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Freemasons New Zealand - New Grand Master November has been a very busy month for Freemasons New Zealand with the announcement of the New Generation Awards, the conclusion of their Men’s Health campaign, and the installation of a new Grand Master at their biennial national conference. Freemasons New Zealand is one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organisations with a history entrenched in the arts. Charity is the public face of Freemasonry and the majority is directed at non-Masonic causes including various community projects. For the past month, Freemasons have been holding Men’s Health seminars all around the country to encourage Kiwi men to take an active role in maintaining their health by seeking regular checkups. The campaign, entitled Men’s Health – Secrets Revealed ran for a month from October 22 and included specialist speakers who spoke to men and their families about important issues such as blood pressure, stress, diabetes, heart conditions and cancer. After the success of the Men’s Health campaign, the focus was on the arts. The recipients of the first New Generation Awards, a joint initiative with the Arts Foundation, were announced at an Awards ceremony in Wellington on 22 November. Mozart, Sebelius, Chagall, Hogarth, Voltaire and Kipling are all artists who were Freemasons in their time.

~ Anne Mace represented Freemasons New Zealand in congratulating New Generation Award recipient Tze Ming Mok ~

Freemasons newly appointed Grand Master, Barry McLaggan, is very pleased that Freemasons New Zealand is sponsoring the Awards. The 67 year old retired Waikato dairy farmer was elected to the most senior office through votes cast on behalf of 11,000 Freemasons throughout New Zealand. He was formally installed as Grand Master at the Freemasons national conference on Friday 24 November. The ceremony,

rich in tradition, was open to family, friends and the public, and over 800 people attended. A special banquet was held the following evening to celebrate the appointment, and other initiatives that Freemasons New Zealand has been involved with including sponsorship of Medical Fellowships, research, services and equipment; scholarships for tertiary education, and the New Generation Awards.

From the office The Arts Foundation is pleased to welcome Bryna O’Brien as Administrator. Beginning work in early August, her added support to the Foundation is proving invaluable. Bryna is a first-class Honours Graduate in Art History from Victoria University, and has recently returned from travelling overseas. Angela Busby has been promoted to Project Co-ordinator. Managing the Arts Foundation’s busy programme is Executive Director, Simon Bowden. Simon’s other talents have seen him in 2006 – “Playing Favourites” with Kim Hill, featuring as a performer and composer in NZ Fringe Show The Silent Reflections of Hone Mäwhero, performing with his jazz group CL BOB,

including the launch of the group’s third CD, The Great Flash. Simon and his wife Amanda Hereaka won the annual Bats Theatre commission for the STAB Season of Innovative Theatre works for their play I ain’t nothing but, a glimmer in the Dark, she said which premiered on 17 October. They are expecting their first child in late December. The Arts Foundation is fortunate to have a manager who well-understands the process of running events and with skills in communicating with businesses and artists alike. Office relocation – The Arts Foundation of New Zealand has moved office. You are welcome to visit us at our new location: Level 3, 45 Tory St, Wellington. The entrance to the offices is on the ground floor through the glass sliding door entrance to the restaurant Chow. Please note our new phone number: 04 382 9691 and fax: 04 382 9692.

~ Bryna O’Brien with New Generation Award recipient Taika Waititi ~

SPONSORS – How they help us Did you know that? • Acumen has helped put the Arts Foundation and the artists it has supported in print and on national television and radio; • All Arts Foundation publications you have recently read and display screens at Awards have been creatively designed by Chrometoaster • All printed material that you have received has been beautifully printed by DSP Print Group; • The beverage you enjoyed at the last Arts Foundation event you attended, was generously donated by Lion Breweries;

and all of this has been for free! Without the generous support of these sponsors, Principal Sponsor Forsyth Barr, event sponsor Freemasons New Zealand, Gaming Machine Trusts, Arts Foundation Patrons and private donors, the Foundation would be unable to support its growing programme of Awards, or maintain the standard of acknowledgement to artists it is currently able to undertake. The Arts Foundation is hugely appreciative of the support provided by its sponsors and Patrons. Thank you to you all.

• Ricoh has supplied a printer and photocopier; • When our computers have faltered Fergus from testroom has obligingly rectified these IT problems

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Applause - issue 12  

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