  integrated  and  uploaded  to  the  online  drive  shared  among  every  colleague   for   their   reference   and   comments.   For   the   Half-­‐yearly   Functional   Report,   even   though   it   has  been  available  by  late-­‐June,  being  then  received  and  adopted  in  the  ordinary  Council   Meeting   in   time,   I   would   suggest   the   Executive   Committee   of   the   following   session   submit   their   reports   in   advance   of   the   due   date   in   order   to   conveniently   request   the   Council’s  approval  by  circulation.     3.  Council  Business   As  a  Councilor  of  the  Arts  Students’  Council,  I  have  attended  most  of  the  meetings  and   taken  the  initiative  to  concern  about  the  issues  discussed  throughout  my  session.  Being   appointed   three   times   as   the   Acting   Secretary   to   the   Council   for   the   previous   session   (2011-­‐2012),  I  have  also  been  appointed  as  this  position  for  the  First  Emergency  Council   Meeting   (ECM1),   the   Third   Emergency   Council   Meeting   (ECM3),   the   Third   Council   Meeting  (CM3),  the  Fourth  Emergency  Council  Meeting  (ECM4)  and  the  Fourth  Council   Meeting   (CM4)   for   the   current   session,   assisting   the   Council   Chairman   with   the   provision   of   working   papers   and   necessary   printed   materials   prior   to   the   meetings.   The   detailed  minutes  of  the  aforementioned  meetings,  which  comprise  the  discussion  among   councilors   and   the   resolutions   reached   in   the   form   of   carried   motions,   were   prepared   and  put  up  onto  the  official  online  drive  as  well  as  the  open  group  of  Facebook,  a  social   networking  webpage,  for  later  approval.       4.  Overall  Comments   After   all,   as   an   Executive   Committee   member   of   the   Association,   general   duties   I   carried   out  are  satisfactory,  which  include  attending  the  Executive  Committee  meeting  and  the   Arts   Students   Council’s   ones   for   sure,   maintaining   the   Association’s   common   room   open   to   members   on   every   teaching   day   (on   duty   in   accordance   to   the   roster   scheduled   every   semester),   working   with   colleagues   for   the   preparation   and   operation   of   different   functions,   mostly   stated   in   our   Year   Plan   and   some   ad-­‐hoc   ones,   and   so.   Always   do   I   realize   the   importance   of   responsibility   as   an   office   bearer   of   the   Association   that   throughout   my   term   of   office   I   love   cooperating   with   my   fellow   colleagues   and   contributing   to   the   Executive   Committee   and   the   Arts   Students’   Council.   The   duties   mentioned   above   might   not   be   the   most   overwhelmingly   challenging   or   demanding   tasks   throughout   the   session,   yet   they   projected   how   team   spirit   and   persistent   commitment   of   every   colleague   strongly   influence   one   another’s   productivity   and   the   ultimate  outcome.     It   is   crucial   to   realize   everyone’s   great   sense   of   responsibility   in   a   collective   manner.   Especially  during  Orientation  Period  that  we  held  meeting  in  a  ‘marathon’  style  lasting  a   week  prior  to  the  Orientation  Camp  with  Organizing  Committee  members,  I  would  love  


to appreciate  in  particular  Mr.  Tommy  Lee  and  Mr.  Oscar  Ng,  the  two  Vice-­‐chairmen,  Ms.   Kammy  Kong,  the  Person-­‐in-­‐charge,  and  other  dedicated  Executive  Committee  members   stayed  behind  for  revising  proposals  and  publishing  detailed  guidebooks  for  a  number   of  program  helpers.       Apart  from  the  above,  to  arouse  social  awareness  among  members  of  the  Association,  I   was   appointed   in   the   First   Council   Meeting   as   a   member   of   the   Current   Affairs   Committee   of   the   Arts   Students’   Council.   The   Committee   highlighted   the   Dock   Labor   Strike   as   its   focus   among   heated   social   issues   -­‐   we   issued   statement   in   both   Chinese   and   English   (which   was   later   endorsed   on   behalf   of   the   Association),   collected   members’   signatures   and   petitions   in   the   form   of   a   banner   (which   was   then   hung   on   the   Democracy   Wall),   and   paid   visit   to   the   container   terminal.   For   the   rest   of   the   session,   unfortunately,   consensus   had   not   been   reached   for   issues   like   taking   part   in   the   deliberation  session  concerning  political  reform  and  universal  suffrage  put  forward  by   the  Hong  Kong  Federation  of  Students.  In  light  of  the  relative  inefficiency  of  the  Current   Affairs   Committee,   we,   as   members   of   the   Executive   Committee,   took   the   initiative   to   raise   members’   concern.   I   myself,   together   with   other   colleagues,   mainly   the   external   affairs   team,   particularly   Mr.   Oscar   Ng,   Vice-­‐chairman,   External   and   Ms.   Kenas   Kwong,   Current  Affairs  Secretary,  participated  in  the  Candlelight  Vigil  commemorating  the  June   Fourth  Massacre  and  also  the  July  First  March,  giving  us  precious  opportunities  to  join   social  movements  on  behalf  of  our  Faculty  Society.     I  hereby  once  again  wish  to  acknowledge  the  Executive  Committee  fellows  of  mine  for   their   continuous   devotion   and   support.   Without   efficient   administration   and   effective   communication   within   our   Committee   and   active   exposure   in   all   sorts   of   inter-­‐society   discussions   with   other   student   organizations,   primarily   initiated   by   our   two   Vice-­‐ chairmen   would   we   not   succeed   or   progress   in   organizing   large-­‐scale   functions   that   target  all  Students  from  the  Faculty  of  Arts  and  gaining  remarkable  reputation.       5.  Prospects   May   I   also   seize   this   very   chance   to   remind   all   Executive   Committee   members   of   the   ninety-­‐ninth   Session   to   adhere   to   your   objectives,   strive   for   excellence   altogether,   without  any  regrets,  whenever  possible  and  whatever  positions  you  would  hold.  Bearing   the   title   of   secretaries   does   not   necessarily   mean   that   one   should   merely   work   substandard   products   out,   when   compared   to   those   supposed   to   lead,   in   other   words,   never   take   for   granted   to   response   passively   since   accountability   is   applicable   to   each   and  every  member  of  the  Executive  Committee.         Prepared  by,   Mr.  Au  Kin  Wai,  Arnold   General  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union,   Session  2012-­‐2013                       47    

Annual Report   Financial  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A.  Introduction   According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Section  IX  Article  2  e),  the   Financial  Secretary  shall  handle  all  financial  matters  of  the  Association  and  prepare  an   Annual  Financial  Report  of  the  Association  at  the  end  of  the  Association  session.     B.  My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   As   an   Executive   Committee   member   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   I   have   fulfilled   my   duties   throughout   my   session   year   such   as   taking   up   duties   in   society   room   and   helping   in   organizing   various   functions.   I   have   attended   most   of   the   regular   Executive   Committee   Meetings   and   I   participated   actively   upon   discussing   issues   and   giving   opinions  on  functions  before  they  were  held.     C.  My  role  as  the  Financial  Secretary   Aa   the   Financial   Secretary   of   the   Association,   I   prepared   the   Annual   Financial   Budget,   the   Half-­‐yearly   Financial   Report   and   the   Annual   Financial   Report   of   the   Association.   I   also  handled  all  financial  matters  of  the  Association,  including  the  controlling  of  income   and   expenditure,   applying   for   various   funding   and   acquiring   new   assets   for   the   association  that  could  better  serve  the  needs  of  members  of  the  Association.  In  order  to   fulfill  my  duties,  I  also  cooperated  with  the  Person-­‐in-­‐Charges  of  all  the  functions  so  as   to   make   sure   the   resources   could   be   used   in   the   best   way.   However,   I   founded   quite   difficult   to   keep   records   of   the   income   of   photocopying   and   printing   services   as   the   chase  was  in  small  amount.     I   was   one   of   the   Person-­‐in-­‐Charges   of   Registration   Day   and   my   performance   was   mediocre.   Due   to   family   matters   I   was   not   in   Hong   Kong   during   the   preparation   of   Registration  Day.  I  had  been  able  to  catch  up  the  progress  with  the  minutes  few  weeks   before  commence  of  the  event.  I  had  tried  my  best  to  make  up  the  progress  and  with  the   help   of   the   other   Person-­‐in-­‐Charge   and   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   Members   and   helpers  the  result  was  acceptable.     D.  My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As   a   councilor   of   the   Council,   I   attended   almost   all   the   meetings   and   my   performance   was   fair.   I   did   not   actively   participate   in   the   discussion   of   all   the   issues.   However,   for   financial   matters,   I   participated   very   actively   during   the   discussions.   I   also   remained   impartial  to  the  opinions  of  the  Councilors  and  voted  without  bias.     E.  My  role  as  the  Chairman  of  Finance  Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As   the   chairman   of   the   Finance   Committee,   A.S.C.,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,   my   performance   was   satisfactory.   13   meetings   were   held   in   this   session.   All   the   meetings   ran   smoothly   and   the  discussion  concerning  the  financial  matters  was  active.  I  also  tried  my  best  to  help   all   the   members   of   the   Committee   to   solve   the   financial   problems.   Members   of   the   Committee   cooperated   well   with   each   other   and   the   atmosphere   was   relaxing   and   friendly.  The  attendances  for  most  members  were  satisfactory  by  attending  all  or  most   of  the  meetings  but  there  is  room  for  improvement  for  some  members.     I  would  like  to  suggest  the  Chairperson  of  the  Finance  Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   of   the   next   session   to   enhance   the   communication   with   the   Union   Finance   Committee,   H.K.U.S.U.  in  order  to  follow  up  on  the  opening  of  bank  accounts  of  new  societies.     F.    My  role  as  the  member  of  Union  Finance  Committee,  HKUSU  Council   48    

I attended   all   of   the   meetings   of   the   Union   Finance   Committee,   HKUSU   Council.   and   I   have   reflected   opinions   from   Academis   Societies   of   the   Association   concerning   every   financial   matter   to   the   Union   Finance   Committee,   H.K.U.S.U..   Many   matters   of   the   Student’s   Union   and   its   sub-­‐organization   were   discussed   and   recommendations   were   made  to  the  Union  Council.     G.  Conclusion   Being   the   Financial   Secretary   for   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   was   unforgettable   and   fruitful   to   me.   Without   experienced   accounting   background,   handling   the   financial   matter   of   the   Association   was   not   an   easy   task;   I   have   acquired   lots   of   practical   experiences  and  did  hope  that  my  efforts  had  made  contribution  to  the  Association.     I   would   also   like   to   thank   the   past   cabinets   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   for   their   advices,    the  financial  secretaries  of  the  Academic  Societies,  the  Committee  members  of   the  Union  Finance  Committee  and  all  helpers  that  have  participated  in  our  functions.   I   would   like   to   express   my   sincere   gratitude   to   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   Members.  Throughout  the  year,  unexpected  difficulties  were  encountered  but  we  were   able  to  overcome  them  all  with  efforts.  I  will  never  remember  the  precious  experiences   which   I   could   never   obtain   by   any   other   means   or   groups,   and   I   treasure   them   very   much.     I  have  the  best  wishes  for  the  next  session  of  the  Association  and  hope  that  you  all  could   have  a  fruitful  year.     Prepared  by,   Ms.  Shikata  Hisa   Financial  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                  


Annual Report Academic  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U. Session  2012-­‐2013   A. Introduction In  accordance  with  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Session  IX,  Article   2(f),  “The  Academic  Secretary  shall  be  responsible  for  promoting  and  organizing  all   academic  activities  of  the  Association.”   B. Individual  Evaluation   1.  My  role  as  a  member  of  the  Executive  Committee Throughout   the   year,   I   have   tried   my   best   to   fulfill   my   responsibilities   in   the   Executive   Committee.   I   have   actively   involved   in   the   preparation,   promotion   and   operation  of  all  events.  At  the  stage  of  preparation,  I  helped  to  proofread  some  of  the   texts  to  be  publicized,  contributed  comments  on  the  operation  of  events  and  assisted   in   setting   up   materials.   As   for   promotion,   I   spread   the   word   to   my   friends   and   schoolmates.  On  the  days  of  events,  I  assisted  in  running  them  smoothly.   I   have   stationed   at   the   Society   Room   for   most   of   my   slots,   and   have   arranged   for   substitution  with  my  colleagues  in  advance  when  I  was  unable  to  be  present  due  to   ad-­‐hoc   matters.   I   facilitated   the   sale   of   Society   goods,   helped   with   their   photocopying  and  printing,  and  replied  to  members’  enquiries.  I  also  contributed  to   the  daily  maintenance  of  the  Society  Room  so  as  to  create  a  friendly  environment  for   our  members.     Having   been   present   in   most   regular   meetings   of   the   Executive   Committee,   I   kept   abreast   of   the   progress   of   all   affairs   and   helped   to   perform   follow-­‐up   actions   wherever   necessary.   In   case   of   absence,   I   also   informed   myself   of   the   meeting’s   outcomes  from  the  minutes  and  my  colleagues.   2.  My  role  as  Academic  Secretary Grateful   for   members’   trust   and   support,   I   am   pleased   to   be   elected   as   Academic   Secretary   of   the   Association.   During   my   term   of   office,   I   has   been   committed   to   promoting   academic   affairs   among   our   members   and   raising   their   awareness   and   interest  in  arts  and  culture.  The  primary  means  of  achieving  these  goals  was  through   organizing  Arts  Festival,  an  excellent  platform  for  Arts  students  and  other  members   of   the   University   to   converge   and   engage   in   academic   exchange.   Other   than   taking   charge   of   Arts   Festival,   I   also   did   my   best   to   fulfill   my   responsibilities   in   general.   Detailed  evaluations  are  elaborated  as  follows.   (a)  Arts  Festival Creating  a  fruitful  and  engaging  Arts  Festival  was  my  greatest  incentive  of  applying   for  the  position  of  Academic  Secretary  back  then.  It  was  my  objective  to  engage  most   members,   and   ideally   schoolmates   from   other   faculties,   in   the   Festival,   thereby   improving  the  academic  atmosphere  within  the  Faculty  of  Arts.  I  am  pleased  that  it   was   successful   generally,   while   improvements   could   be   made   in   some   areas   (practicalities  are  outlined  in  the  functional  report  on  Arts  Festival).   Observing   that   the   relevance   to   social   issues   is   gaining   significance   in   local   culture   and   artistic   creations,   and   in   the   attempt   to   get   in   line   with   this   session’s   general  


goal to   raise   members’   awareness   of   current   affairs,   I   picked   “Art   and   Society   in   Hong  Kong”  as  the  Festival’s  theme.  This  theme  allowed  a  lot  of  room  for  exploration,   the  dimensions  of  which  constituted  the  sub-­‐events  respectively.   Owing  to  the  controversy  about  the  local  music  industry  shortly  before  the  Festival,   we   were   able   to   address   it   in   the   Opening   Forum.   During   our   preparation,   the   Development  and  Alumni  Affairs  Office  (DAAO)  approached  us  for  cooperation,  but   apprehension   about   the   possible   cancellation   of   the   Forum,   which   was   so   timely   a   response   to   the   recent   debate,   arose.   At   last,   as   it   turned   out,   the   Opening   Forum   was  held  smoothly.   Book-­‐crossing   was   a   new   attempt.   Worrying   at   first   that   students   might   not   actively   participate   in   it,   I   had   sought   support   from   external   parties   to   enrich   the   pool   of   circulating   books   and   boost   publicity.   To   my   surprise,   Book-­‐crossing   attracted   a   number  of  participants  and  as  well  as  generally  positive  feedback.   Despite  its  smooth  running  overall,  Arts  Festival  could  make  a  remarkable  occasion   for   the   cooperation   between   the   Association   and   its   affiliated   academic   societies.   Unfortunately   there   had   been   obstacles   inviting   the   participation   of   academic   societies.   The   impossibility   of   setting   an   overarching   theme   under   which   publicity   could   be   done   was   one   of   them,   since   the   disciplines   represented   by   academic   societies   varied   pretty   much   in   terms   of   scope   and   emphases.   While   diversity   and   richness  could,  from  another  perspective,  be  viewed  as  the  strength  of  such  an  Arts   Festival,  the  bigger  obstacle  lay  in  the  difficulty  to  formulate  a  cooperation  “model”   in   which   publicity   could   be   eased,   and   resources   of   the   Association   and   academic   societies   could   be   optimized.   In   view   of   these   challenges,   we   regretted   that   the   Festival   had   yet   to   demonstrate   the   integrated   efforts   to   promote   various   Arts   disciplines.   Though  scheduled  for  March,  Arts  Festival  was  postponed  to  September  eventually,   because   it   was   underprepared   by   that   time.   I   was   sorry   that   I   failed   to   ensure   adequate   preparation   beforehand.   Hoping   to   compensate   for   the   delay   with   the   breadth   and   depth   of   contents,   I   decided   to   move   Arts   Festival   to   September.   The   upside  was  that  we  had  more  time  to  precipitate  a  good  theme  and  prepare  better,   and  we  could  also  engage  freshmen  in  the  Festival.   (b)  General  Duties I   have   endeavored   to   promote   arts-­‐related   news   mostly   through   our   official   Facebook   page   because   it   was   the   most   convenient   and   interactive   way   to   reach   our   members,  without  any  constraints  like  the  maximum  number  of  posts  to  be  issued   each  week.  Current  issues  such  as  the  suspected  censorship  of  the  “Dream  of  the  Red   Chamber”  ballet,  the  election  of  Arts  Development  Council  (ADC)  popularly  elected   Councillors  and  the  controversy  over  the  ADC  Critic’s  Prize  were  publicised.  Events   and   job   vacancies   in   the   field   of   arts   and   culture   were   disseminated   to   members.   Occasionally  I  also  commented  on  those  issues  or  works  of  art  I  came  across.   This   year   I   did   not,   however,   choose   to   encourage   academic   enrichment   through   magazine   subscription.   Fleurs   des   Lettres   and   Reader’s   Digest   were   among   the   options  I  had  considered  subscribing  to,  yet  I  decided  against  the  idea  later  in  view   of   the   sponsorship   of   TIME   which   offered   members   individual   subscription.   Understanding  that  consolidating  members’  familiarity  with  the  new  Society  Room  


would take   plenty   of   time,   I   believed   promoting   the   individual   subscription   while   publicizing  the  Society  Room  would  be  a  better  alternative  to  reach  the  same  goal.   Parallel   to   the   promotion   of   the   Society   Room,   the   bookshelf   was   made   known   to   members.   In   spite   of   this,   readers   were   few.   Reading   materials   on   the   shelf   also   needed  renewal  and  reorganizing,  to  which  I  failed  to  pay  due  attention.  To  make  up   for   it,   I   would   consider   adding   the   remaining   books   from   Book-­‐crossing   to   the   current  supply.   3.  My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U. I  have  been  present  in  most  Council  meetings  and  familiarized  myself  with  relevant   working   papers   to   be   discussed   beforehand.   During   meetings,   I   was   attentive   and   voted  impartially  with  serious  deliberation.  I  am  willing  to  assist  in  Council  business   in  the  coming  session  whenever  necessary.   C. Overall  Comments I  am  genuinely  grateful  and  happy  to  be  able  to  serve  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  as   Academic  Secretary  and  put  my  vision  into  practice.  Credits  should  indeed  go  to  my   supportive   and   helpful   colleagues   who   have   tolerated   my   shortcomings   and   given   me  plenty  of  room  to  publicize  academic  affairs.  On  the  whole,  I  am  satisfied  with  my   performance   and   have   achieved   my   goals   of   running   for   this   position:   I   enjoy   my   work   and   have   a   good   time   getting   along   with   my   colleagues.   This   freshmen   year,   coinciding   with   my   service   to   the   Association,   is   going   to   be   one   of   the   most   memorable  moments  of  my  university  life.   Advocating   arts   and   culture   in   this   University   has   not   been   entirely   easy,   as   there   arose   some   frustrations   where   the   others   were   not   as   stubborn   when   it   came   to   academic   affairs.   Nevertheless,   it   is   rewarding   to   hear   from   members   appreciation   for  the  Association’s  academic  pursuits,  and  this  really  has  been  my  big  motivation.   D. Prospects Looking   forward   to   the   future,   I   am   convinced   that   students’   interests   in   arts   and   culture   could   be   ignited,   and   the   academic   atmosphere   within   the   Arts   Faculty   would   improve   even   more,   with   continuous   and   joint   efforts   of   upcoming   office-­‐ bearers   of   the   Association   as   well   as   academic   societies.   May   I   wish   the   proposed   cabinet  of  the  next  session,  Arts  Astra,  every  success  in  upholding  and  passing  on  the   spirit  of  humanism  upon  their  taking  office.  I  would  also  like  to  offer  my  support  to   the   proposed   Academic   Secretary,   Wong   Ho-­‐Yan,   Monique,   hoping   that   she   could   lead  the  Association  in  realizing  her  academic  ideals.     Prepared  by, Ms.  Cheung  Lai  Sum,  Lesley Academic  Secretary, Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union, Session  2012-­‐2013            


Annual Report   Welfare  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A.  Introduction   According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Session  IX,  Article  2g,  “The   Welfare  Secretary  shall  be  responsible  for  promoting  the  welfare  of  the  members  of  the   Association.”     B.  My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   During  my  term  of  office,  I  participated  in  all  events  through  meetings,  preparations,  and   on  day  duties.  I  took  shifts  in  guarding  the  society  room  and  booth  during  events,   contributing  to  the  operation  of  the  Association  with  my  fellow  Executive  Committee   members.  I  have  been  active  in  generating  ideas  and  have  cooperated  closely  with   different  Executive  Committee  members.  Through  daily  contact  with  members,  I   reflected  their  opinion  in  meetings  and  sought  to  make  improvements  accordingly.       C.  My  role  as  the  Welfare  Secretary   As  the  Welfare  Secretary  of  the  Association,  I  strived  to  provide  welfare  to  members   through  various  means.     (a)  Society  Room   To  maintain  the  daily  operation  of  the  society  room,  I  tried  my  best  in  ensuring  the   welfare  are  provided  for  every  day,  which  include  ordering  of  distilled  water,  ensuring   that  there  are  stock  of  A4  blank  paper  for  the  photocopier,  placing  more  books  and   cards  in  the  society  room,  and  contacting  with  the  corresponding  companies  and  parties   closely.  I  reflected  problems  like  the  need  of  reinstalling  an  updated  computer  that   would  function  properly,  putting  up  boards  in  the  Centennial  Campus  that  serve  the   purpose  of  promotion,  placing  more  vending  machines  in  the  Centennial  Campus  and   more;  upon  which  some  were  fulfilled  while  unfortunately,  some  were  failed  after  I  have   initiated  cooperation  between  the  Association,  the  Faculty  and  other  parties.  I  was  also   responsible  in  arranging  the  duty  slots  for  guarding  the  society  room  throughout  the   year  and  ensuring  unattended  members  who  contacted  me  receive  immediate  help  and   were  taken  care  of.       (b)  Society  Products   New  society  products  like  society  jacket,  newly-­‐designed  T-­‐shirt,  file,  and  paper  were   available  for  sale  to  all  students.  Apart  from  assessing  the  products  by  visiting  our   society  room,  a  booth  was  set  up  near  the  end  of  the  semester  in  the  Composite  Building   for  the  sale  of  society  jacket  and  stock  sale  of  society  hoodie,  umbrella  and  notebook   case.  I  strived  to  take  into  account  the  quality  and  price  of  each  and  every  product,   making  sure  the  money  of  members  is  best  used.       (c)  Sponsorship   During  the  events  throughout  the  year,  particularly  Orientation  Camp  and  Welfare  X   Superpass  Series,  I  cooperated  closely  with  the  Marketing  Secretary  in  contacting   sponsors  for  sponsorship  by  means  of  product,  monetary  and  coupons.  At  the  mean  time,   we  were  also  able  to  maintain  good  relationships  with  sponsors  and  paved  ways  for   future  cooperation  opportunities.       (d)  Joint  Society  Jetso   Welfare  Secretaries  of  9  Faculty  Societies  and  3  Academic  Societies  of  Medical  Society,   H.K.U.S.U.  coordinately  cooperated  in  Joint  Society  Jetso  by  seeking  discounts  for  all   students  of  the  University  of  Hong  Kong.  A  four-­‐day  event  was  held  around  the  Main   53    

Campus and  the  Medical  Campus  to  provide  welfare  for  all  students,  in  which  I   contributed  by  taking  up  duties  during  on  day  event  and  seeking  sponsorships  from   restaurants  and  companies.       D.  My  role  as  a  Councillor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As  a  Councillor,  I  attended  most  of  the  council  meetings  and  attentively  noted  the   opinion  of  fellow  Councillors.  I  am  grateful  to  hear  from  different  parties  and  I   recognized  and  addressed  the  affairs.  It  benefited  me  in  taking  into  more  perspectives   into  account  and  through  the  casting  of  votes  and  discussion  on  the  floor,  I  stroke  to   maximize  the  benefits  of  members.       E.  Conclusion   I  am  thankful  to  be  offered  the  opportunity  of  serving  all  members  of  the  Association   and  would  like  to  take  this  chance  to  express  my  gratitude  to  the  members  who  casted   me  the  vote  of  confidence  and  who  have  been  giving  immense  support  to  the  work  of  the   Association  throughout  the  year.  The  recognition  is  significant  to  the  work  we   performed  and  to  which  I  owe  my  most  genuine  appreciation.       In  the  year  passed,  I  worked  closely  with  all  other  Executive  Committee  members,   sharing  the  aim  of  serving  members  as  all-­‐roundedly  and  thoroughly  as  possible.  We   hoped  to  balance  our  attention  among  the  internal,  external  affairs  and  other  aspects.   We  looked  for  advancements  and  sought  to  provide  the  best  to  our  abilities  out  of  the   resources  we  were  provided  for.  I  would  also  want  to  take  this  opportunity  to  thank  the   Executive  Committee  members  for  their  endless  sacrifice  and  assistance  in  order  to   make  the  events  possible.  Their  support  and  inspirations  are  crucial  to  keep  me   motivated  and  hopeful  with  the  work.       There  is  surely  much  room  for  enhancements,  especially  regarding  the  renovation  of   facilities  of  the  society  room.  I  look  forward  to  constant  improvements  in  the  years   ahead  and  wish  the  coming  cabinet  of  Executive  Committee  members  all  the  best  in   adhering  their  obligations  and  serving  members  whole-­‐heartedly.       Prepared  by,   Ms.  Wong  Lok  Yin,  Jessie   Welfare  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                                   54    

Annual Report   Sports  Captain  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A. Introduction   According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Session  IX,  Article  2h,  “The   two   Sports   Captains   shall   be   responsible   for   organizing   all   sports   activities   of   the   Association.”     B. My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   As  an  Executive  Committee  member  in  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  session  2012-­‐2013,  I   have   fulfilled   my   duties   and   responsibilities.   With   respect   to   the   duties   in   the   society   room,   I   have   taken   my   shifts   and   deal   with   related   work,   such   as   selling   the   society   products,  and  offering  help  to  serve  the  members.     I   have   also   attended   most   of   the   Executive   Committee   meetings,   meanwhile   trying   my   best   to   contribute   and   provide   with   constructive   opinions   and   ideas   in   discussions   related  to  different  matters.  My  cooperation  with  other  Executive  Committee  members   has   also   helped   facilitate   the   smooth   operation   of   daily   business,   as   well   as   all   the   functions  that  we  have  organized  throughout  the  year.     C. My  role  as  the  Sports  Captain   As   one   of   the   two   Sports   Captains   of   the   Association,   I   have   cooperated   well   with   another   Sports   Captain,   Ms.   Fan   Sin   Chi,   Cindy,   to   cope   with   all   the   issues   related   to   sports.   I   have   put   much   effort   in   promoting   the   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions,   aiming   to   arouse   the   interest   of   members   to   participate.   Players   are   invited   to   participate   in   sports   competition   through   channels   such   as   the   Association’s   Facebook   page,   posters   and   phone   calls.   Apart   from   the   recruitment   of   sports   players,   I   am   also   responsible   for   ensuring   the   smooth   on-­‐day   arrangements,   and   dealing   with   certain   special  occasions  occurred  in  the  competitions.     With   regard   to   the   player’s   participation   in   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions,   certain   sports   have   accomplished   in   having   active   participation   of   players,   while   the   participation  in  some  of  the  other  sports  is  yet  to  be  satisfactory.  In  general,  the  overall   participation   has   improved   and   our   players   have   also   excelled   in   some   of   the   Inter-­‐ Faculty  Sports  Competitions.     This   year,   we   have   achieved   favorable   results   in   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions   during  the  session.  We  have  won  the  Champion  in  Women’s  Basketball,  turning  out  to  be   the   highlight   of   the   results   in   the   session,   and   we   are   also   the   3rd   runner-­‐up   in   both   Men’s  Football  and  Men’s  Volleyball.  Besides  the  Inter-­‐Faculty  Sports  Competitions,  we   have   also   organized   a   friendly   match   of   Men’s   Basketball   with   Social   Sciences   Society,   HKUSU  during  the  session.     D. My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As  a  Councilor,  I  have  attended  most  of  the  council  meetings.  During  the  meetings,  I  have   paid  attention  to  the  issues  discussed,  and  I  have  voted  without  bias.     E. My  role  as  the  Chairman  of  Awards  Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As  the  Chairman  of  the  Awards  Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,  I  am  responsible  to  deal   with   all   the   matters   related   to   awards,   including   criteria,   nominations,   the   list   of   winners  and  the  presentation  of  awards.  Subcommittee  members  and  workers  offering   valuable  help  and  outstanding  sports  players  will  be  rewarded.  I  have  held  two  meetings   during   the   session,   one   in   each   semester.   During   the   meetings,   I   have   taken   a   leading   55    

role in   the   discussion.   The   committee   has   smoothly   come   up   with   decisions   on   the   winners   of   the   service   and   sports-­‐related   awards,   as   well   as   the   details   of   the   presentation  of  the  awards.     F. My  role  as  an  Official  Observer  of  Sports  Association  Council,  HKUSU   I  have  personally  missed  the  several  meetings  of  Sports  Association  Council,  HKUSU  due   to   time   clash,   in   which   issues   concerning   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions   were   discussed,  while  my  partner,  Cindy,  has  attended  them  to  get  informed.     G. Conclusion   Time   brings   us   from   the   beginning   to   the   end   in   a   flash.   An   eventful   year   is   now   coming   to  an  end  eventually,  with  such  a  feeling  that  is  not  empty,  but  fruitful  instead.  It  is  my   pleasure  to  be  one  of  the  Executive  Committee  members  of  Accendo  Arts.  Bearing  this   identity   for   the   year,   I   have   endeavored   to   devote   myself   into   the   work,   yet   there   is   always  a  room  for  improvements  and  more  contributions.  Sadly,  there  is  no  way  back  to   walk   along   the   chosen   path   once   again   for   another   chance,   so   better   allow   all   the   imperfections  remain  among  the  bittersweet  memories  and  let  it  be.     I  do  not  consider  myself  a  sporty  person  at  all,  though  I  can  play  two  sports  up  to  certain   skill   levels.   As   a   Sports   Captain,   I   am   sometimes   among   the   players   on   the   pitch   inevitably,   playing   a   sport   that   is   rather   unfamiliar   to   me,   but   I   am   more   often   on   the   side   of   the   pitch   to   cheer   for   the   players.   This   is   indeed   not   an   easy   task   when   you   actually  care  whether  the  cheering  can  effectively  motivate  the  players,  and  sometimes,   it  does  determine  the  final  score.  Maintaining  a  good  contact  and  relationship  with  the   players  is  also  my  duty,  such  that  they  can  have  a  stronger  belonging  towards  us  under  a   friendly  atmosphere.  After  all,  this  is  also  a  great  opportunity  for  players  who  share  the   same   interest   of   sports   to   meet   each   other,   thus   a   decent   atmosphere   is   all   we   need.   I   would  like  to  thank  Cindy  also  for  coping  with  all  the  matters  related  to  sports  with  me   throughout   the   year.   From   the   sports   matches,   the   passion   of   players   is   what   I   have   realized   to   be   powerful.   People   with   passion   can   possibly   reach   as   far   as   they   can   imagine,  or  perhaps  beyond  their  imagination.     Back   from   the   above   recollection   of   my   experiences   related   to   my   post,   I   would   like   express   my   heartfelt   thanks   to   all   the   fellow   Executive   Committee   members   who   have   taken  the  same  path  in  the  journey,  and  from  whom  I  have  learned  quite  a  lot.  Mutual   memories   are   here   with   all   of   us.   I   sincerely   hope   that   Yosie   will   carry   on   with   the   work   of  sports,  and  last  but  not  least,  I  would  like  to  wish  Arts  Astra  a  successful  year  ahead!       Prepared  by,   Mr.  Liu  Tin  Tsan,  Angus   Sports  Captain,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                       56    

Annual Report   Sports  Captain  of  the  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A.  Introduction   According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Session  IX,  Article  2h,  “The   Sports   Captain   should   be   responsible   for   organizing   all   sports   activities   of   the   Association.”     B.  My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   As   an   Executive   Committee   member   of   the   Association,   I   have   fulfilled   the   responsibilities  of  taking  up  the  shift  duties  and  maintaining  the  Society  Room,  including   tidying   up   the   society   room,   selling   society   products,   helping   members   with   photocopying  as  well  as  solving  members’  enquiries  on  different  matters.        I  have  also   assisted   our   members   in   their   needs,   served   our   members   and   contributed   to   the   smooth  running  of  our  functions.         In   addition,   I   have   attended   almost   all   of   the   Executive   Committee   Meetings.     During   the   Meetings,   I   have   actively   participated   in   the   discussion   on   issues   related   to   the   Association  and  devoted  in  the  planning  as  well  as  the  preparation  of  our  functions.         I  also  took  up  the  duty  as  the  person-­‐in-­‐charge  of  the  Orientation  Day  and  responsible   for   planning   the   programs,   preparation   and   oversee   on-­‐day   arrangements   in   order   to   ensure  the  smooth  running  of  the  event.         In   addition,   I   have   also   helped   in   the   faculty   event,   Summer   Institute   2013,   which   I   believe   can   help   maintaining   good   relationship   between   the   Faculty   of   Arts   and   Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.       C.  My  role  as  the  Sports  Captain   As   one   of   the   two   Sports   Captains   of   the   Association,   I   have   cooperated   well   with   another   Sports   Captain,   Mr.   Liu   Tin   Tsan   Angus,   in   handling   all   the   issues   related   to   sports.     I   am   responsible   for   the   promotion   of   the   Inter-­‐faculty   Sports   Competition,   recruitment  of  players  as  well  as  the  on-­‐day  arrangement  of  all  the  Inter-­‐Faculty  Sports   Competition.     I   have   put   much   effort   in   promoting   the   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competition   by   various   means,   aiming   to   encourage   and   arouse   the   interest   of   members   to   participate   in   different   sports   events.   Members   are   invited   to   participate   in   sports   competition   through   channels   such   as   the   Association’s   Facebook   page,   posters   and   phone   calls.     Apart  from  these,  I  am  also  responsible  for  ensuring  the  smooth  on-­‐day  arrangements,   and  dealing  with  certain  special  occasions  of  the  competitions.   With   regard   to   the   members’   participation   in   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions,   it   is   encouraging   that   certain   events   have   accomplished   active   participation   such   as   Men’s   Soccer   and   Basketball   as   well   as   Women’s   Basketball,   while   the   participation   in   some   of   the   other   events   is   yet   to   be   satisfactory   and   more   effort   should   have   been   put   in   encouraging   members   to   participate   in   them.     In   general,   the   overall   participation   has   improved   and   our   players   have   also   excelled   in   some   of   the   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions.    In  addition,  complete  records  of  players  who  have  participated  in  sports   events  are  kept  to  provide  reference  for  potential  players  in  the  coming  session.  


The updates   and   results   of   the   competitions   are   reported   on   the   Association’s   Facebook   page.     During   the   session,   we   have   achieved   favorable   results   in   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports   Competitions.    We  have  won  the  Champion  in  Women’s  Basketball,  and  we  are  also  the   3rd   runner-­‐up   in   both   Men’s   Soccer   and   Men’s   Volleyball.     Besides   the   Inter-­‐Faculty   Sports  Competitions,  we  have  also  organized  a  friendly  match  of  Men’s  Basketball  with   Social  Sciences  Society,  HKUSU  during  the  session.       D.  My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As  a  councilor  of  the  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,  I  have  attended  most  of  the   meetings   throughout   the   session.     During   the   meetings,   I   paid   attention   to   the   issues   discussed   and   participate   in   some   of   the   discussion.     I   have   expressed   my   ideas   and   voted  without  bias.         E.  My  role  as  an  Official  Observer  of  Sports  Association  Council,  H.K.U.S.U.   As   an   Official   Observer   of   Sports   Association   Council,   H.K.U.S.U.,   I   have   attended   the   meetings  whenever  there  were  issues  concerning  Inter-­‐faculty  Sports  Competition  and   paid  attention  to  them.       F.  Conclusion   Time  flies  and  the  one-­‐year  session  has  eventually  come  to  the  destiny.    It  is  my  pleasure   to   be   one   of   the   Executive   Committee   members   of   Accendo   Arts,   the   cabinet   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   session   2012-­‐2013.     I   would   like   to   express   my   deepest   gratitude   towards   the   members   for   their   support   and   it   is   truly   my   honor   to   have   the   opportunity   to   serve   the   members   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   with   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   members   in   our   greatest   ability.     I   hope   that   our   members   do   enjoy   the   services   we   provided   and   the   functions   we   organized.     It   is   of   my   great   satisfaction   to   see  our  members  benefited  from  what  we  have  done  to  a  certain  extent.           As   a   Sports   Captain,   I   have   participated   in   some   of   the   sports   competitions.     It   is   a   pleasure   to   represent   the   Faculty   of   Arts   in   playing   sports   with   players   from   different   faculties.     It   is   also   a   great   opportunity   to   get   to   know   more   friends   and   enlarge   the   social   circle.     Also,   I   am   responsible   for   the   cheers   and   giving   support   to   our   players   during  the  competitions.    Hope  that  our  encouragement  and  passion  could  have  infected   our   players   to   try   their   best   and   strive   for   better   results.     These   are   certainly   some   unforgettable  experiences  that  I  would  never  forget.    Besides,  hereby  I  would  like  to  give   special   thank   to   my   partner   Angus   for   handling   all   the   sports-­‐related   issues   with   me   throughout  the  year.           Next,  I  would  like  to  thank  my  Executive  Committee  members  for  paying  great  effort  in   the   Association.     There   are   ups   and   downs   throughout   the   session,   but   we   as   a   team   are   always  able  to  resolve  the  problems  and  overcome  the  challenges.    Without  any  one  of   you,   many   of   our   functions   would   not   have   been   held   successfully.       I   must   say   I   truly   enjoy   working   and   spending   times   with   all   of   you.     Thank   you   for   the   support   and   encouragement  given  in  this  year.    You  are  the  best  co-­‐workers  and  I  have  learnt  a  lot   from   every   one   of   you   in   cooperating   and   organizing   different   functions   as   well   as   handling  both  internal  and  external  matters  of  the  Association.    At  this  moment,  a  line  in   AA   song   flashes   on   my   mind   “With   you   this   year   we   won’t   forget.”     I   would   certainly   remember  all  tears  and  laughter  and  these  memories  would  not  fade  even  after  decades.         It   is   a   challenging   yet   remarkable   year   to   me.     I   have   had   a   lot   of   brand   new   experiences   and   exposures.   Through   organizing   different   functions   and   maintaining   the   operation   of   the   Association,   I   know   more   about   myself   and   recognized   more   on   my   weaknesses.     Perfection  is  hard  to  achieve  and  there  is  always  rooms  for  improvement.    I  admit  that  


there must  be  more  could  have  been  done  in  various  aspects  throughout  the  session,  but   it  is  regretful  that  there  is  no  way  to  go  back.    Being  a  responsible   Executive  Committee   member  is  not  an  easy  job,  and  I  have  tried  hard  to  do  more  and  achieve  more.     Here   I   would   like   to   dedicate   a   few   words   to   the   next   cabinet   of   the   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   Arts   Astra.     I   sincerely   hope   that   you   can   try   your   very   best   to   serve   and   turn   a  new  page  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  and  Yosie  will  carry  on  her  duties  on  sports.     Last  but  not  least,  all  the  best  to  Arts  Astra  and  wish  you  a  fruitful  and  remarkable  year.                 Prepared  by,   Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy   Sports  Captain,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                                 59    

Annual Report Publication  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U. Session  2012-­‐2013   A.  Introduction According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Session  IX,  Article  2i,  “The   Publication  Secretary  shall  be  responsible  for  all  the  publication  of  the  Association.”   B.  My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member Throughout   the   year   as   an   Executive   Committee   Member   in   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   session   2012-­‐2013,   I   have   taken   up   my   responsibilities   in   different   duties   corresponding   to   taking   shifts   in   guarding   the   society   room   and   fulfilling   different   obligations  in  order  to  meet  our  member’s  needs.  Moreover,  I  have  attended  most  of  the   meetings   and   provided   contributively   opinions.   I   have   worked   closely   with   my   fellow   Executive  Committee  Members  in  all  the  preoperational  works  in  order  to  allow  all  the   events  to  run  smoothly  during  the  day.  I  have  also  taken  in  different  ideas  and  opinions   from  our  members  hence  reflected  and  improved  in  the  subsequent  events.     C.  My  role  as  the  Publication  Secretary As  the  Publication  Secretary  of  the  Association,  I  am  responsible  for  all  the  publication   works  of  the  Association.       I  have  engaged  most  of  the  time  in  preparing  and  designing  all  the  publicity  means  for   every   function   throughout   the   year   including   posters,   banners,   pamphlets,   promotion   videos,  Facebook  etc.  Moreover,  I  am  also  responsible  of  publishing  all  the  publications   and   distributed   to   the   target   audiences   such   as   the   Inauguration   booklet   on   Inauguration   Ceremony,   the   June-­‐Forth   Magazine   during   the   June   Forth   Series,   and   Information   booklet   on   Information   Day   and   the   Orientation   booklet   during   the   Orientation  Camp.       I   have   also   made   new   designs   for   all   the   society   products   such   as   the   society   files,   society   paper,   society   T-­‐shirt,   society   jacket   and   the   welfare   bags   that   are   given   out   to   the   members   during   the   Welfare   X   Superpass   Series.   With   the   help   of   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   Members,   the   publications   of  the   Association   are   made   smoothly   and  adequately.   D.  My  role  as  a  Councillor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As  a  Councillor,  I  have  attended  most  of  the  council  meetings  throughout  the  year  and   have   taken   in   all   the   opinions   from   the   fellow   Councillors   conscientiously.   Many   different  voices  and  opinions  have  brought  up  during  the  discussion  and  I  am  glad  to  see   many   interactions   between   different   parties   and   recognised   each   piece   of   information   thoughtfully.   It   allowed   me   to   cast   my   vote   without   bias   in   order   to   strive   the   best   for   our  members.       E.  My  role  as  a  Member  of  Election  Commission,  A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   I  was  appointed  as  a  member  of  Election  Commission  by  all  the  executive  councillors  for   the  Annual  Election  2013.    I  helped  assisted  all  the  preparation  work  in  order  to  ensure   a  smooth  operation  at  the  polling  station.  We  have  also  discussed  the  matters  include  all   of   the   items   as   stated   in   By-­‐Law   of   the   Constitution   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   under   the  Section  of  Election  Commission.           F.  Conclusion   60    

Firstly, I   would   like   to   send   my   greatest   gratitude   to   all   the   members   who   have   given   us   all  the  support  and  trust  in  all  our  decisions  throughout  the  year.  I  am  honoured  to  have   served  in  the  Association  this  year.  Without  them  believing  in  us,  we  wouldn't  be  able  to   succeed   in   our   functions   and   strive   our   best   to   bring   the   utmost   outcome   for   our   members.   Secondly,   I   would   like   to   thank   all   my   fellow   Executive   Members   who   have   accompanied   and   helped   me   throughout   this   amazing   journey.   Although   we   have   encountered  many  obstacles  in  our  session  and  maybe  we  have  disagreements  time  to   time,   we   still   believe   in   each   other   and   have   worked   our   hardest   to   achieve   our   goals   and   expectations.     I   will   always   treasure   the   memory   we   have   no   matter   is   happy   or   sad   with  no  regret.       It   is   always   challenging   on   designing   all   the   publications,   publicity   means   and   society   products   for   different   functions   in   promoting   our   Association.   As   the   publication   secretary  of  the  Association,  I  am  happy  with  what  I  have  accomplished  throughout  the   year   as   a   year   ago,   I   wouldn’t   have   believed   I   could   have   done   it.   With   my   previous   knowledge   and   creativity,   I   strived   my   best   to   finish   all   the   work   in   order   to   feed   the   members’  needs.       Lastly,   Nick,   the   proposed   Publication   Secretary   of   the   coming   session,   I   am   sure   your   professional   knowledge   will   allow   you   to   accomplish   you   work   easily   and   hopefully   you   will  enjoy  the  excitement  after  you  have  finished  producing  a  satisfying  publication.  I  am   glad  to  see  that  there  will  be  a  Publicity  Secretary  of  the  coming  session.  I  am  sure  your   creativity   will   bring   a   lot   of   freshness   to   the   publicity   means   that   you   are   going   to   produce  in  the  coming  session.  I  send  all  my  blessings  to  both  of  you  guys,  hopefully  you   guys   will   cherish   your   duties   even   when   you   encounter   downturns   and   bare   in   mind   your  initiative  and  passion  when  you  first  apply  for  the  posts.         Prepared  by, Ms.  Ho  Yin  Yee,  Flora Publication  Secretary, Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union Session  2012-­‐2013



Annual Report   Social  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A. Introduction   According   to   the   Constitution   of   the   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   Section   IX,   Article   21,   ‘’The   Social   Secretary   shall   be   responsible   for   organizing   all   social   activities   of   the   Association’’.       B. My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   Being   as   one   of   Executive   Committee   Member,   I   have   basically   fulfilled   the   duties   throughout   the   session   year.   Not   only   attending   most   of   the   Executive   Committee   meetings,   but   also   actively   participating   in   it   and   giving   ideas   on   every   matter   discussed   to  foster  the  progress  of  the  meetings.  Moreover,  I  have  carried  out  daily  routine  duties   like  taking  shifts  to  serve  members  in  the  society  room.  Furthermore,  I  have  taken  part   in  preparation  work  of  every  functions  held,  such  as  preparing  materials,  decorating  the   venue  and  promotion  work  etc.       Last  but  not  least,  I  was  the  Person-­‐In-­‐Charge  of  orientation  camp,  which  was  successful   held  with  the  help  and  efforts  put  in  by  my  fellow  Executive  Committee  Members.         C. My  role  as  the  Social  Secretary   As  the  Social  Secretary  of  the  Association,  I  am  responsible  for  organizing  all  the  social   activities   for   the   Association.   Throughout   the   session,   three   social   activities   have   been   held   namely,   Orientation   Day,   Orientation   Camp   and   ‘Superpass’   Series.   I   have   proactively   participated   in   all   these   functions   in   preparation   work   and   on-­‐day   rundown   in  order  to  facilitate  the  smooth  running  of  the  programs.       Orientation  Camp  is  the  function  that  I  was  in  charge  of.  It  is  to  serve  as  an  occasion  for   the  freshmen  to  get  along  with  each  other,  and  to  be  familiarized  with  the  Faculty  of  Arts   and  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U..  It  was  successfully  held.     Lastly,   some   birthday   parties   and   dinner   gatherings   are   held   for   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   Members   in   order   to   build   up   a   closer   relationship   among   our   Executive   Committee  Members.  Sometimes  there  were  conflicts  among  us  in  the  meetings,  I  have   tried   my   best   to   harmonize   the   atmosphere   and   eliminating   misunderstanding   among   my  fellow  Executive  Committee  Members.       D. My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Student  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   I   have   attended   most   of   the   meetings   of   the   Council   and   paid   attention   to   the   matter   discussed.  I  have  given  opinions  and  voted  without  bias.         E. My   role   as   the   representative   of   the   Executive   Committee   in   Orientation   Affairs  Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As   the   representative   of   the   Executive   Committee   in   Orientation   Affairs   Committee,   I   have  attended  all  the  meetings  and  actively  participated  in  the  discussion,  like  amending   the  regulations  of  orientation  activities,  as  well  as  the  preparation  work  for  registration   day.         Besides,   I   was   the   Honorary   Secretary   to   the   Committee.   I   have   fulfilled   the   duties   of   being  as  an  Honorary  Secretary  that  all  the  minutes  and  paper  work  were  prepared  on   time.             F. Conclusion   62    

I am   so   glad   to   be   elected   as   the   Social   Secretary   of   the   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   which   provided   me   a   chance   to   serve   our   members.   I   gained   and   learnt   a   lot   as   being   an   Executive  Committee  Member.       I  learnt  from  the  difficulties  we  faced  when  organizing  activities  and  meeting  different   parties  and  people  during  the  session  year.  I  gained  a  true  friendship  with  all  my  fellow   Executive   Committee   Members.   Thanks   for   the   support   and   understanding   from   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   Members   throughout   the   year,   especially   during   the   orientation   period.   Without   their   efforts   and   support,   it   would   not   have   been   a   great   success.   I   am   sure   I   will   remember   how   many   nights   we   stayed   together,   how   much   laughter  and  tears  we  shared  and  how  15  of  us  worked  together.  All  these  unforgettable   memories  colored  my  freshman  year.         Being  a  Social  Secretary  or  Executive  Committee  Member  of  the  Association  is  never  an   easy   task   because   there   will   be   a   lot   of   hardships,   challenges,   comments   and   even   criticisms.  However,  do  remember  our  spirit-­‐-­‐  “To  Arts  We  Belong,  For  Arts  We  Strive”   and   be   courageous   to   take   up   all   the   challenges.   I   wish   the   next   cabinet   of   the   Association  every  success  and  a  fruitful  year.           Prepared  by,   Ms.  Kong  Pui  Wing,  Kammy   Social  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                             63    

Annual Report Current  Affairs  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U. Session  2012-­‐2013   A.  Introduction According   to   the   Constitution   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   Section   IX   Article   2k,   the   Current   Affairs   Secretary   shall   be   responsible   for   enhancing   the   understanding   of   current  affairs  and  social  issues  among  the  members.   B.  My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member     As   an   Executive   Committee   Member,   I   have   tried   my   best   to   fulfill   the   responsibility.   I   actively   involved   in   discussions,   preparation,   promotions   and   on-­‐day   operation   of   all   events  throughout  the  year.       I  have  attended  most  of  the  regular  meetings  of  the  Executive  Committee.  I  missed  few   of   them   due   to   time   clashes.   However,   I   would   refer   to   minutes   and   try   to   catch   up   with   the   progress   in   case   of   absence.   During   the   meeting,   I   have   also   actively   contributed   ideas  to  every  event  and  help  improve  the  functions.   I  tried  to  take  up  responsibilities  of  preparations  of  the  events  and  help  to  buy  materials   online  to  lower  the  cost  of  our  events.  Also,  I  would  usually  be  in  charge  of  decorations   of   our   events   such   as   inauguration   ceremony   or   welfare   week,   etc.   In   addition,   I   also   tried   to   help   with   the   publicity   our   events   by   generating   ideas,   designs,   printing   and   posting  as  well.  During  on-­‐  day  of  our  events,  I  help  to  ensure  the  smooth  running  of  our   events  and  guard  the  booths.     In  terms  of  the  operation  of  the  society  room,  I  tool  shift  in  guarding  society  rooms  and   help  to  provide  service  such  as  printing  and  sale  of  society  products  to  our  members.   C.  My  role  as  the  Current  Affairs  Secretary     As   the   Current   Affairs   Secretary,   I   have   tried   my   best   in   fulfilling   responsibilities   of   raising   the   awareness   of   our   members   towards   social   issues   as   well   as       bringing   in-­‐ depth   discussions   among   them.   To   achieve   such   result,   the   June   Fourth   Series   was   organized   as   an   excellent   way   for   members   to   have   a   deeper   understanding   about   the   June   Fourth   Massacre.   Besides,   in   general,   I   also   did   my   best   to   stimulate   discussions   on   current  affairs  among  members.  The  details  are  as  follows.     a.  June  Fourth  Series   The   June   Fourth   Series   is   my   person-­‐in-­‐charge   event   during   the   session.   It   aims   at   raising   the   awareness   of   our   members   about   the   24th   anniversary   of   the   June   Fourth   Massacre   and   offering   an   opportunity   for   students   to   express   their   feelings   over   the   issue.  The  series  include  a  five0day  exhibition  and  also  a  publication  named  “64.24”.     First   of   all,   the   exhibition   serves   as   an   opportunity   for   members   to   read   first-­‐handed   information   such   as   newspaper,   video   clips,   photos   and   books   about   June   Fourth   Massacre.   The   function   was   overall   a   successful   one   as   we   have   received   positive   comment   from   members.   Our   executive   members   felt   particularly   grateful   when   mainland   students   showed   their   interests   to   our   exhibition   and   left   some   encouraging   comments.   It   showed   that   our   exhibition   has   deepened   the   understanding   of   our   members  towards  the  issue.  Special  thanks  also  goes  to  Hong  Kong  Alliance  in  Support   of  Patriotic  Democratic  Movements  for  borrowing  those  valuable  sources  to  us.    


Apart from  the  exhibition,  the  June  Fourth  magazine  “64.24”  is  also  another  highlight  of   the   series.   The   magazine   is   published   as   a   platform   to   provide   an   opportunity   for   members  to  express  their  feelings  and  contribute  articles  over  the  issue.  Also,  through   stories   and   personal   experience   offered   by   guests   and   other   students,   different   prospective   can   be   provided   to   look   into   the   issue   in   a   more   thorough   way.   The   publication   is   also   another   success.   Many   positive   comments   from   students   over   the   content   and   design   of   the   magazine   have   been   received.   Many   guests   as   well   as   CEDARS   have  shown  their  interest  and  appreciation  towards  our  publication.  The  copies  are  all   distributed.   This   is   however   a   pity   that   we   cannot   organize   a   jumble   sale   to   gather   donations   for   the   maintenance   of   the   pillar   of   shame   due   to   our   limited   resources.     Making  a  publication  is  never  an  easy  task.    I  hereby  would  like  to  dedicate  my  deepest   gratitude  to  members  of  the  editorial  board,  Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar  and  Ms.  Cheung  Lai   Sum,  Lesley  who  contributed  a  lot  in  the  interview  and  editorial  process  with  me.  They   have   also   provided   lots   of   valuable   comments   to   make   the   magazine   a   better   one.   Special   thanks   also   goes   to   Mr.   Chan   Tsun   Hong,   Austin   for   the   perfect   design   of   the   magazine.       b.  General  duties  in  promoting  current  affairs   Apart   from   the   June   Fourth   Series,   I   have   actively   operated   with   other   societies   in   promoting  current  affairs.  For  example,  I  have  tightly  contacted  with  other  societies  and   responded   to   the   issue   of   the   labor   strike   in   Kwai   Chung   Container   Terminal.   Also,   on   behalf   of   the   executive   committee   members,   I   actively   participated   in   demonstrations   and  protests  such  as  the  Hong  Kong  1  July  protest,  the  June  Fourth  assembly,  the  protest   on  labor  strike  and  also  the  HKTV  assembly  in  the  Government  Headquarters  with  Mr.   Ng   Wai   Ka,   Oscar.   We   also   tried   our   best   to   promote   these   events   and   attracted   more   members   to   come   with   us.   Also,   the   joing   Faculty   debate   is   a   great   event   to   promote   external   affairs   in   campus.   I   would   also   like   to   thank   Ms.   Chow   Chi   Ching,   Annalie   for   assisting  me  in  translation  as  well  as  the  publicity  of  external  affairs.   D.  My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.    As   a   councilor,   I   have   attended   most   of   the   council   meeting   and   listened   to   every   councilor’s  opinion  attentively.  I  casted  my  votes  cautiously  after  considering  opinions   expressed   in   the   meeting.   I   often   involved   in   the   discussion,   especially   when   there   is   discussion   that   relates   to   current   affairs.   On   behalf   of   the   Current   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.,   A.A.H.K.U.S.U.,   I   also   tried   my   best   in   explaining   the   details   of   the   statement   “Declaration  For  The  Recent  Dock  Labor  Strike”  to  all  councilors  during  the  discussion  if   the  endorsement  of  the  statement.     E.  My  role  as  the  Chairman  of  Current  Affairs  Committee,  A.S.C.,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.     Throughout   the   year,   four   committee   meetings   were   successfully   convened.   I   have   tried   my   best   to   set   the   agenda   and   to   ensure   meetings   can   be   run   smoothly.   During   the   meetings,  I  consider  and  record  opinions  from  members  thoroughly.  It  is  grateful  that  all   members   in   the   committee   have   paid   their   greatest   efforts   in   voicing   their   opinions   and   helping   out   in   work   such   as   publicity,   translation,   drafting   statement   and   holding   functions.   Holding   an   ad-­‐hoc   function   for   the   labor   strike   in   Kwai   Chung   with   the   committee   members   is   probably   one   of   my   most   unforgettable   memories   as   all   members   have   actively   participated   and   finished   their   jobs   within   a   very   limited   time.   The   result   is   indeed   impressive.   I   would   like   to   express   my   gratitude   to   all   the   committee   members   for   spending   time   and   efforts   in   promoting   current   affairs   to   members.   F.  Evaluation  


I feel   very   honored   to   be   elected   as   the   Current   Affairs   Secretary   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.  and  serve  our  members  throughout  the  year.  I  hereby  would  like  to  thank  all   the   executive   members   for   their   efforts   in   making   this   year   a   remarkable   one.   I   am   very   glad  that  positive  comments  are  received  in  terms  of  the  performance  in  current  affairs   of  the  Association.  But  without  the  lead  of  Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar  and  the  assistance  of  Mr.   Au   Kin   Wai,   Arnold   and   Ms.   Chow   Chin   Ching,   Annalie,   the   result   will   not   be   such   a   rewarding   one.   Last   but   not   least,   I   wish   the   next   cabinet,   Arts   Astra,   can   carry   on   to   strive  for  every  success  and  enjoy  the  coming  fruitful  year.       Prepared  by, Ms.  Kwong  Kit  Ying,  Kenas Current  Affairs  Secretary, Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union Session  2012-­‐2013



Annual Report   External  General  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A.  Introduction   According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Section  IX,  Article  2l,  “The   External   General   Secretary   shall   be   responsible   for   promoting   the   interests   and   concerns  of  the  members  in  all  external  affairs.”     B.  My  Role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   I   have   fulfilled   my   duty   as   an   Executive   Committee   member   by   attending   most   of   the   Executive  Committee  meetings  and  have  contributed  by  providing  practical  advice  and   solutions.       To  ensure  the  smooth  running  and  a  high  quality  of  our  events  and  productions,  I  have   been   in   close   cooperation   with   the   14   other   Executive   Committee   members   and   have   maintained  a  friendly  relationship  with  all  of  them.       I  have  fulfilled  my  duties  at  the  society  room  by  being  present  for  my  time  slots,  cleaning   up  the  society  room,  selling  society  products  and  photocopying  for  members  as  well  as   solving  any  enquiries  from  our  members.       C.  My  Role  as  the  External  General  Secretary     I   have   fulfilled   my   duties   as   an   External   General   Secretary   by   being   responsible   for   writing  letters  and  documents  to  external  parties,  such  as  the  9  other  faculties  as  well  as   the  mass  emails  to  the  students  of  the  University.       I  was  the  person-­‐in-­‐charge  of  the  function  Career  Series,  which  was  a  large-­‐scale  event   that  has  included  the  involvement  of  many  external  parties.       I   have   also   been   responsible   for   proofreading,   documentation   and   translation   work   throughout   the   year.   Also,   I   have   been   responsible   for   the   publication   for   promoting   news  regarding  the  election  of  the  Vice-­‐Chancellor.       Looking   back,   I   would   claim   that   I   have   fulfilled   my   duties   as   the   External   General   Secretary,   but   I   could   have   improved   much   more   by   increasing   my   participation   and   developing  my  interests  in  external  affairs,  such  as  social  and  University  affairs.       As   the   responsibilities   of   an   External   General   Secretary   overlaps   with   those   responsibilities   of   the   Current   Affairs   Secretary   and   the   General   Secretary,   a   clearer   and   more   efficient   design   for   the   purpose   of   dividing   labor   between   these   three   positions   should  have  been  compromised  to  avoid  any  unbalanced  allocation  of  workload.       D.  My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   I   have   attended   most   of   the   council   meetings   and   I   also   took   up   the   post   of   Acting   Secretary   to   the   Council   when   the   Secretary   to   the   Council   is   absent.   I   have   paid   close   attention  to  the  issues  discussed  and  voted  without  bias.       There   is   room   for   improvement   for   my   participation   in   council   meetings,   for   which   I   should  have  been  more  active  and  outspoken  in  raising  my  opinions.       E.  Conclusion   I  have  gained  tremendously  from  being  an  External  General  Secretary  for  a  year.  Being   one   of   the   Executive   Committee   Members   of   Arts   Association   of   this   session   has   made   67    

me proud.  I  am  very  glad  to  have  been  given  this  opportunity  to  serve  the  members  of   the   Association.   Together,   all   15   of   us   have   been   through   rough   times   and   great   moments,  it  would  be  a  memory  forever  etched  in  my  head,  of  which  I  will  treasure  until   the  end  of  days.  We  call  each  other  as  ‘jong  yau’  in  Chinese,  which  refers  to  committee   members   and   friends   at   the   same   time.   Now   that   our   session   is   coming   to   an   end,   we   will  no  longer  be  the  official  committee  members,  but  I  believe  that  our  friendship  will   be  forever-­‐lasting.       Looking  back,  there  is  always  room  for  improvement.  Nonetheless,  all  fifteen  of  us  have   done   our   best   in   our   session,   and   I   believe   my   fellow   Executive   Committee   Members   would  concur  when  I  assert  that  we  have  left  no  regrets  in  this  fruitful  and  unforgettable   year.       Last  but  not  least,  I  would  like  to  wish  the  new  cabinet,  Astra  Arts,  all  the  best  in  their   coming  session.         Prepared  by,     Ms.  Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie   External  General  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                   68    

Annual Report   Faculty  Affairs  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A.  Introduction   According  to  the  Constitution  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Section  IX  Article  2  m),  the   Faculty  Affairs  Secretary  shall  be  responsible  for  promoting  the  interests  and  concerns   of  members  in  all  faculty  affairs.       B.  My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   I  have  shown  active  participation  throughout  my  term  of  office  in  numerous  affairs  as  an   Executive   Committee   member.   I   have   been   straightly   adhering   to   my   general   duties   like   managing   society   room,   guarding   booths   during   events   and   attending   most   of   the   meetings.   I   have   been   keen   on   contributing   crucial   opinions   upon   decision-­‐makings   and   constructing  close  bonding  with  my  fellow  Executive  Committee  members.  Moreover,  I   have   been   trying   to   help   with   other   aspects   of   work   whenever   possible.   Also,   I   have   been  eager  to  promote  and  publicize  the  Association  during  daily  contact  with  members,   providing   them   with   information   and   updates,   and   meanwhile   bringing   their   treasurable  opinions  into  the  Executive  Committee.     C.  My  role  as  the  Faculty  Affairs  Secretary   A   Faculty   Affairs   Secretary,   to   me,   should   serve   as   the   bridge   between   arts   students   and   the  faulty,  fostering  the  release  of  information  on  the  one  hand,  and  reflecting  opinions   on   the   other.   Getting   close   to   students   whilst   maintaining   a   cooperative   partnership   with   the   faculty   has   been   one   of   my   primary   concerns.   I   feel   grateful   to   have   to   the   opportunity   to   explain   to   students   matters   concerning   honor   classification,   major   and   minor   selection   and   so   on.   I   strived   to   speak   for   discontented   graduates   in   face   of   the   Graduation   Ceremony   2013   turmoil,   and   we   are   glad   that   the   faculty   is   able   to   offer   them  a  more  reasonable  arrangement  after  intense  and  prompt  discussion.  Summary  of   the   Dean’s   Forum   was   uploaded   to   Facebook   for   the   interest   of   members   who   did   not   attend   the   event   but   are   having   enquiries   in   mind.   However,   it   is   pitiful   that   the   University  has  not  acknowledged  and  accepted  the  polling  results  of  the  undergraduate   student   memberships   to   the   Board   of   Faculty   of   Arts   and   that   I   may   not   be   able   to   extend  my  service  to  such  a  platform  although  being  successfully  elected.       D.  My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.     As   a   councilor   of   the   Council,   I   am   held   responsible   to   attend   all   the   council   meetings   and   I   therefore   feel   regretful   to   have   absented   a   few   of   them   due   to   unavoidable   time   clashes.  Active  participation  has  been  shown,  especially  over  affiliation  of  new  academic   societies   in   early   council   meetings.   I   hoped   to   and   performed   my   best   to   protect   and   maximize  members’  interest  while  casting  my  votes  over  an  unbiased  basis.  I  have  been,   as   a   councilor,   and   as   all   of   the   Executive   Committee   members   have   been,   serving   genuinely   for   the   good   of   our   members   in   the   council,   and   that   it   is   truly   sad   to   see   deadlocks  over  certain  issues  for  a  long  period  of  time.       E.  My  role  as  a  member  of  Faculty  Affairs  Committee,  A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   I   was   appointed   in   the   Council   as   the   chairman   of   the   Faculty   Affairs   Committee,   A.S.C.A.A.H.K.U.S.U..   Two   meetings   were   called   during   my   term   of   office,   one   in   the   second   semester   of   the   academic   year   of   2012-­‐2013   and   one   in   the   first   semester   of   the   later   academic   year.   I   have   been   taking   the   leading   role   chairing,   facilitating,   and   ensuring  the  quality  and  efficiency  of  the  meetings.  Numerous  issues  regarding  faculty   and   academic   affairs   were   covered   and   discussed   under   a   constructive   and   cordial   atmosphere.   Committee   members   were   keen   on   expressing   their   opinions,   which   are   crucial  for  their  great  comprehensiveness.     69    

F. Conclusion   I  wish  to  deliver  my  sincerest  gratitude  to  all  of  the  members  of  the  Association.  I  wish   all  of  those  who  showed  their  trust  and  support  with  their  valuable  votes  do  not  regret   on  making  such  a  decision  and  are  satisfied  with  my  performance.  It  is  my  great  honor   to   have   served   each   and   every   one   of   them   for   the   duration   of   this   session.   Over   and   above  that,  I  would  like  to  thank  all  of  my  fellow  Executive  Committee  members  for  their   priceless  effort  paid.  It  is  my  pleasure  to  have  worked  and  to  have  spent  a  memorable   year   with   them.   None   of   them   is   replaceable.   The   help   from   past  Executive   Committee   members   is   also   vital   with   their   rich   past   experience   and   multi-­‐perspective   views.   Nonetheless,   it   is   enjoyable   to   have   shared   times   with   numerous   working   partners   on   different   platforms,   all   trying   their   best   to   provide   arts   students   with   as   much   as   they   can  do.  It  has  been  a  fruitful  year  to  me.    However  satisfying  or  not  the  Association  has   discharged  its  duties,  I  hope  that  successors  can  continue  to  serve  whole-­‐heartedly  and   can   conquer   challenges   no   matter   how   hard   they   seem   to   be,   ultimately   to   pursue   the   true  meaning  of  running  a  students’  society.         Prepared  by,   Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken   Faculty  Affairs  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                 70    

Annual Report   Marketing  Secretary  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013     A.  Introduction   In   accordance   to   the   Constitution   of   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.,   Session   IX,   Article   2O,   the   Marketing   Secretary   shall   be   responsible   for   handling   all   marketing   affairs   of   the   Association.     B.  My  role  as  an  Executive  Committee  Member   I   have   fulfilled   my   responsibilities   as   an   Executive   Committee   member   during   the   session   ranging   from   attending   the   time   slots   at   the   society   room,   tidying   the   society   room,  selling  the  society  products  to  offering  help  to  members’  needs.     Aside   from   the   daily   duties,   I   have   also   attended   almost   all   the   Executive   Committee   meetings   and   tried   to   give   as   much   constructive   ideas   as   possible   when   tackling   different  problems  and  holding  events.  During  the  session,  I  am  the  person-­‐in-­‐charge  of   the   Welfare   X   Superpass   Series   and   I   have   tried   my  best   to   make   this   event   successful   from   preparation   work   to   running   smoothly   during   the   event.   I   have   also   fulfilled   my   duties  as  a  marketing  secretary  to  contact  different  sponsorship  companies  to  sponsor   our  events  and  assist  welfare  secretary  in  some  daily  duties  to  lighten  her  workloads.     I  have  also  actively  participated  in  events  other  than  the  Welfare  X  Superpass  Series  to   help   other   Executive   Committee   members   in   running   the   functions   smoothly   by   sharing   part   of   their   workloads   on   both   preparation   work   and   on-­‐day   arrangements.     In  addition,  I  have  also  helped  the  Faculty  of  Arts  in  the  Information  Day  to  promote  arts   to   potential   students.   I   believe   this   can   maintain   a   cooperative   relationship   between   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  and  the  Faculty  of  Arts.     C.  My  role  as  the  Marketing  Secretary   Throughout   my   office   term,   I   have   fulfilled   my   duties   as   a   marketing   secretary   by   handling  the  sponsorship  affairs  of  the  Association.  I  have  contacted  different  companies   for   sponsorship   in   events   such   as   Inauguration   Ceremony,   Orientation   Series   and   Superpass   X   Welfare   Series   so   as   to   bring   the   greatest   benefits   to   our   members   and   ensure   an   effective   use   of   our   expenses   in   different   events.   I   have   also   given   ideas   on   publishing  different  kinds  of  society  products  for  our  members  and  searched  companies   that  provide  best  quality  with  reasonable  prices.     In   November,   I   have   organized   a   Superpass   X   Welfare   Series   with   our   Welfare   Secretary   and   I   am   the   person-­‐in-­‐charge   of   this   functions.   The   aim   of   holding   this   event   is   to   provide   welfare   products   to   our   members   and   let   our   members   to   have   a   taste   of   one   of   the  traditional  customs  in  HKU,  writing  couplets.     During  the  event,  members  can  receive  free  welfare  packages  with  file,  Time  Magazine,   daily   products   and   snacks   etc.   They   can   also   participate   in   our   lucky   draw   and   take   black-­‐and-­‐white  instant  photos  at  a  discounted  price.  We  have  also  offer  members  with   free  candy  floss  and  popcorns.     D.  My  role  as  a  Councilor  of  Arts  Students’  Council,  A.A.H.K.U.S.U.   As   a   councilor,   I   have   tried   my   best   to   attend   the   council   meeting.   I   considered   my   performance   in   the   council   meetings   as   average   since   I   can   give   out   my   opinions   my   actively   and   attend   in   more   meetings   instead.   During   the   council   meetings,   I   have   participated  in  some  of  the  discussions  and  vote  without  bias.   71    

E. Conclusion   I   am   really   glad   in   becoming   one   of   the   executive   members   of   the   Arts   Association,   H.K.U.S.U.  in  this  session.  I  have  never  regret  in  making  this  decision  in  one  year  before.  I   have  never  thought  of  the  changes  that  have  brought  to  me  after  one  year.  Admittedly,   there   was   a   tough   period   of   time   for   me   to   balance   the   study,   workload   of   the   association   and   other   things   in   life.   I   have   had   struggled   a   lot   during   the   period   that   I   sometime  doubted  myself  whether  I  am  capable  in  handling  all  the  duties.  Yet,  one  year   later,   when   I   look   back,   I   realized   I   have   grown   up   a   lot   because   of   the   challenges   I   have   faced   during   this   session.   I   have   more   confidence   in   myself   when   coordinating   and   enforcing  different  events,  tackling  unexpected  incidents  and  communicating  with  other   people.       Here,   I   would   like   to   thank   you   everyone   who   had   casted   their   votes   to   us   in   trusting   us   at  the  beginning  of  the  session.  It  is  surely  my  honor  to  have  given  this  opportunity  to   serve  all  of  the  members.  Also,  I  would  like  to  also  thank  my  fellow  Executive  Committee   members  for  paying  efforts  in  the  Association.  I  would  like  to  thank  you  for  their  help  in   supporting   me   and   guiding   me   during   the   session.   One   can   never   succeed   without   a   team   of   great   people.   Each   of   them   makes   a   different   to   our   events.   I   also   learnt   a   lot   from   each   of   you   and   I   will   treasure   the   days   we   spent   together   preparing   different   events  and  simply  playing  and  chatting  together.  These  memories  will  definitely  become   one  of  the  precious  moments  in  my  life.  I  am  always  thankful  to  those  who  had  offered   spiritual  supports  to  me  during  the  hard  times.     Undeniably,  there  are  also  rooms  for  improvements.  I  should  have  offered  more  help  to   our   Welfare   Secretary   to   reduce   her   burden   from   keeping   the   society   room   clean   to   sharing  some  of  her  workloads.  I  should  also  engage  more  in  seeking  sponsorship  from   different  companies  and  try  my  best  to  maintain  a  good  relationship  with  them.       Last  but  not  least,  I  would  like  to  send  my  best  regards  to  the  new  cabinet.  I  hope  they   will  all  enjoy  the  fruitful  year  ahead  and  face  ups  and  downs  together.  I  hope  the  passion   we  share  in  serving  this  association  can  pass  on  from  session  to  session.       Prepared  by,   Ms.  Wu  Sin  Mei,  May   Marketing  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  Hong  Kong  University  Students’  Union   Session  2012-­‐2013                              




Report on  Mini  Live  Concert     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:     Theme:   Date:   Time:   Venue:   Aims:  

Mr. Chan  Lit  Man,  Floppy     Robynn  &  Kendy  ‘Dear  Diary’  Mini  Live  University  Tour   30/1/2013   1300-­‐1400   Global  Lounge,  Swire  Building   1. To  promote  music  in  the  campus.   2. To  provide  an  opportunity  for  students  to  know   more  about  Cantonese  pop  music.   3. To  capitalize  music  as  a  tool  for  bringing  local  and   non-­‐local  students  together.   HKU  students   Universal  Music  Group  

Target Group:   Co-­‐organizing  Party:     Evaluations:   1. Global  Lounge  was  not  a  venue  with  much  population  flow,  hence  being  unable   to  attract  a  large  number  of  students  to  get  involved  in  the  event.   2. The  publicity  materials  prepared  by  Universal  Music  were  sent  to  us  late,  leading   to  very  limited  time  to  promote  the  event  to  students.   3. The  participants  gave  positive  responses  to  the  music  performance.  The  singers   interacted  well  with  the  audience.   4. The  performers  were  familiarized  with  the  rundown  of  the  event  and  the  agency   felt  satisfied  with  it.   5. The  setting-­‐up  of  the  venue  prior  to  the  event  was  smooth.     Recommendation:   It  is  suggested  that  venues  accommodating  more  participants  like  Sun  Yat-­‐sen  Place  or   Haking  Wong  Podium  can  be  booked  to  organize  events  which  students  may  have  more   interest  in.   Prepared  by,   Mr.  Chan  Lit  Man,  Floppy   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Chairman,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013  



Report on  Inauguration  Ceremony     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:   Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken       Date:   7/2/2013   Time:   1830-­‐2100   Venue:   Rayson  Huang  Theatre   Aims:   To  serve  as  an  occasion  for  the  new  Executive   Committee  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  session  2012-­‐ 2013,  with  its  year  plan,  to  be  introduced  primarily  to   students  and  staff  of  the  University  of  Hong  Kong.   Target  Groups:   1. HKU  Vice-­‐Chancellor   2. Dean  and  Associate  Deans  of  the  Faculty  of  Arts,   HKU   3. Staff  and  students  of  the  Faculty  of  Arts,  HKU   4. Representatives  of  Hong  Kong  University  Arts   Alumni  Association   5. Representatives  of  Centre  of  Development  and   Resources  for  Students,  HKU   6. Representatives  of  the  Union  Executives  of   H.K.U.S.U.   7. Representatives  of  all  affiliated  societies  of  Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   8. Representatives  of  faculty  societies  and  their   affiliated  societies   9. Representatives  of  Hall  Student's  Association,   HKUSU   10. Representatives  of  other  societies  affiliated  to   HKUSU     11. Representatives  of  other  student  organizations     12. All  HKU  students     No.  of  Participants:   190     Evaluations:     (a) Preparation   1. The  most  significant  hindrance  came  the  revision  of  the  online  booking   system,  that  cross-­‐semester  reservation  of  venues  was  made  not  possible.   Not  until  very  lately  and  hardly  was  the  concerned  booking  confirmed   cooperating  with  the  faculty,  and  as  a  corollary,  affiliated  preparation  (but   not  seeking  for  sponsorship,  recruiting  helpers  and  design  of  publications   etc.)  was  affected.   2. We  are  honored  to  have  Mr.  Alan  Leong  and  Ms.  Tisa  Ho  as  two  of  our   honorable  guests.  However,  it  is  pitiful  that  Vice-­‐Chancellor  of  the  University   Mr.  Tsui  and  Dean  of  the  Faculty  Mr.  Kam  Louie  could  not  attend  the   ceremony  for  prior  arrangements.  The  feedback  of  guest  invitation  was   satisfying  in  general.     3. Sub  Subdivided  working  groups  were  timely  dispatched  that  day.  With  the   joint  effort  of  the  Executive  Committee  and  helpers,  most  of  the  on-­‐day   preparation  was  in  time  properly  done,  including  final  rehearsals,   decoration  and  caterings.  Exception  was  the  signing  backdrop,  which   consumed  greater  time  and  human  resources  than  expected.       (b) Publicity   75    

1. The event  was  publicized  through  most  of  the  means,  including  mass  emails,   posters,  banners,  Facebook  and  class  visits.   2. We  hoped  to  reach  students  and  parties  as  many  as  possible,  and  we  are  glad   to  have  overcome  the  turmoil  concerning  the  mass  email  system  at  that   time.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. Guests  started  their  arrival  right  after  the  cocktail  session  had  begun.  It   lasted  longer  than  designated  due  to  the  vast  amount  of  visiting  guests,   which  had  almost  reached  the  carrying  capacity  of  the  foyer  and  lobby.     2. The  diversity  and  amount  of  food  and  drinks  provided  in  the  regarded   sessions  are  satisfying,  so  as  the  decoration.     3. The  ceremony  commenced  as  soon  as  the  majority  of  guests  had  arrived  and   had  shared  some  time  with  committee  members  during  cocktail  session.   Guests  and  honorable  guests  were  settled  aided  by  helpers  and  led  by  our   chairman  respectively.     4. The  seemingly  only  noticeable  inaccuracy  was  probably  the   misunderstanding  between  MCs  and  helpers,  that  the  timing  of  doors’   opening  was  made  wrong.  In  spite  of  this,  the  procession  of  the  Executive   Committee  members  was  fairly  smooth  and  decent.       Recommendations:   1. From  the  above  we  may  clearly  notice  the  importance  of  confirming  dates  and   venues  early.  However  the  official  booking  system  changes,  no  effort  should  be   spared  in  seeking  and  settling  them  well  beforehand.   2. More  rehearsals  should  be  done  so  as  to  prevent  any  similar  incidents  as   aforementioned  and  to  ensure  that  helpers  are  fully  aware  of  their  duties  and   related  procedures.     3. The  on-­‐day  rundown  should  be  more  tightly  adhered  to  for  fear  of  any   overrunning  causing  discontent  of  guests  and  monetary  losses.       Prepared  by,   Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Faculty  Affairs  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                     76    

Report on  Cultural  Forum       Person-­‐in-­‐charge:     Topic:  

Mr. Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar     Hong  Kong  Culture  in  Ten  Terms:  Obstacles   and  Resolutions  (十個詞彙看香港文化—文 化發展的困境與出路)   26/3/2013   1245-­‐1400   North  Concourse,  K.K.  Leung  Building   To  raise  awareness  of  HKU  students  over   local  cultural  issues   Cantonese   Ms  Lee  Hoi-­‐yin,     President  of  Hong  Kong  Culture  Monitor   Mr  Wu  Chi-­‐wai,     Legislative  Councillor   Mr  Steven  Shiu  Yeuk-­‐yuen,     Renowned  Critic   Mr  Lau  Sai-­‐leung,     Founder  of  House  News   HKU  students   Around  50  

Date: Time:   Venue:   Aims:   Medium:   Guest  Speakers:  

Target Groups:   No.  of  Participants:     Evaluations:     (a) Preparation   1. The  choice  of  guest  speakers  had  to  be  confirmed  until  one  week  before  the   forum,  hindering  the  publicity  work  from  starting  earlier.   2. The  guest  speakers  were  well  chosen,  fostering  lots  of  inspirations   concerning  the  issues  and  attracting  lots  of  audience.   3. The  topic  of  the  forum  could  have  been  more  concise  so  that  the  discussion   can  be  more  focused.   4. The  communication  with  the  guest  speakers  was  good.  The  pamphlets  were   sent  to  them  before  the  forum  and  they  arrived  on  time.   (b) Publicity   The  publicity  started  one  week  before  the  forum  by  different  means.  Apart  from   sending  out  mass  emails,  putting  up  posters  and  setting  up  Facebook  event,  the   content  of  the  pamphlet  was  uploaded  to  our  Facebook  page  for  attracting  more   interested  members.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. The  forum  was  overall  held  smoothly,  which  did  not  overrun  despite  of  the   change  of  venue.   2. The  setting  up  of  the  site  was  not  so  satisfactory.  Due  to  the  sudden  change   of  weather,  the  forum  had  to  be  relocated  from  Sun  Yat-­‐sen  Place  to  North   Concourse  of  K.K.  Leung  Building  15  minutes  before  the  forum  began.   3. The  number  of  pamphlets  were  not  sufficient,  with  some  of  them   distributing  to  the  passers-­‐by  for  attracting  more  audience  due  to  the  change   of  venue.   4. For  drawing  more  students’  attention  on  the  issue,  evaluation  and  summary   of  the  forum  were  uploaded  to  our  Facebook  page.  


5. The guest  speakers  appreciated  the  arrangements.  Thank-­‐you  letters  to   them  were  delivered  right  after  the  forum.   Recommendations:   1. More  helpers  are  required  in  the  setting  up  of  the  site  in  order  to  avoid  any  delay   in  case  of  any  accident.   2. Haking  Wong  Podium  is  a  more  ideal  place  for  holding  forums,  considering  the   venue  can  be  used  regardless  of  extreme  weather  conditions  and  is  closer  to  the   Centennial  Campus.   3. The  tidying-­‐up  of  the  venue  after  the  event  is  important  to  avoid  any  loss  of   borrowed  materials.   4. Pre-­‐event  briefings  with  helpers  are  significant  to  ensure  smooth  rundown  of   the  forum.   5. More  pamphlets  can  be  printed  since  they  are  important  for  facilitating  further   discussion.     Prepared  by,     Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Vice-­‐Chairman,  External,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                   78    

Report on  Career  Series     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:     Date:   Time:   Venue:  


Target Groups:   Co-­‐organizing  Parties:  

Ms. Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie     15/4/2013-­‐16/4/2013   1200-­‐1800   Booth:  G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   Talks:     1. Room  105,  Chong  Yuet  Ming  Amenities  Center   2. Room  302,  Chong  Yuet  Ming  Amenities  Center   1. To  serve  the  purpose  of  introducing  different   dimensions  of  business  to  arts  students  for   future  career  planning.   2. To  give  Arts  students  chances  to  polish  their   practical  skills  for  career  development  by   providing  a  platform  for  companies  to  offer   internship,  part-­‐time  and  full-­‐time  jobs  for   members  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Students  of  HKU  seeking  job  opportunities   1. Devon  Financial  Translation  Services   2. GA  Professional  Services   3. IMC  Communication  Ltd   4. Prudential   5. 長者家  

Evaluations:   (a) Preparation   1. All  documentation  (i.e.  Detail  proposal  for  co-­‐organizing  parties,  reply  slip   and  invitation  email  draft)  was  well  prepared  with  elaborate  details  one  and   a  half  month  before  the  event.   2. Invitation  to  co-­‐organizing  parties  was  started  one  month  before  the  event.   All  companies’  participation  was  confirmed  one  week  before  the  event.   3. Communication  with  companies  was  good.  Almost  all  necessary  details  could   be  found  in  the  proposal,  except  the  actual  setting  and  floor  plan  was  not   sufficiently  clear.     4. The  location  for  the  booth  section  could  be  reconsidered.  Booths  could  be   held  in  a  more  spacious  area.     (b) Publicity   Publicity  started  less  than  one  week  before  the  event,  which  included  the  setting   up  of  a  Facebook  event  page  and  other  means  of  publicizing  the  event  using   Facebook,  distribution  of  leaflets  and  posters,  as  well  as  making  a  3  inches  times   2  inches  banner  which  was  hung  at  the  booth  site.  As  all  companies’   participation  could  only  be  confirmed  one  week  before  the  event  and  that  there   logos  were  essential  details  in  the  making  of  all  kinds  of  publication,  as  a  result,   publicity  had  started  later  than  it  should  have  been.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. Overall  speaking,  the  event  was  held  smoothly.  The  booths  have  attracted   the  attention  of  many  job-­‐seeking  students  of  HKU,  while  the  talks  have   benefited  some  of  the  students  seeking  job-­‐hunting  advice.   2. Most  representatives  from  the  co-­‐organizing  parties  had  trouble  finding   their  way  to  the  designated  location  for  booths.  


3. After the  setting  up  of  booths,  which  was  relatively  smooth,  companies’   representatives  were  guided  to  the  locations  of  the  talks  for  the  talk  sections   on  the  next  day.   4. The  number  of  posters  was  not  sufficient.  As  Career  Series  was  held  in  Union   Building  and  Chong  Yuet  Ming  Amenities  Center,  more  posters  should  have   been  printed  to  cover  the  whole  campus.   5. Representatives  from  companies  should  not  be  allowed  to  go  beyond  the   area  of  the  event’s  designated  space  to  attract  students  to  apply  for  their   openings.   6. Thank-­‐you  emails  were  sent  to  the  companies  afterwards.    Interview   opportunities  were  provided  to  many  students  who  were  deemed  suitable   for  the  companies.     Recommendations:   1. All  participating  companies  should  best  be  confirmed  at  least  two  weeks  before   the  event  so  as  to  facilitate  the  production  of  publications.   2. The  whole  event  should  be  confined  to  a  smaller  area,  instead  of  setting  different   sections  across  the  campus.   3. All  companies  should  be  reconfirmed  at  least  thrice  after  their  first  agreement  to   participate  to  prevent  any  misunderstanding.   4. More  posters  should  be  printed  to  cover  the  event’s  area.  Signposts  should  be   printed  as  well  to  guide  the  interested  parties  to  the  event’s  location.   5. Floor  plan  in  the  proposal  should  be  made  clearer,  for  example,  include  also  the   detailed  set-­‐up  of  a  booth.       Prepared  by,     Ms.  Chow  Chi  Ching,  Annalie   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   External  General  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                 80    

Report on  June  Fourth  Series     A.  Exhibition     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:   Ms.  Kwong  Kit  Ying,  Kenas       Date:   8/4/2013-­‐12/4/2013   Time:   1130-­‐1600   Venue:   G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   Aims:   1. To  provide  with  more  primary  historical  sources   such  as  newspapers,  video  clips,  photographs   and  publications  about  June  Fourth  Massacre  for   our  members.   2. To  deepen  our  members’  understanding  of  the   massacre.   3. To  raise  the  awareness  of  HKU  students  about   the  24th  anniversary  of  June  Fourth  Massacre  in   campus.   Target  Groups:   Members  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.     Evaluations:   (a) Preparation   1. We  gathered  information  and  contact  potential  co-­‐organizing  parties  outside   campus.   2. We  borrowed  sources  from  the  Hong  Kong  Alliance  in  Support  of  Patriotic   Democratic  Movements     (b) Publicity   1. Posters  were  designed  and  put  up  around  Centennial  Campus  and  the  Foyer.   2. Facebook  page  was  used  as  another  channel  to  publicize  the  event  instantly.   3. Mass  emails  were  delivered  to  our  members.     Recommendations:   1. Members,  especially  students  from  mainland  had  overall  positive  feedback   towards  the  exhibition.  Many  of  them  showed  interest  in  borrowing  our   sources.   2. The  duration  of  the  exhibition  can  be  extended  to  cater  more  members’  need.   3. The  audio  equipment  can  be  improved.   4. Publications  related  to  the  issue  can  be  provided  for  students  to  purchase.         B.  Magazine     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:   Kwong  Kit  Ying,  Kenas       Date:   2/5/2013-­‐3/5/2013   Time:   1130-­‐1600   Distribution  Counters:   1. G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   2. Association  Common  Room   3. General  Offices  of  the  Schools  of  Faculty  of  Arts   4. General  Office  of  HKUSU   Aims:   1. To  raise  the  awareness  of  HKU  students  about   the  24th  anniversary  of  June  Fourth  Massacre.   2. To  offer  an  opportunity  for  students  to  express   81    

their feelings  over  the  issue  and  contribute  their   articles  and  poems.   3. To  provide  an  opportunity  for  students  to   deepen  their  understanding  of  the  massacre   through  stories  and  personal  experience  offered   by  other  students  and  guests     Members  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  

Target Groups:     Evaluations:   (a) Preparation   1. We  invited  members  and  celebrities  to  contribute  their  articles.   2. Interviews  were  arranged  with  guests.        (b)  Publicity   1. Posters  were  designed  and  put  up  around  Centennial  Campus  and  the  Foyer.   2. Facebook  page  was  used  as  another  channel  to  publicize  the  event  instantly.   3. Mass  emails  were  delivered  to  our  members.   4. Class  announcements  were  effective  in  informing  members  to  collect  the  free   publications.      Recommendations:   1. Many  positive  comments  from  students  over  the  content  and  design  of  the   magazine  have  been  received.  Many  guests  as  well  as  CEDARS  have  shown   their  interest  and  appreciation  towards  our  publication.   2. More  copies  can  be  provided  for  free  distribution.   3. More  publicity  means  such  as  class  visits  can  be  done  to  attract  more  students   to  contribute  their  articles  to  the  magazine.   4. The  quality  of  articles  from  students  can  be  improved  in  general.     Prepared  by,   Ms.  Kwong  Kit  Ying,  Kenas   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Current  Affairs  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                         82    

Report on  Registration  Day       Person-­‐in-­‐charge:     Date:   Time:   Venue:   Aims:  

Mr. Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar;     Ms.  Shikata  Hisa     15/8/2013   0930-­‐1800   LG/F,  Centennial  Campus   1. To  help  Arts  Freshmen  complete  the   membership  registration  process  of  Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.     2. To  promote  orientation  activities  of   the  Association   3. To  introduce  the  Association  to   Arts  Freshmen   All  freshmen  of  Faculty  of  Arts   Around  500  

Target Group:   No.  of  Participants:     Evaluations:   (a) Preparation   1. All  materials,  including  materials  from  the  Faculty  of  Arts,  registration   documents,  Society  products  were  well  prepared.     2. The  division  of  labor  among  the  Executive  Committee  members  was  clear   and  members  are  well  noted  of  the  Orientation  Regulation  of  HKUSU  2013   and  on-­‐day  arrangements.       (b) Publicity   The  publicity  for  Registration  Day  was  inadequate  as  it  was  difficult  to  reach  out   to  Arts  Freshmen  before  on-­‐day.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. The  Arts  Freshmen  needed  to  queue  up  outside  the  registration  venues  due   to  small  size  of  venues  and  inadequate  numbers  of  waiting  rooms  in  Library   Extension.   2. There  are  a  number  of  cashiers  for  membership  fee  collection,  application   for  orientation  activities  and  Society  products  sale,  which  has  made  the   process  inefficient.     3. The  number  of  membership  forms  was  satisfactory,  which  was  close  to  the   estimated  number.   4. The  application  number  for  orientation  activities  on  the  day  of  the  event  was   satisfactory  yet  many  freshmen  requested  for  refund  after  the  Registration   Day.   5.  Society  Products  Sale  received  positive  feedbacks  from  the  Freshmen.   6. The  decoration  of  the  registration  venue  has  been  improved  from  last  year   yet  still  more  efforts  were  needed  for  presenting  better  images  of  the   Association.       (d) Overall  Comments  and  Recommendations   1. LG07-­‐10,  Centennial  Campus  is  recommended  to  be  the  registration  venue   as  it  was  much  bigger  and  more  flexible  to  arrange  the  use  of  room.     2. It  is  suggested  that  the  cashier  be  set  and  receipted  be  signed  at  the  end  of   the  route  to  facilitate  the  registration  process.  


3. Posters and  banners  for  Registration  Day  should  be  made  and  posted   around  the  campus.  Videos  could  also  be  played  in  waiting  rooms  to   introduce  the  current  session  of  Executive  Committee  members.   4. More  helpers  should  be  invited  before  the  Orientation  Period  started.   5. Overall,  this  year’s  Registration  Day  has  faced  mainly  2  challenges.  First,  due   to  extreme  weather  conditions,  Registration  Day  was  cut  to  1  day  only  and   insufficient  waiting  rooms  had  to  be  shared  simultaneously  by  10  faculty   societies.  Second,  the  ideal  registration  venue  was  booked.  It  was  suggested   that  the  Executive  Committee  members  of  the  incoming  session  look  for   assistance  in  early  advance  from  the  Faculty.       Prepared  by,   Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Vice-­‐Chairman,  External,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                          

Prepared by,   Ms.  Shikata  Hisa     (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Financial  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013    


Report on  Orientation  Day   Persons-­‐in-­‐charge:  

Ms. Ho  Yin  Yee,  Flora;   Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy     20/08/2013   1000-­‐1900   Room  LG.09,  Centennial  Campus   To  serve  as  an  occasion  for  the  freshmen   knowing  each  other,  and  to  be  familiarized   with  the  Faculty  of  Arts  and  Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   1. Freshmen  of  BA   2. Freshmen  of  BA&BEd  (Chinese)   3. Freshmen  of  BA&BEd  (English)   4. Freshmen  of  BA&LLB   60  

Date:   Time:   Venue:   Aims:  

Target Groups:  

No. of  Participants:   Evaluations:   (a) Preparation  

1. You could  only  reserve  the  venue  at  a  very  late  stage  during  our  preparation   for  the  event  due  to  the  summer  online  booking  system.  Therefore  some  of   our  preparations  were  push  back  including  recruiting  helpers  and  looking   for  catering  service.   2. Due  to  the  limited  size  of  the  venue,  some  of  the  programs  had  to  be  changed   to  enhance  the  accessibility  throughout  the  event.     3. With  the  joint  effect  of  our  executive  members  and  helpers,  most  of  the   preparations  were  done  beforehand  including  decorations  and  materials  for   different  programs.     (b) Publicity   1. Several  means  were  used  for  publication  of  the  event.  For  instance,  posters   and  banners  were  made.  The  details  and  application  procedures  of  the  event   were  posted  to  our  official  Facebook  page.   2. The  objective  of  publicizing  was  to  maximize  the  number  of  freshmen  that   we  could  reach  during  the  orientation  period.  However,  as  clashed  with  hall   orientation  activities  particularly  interviews  for  halls,  some  of  the   participants  who  joined  our  Orientation  Day  have  to  leave  in  between  the   event  or  earlier  for  the  corresponding  hall  activities.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. The  ice-­‐breaking  Session  was  satisfactory.  The  games  were  run  smoothly   and  the  general  interaction  with  participants  was  as  anticipated.   2. Campus  Orientation  was  also  satisfactory,  as  many  groups  have  completed   all  of  the  tasks.  However  there  was  a  mistake  in  calculating  the  points  for  one   particular  check  point,  which  may  have  created  some  inconveniences.  


3. We have  received  positive  feedbacks  from  the  Mass  Game  as  participants   were  enthusiastic  and  committed  into  the  games  that  we  have  prepared  for   them  despite  the  program  had  overrun  a  bit.   4. Due  to  the  unexpected  delay  from  the  take  away  orders,  some  of  our  games   in  the  Mass  game  session  had  to  be  cut  down.   5. The  event  still  ran  smoothly  despite  some  of  the  participants  had  to  leave  in   between  the  event  or  earlier  due  to  the  hall  activities.   Recommendations:   1. All  the  participants  should  be  notified  and  confirmed  at  least  2  days  before  the   event.   2. More  preparation  and  rehearsals  for  the  programs  should  be  done  to  avoid  any   sudden  incidents  and  changes.   3. The  take  away  orders  for  lunch  should  be  ordered  a  day  ago.   4. The  on-­‐day  rundown  should  be  more  tightly  adhered  to  for  fear  of  any   overrunning  causing  discontent  of  participants  and  monetary  losses.   Prepared  by,   Ms.  Ho  Yin  Yee,  Flora   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Publication  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013      

Prepared by,   Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy     (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Sports  Captain,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013    



Report on  Orientation  Camp       Persons-­‐in-­‐charge:  

Ms. Kong  Pui  Wing,  Kammy;   Mr.  Lee  Yiu  Cheong,  Tommy     27-­‐29/08/2013   The  Kadoorie  Institute  Shek  Kong  Centre  of   The  University  of  Hong  Kong   To  serve  as  an  occasion  for  the  freshmen  to   get  along  with  each  other,  and  to  be   familiarized  with  the  Faculty  of  Arts  and   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   5. Freshmen  of  BA   6. Freshmen  of  BA&BEd  (Chinese)   7. Freshmen  of  BA&BEd  (English)   8. Freshmen  of  BA&LLB   85  

Date:   Venue:   Aims:  

Target Groups:  

No. of  Participants:     Evaluations:     (a) Preparation   1. The  original  plan  of  accommodation  had  to  be  modified  due  to  an   unexpected  increase  in  the  accommodation  charges.   2. The  canteen  in  the  campsite  no  longer  supplied  meals.  Meals  were  ordered   from  restaurants  outside  the  campsite  with  higher  prices.   3. It  was  forbidden  to  start  a  real  campfire  in  the  campsite.  The  construction   for  an  artificial  campfire  was  a  challenging  mission  for  the  Organizing   Committee.   4. It  was  difficult  to  gather  every  Organizing  Committee  members  for   discussion  about  the  proposed  programs,  especially  during  the  summer   vacation.     (b) Publicity   1. Several  means  were  used  for  publication  of  the  event.  For  instance,  posters   and  banners  were  made.  The  details  and  application  procedures  of  the  event   were  posted  to  our  official  Facebook  page.   2. The  objective  of  publicizing  was  to  maximize  the  number  of  freshmen  that   we  could  reach  during  the  orientation  period.  However,  as  clashed  with  hall   orientation  camps,  the  number  of  participants  who  joined  the  Orientation   Camp  was  under  expectation.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. The  ice-­‐breaking  Session  was  satisfactory.  The  games  were  run  smoothly   and  the  general  interaction  with  participants  was  as  anticipated.   2. HKO  was  also  satisfactory.  However,  the  checkpoints  could  be  more   precisely  marked  by  our  Organizing  Committee,  as  some  groups  reported   that  they  had  made  several  failed  attempts  in  search  for  the  checkpoints.   3. Both  the  Auction  Session  and  the  Detective  Game  were  run  smoothly.   4. Freshmen  participated  in  the  Water-­‐fight  Session  enthusiastically.  We   should  nonetheless  note  that  the  duration  for  the  Q&A  Session  should  be   shortened.  For  participants  who  could  not  join  the  Fight,  special   arrangements  should  be  made.   5. Both  the  SOCI  Game  and  the  Campfire  were  run  smoothly.  The  campfire  was   nicely  set  in  the  car  park.  


6. The time  arrangements  for  the  Night  Walk  were  mediocre.  The  tasks  were   reported  to  be  overwhelmingly  difficult.       7. As  a  completely  new  program,  we  felt  grateful  to  have  received  positive   feedbacks  from  the  participants  during  ‘感同身受’.  .   8. The  cheer  competition  was  satisfactory.  The  participants  reported  that,   however,  it  would  be  better  if  they  could  spend  more  time  to  practice  the   cheers.     Recommendations:   1. Once  confirmed,  the  list  of  group  leaders  in  each  group  should  not  be  changed.   2. Both  the  Campfire  songs  and  the  Cheers  should  be  practiced  thoroughly  before   demonstrating  to  the  participants.   3. The  Orientation  Camp  should  be  organized  within  one  week  after  the   Registration  Day  during  the  next  Session,  so  as  to  reduce  clashes  with  programs   organized  by  other  parties  of  the  University.   4. An  extra  camp  tee  should  be  distributed  to  the  participants.           Prepared  by,   Prepared  by,   Ms.  Kong  Pui  Wing  Kammy   Mr.  Lee  Yiu  Cheong     (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Social  Secretary,   Vice-­‐chairman,  Internal   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                   88    

Report on  Arts  Festival     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:   Ms.  Cheung  Lai  Sum,  Lesley       Theme:   Art  and  Society  in  Hong  Kong   Date:   30/9/2013  –  5/10/2013   Aims:   1.   To  promote  the  arts  and  humanities  in  the  University  of   Hong  Kong  by  introducing  students  to  different  art  forms   2.   To  deepen  students’  insights  into  the  socio-­‐political   perspective  of  art   3.   To  advocate  leisure  reading  and  facilitate  exchange  of  good   reads  among  students   4.   To  enhance  students’  understanding  of  the  relationship   between  local  films  and  the  city   Subevents:   1. Opening  Forum:  the  Development  of  Popular  Music  in  Hong   Kong   Date:  30/9/2013   Time:  1245-­‐1400   Venue:  Area  outside  Main  Library   Guest  speakers:  Mr  Adrian  Chow,  experienced  musician;  Mr   Edward  Chan,  experienced  music  producer;  Mr  Chi-­‐chung   Wong,  experienced  disc  jockey  and  music  critic   2. Book  Fair   Date:  30/9/2013  –  4/10/2013  (except  1/10/2013)   Time:  1230-­‐1830   Venue:  G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   3. Book-­‐crossing   Date:  30/9/2013  –  4/10/2013  (except  1/10/2013)   Time:  1230-­‐1830   Venue:  G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   4. Pen  Pals@HKU   Date:  30/9/2013  –  4/10/2013  (except  1/10/2013)   Time:  1230-­‐1830   Venue:  G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   5. Tote  Bag  Painting   Date:  30/9/2013  –  4/10/2013  (except  1/10/2013)   Time:  1230-­‐1830   Venue:  G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   6. Closing  Forum:  Artivism  in  Hong  Kong   Date:  4/10/2013   Time:  1245-­‐1400   Venue:  4/F  Podium,  Haking  Wong  Building   Guest  speakers:  Ms  Ada  Wong  JP,  advocate  of  arts  education;   Dr  Kacey  Wong,  Assistant  Professor  of  HKPU  School  of   Design  and  local  artist;  Ms  Wen  Yau,  local  artist   7. City  Tracing:  Shots  on  the  Spot   Date:  5/10/2013   Time:  1300-­‐1700   Venue:  Western  District,  Mid-­‐levels   Guest  tour  guide:  Mr  Keith  Wong,  film  enthusiast   Medium:   Cantonese   Target  Groups:   HKU  Students   No.  of  Participants:   Around  300  in  total     89    

Evaluations: (a) Preparation   1. Booking  of  all  event  venues  was  confirmed  well  in  advance.   2. Guests  for  Opening  and  Closing  Forums  were  approached  well  in  advance,  but   the  guests  of  the  Opening  Forum  were  confirmed  relatively  late  compared  to   that  of  the  Closing  Forum.  Due  to  the  potential  collaboration  with  the   Development  and  Alumni  Affairs  Office  (DAAO)  on  another  forum  on   30/9/2013,  contact  with  guests  was  suspended.  Preparation  was  resumed   until  we  were  notified  that  DAAO’s  forum  would  be  cancelled.   3. Book  stores  were  contacted  relatively  late  due  to  the  uncertainty  of  including   Book  Fair  in  Arts  Festival,  as  Book-­‐crossing  was  in  place  to  promote  the  habit   of  leisure  reading.  Once  we  confirmed  that  we  would  organise  Book  Fair,  a  list   of  potential  collaborators  was  prepared  to  ensure  a  bargain  in  sales.     4. Collaborators  of  Book-­‐crossing  were  very  supportive  and  more  than  200   second-­‐hand  books  were  gathered.   5. Materials  for  Pen  Pals@HKU  and  Tote  Bag  Painting  at  the  booth  were  ready   beforehand.   6. Guest  invitation  and  confirmation  of  the  Closing  Forum  were  complete  well  in   advance.   7. Guest  invitation  and  confirmation  of  City  Tracing  were  complete  well  in   advance.  Operational  details  like  route,  films  to  be  introduced  and  number  of   helpers  needed  were  discussed  with  the  tour  guide.  Handouts  containing  a   mapped  route  as  well  as  brief  introductions  of  films  were  printed.     (b) Publicity   1. A  diversity  of  print  and  electronic  publicity  means  was  employed.  Posters  and   road  signs  were  mounted  mostly  in  the  Centennial  Campus,  where  the   majority  of  Arts  students  had  classes,  to  direct  participants  to  event  venues.  A   banner  and  a  backdrop  were  put  up  at  the  booth  and  forum  venues   respectively.  Leaflets  about  the  Festival  and  the  City  Tracing  in  particular   were  placed  and  distributed  at  the  booth  to  raise  participants’  interest  in  the   events.  Apart  from  these,  mass  emails  were  delivered  prior  to  the  Festival.   The  Arts  Festival  was  also  publicised  on  the  Association’s  official  Facebook   page  as  well  as  on  Pixelbread,  a  website  for  arts  and  cultural  affairs.   2. Publicity  was  deemed  successful,  as  students  and  staff  members  from  various   faculties  participated  in  the  Festival  and  the  number  of  participants  met  our   expectations.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. Due  to  unstable  weather,  the  Opening  Forum  was  relocated  to  the  area   outside  Main  Library.  The  number  of  participants  was  affected  as  a  result.   Under  the  facilitation  of  moderators,  an  exchange  of  views  about  the  local   music  scene  between  guests  and  the  audience  was  achieved.  To  make  the   Forum  contents  available  to  the  public,  the  Forum  was  videotaped  by  SocRec   and  posted  online.   2. Book  Fair,  Book-­‐crossing,  Pens  Pals@HKU  and  Tote  Bag  Painting  at  the  booth   at  Union  Foyer  were  set  up  and  in  operation  smoothly.  Instruction  sheets  for   Book  Fair,  Book-­‐crossing,  Pen  Pals@HKU  and  Tote  Bag  Painting,  as  well  as   application  forms  for  City  Tracing  were  put  at  the  booth  to  introduce   participants  to  different  events.   3. The  initial  moderator  of  the  Closing  Forum  could  not  attend  unexpectedly  due   to  personal  reasons,  so  an  Executive  Committee  member  took  charge  of   conducting  the  discussion.  The  Forum  ended  with  a  fruitful  exchange  about   the  social  functions  of  art.  To  make  the  Forum  contents  available  to  the  public,   90    

the Forum  was  videotaped  by  SocRec  and  posted  online.   4. City  Tracing  was  held  smoothly  within  the  proposed  time  frame.  Positive   feedback  was  received  from  participants  as  well  as  the  tour  guide.  A  non-­‐local   participant  who  did  not  understand  Cantonese  was  assisted  by  Executive   Committee  members  as  to  interpreting  the  discussion.     Recommendations:   1. It  would  be  better  for  the  Festival  to  be  organized  in  a  full  week  (with  five  school   days).  In  that  case,  participants  enjoy  more  time  to  join  events  and  the  objective  of   promoting  arts  and  academic  exchange  could  be  better  achieved.   2. While  handling  time  clashes  with  other  parties  or  considering  potential   collaborations,  it  is  of  paramount  importance  to  take  into  account  how  an   individual  event  fits  into  the  entire  Festival  and,  on  the  part  who  has  already   invited  some  guests,  the  amount  of  time  needed  to  communicate  with  confirmed   guests  any  changes  or  updates  arisen,  as  well  as  the  progress  of  publicity  work.   3. More  leaflets  could  be  distributed  in  advance  and  during  the  events  so  as  to  boost   publicity.   4. Contingency  plans  about  unforeseen  weather  conditions  for  outdoor  events   should  be  well  thought  of,  so  that  necessary  and  timely  arrangements  could  be   made  in  case  of  relocation.   5. Ample  time  is  needed  for  book  stores  to  select  books  before  Book  Fair.  As  soon  as   the  date  is  confirmed,  the  person-­‐in-­‐charge  should  start  approaching  book  stores,   ideally  1.5  months  in  advance.   6. Availability  or  special  needs  of  guests,  moderators  (for  talks  or  forums)  and  any   other  external  party  involved  should  be  communicated  thoroughly  and  followed   up  with  prior  to  the  event,  to  ensure  their  presence  and  sufficient  preparation.   Contingency  plans  about  guests’  unforeseen  absence  should  also  be  devised.   7. The  provision  of  simultaneous  interpretation  service  should  be  considered  in  case   non-­‐local  students  would  like  to  join  events.  It  would  be  best  if  the  overall  design   of  Arts  Festival  catered  for  the  needs  of  non-­‐local  students  as  well,  in  terms  of   medium,  publicity  and  scope.     Prepared  by,   Ms.  Cheung  Lai  Sum,  Lesley   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Academic  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                   91    

Report on  High  Table  Dinner     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:     Date:   Time:  

Mr. Au  Kin  Wai,  Arnold     27/10/2013   1900-­‐2030  (Cocktail  reception  commences   at  1830)   Loke  Yew  Hall,  Main  Building   1. To  foster  the  relations  between  the   teaching  staff  and  students  of  the   Faculty  of  Arts  through  this   traditional  scholarly  function.   2. To  give  an  insight  to  the  students  of   the  Faculty  of  Arts  of  the  proposed   ‘Occupy  Central  with  Love  and   Peace’  campaign  striving  for   genuine  universal  suffrage  of   Legislative  Council  and  Chief   Executive.   1. Professor  Kam  Louie,  Dean  of  Arts   2. Professor  John  Carroll,  Associate   Dean  of  Arts   3. Professor  Adam  Jawoski,  Associate   Dean  of  Arts   4. Dr.  Albert  Chau,  Dean  of  Student   Affairs   5. Professor  Benny  Tai,  organizer  of   Occupy  Central  with  Love  and   Peace   Mainly  Members  of  Arts  Association,   H.K.U.S.U.   160  

Venue: Aims:  

Guest Speakers:  

Target Groups:  

No. of  Participants:     Evaluations:   (a) Preparation   It  was  started  subsequent  to  the  summer  orientation  programs.  Loke  Yew   Hall  and  adjacent  classrooms  were  reserved  exclusively  for  this  annual   function  as  the  main  venue,  guest  room  as  well  as  preparation  room  with  the   assistance  of  the  Faculty  staff.  The  colleagues  of  mine  were  helpful  with   administration  work  such  as  resource  booking  and  cooperating  closely  with   the  Gingko  House,  being  a  reputable  social  enterprise  experienced  in   provision  of  catering  services  for  large-­‐scale  events.     (b) Publicity   Bulk  emails  were  delivered  to  our  members  through  the  Students’  Union’s   system  and  the  Campus  Link  a  fortnight  prior  to  the  function.  Online   registration  was  for  the  first  time  introduced  to  enhance  smooth  application   process.  It  turned  out  that  the  response  was  very  positive.     (c) On-­‐day  Arrangement   1. Prior  to  the  commencement  of  the  Dinner,  the  representatives  of  the   catering  service  have  double-­‐checked  with  us  the  rundown  and  they  


claimed that  their  crew  is  very  experienced  in  providing  catering   services  at  large-­‐scale  events  at  Loke  Yew  Hall.   2. The  venue  has  been  set  up  and  decorated  by  the  Executive  Committee   and  the  caterer  in  accordance  to  the  designed  floor  plan  since  the  early   afternoon  that  day.  Moreover,  the  reception  and  refreshment  counters   were  ready  preceding  the  commencement;  all  helpers  and  backstage   technician  were  briefed  to  ensure  that  each  and  every  one  could  perform   their  duties.  The  Masters  of  Ceremony  and  the  Executive  Committee   members,  furthermore,  rehearsed  for  some  of  the  details  of  the  events.   3. Having  acknowledged  that  many  participants  have  not  had  their  main   courses  delivered  for  quite  a  while,  some  of  our  Committee  members   have  immediately  dealt  with  the  situation  and  done  their  utmost  to  have   the  meals  delivered  as  soon  as  possible.  According  to  the  caterer,  they   have  mistakenly  prepared  an  inadequate  quantity  of  ingredients,  which   they  originally  should  have  brought  along  more  than  enough  for  pre-­‐ registered  and  walk-­‐in  participants.     (d) Follow-­‐up  Arrangement   1. Our  Committee  members  have  done  everything  possible  to  deal  with  this   unprecedented  emergency.  Subsequent  to  the  event,  our  Committee   members  have  held  an  evaluation  meeting  to  devise  contingency  plans   for  similar  situations  to  make  sure  the  smooth  running  for  the  High   Table  Dinners  in  future  years.   2. Email  explaining  the  situation  have  been  delivered  to  all  participants   who  applied  through  online  registration  and  left  their  contacts  the   following  day.     Prepared  by,   Mr.  Au  Kin  Wai  Arnold   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   General  Secretary,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,     Session  2012-­‐2013                                            


Report on  Dean’s  Forum     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:     Date:   Time:   Venue:  

Mr. Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken     5/11/2013   1245-­‐1400   Room  4.04,  4/F,  Run  Run  Shaw  Tower,   Centennial  Campus   To  serve  as  a  platform  fostering   communication  between  the  Faculty  of  Arts   and  members  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   concerning  anything  matters  faculty  affairs   English   1. Professor  Kam  Louie,  Dean  of   Faculty  of  Arts   2. Professor  John  Carroll,  Associate   Dean  of  Arts   3. Dr.  Julia  Kuehn,  Associate  Dean  of   Faculty  of  Arts   4. Professor  Douglas  Kerr,  Interim   Dean  of  Faculty  of  Arts   5. Mr.  Edward  Shen,  Faculty  Secretary   Dean,  Associate  Deans,  and  students  of  the   Faculty  of  Arts  


Medium: Guest  Speakers:  

Target Groups:  

Evaluations:   (a) Preparation   The  preparation  work  of  the  forum  is  satisfying  in  general.     (b) Publicity   Despite  promoting  the  event  through  a  number  of  means  including  mass  email,   posters,  facebook  and  on-­‐day  road  signs  2  weeks  beforehand,  we  cannot  see   very  reactive  responses  from  arts  students  to  attend  the  forum  or  to  file  to  us   their  concerns.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. The  Dean  was  not  aware  of  the  nature  of  the  forum  and  found  himself  too   formally  dressed  seeing  students  wearing  casually.     2. Time  control  was  done  properly  that  the  forum  started  and  ended  smoothly  as   scheduled.   3. A  great  variety  of  issues  were  raised  and  discussed,  which,  no  doubt,  was  an   invaluable  opportunity  for  students  and  the  faculty  to  exchange  their  views.  A   summary  was  later  uploaded  on  facebook  for  members’  interest.   4. The  rundown  of  the  forum  is  satisfying  in  general.     Recommendations:   1. More  information  may  be  offered  to  the  guests  about  the  formality  of  the  forum.   Take  Dean’s  Forum  2013  as  example,  we  may  remind  the  guests  of  the  fact  that   students  attending  would  most  probably  be  in  casual  wear.  Dean  and  Associate   Deans  may  adopt  the  dress  code  that  they  deem  proper.   2. More  intense  publicity  may  be  done.  On-­‐day  leaflet  distribution  is  suggested.  


3. Other venues  may  be  taken  into  consideration  in  the  future.  Open  areas  like   Haking  Wong  Podium  may  be  more  eye-­‐catching  to  students.  We  failed  to  do  so   this  year  as  the  availability  of  the  podium  and  of  the  guests  did  not  match.       Prepared  by,   Mr.  Chan  Kwok  Kit,  Ken   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Faculty  Affairs  Secretary   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                                          


Report on  Welfare  x  ‘Superpass’  Series     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:  

Ms. Wong  Lok  Yin,  Jessie;     Ms.  Wu  Sin  Mei,  May     11/11/2013-­‐  13/11/2013   1230-­‐  1800   G/F  Foyer,  Union  Building   To  provide  welfare  for  the  members  of  Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Members  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  

Date:   Time:   Venue:   Aims:  

Target Groups:     Quantity  of  Welfare  Package:  800   Welfare  Package  includes:   (a) Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  designed  back  tote  bag   (b) Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  designed  folder   (c) Astalift  skincare  package   (d) Time  Magazine   (e) G2000  Coupon   (f) Hung  Fok  Tong  Coupon   (g) Shampoo,  bathing  supply   (h) Snacks   (i) Red  Bull   (j) Joint  Society  Jetso  Card,  shop-­‐list,  coupon   (k) Milk  Tea  pack     Evaluations:   (a)  Preparations:   1. Sponsors  were  contacted  3  months  before  the  event   2. Packages  were  packed  and  ready  to  be  distributed  3  days  before  the  event   3. Setting  up  of  venue  started  2.5  hours  before  the  event  and  was  sufficient     (b)  Publicity:   1. Mass  Email  was  sent  to  all  members  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.  before  the   event  starts  to  notify  them  of  the  coming  series  of  Welfare  X  Superpass  events.   2.  Posters  were  put  up  on  each  floor  of  the  Centennial  Campus  to  reach  members   studying  different  disciplines   3. Facebook  notices  were  posted  to  attract  the  attention  of  members     (c)  On  Day:   1. The  number  of  packages  distributed  were  allocated  for  the  three  days  of   distribution   2. Lucky  draw  counter  was  set  up  with  instructions  and  prizes   3. Photo  booth  was  set  up  for  members  to  take  photos  after  Superpass  calligraphy   writing  and  instant-­‐black-­‐and-­‐white-­‐photo-­‐shooting  sections  are  provided  for  in   designated  hours   4. Popcorn  and  candy  floss  were  available  to  members  for  free   5. Ordering  of  society  jacket  was  available     Recommendations:   1. A  wider  variety  of  welfare  products  is  recommended     2. Promotion  via  Facebook  or  other  means  is  recommended  during  the  event  to   prompt  more  people  to  attend  


3. Requirements of  sponsors  can  be  better  met  with  prior  arrangement       Prepared  by,   Prepared  by,   Ms.  Wong  Lok  Yin,  Jessie   Ms.  Wu  Sin  Mei,  May   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Welfare  Secretary   Marketing  Secretary   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.   Session  2012-­‐2013   Session  2012-­‐2013                                                                                               97    

Report on  Inter-­‐Faculty  Debating  Competition       Person-­‐in-­‐charge:   Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar       Date:   4/11/2013,  11/11/2013   Time:   1230-­‐1430   Venue:   Union  Foyer,  Sun  Yat-­‐sen  Place   Aims:   To  raise  awareness  of  HKU  students  over  union  affairs,   university  affairs  and  social  issues.   Medium:   Cantonese   Target  Group:   HKU  students   No.  of  Participants:   Around  100     Evaluations:   (a) Preparation   1. The  participating  societies  include  Debating  Society,  HKUSU,  Arts   Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,  Architectural  Society,  HKUSU,  Engineering  Society,   HKUSU,  Law  Association,  HKUSU,  Science  Society,  HKUSU,  Social  Sciences   Society,  HKUSU.   2. As  the  organizer,  Debating  Society,  HKUSU  was  in  charge  of  guests’  invitation,   drafting  rules,  motions  review,  while  the  other  faculty  societies  assist  in   materials  and  venue  booking,  publicity  and  on-­‐day  set-­‐up.   3. The  dates  of  competitions  were  not  well  chosen,  with  some  clashing  with   Inter-­‐Hall  Debating  Competition  and  exams.     (b) Publicity   1. The  publicity  started  one  week  before  the  event  began  for  the  recruitment  of   debaters.  One  standardized  poster  was  used  by  all  participating  societies.   2. Posters  were  designed  and  put  up  around  Centennial  Campus  and  on   Facebook  page.   3.  There  should  have  been  more  posters  for  the  publicity  of  the  competitions   instead  of  ones  for  debaters  recruitment.     (c) On-­‐day  Rundown   1. The  competition  was  overall  held  smoothly,  although  in  Sun  Yat-­‐sen  Place,   some  audio  equipment  was  affected  by  bad  weather  conditions.   2. The  numbers  of  audience  varied  with  the  debate  motions.  For  motions   relevant  to  political  issues,  more  members  were  attracted.       (d) Overall  Comments  and  Recommendations   1. The  idea  of  the  event  has  received  positive  feedbacks  as  it  made  a  number  of   faculty  societies  more  active  in  external  affairs.   2. Details  of  the  competition  should  have  been  started  earlier  before  the   Orientation  Period  and  the  dates  of  the  event  are  suggested  to  be  held   between  early  September  and  late  October.  Semester  2  is  not  a   recommended  time  period  as  half  of  the  faculty  societies  have  just  changed   their  sessions.       Prepared  by,   Mr.  Ng  Wai  Ka,  Oscar   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Vice-­‐Chairman,  External,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013  


Report on  Participation  in  Sports  Events     Person-­‐in-­‐charge:   Mr.  Liu  Tin  Tsan,  Angus;  Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi  Cindy       Date:   1/2013-­‐11/2013   Aims:   1. To  encourage  members  of  Arts  Association,   H.K.U.S.U.  to  participate  in  different  sports   2. To  cultivate  the  spirit  of  sportsmanship  and   strengthen  their  bonding   Target  Groups:   Members  of  Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.     Evaluations:   1. Certain  sports  in  inter-­‐faculty  competitions  achieved  good  participation  by   players.   2. Facebook  page  acted  as  the  main  promotional  means.   3. Missed  fixtures  were  followed  up  promptly.   4. Players  had  an  overall  positive  response  towards  our  arrangements.   5. Some  sports  equipment  in  our  Association  room  was  renewed.   6. A  friendly  basketball  match  was  successfully  held  with  Social  Sciences  Society,   HKUSU.   7. Results  of  inter-­‐faculty  sports  competitions  in  the  Second  Semester  of  the   academic  year  2012-­‐2013:   Men’s  Football:  3rd  runner-­‐up;   Men’s  Basketball:  knocked  out  at  first  round;   Men’s  Badminton:  knocked  out  at  first  round;   Women’s  Table  Tennis:  knocked  out  at  first  round;   Women’s  Volleyball:  knocked  out  at  second  round.   8. Results  of  Inter-­‐Faculty  Sports  Competitions  in  the  first  semester  of  the   academic  year  2013-­‐2014:                Men’s  Table  Tennis:  knocked  out  at  first  round;                Men’s  Volleyball:  3rd  runner-­‐up;                  Women’s  Badminton:  knocked  out  at  first  round;                Women’s  Basketball:  Champion     Recommendations:   1. More  promotional  means  can  be  used  to  publicize  upcoming  sports  events.   2. Maintain  co-­‐operations  and  interactions  with  other  faculty  societies  and  Sports   Association,  HKUSU  in  coping  with  fixtures  and  related  problems  such  as  bad   weather.   3. More  friendly  matches  can  be  held  with  other  faculty  societies.   4. Encourage  more  students  to  cheer  in  the  competitions.     Prepared  by,   Prepared  by,   Mr.  Liu  Tin  Tsan,  Angus   Ms.  Fan  Sin  Chi,  Cindy   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   (Person-­‐in-­‐charge)   Sports  Captain,   Sports  Captain,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Arts  Association,  H.K.U.S.U.,   Session  2012-­‐2013   Session  2012-­‐2013                 99    

END OF  REPORT            


Annual Report - Arts Association HKUSU (2012-2013)  

According to Section VI of the Constitution of the Association: 1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within the last two weeks of No...

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