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Icon Awards – to be celebrated in 2007 Planning has begun for the 2007 Icon Awards, which will recognise further pre-eminent artists, working towards completing a living circle of 20 to be honoured by this Award. The Icon Awards provide New Zealanders the opportunity to identify those artists who have excelled as contributors to this country’s cultural identity and represented New Zealand on the world stage. The Awards ceremony enables us to thank the Icon Artists for their contributions and to celebrate their achievements with them. The Arts Foundation is now seeking nominations for artists who fit the category of “Icon”. Recognised as leaders in their fields, these artists may in some cases be internationally renowned and often local pioneers in their chosen art forms.

Previously honoured Icons include: Len Castle Janet Frame Maurice Gee Peter Godfrey Patricia Grace Alexander Grant Dr Pakariki Harrison Ralph Hotere Russell Kerr Margaret Mahy Sir Donald McIntyre Milan Mrkusich Donald Munro Diggeress Te Kanawa Hone Tuwhare Sir Miles Warren

Potter Writer (1924 - 2004) Writer Musician Writer Ballet Dancer Carver Visual Artist Choreographer Writer Opera Singer Painter Opera Weaver Poet Architect

You can email your nomination to:, fax to 04 382 9642 or mail to: Arts Foundation of New Zealand, PO Box 11-352, Manners Street, Wellington. No particular nomination form is required; however, any background material on your nomination would be appreciated, including date of birth, artform, career highlights.

Legacies – a gift for excellence in the arts

~ Twisted Flax Pods by Ann Robinson, 2004 Laureate ~

The arts are an integral part of our society, enriching lives and adding depth and vitality to the human spirit. New Zealand artists are renowned as world class. All New Zealanders have an opportunity to support the arts through a will adjustment in favour of the Arts Foundation. As a non-profit Charitable Trust, the Arts Foundation of New Zealand recognises, supports and rewards artistic excellence through its ever-growing programme of projects and Awards. Trustees and Governors work together with arts leaders to deliver effective programmes to support New Zealand arts now, and in future generations. When David Carson-Parker decided to leave a legacy, he said “an important feature of the Arts Foundation is the way they have not only supported up-andcoming artists, but the way they have honoured senior people, the Icons. They recognise these people should be valued for the way they have contributed to New Zealand’s identity and culture”.

As the Foundation’s support grows through donations and bequests, more programmes will be implemented. The Foundation is developing new projects to provide effective support to the arts and works with the arts community to identify needs in the arts area. A gift through your will is a powerful way of assisting the arts. Provision in your will does not affect your income during your lifetime. It will, however, benefit New Zealand through future investment in the arts and culture, by building a permanent fund for the arts. Donations are invested in perpetuity in the Arts Foundation of New Zealand’s Endowment Fund, from which all income generated is used to support the arts Your gift can be a specific amount, part of your estate, the residue of your estate following distributions, or specific property such as real estate, shares, securities and other realisable assets. Your gift will be preserved as a capital sum to generate annual income in perpetuity (unless you specify otherwise). We recommend you consult with your legal advisors and/or the Arts foundation on the most appropriate arrangement to meet your philanthropic aims.


Donations benefit all art forms. The Arts Foundation has supported artists from the far north of the country to the deep south, in forms such as painting, choreography, theatre, jewellery, literature, film and music. The Arts Foundation thanks all readers who have already promised legacies. The establishment of the Arts Foundation was made possible through a certain number of individuals who provided support through promised legacies, by matching the initial seeding grant provided by the Lottery Grants Board. This meant an amount of $5million was made available to the Arts Foundation to establish the Foundation’s Endowment If you would like to leave a legacy to the arts, please contact the Arts Foundation for a brochure, or visit our website: www.artsfoundation.

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