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@RTIMOS Productions Contact: Sariah Howard 808-754-7745

@RTIMOS Productions Peace Through Leadership

๏ Founded in 2008 in response to class project ๏ Through music and multimedia productions and service projects @RTIMOS helps create leadership opportunities and promote peace, love, and unity. ๏ Concert held in Honolulu raised $2000 for children in Middle-East. ๏ Variety of arts used to help show similarities & differences around the world.

From Spring 2008 - Fall 2009 (gathered by Kuulei Akina)

200+ Volunteers gathered for Service Projects 5 Concerts 16 Committee Members 1,800 Concert Viewers in Hawaii Live Streaming to the World via the Internet



@RTIMOS Productions Background Information Sheet By Scott Isom & Art Saowichit

In 2008, in response to an assignment received for an International Business course, Art Saowichit hosted a musical production which he entitled @RTIMOS: Leadership Through Music. This concert included a variety of vocal, instrumental, and dance performances--providing a fun and memorable evening for all in attendance.

“I could  put  peace  into  acNon  by  being  a   peacemaker  myself  and  by  being  gentle  in  my  ways   and  by  bieng  more  sensiNve  with  the  feelings  of   others  and  by  making  people  feel  special  in  every   li=le  way  I  can.”                      ~  Naomi  Yanga

McKay Center for Cultural Understanding, BYUHSA, and PeacePlayers International-“Excellent!! Very  peace  building.  Loved  each  song,   Middle East. @RTIMOS Productions has video,  and  dance!  Very  organized.” become more than just a concert. Not only have          ~  Hana  Akina volunteers been able to experience the meaning of peace, but they have also learned ways to Because of the positive reaction to his become better leaders, understand the people production, Art felt it was important to do it around them, appreciate diversity, and most again, this time focusing on establishing peace importantly understand who they really are and internationally. Understanding that he could not promote nor build peace alone, he gathered the potential they have to make a difference, creating a better world for future generations. a group of talented students who shared the same vision and together they produced events “I  didn’t  know  if  I  should  come  because  I  had  a  lot  of   that not only created an atmosphere of peace, homework  tonight  but  I'm  glad  I  did-­‐  it  made  me   but invited all in attendance to put peace into action by connecting with family, friends, realize  how  much  I  take  things  for  granted.  It  was  so   community members, and the world. great-­‐I  was  able  to  look  at  my  life  a  li=le  differently   Since that first concert, @RTIMOS Productions has created four more concerts-working with other organizations such as the

as it  brought  peace  to  my  heart.”          ~  Anna  FifitaLeo   Praesen                                                                                                                    

@RTIMOS Fall ’08 Sonomi Yushino performing a neo-classical Japanese Dance.

Photos by Leilani Miller


@RTIMOS Productions Factsheet  

@RTIMOS Factsheet as of 2010

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