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Issue #12 December | 2006

~ Joe Sheehan — Russian Dolls ~

Photo by Nick Barr


Arts Foundation Milestones Since its emergence in 2000, the Arts Foundation has honoured 53 artists as Icons, Laureates and New Generation Artists and has distributed $1.35 million to the support the arts.

Arts Foundation Milestones Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage Hone Tuwhare Icon Artists

A flurry of new supporters have joined the Foundation as Patrons or Laureate Donors, and there have been some recent notices of legacies. In addition, discussions have begun to form a number of trusts within the Foundation’s endowment to support specific art forms, regions or other causes. The current year has provided the Arts Foundation with many opportunities to increase understanding of the role the Foundation has: first and foremost as a patronage organisation enabling private support for the arts.

John Psathas Justin Paton Karyn Fenton-Ellis Laureate Artists Laureate Awards ~ Patron Libby Sellar presents $50,000 Laureate Award cheque to 2006 recipient Alun Bollinger. ~

Legacies New Generation Awards

Through its events programmes, Awards ceremonies, Forsyth Barr Laureates on-Stage, and one off activities such as Tribute, (an Auckland Art Gallery, Toi O Tamati Tamaki curated exhibition, featuring work by Icon and Laureate object and visual artists) the Foundation has provided both artists and audiences the opportunity to explore creative processes through the exploration of artists’ ideas. The Arts Foundation is reaching out and engaging with audiences, thereby demonstrating the value of the arts and the country’s artists. The Inaugural Award for Patronage and the recent New Generation Award, with Presenting Sponsor, Freemasons New Zealand, has enabled the Foundation to interact, promote and support a wide range of artists, whilst promoting philanthropic support for the arts. With the support of a growing team of Patrons, donors, sponsors and funders the Arts Foundation is proud to be investing in artistic excellence.

Sir Hugh Kawharu

~ Rt. Hon Helen Clark launches the Inaugural New Generation Awards ~

Applause is the newsletter of the Arts Foundation of New Zealand. It provides up to date information on artists supported by the Foundation, announcements and reports about Awards and other Arts Foundation activity. If you would like Applause to be mailed to you visit and submit your mailing address or call +64 4 382 9691



~ Warren Maxwell, Tze Ming Mok, Joe Sheehan, Eve Armstrong and Taika Waititi. ~

The inaugural New Generation Awards were presented on Wednesday, 22 November, at the Westpac St James Theatre in Wellington. This new Awards programme will distribute $125,000 biennially to up and coming New Zealand artists from any art form, and is a joint initiative between the Arts Foundation of New Zealand and Freemasons New Zealand. With five donations of $25,000 each, made to artists who have demonstrated excellence in the early stages of their careers, this Award will allow the recipients to invest in the development of their careers, through the creation of new work or other opportunities that will enrich their practice.

New Generation Artists ARE:

~ Backdrop, commissioned for SCAPE 2006. ~ Photo by Dean McKenzie

Eve Armstrong – a visual artist who prefers to bring objects and ideas back into circulation through the research, collection and reconstruction of recycled materials. Objects and images of material refuse are organised into sculptural stacks, piles, collages and assemblages within layered packaging tape landscapes. Eve will use her New Generation Award to research and create new work, and to sustain and further her art practice. The initiative to support a young talented artist such as Eve–especially at such a crucial point in her career –is so encouraging. The opportunity to work closely with Eve, and to help her to realise increasingly ambitious projects is exciting. Michael Lett

~ Photo by Pat Shepard ~

Warren Maxwell – Ngai Tuhoe, grew up in Whangarei and is the driving force behind many music-based projects. Warren is former frontman of TrinityRoots, a saxophonist for Fat Freddy’s Drop and leader of psychedelic blues quartet Little Bushman. What musical marvels he’ll produce in the next few decades is anyone’s guess, but I’ve no doubt they’ll be powerful expressions of what it means to be living in this country at this time. Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times


~ Yellow Peril, the webblog of Tze Ming Mok ~ Photo courtesy of the artist

Tze Ming Mok – lists the following top six interests in order of internet link entry frequency: politics, literature, evil, language, tools, humanity, in her online bookmark library “”. A first-generation New Zealandborn Chinese, holding an MA in Political Studies from the University of Auckland, Tze Ming writes a popular Public Address weblog Yellow Peril. She also writes poetry, fiction, reviews, features and opinions.

Auckland glass artist Christine Cathie was commissioned to create the artwork presented to each of the New Generation Award recipients and is to be congratulated for her beautiful works.

When Simon [Arts Foundation Executive Director] rang me, I thought he was going to ask me to do a freaky, Maori, psychedelic, hippie, spiritual, jazz gig for some corporate arts and PR evening. I am totally overwhelmed that somebody, who isn’t a cousin or an aunty of mine, believes in ‘us’ enough to encourage and support the new generation of New Zealand art in this way. As much as this is a koha of sorts, I also see this as a wero [challenge] to keep going. So I accept. Thank you! Wa r re n M a x w e l l , M u s i c i a n a n d i n a u g u r a l N ew G e n e r at i o n Awa r d

~ Everybodys Keys ~ Photo by Nick Barr

Joe Sheehan – is a stone-carver and jeweller who has taken a contemporary look at the relevance and position of greenstone carving in today’s world. His recent work looks at the commercialisation of the jade industry and the limitations it places on jade and its potential as a medium for relevant art practice. Along with more traditional forms of jewellery such as a necklace made from several hundred precisioncut discs of Russian Nephrite, jade and pounamu works include meticulously rendered ballpoint pens, a working light bulb, a cassette tape that plays a recording of a river, sunglasses, and AA batteries. His skilful handling of hard stone combined with some hard thinking makes these everyday objects thoughtful commentaries on the way we see things. Warwick Freeman, Jeweller, 2002 Laureate


As with other Arts Foundation Awards, New Generation recipients are selected without their knowledge, meaning the Awards come as a surprise to them and the nation. The selection process for these Awards was facilitated by Jon Bywater. Jon is a teacher, critic, theorist, and organiser of contemporary creative practices, specialising in visual art and music. He is currently the Programme Leader for Critical Studies at Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. The selection process involved Jon meeting with pre-eminent art commentators and observers throughout the country.

~ Jarrod (Jermaine Clement) and Lily (Loren Horsley) in a scene from Eagle vs Shark directed by Taika Waititi (2006) ~ Photo by Matt Grace

Taika Waititi – Te-Whanau-a-Apanui, is a visual artist, actor, writer and director, from the Raukokore region of the East Coast. Involved in some of New Zealand’s most innovative and successful productions, Taika writes and performs comedy and has won New Zealand’s top comedy awards. Not only does he do stand-up gigs, he has also been critically acclaimed for his dramatic abilities, being nominated for Best Actor at the 2000 Nokia Film Awards. His short film, Two Cars, One Night, was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005 and his following short, Tama Tu, won a string of international awards, also becoming eligible for Oscar nomination. His first feature, Eagle vs. Shark, is due for release in early 2007.

The award is a thoughtful and very generous commitment on the part of its sponsors. It will have a significant impact on the careers it recognises, and will offer rewards for fans of the arts too, of course, as we will all get to benefit from the dedication and risk taking in the recipients’ practices it will enable. As with the Arts Foundation’s other Awards, the way that eligible artists don’t have to blow their own trumpets to be considered, nor sing for their supper, so to speak, is distinctively respectful, and a great complement to the more overtly competitive grants and awards that early career artists already have available to them. Jon Bywater, Curator New Generation Awards


Five new talented

Laureate Artists announced 2006 Laureates are: Alun Bollinger, a West Coaster, is one of New Zealand’s most high profile and well-known cinematographers. He has received worldwide acclaim for his innovative and masterful work from behind the camera on films such as Goodbye Pork Pie, The Piano, Lord of the Rings and River Queen. Receiving this Award was totally unexpected and has brought to the fore, ideas that have been at the back of my mind. I now reflect on the fact that I might have to do more than reflect.

~ Photo by Geoff Short ~

Alastair Galbraith is an experimental musician based in Dunedin who is much admired in the underground music scene worldwide. His career began in the early 1980s, as leader of The Rip, and he later went on to play with Plagal Grind, before recording as a solo artist.

~ Humphrey Ikin Chair – with Michael Hurst performing ~

A chair, designed by 2004 Laureate Humphrey Ikin, played a pivotal role in the 2006 Laureate Awards, produced by the Arts Foundation and Presenting Sponsor Forsyth Barr in Auckland, on 31 October. With close to 700 people attending, these Awards are now in their 7th year and remain New Zealand’s largest cash arts prize pool to multi-discipline artists, with each Laureate receiving $50, 000 to apply to the development of their careers. Using the Ikin chair as a prop, previous Laureates Michael Hurst performed the Ballad of Sam Hall, Helen Medlyn sang a Roger Hall written comic operatic song Pre-Madonna and Gaylene Preston showed a clip from her film Perfect Strangers. They were joined by previous Laureates Kate De Goldi and Phil Dadson and all five then welcomed and conducted a short interview with the five new artists. This a allowed the audience a peek into these new Laureates’ intriguing lives, raising an expectation that more great works are to follow…

~ Photo by Diane Jones ~

Alastair now intends building a glass armonica, an instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1762. Alastair says his “might be such a different design, it will require a new name”. Presently being built in the States for over $30,000 Alastair “reckons” he could build one through the collection of glasses and other materials from second-hand shops and the dump for under $1,000.

Oscar Kightley is a writer, director, actor, television presenter, broadcaster and a familiar Samoan face of television and theatre productions. Oscar starred in the box office hit Sione’s Wedding and is a member of the Naked Samoans, who write the award-winning TV3 series bro’Town. “That guy from the television series ‘The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ says that every guy has to own a nice pair of shoes – a nice pair of brown shoes and a nice pair of boots – so I will probably do that. The rest will go on bills and time and freedom. Geez – the money is good! I will probably give some of it to an excellent advisor at Forsyth Barr!” ~ bro’ Town, Photo, Courtesy Firehouse Films & TV3 ~

John Reynolds is one of New Zealand’s foremost painters and printmakers. John began his career in 1980, exhibiting large abstract colour-fields. He moved into structural text-based imagery, garnering him a slew of awards. He was a finalist in this year’s Walters Prize and exhibitor in the 2006 Zones of Contact Sydney Biennale. Given the collegial aspect of the Award what I want to do is work with a bunch of people. So I am going to wheel in a very funky crew of writers and photographers and ne’er-dowells, and we are going to make something!

John Reynolds tell us how it all started....

~ Cloud 2006, Photo by Patrick Reynolds ~

Ian Wedde, poet, fiction writer, critic and art curator, has a career spanning four decades. He has published twelve collections of poems, four novels, a collection of short stories and his many essays in art critical and cultural studies have been collected in two volumes. His most recent novel The Viewing Platform was launched in September 2006. The Award has given me a set of wheels, when otherwise I would have been on something clumsy like a pogo stick.

~ Photo by Peter Black ~


~ Oscar Kightley, John Reynolds, Ian Wedde, Alun Bollinger, Alastair Galbraith ~

The artists were chosen by a selection panel of distinguished peers and arts experts. 2006 Laureate Selection Panel members were: Lynn Freeman (Radio New Zealand Producer and Presenter), Justin Paton (Curator of Contemporary Art, Dunedin Public Art Gallery), Prof. Howard McNaughton (Head of the School of English at the University of Canterbury), Ruth Harley (Chief Executive, New Zealand Film Commission) and Jon Bywater (Lecturer at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland).

I thoroughly enjoyed the Laureate Awards. I can honestly say this was the best presented awards event I have attended, mainly because the Foundation truly honoured the artists. A i d a n L a n g , G e n e r a l D i r e c t o r, T h e N B R N e w Z e a l a n d O p e r a

The Laureate Awards exist because of the generous support not only of the selection panel but also to its long standing partnership with Presenting Sponsor Forsyth Barr; a generous donation from the Nolan Charitable Trust, which is administered and managed by Public Trust (as a contribution towards the Award for an Auckland-based Laureate in 2006) and the support of the 2006 Laureate Donors.

Further detail on these artists is available through the Arts Foundation’s website:

Our five new Laureates join: 2000 – Briar Grace-Smith (Playwright), Elizabeth Knox (Writer), Peter Peryer (Photographer), Gillian Karawe Whitehead (Composer), Douglas Wright (Choreographer/Writer). 2001 – Phil Dadson (Intermedia Artist), Kate De Goldi (Writer), Michael Parekowhai (Visual Artist), Gaylene Preston (Film-maker). 2002 – Warwick Freeman (Jeweller), Shona McCullagh (Choreographer/ Dance Film-maker), Don McGlashan (Musician), Helen Medlyn (Singer), Jacob Rajan (Actor/Writer). 2003 – Jenny Bornholdt (Poet), Neil Dawson (Sculptor), Michael Hurst (Actor/Director), Humphrey Ikin (Furniture-maker), John Psathas (Composer). 2004 – Barry Barclay (Film Director/Writer), Jack Body (Composer), Derek Lardelli (Ta Moko Artist), John Pule (Writer/Visual Artist), Ann Robinson (Glass Sculptor). 2005 – Neil Ieremia (Choreographer), Simon O’Neil (Opera Singer), Bill Manhire (Poet), Julia Morison (Visual Artist), Ronnie van Hout (Visual Artist).

~ Laureate Statuettes, by sculptor Terry Stringer ~


FEATURED ARTIST – JOHN PSATHAS ~ John Psathas music score ~

~ Vagelis Karypis (percussion) and Manos Achalinotopoulos (clarinet) at the Wgtn Town Hall. Zeibekiko 2006 – Photo by Robert Catto ~

Growing up in Taumaranui and Napier, John Psathas could little have imagined he would become one of New Zealand’s most frequently performed composers, nor that his work would be heard by an audience of billions in 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games. When selected by the 2003 Laureate panel, John was keeping secret the fact that he had been commissioned to compose and arrange music for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, commuting several times that year between New Zealand and Greece to supervise the rehearsal and recording processes. Internationally, John first made his name in 1991 with Matre’s Dance. A high energy duet for percussion and piano, it was taken up and championed by worldfamous Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Since then, John’s work has been performed regularly by Glennie, 11 time Grammy winner Michael Brecker, Joshua Redman, Federico Mondelci, Orchestre Sinfonia Dell’Emilia-Romagna ‘Toscanini’, the Halle Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the New Juilliard Ensemble and many other performers, ensembles and orchestras. His music is heard worldwide and has been performed in venues from Windsor Castle to Kalamazoo, Jakarta to Bermuda, Japan to Alaska, and Hong Kong to Tel Aviv. His CD Rhythm Spike won Best Classical Album at the 2000 NZ Music Awards and Fragments received the Best Classical Award at the 2004 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. Zeibekiko, a major commission from the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, was performed

~ Pedro Carneiro, Michael Houstoun and John Psathas - Photo by Keith Hill ~

throughout Holland and at the Bath Festival (UK) in 2004 and at the 2006 New Zealand International Arts Festival. Also in 2004, John’s piano concerto Three Psalms, commissioned by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, was premiered at concerts throughout New Zealand. At the end of 2005 and early 2006, John instigated a recording project that features soloists Pedro Carneiro, Michael Houstoun and Joshua Redman, with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and conducted by Marc Tiddae, (available on Rattle-released CD View from Olympus). This eagerly anticipated album comprises three of John’s concertos: View from Olympus (a double concerto for piano, percussion and orchestra), Omniflex (Saxophone Concerto) and Three Psalms Piano Concerto (commissioned by Michael Houstoun and premiered during the Symphony Orchestra’s 2004 season). The CD was launched by the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Helen Clark on 22 September, and is the biggest orchestral recording to take place in New Zealand to date. More information is available on the CD through: www., or View from Olympus has been at the top of the classical charts for six consecutive weeks. John Psathas’s Piano Concerto is, in my view, the first truly great work for piano and orchestra to have been written by a New Zealander. It is one of the most exciting pieces I have ever learnt. Michael Houstoun Look out for John’s Work for Timpani and Orchestra, an overture-length work for timpani and orchestra, commissioned by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for their 2007 touring season. The New Zealand Piano Trio has also commissioned a new 20minute work for piano for performance in their 2007 season.


John was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) in the 2005 New Zealand Royal New Year Honours list, in recognition of his services to music. Reflecting on his creative career, John says: Being a composer in New Zealand is being in a state of flux. So much is happening for the first time that the ground is constantly shifting. I consider myself fortunate that somehow my triumvirate of family, composing and teaching have achieved a functioning balance that enables me to create with a clear head and a sense of time, place and belonging. As time goes on my aim in music is more to embody the essence of a thing, rather than merely represent it. The questions never leave, but neither do the desire to reach out and connect, inspire, and bind in the unique way that music allows.

Visit John’s websites, or

FEATURED ICON – HONE TUWHARE ~ Courtesy, Otago Daily Times ~

Hone Tuwhare (Nga Puhi) recently celebrated his 84th birthday at his home in Kaka Point, south of Dunedin, with over 150 guests. Honoured in 2003 by the Arts Foundation as one of ten artists at the inaugural Icon Awards, Hone has since gone on to publish a new book of poetry and has had his achievements celebrated in a number of ways. Born in Kaikohe in 1922, Hone began to write whilst an apprentice at the Otahuhu Railway Workshops, encouraged by fellow poet R. A. K. Mason. His first collection, No Ordinary Sun (1964), was the first book of poetry by a Maori writer in English. Now in its tenth impression, it remains one of the most widely read individual collections of poetry in New Zealand literary history. Hone has fourteen books of his writings published, with a fifteenth, Tuwhareana, due for release in March 2007. He is recognised as bringing an exciting new dimension to New Zealand poetry with a voice that communicates a distinctly Maori perspective marked by a lyrical response to the landscape.

Since 2003 Hone has been awarded one of the inaugural $60,000 Prime Minister’s Awards for Literary Achievement for poetry. Other winners of this Award include Arts Foundation Icons Janet Frame and Maurice Gee and recently Patricia Grace. He has received an honorary Doctor of Literature degree from the University of Auckland, and an earlier Doctorate from the University of Otago. Hone has been the subject of several documentaries, including No Other Lips (directed and co-produced by 2001 Laureate Gaylene Preston) and, more recently, The Return Home (2005). He has had a compilation album of his poems set to music, featuring New Zealand musicians. Tuwhare, was the basis for a special concert of top New Zealand recording artists at the 2006 New Zealand International Arts Festival and will also feature during AK07, Auckland Arts Festival on Monday, 19 March 2007. Hone’s Icon medallion (designed by John Edgar) is housed, along with his Te Mata Estate Poet Laureate carved tokotoko, at the Southland Museum and Art Gallery Niho o te Taniwha in Gore.

Icon Artists’ works continue to impress Janet Frame’s novels Faces in the Water (1961) and The Edge of the Alphabet (1962) have been re-released by Random House in one volume, as has her novel Living in the Maniatoto, as part of The Janet Frame Collection.

Patricia Grace’s latest collection of short stories Small Holes in the Silence, published by Penguin, was released in September. Patricia was a recent recipient of $60,000 at the Prime Minister’s Awards for literary achievement.

Maurice Gee’s novel Blindsight won the Deutz Medal for Fiction in this year’s Montana New Zealand Book Awards. Blindsight is also on the long list for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for 2007. The short list will be released on 4 April 2007 and the winner of the 100,000 Euros prize will be announced on 14 June 2007. 

Ralph Hotere and installation artist Bill Culbert have created a work Void. This is a new stand-alone work, which fills Te Papa’s core or ihonui - a large space nearly five storeys high between the main foyer on level two and the ceiling.

On becoming an Icon (!) Except for a couple absentee Icons, together, we stand – all ten of us comically sardonical; sartorially succeeding only in being dark-suited – bow-tied & white-shirted, but secretly stretched in bowel and bladder control, as the Governor-General, Dame Silvia pins a round, green-stoned cored badge, on our pumped-up chests to a series of comedically repressed “Ow-ouches” and, discovering politically that we are all “Lefties” as the pin lances a left nipple. We become more phylosophically dead in the face, as our lips curl to a comedically heroic, tight lipped silence of painful acceptance, laconically iconical! From Oooooo…..!!! the latest collection of Hone Tuwhare poems, Published by Steele Roberts Publishers and written by Hone following the 2003 Icon Awards.


Icon Awards – to be celebrated in 2007 Planning has begun for the 2007 Icon Awards, which will recognise further pre-eminent artists, working towards completing a living circle of 20 to be honoured by this Award. The Icon Awards provide New Zealanders the opportunity to identify those artists who have excelled as contributors to this country’s cultural identity and represented New Zealand on the world stage. The Awards ceremony enables us to thank the Icon Artists for their contributions and to celebrate their achievements with them. The Arts Foundation is now seeking nominations for artists who fit the category of “Icon”. Recognised as leaders in their fields, these artists may in some cases be internationally renowned and often local pioneers in their chosen art forms.

Previously honoured Icons include: Len Castle Janet Frame Maurice Gee Peter Godfrey Patricia Grace Alexander Grant Dr Pakariki Harrison Ralph Hotere Russell Kerr Margaret Mahy Sir Donald McIntyre Milan Mrkusich Donald Munro Diggeress Te Kanawa Hone Tuwhare Sir Miles Warren

Potter Writer (1924 - 2004) Writer Musician Writer Ballet Dancer Carver Visual Artist Choreographer Writer Opera Singer Painter Opera Weaver Poet Architect

You can email your nomination to:, fax to 04 382 9642 or mail to: Arts Foundation of New Zealand, PO Box 11-352, Manners Street, Wellington. No particular nomination form is required; however, any background material on your nomination would be appreciated, including date of birth, artform, career highlights.

Legacies – a gift for excellence in the arts

~ Twisted Flax Pods by Ann Robinson, 2004 Laureate ~

The arts are an integral part of our society, enriching lives and adding depth and vitality to the human spirit. New Zealand artists are renowned as world class. All New Zealanders have an opportunity to support the arts through a will adjustment in favour of the Arts Foundation. As a non-profit Charitable Trust, the Arts Foundation of New Zealand recognises, supports and rewards artistic excellence through its ever-growing programme of projects and Awards. Trustees and Governors work together with arts leaders to deliver effective programmes to support New Zealand arts now, and in future generations. When David Carson-Parker decided to leave a legacy, he said “an important feature of the Arts Foundation is the way they have not only supported up-andcoming artists, but the way they have honoured senior people, the Icons. They recognise these people should be valued for the way they have contributed to New Zealand’s identity and culture”.

As the Foundation’s support grows through donations and bequests, more programmes will be implemented. The Foundation is developing new projects to provide effective support to the arts and works with the arts community to identify needs in the arts area. A gift through your will is a powerful way of assisting the arts. Provision in your will does not affect your income during your lifetime. It will, however, benefit New Zealand through future investment in the arts and culture, by building a permanent fund for the arts. Donations are invested in perpetuity in the Arts Foundation of New Zealand’s Endowment Fund, from which all income generated is used to support the arts Your gift can be a specific amount, part of your estate, the residue of your estate following distributions, or specific property such as real estate, shares, securities and other realisable assets. Your gift will be preserved as a capital sum to generate annual income in perpetuity (unless you specify otherwise). We recommend you consult with your legal advisors and/or the Arts foundation on the most appropriate arrangement to meet your philanthropic aims.


Donations benefit all art forms. The Arts Foundation has supported artists from the far north of the country to the deep south, in forms such as painting, choreography, theatre, jewellery, literature, film and music. The Arts Foundation thanks all readers who have already promised legacies. The establishment of the Arts Foundation was made possible through a certain number of individuals who provided support through promised legacies, by matching the initial seeding grant provided by the Lottery Grants Board. This meant an amount of $5million was made available to the Arts Foundation to establish the Foundation’s Endowment If you would like to leave a legacy to the arts, please contact the Arts Foundation for a brochure, or visit our website: www.artsfoundation.


Being a Laureate and then a Governor of the Arts Foundation brought me into contact with Sir Hugh. I only met him a few times, but his gift for quiet observation of all that surrounded him mixed with natural dignity, made a deep impression.  His steadfast and unstinting dedication to furthering deep and truthful understanding between Maori and the wider community will remain strong in the hearts of those who care about building a truly bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand.  Ka hinga te totara o te wao nui a Tane. Haere ra. Te Rangatira. G ay l e n e P r e s t o n

Featured Governors

~ Former Trustee Sir Hugh Kawharu with Arts Foundation Governor Georgina te Heuheu at the inaugural Arts Foundation of New Zealand Award for Patronage – May 2006. ~

Professor Sir Hugh Kawharu, ONZ, Chairman Ngati Whatua o Orakei Maori Trust Board, 1927-2006 Trustees reflect with great sadness upon the loss of fellow Trustee Sir Hugh Kawharu in mid-September, acknowledging what a privilege it was to have worked with him. Ros Burdon said “The Arts Foundation was fortunate to have had such a fine distinguished man provide thoughtful insights into every aspect of the organisation. Trustees would never forget the experience of attending their July meeting at Orakei Marae so graciously hosted by Sir Hugh, shortly before his death.” Much loved by Management and fellow Trustees, Sir Hugh spent considerable time with Executive Director Simon Bowden, discussing Arts Foundation Awards and the importance of honouring “preeminence”. Sir Hugh guided the Foundation toward open dialogue on the merits of Maori involvement in patronage and contributed enormously to the work and identity of the Foundation.

Justin Paton joined the Arts Foundation’s College of Governors at the end of 2004. Justin is curator of contemporary art at Dunedin Public Art Gallery and is widely published as an art critic. From 2000 until 2005 he was Editor of New Zealand’s longest-running journal of Arts and Letters, Landfall.  As a curator, his recent exhibitions have included Reboot:The Jim Barr and Mary Barr Collection, World’s Edge: Ten Horizons, and Tall Tales and History Lessons: Contemporary New Zealand Art from the Nineteenth Century. He was Curator of a 2003 survey of the work of Arts Foundation Laureate Ronnie van Hout, called I’ve Abandoned Me, and most recently he co-curated the spectacular survey exhibition of another Laureate artist, Julia Morison, and authored the recently released book of that exhibition, titled a loop around a loop. His book about Australian sculptor Ricky Swallow was published by Craftsman House/Thames and Hudson in 2004, and his essays have appeared in publications on the artists Daniel van Sturmer (Dunedin Public Art Gallery) and Jude Rae (Ouroborous Publishing).  His acclaimed survey of the painter Jeffrey Harris was published in 2005 and was a finalist in the 2006 Montana New Zealand Book Awards Illustrative Section, and his book How to Look at a Painting was the winner in the Lifestyle and Contemporary Culture Category of the same Awards.  Justin has been a valuable member of the Arts Foundation’s 2005 and 2006 Laureate selection panels. Mary-Jane O’Reilly took up the position as Artistic Director of the tempo° dance festival earlier in the year. The tempo° festival offers a wide range of dance opportunities to all dancers, and for dance artists, the rare opportunity to mount work with the support of festival resources. tempo° 06 featured all genres of dance including hiphop to a guest ballet company from Argentina and also works by both seasoned and younger choreographers.

Karyn Fenton-Ellis’s career has been diverse, ranging from broadcasting, communications and politics to international and community leadership. She is an accomplished debater and public speaker, winning the World Public Speaking Competition in Britain in 1989. Since 1997, Karyn has been TOWER Limited’s Group Sponsorship Manager. She was elected Junior Chamber International (Jaycee) World President for 2000, chairing the Sapporo, Japan World Congress with 10,000 delegates.  Since 1992, Karyn has been a television presenter for nationwide racing channel Trackside and currently hosts a Sunday morning programme Retro and a programme on Radio Trackside. Karyn also MCs a large number of industry and corporate events.  Her passion for the arts is a foremost interest. Karyn says that “Being a Trustee of the Arts Foundation is a privilege that I am enormously excited about - the Foundation is changing the lives of artists of all genres, and is making a fundamental difference to the society in which we live.”

Roger Hall had a new pantomime version of Aladdin premier at Circa Theatre midNovember; and Cinderella (also a pantomime) was performed at Fortune Theatre, Dunedin, around the same time. Roger has written these two works, with Paul Jenden (choreographer) and Michael Nicholas Willams (lyricist and composer), as part of a drive to entice theatres to put on family shows to encourage future audiences. Rodney Wilson is Director of the Auckland War Memorial Museum and has been kept busy with continuous building and fundraising activities for the development of the Museum. The Stage II Grand Atrium Project has just been completed and comprises two basement levels, a ground floor, and four above ground levels. Seven stories in all, crowned by a magnificent copper and glass dome, it increases the Museum’s ability to showcase, interpret and celebrate the country’s history.


FORSYTH BARR – Laureates On-Stage In September, Forsyth Barr was announced as the Overall Winner of the National Business Review 2006 Awards for Sponsorship for their sponsorship of Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage. The Awards acknowledge those partnerships between business and the arts that demonstrate a high level of creativity, commitment and vision. One of 18 finalists, the judges said the Forsyth Barr’s entry was the “stand out”. The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, presented the Award to Forsyth Barr Chairman Eion Edgar and Marketing Manager Trish Oakley. Ros Burdon said “Forsyth Barr’s application to the Awards demonstrated exciting business outcomes alongside substantial benefits for the arts. The Arts Foundation is proud of the partnership that it has with Forsyth Barr and congratulates them on this most deserved Award. Particular thanks have to go to Neil Paviour-Smith (Managing Director), and Trish Oakley for their commitment to working with the Foundation in a mutually beneficial manner, offering a genuine understanding and commitment to the Arts Foundation and its charitable purposes. Forsyth Barr has welcomed the opportunity to support New Zealand’s talented artists through investing in the organisation and its programmes.”

Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage is a welcome opportunity for me to get to know and understand the creative work of fellow Laureates, some of whom I meet for the first time, and also to share my own experience with audiences who are always so warm and responsive. Ja ck B o dy

Forsyth Barr regional staff have also played an important role supporting New Zealand art through the hosting of Forsyth Barr Laureate On-Stage events around the country. In 2006 Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage events have taken place in Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin and Invercargill, bringing the total number of events to 41. These events introduce the Arts Foundation and the Laureate artists to an ever widening and appreciative audience who are able to connect with the artists and their artistic concepts and processes. For example, guests have heard how John Reynolds picked up his talent for painting in the grounds of Porirua Hospital, with a patient and a tennis court marking machine, and John Psathas wrote some of the music for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games while wearing his slippers in his studio at home.

~ Oscar Kightley and Alun Bollinger with students. Laureates On-Stage, Christchurch ~

Provocative, in the best possible way, describes the Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage event last night in Napier. Thank you for your proactive approach to bringing the craft of the artist to our community. S h a w n a B u t l e r,



~ Untitled Nicky Foreman Presented to Forsyth Barr as overall winners ~

Vice-Regal Patron

Hon Dame Silvia Cartwright, PCNZM, DBE, Honorary Patron of the Arts Foundation Dame Silvia Cartwright became Honorary Patron of the Arts Foundation in mid-July 2002. During her term as Governor General, both she and her husband Peter actively supported the Arts Foundation. The Cartwright’s made their home at Government House available in both Wellington and Auckland, for the presentation of Awards at two events. The Arts Foundation is grateful to Dame Silvia for hosting the launch of the Arts Foundation’s partnership with Principle Sponsor Forsyth Barr and the presentation of the Icon Award to Sir Donald McIntyre in Wellington, and for the hosting of the inaugural Award for Patronage in Auckland during her term of office. The Arts Foundation is also grateful to Dame Silvia for presenting the inaugural Icon Awards in 2003. Dame Silvia’s presence added significantly to the mana of these events.

The Arts Foundation warmly welcomes His Excellency the Honourable Anand Satyanand, PCNZM, who has accepted the role of Vice-Regal Patron of the Arts Foundation for his term as Governor General. ~ Dame Silyvia Cartwright presents Icon Award to Maurice Gee (2003) ~

Before becoming a Judge and later an Ombudsman, Anand Satyanand was a practising barrister and solicitor, first employed by the Crown Solicitors Office and then for some seven years a partner in a Queen Street law firm. He worked as a Judge in a number of North Island settings and served on prison boards as well as on the National Parole Board during that time. He was a government appointed board member of the Asia 2000 (now the Asia New Zealand) Foundation, and part of the standing committee of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. As Ombudsman for ten years he worked as a tutor for a Commonwealth Secretariat ombudsman training programme.



Freemasons New Zealand - New Grand Master November has been a very busy month for Freemasons New Zealand with the announcement of the New Generation Awards, the conclusion of their Men’s Health campaign, and the installation of a new Grand Master at their biennial national conference. Freemasons New Zealand is one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organisations with a history entrenched in the arts. Charity is the public face of Freemasonry and the majority is directed at non-Masonic causes including various community projects. For the past month, Freemasons have been holding Men’s Health seminars all around the country to encourage Kiwi men to take an active role in maintaining their health by seeking regular checkups. The campaign, entitled Men’s Health – Secrets Revealed ran for a month from October 22 and included specialist speakers who spoke to men and their families about important issues such as blood pressure, stress, diabetes, heart conditions and cancer. After the success of the Men’s Health campaign, the focus was on the arts. The recipients of the first New Generation Awards, a joint initiative with the Arts Foundation, were announced at an Awards ceremony in Wellington on 22 November. Mozart, Sebelius, Chagall, Hogarth, Voltaire and Kipling are all artists who were Freemasons in their time.

~ Anne Mace represented Freemasons New Zealand in congratulating New Generation Award recipient Tze Ming Mok ~

Freemasons newly appointed Grand Master, Barry McLaggan, is very pleased that Freemasons New Zealand is sponsoring the Awards. The 67 year old retired Waikato dairy farmer was elected to the most senior office through votes cast on behalf of 11,000 Freemasons throughout New Zealand. He was formally installed as Grand Master at the Freemasons national conference on Friday 24 November. The ceremony,

rich in tradition, was open to family, friends and the public, and over 800 people attended. A special banquet was held the following evening to celebrate the appointment, and other initiatives that Freemasons New Zealand has been involved with including sponsorship of Medical Fellowships, research, services and equipment; scholarships for tertiary education, and the New Generation Awards.

From the office The Arts Foundation is pleased to welcome Bryna O’Brien as Administrator. Beginning work in early August, her added support to the Foundation is proving invaluable. Bryna is a first-class Honours Graduate in Art History from Victoria University, and has recently returned from travelling overseas. Angela Busby has been promoted to Project Co-ordinator. Managing the Arts Foundation’s busy programme is Executive Director, Simon Bowden. Simon’s other talents have seen him in 2006 – “Playing Favourites” with Kim Hill, featuring as a performer and composer in NZ Fringe Show The Silent Reflections of Hone Mäwhero, performing with his jazz group CL BOB,

including the launch of the group’s third CD, The Great Flash. Simon and his wife Amanda Hereaka won the annual Bats Theatre commission for the STAB Season of Innovative Theatre works for their play I ain’t nothing but, a glimmer in the Dark, she said which premiered on 17 October. They are expecting their first child in late December. The Arts Foundation is fortunate to have a manager who well-understands the process of running events and with skills in communicating with businesses and artists alike. Office relocation – The Arts Foundation of New Zealand has moved office. You are welcome to visit us at our new location: Level 3, 45 Tory St, Wellington. The entrance to the offices is on the ground floor through the glass sliding door entrance to the restaurant Chow. Please note our new phone number: 04 382 9691 and fax: 04 382 9692.

~ Bryna O’Brien with New Generation Award recipient Taika Waititi ~

SPONSORS – How they help us Did you know that? • Acumen has helped put the Arts Foundation and the artists it has supported in print and on national television and radio; • All Arts Foundation publications you have recently read and display screens at Awards have been creatively designed by Chrometoaster • All printed material that you have received has been beautifully printed by DSP Print Group; • The beverage you enjoyed at the last Arts Foundation event you attended, was generously donated by Lion Breweries;

and all of this has been for free! Without the generous support of these sponsors, Principal Sponsor Forsyth Barr, event sponsor Freemasons New Zealand, Gaming Machine Trusts, Arts Foundation Patrons and private donors, the Foundation would be unable to support its growing programme of Awards, or maintain the standard of acknowledgement to artists it is currently able to undertake. The Arts Foundation is hugely appreciative of the support provided by its sponsors and Patrons. Thank you to you all.

• Ricoh has supplied a printer and photocopier; • When our computers have faltered Fergus from testroom has obligingly rectified these IT problems

~ Designed by Chrometoaster, printed by DSP Print Group ~



DIRECTORY Vice-Regal Patron His Excellency The Hon Anand  Satyanand, PCNZM, GovernorGeneral of New Zealand Trustees Ros Burdon CNZM (Chair), Richard Cathie MNZM, Leigh Davis, Eion Edgar DCNZM, LLD (Hon), Karyn FentonEllis, Michael Hill, Fran Ricketts, Sir Ronald Scott ONZ, Brian Stevenson and Sir Miles Warren ONZ. Honorary Vice Patrons Sir Michael & Lady Hardie Boys Governors John McCormack (Chair), David Carson-Parker, Robin Congreve, Briar Grace-Smith, Roger Hall, Elizabeth Knox, Mary Jane O’Reilly, Jonathan ManeWheoki, Helen Medlyn, Justin Paton, Gaylene Preston, Hon Georgina te Heuheu, Marilynn Webb, Gillian Whitehead, Lloyd Williams, Rodney Wilson Founding Patrons Roderick & Gillian Deane Eion & Jan Edgar Jenny Gibbs Fran & Geoff Ricketts John Todd James H. Wallace Platinum Patron Margot Hutchison Gold Corporate Patron National Business Review Lifetime Patrons Ros & Philip Burdon David Carson-Parker Connells Bay Sculpture Trust Lady Diana Isaac Peter & Joanna Masfen Deborah Sellar Fay Pankhurst Deborah Sellar Gold Patrons Gus & Irene Fisher Noel & Sue Robinson Lady Philippa Tait Sir Miles Warren David Wilton Anonymous (4) Gold Laureate Donors Donald & Susan Best John & Rose Dunn John & Merrill Holdsworth Don & Jannie Hunn Prue & Denver Olde Dot Paykel Lesley & Michael Shanahan Jenny & Andrew Smith Silver Patrons Trish Clark Wayne Boyd & Ann Clarke Diana & Bob Fenwick Laurie Greig Jillian & Dick Jardine Constance Kirkcaldie Ron & Margaret Saunders


Mary Smit Pamela & Brian Stevenson Dame Catherine Tizard Caroline & Henry van Asch Walker & Hall Trust Haydn Wong Silver Laureate Donors Richard & Trish Barnes John & Mary Marshall Jolyon & Georgina Ralston Faith Taylor Colin Post & Brenda Young Bronze Patrons Charlotte Anderson Michael & Gaye Andrews Graham Atkinson John Barnett Liz Bowen-Clewley & Greg Clewley Bill Brien & Frances Russell Chris & Lyn Brocket Julie & Robert Bryden Diana Cable Bruce & Margaret Carson Brecon & Jessica Carter Suzanne Carter Andrew Cathie & Niki Pennington Richard & Frances Cathie Kim Chamberlain & Henrietta Hall Helen Chambers Rick & Lorraine Christie Bruce & Jo Connor Robert & Dinah Dobson Rocky & Jeanie Douche Robyn & Christopher Evans Helen & Keith Ferguson Charlotte & Robert Fisher Marc & Cecilia Fitz-Gerald Mr & Mrs E M Friedlander John & Marelda Galllaher Jim Geddes Sue Gifford & Simon Skinner John & Trish Gribben Helen & Don Hagan Roger Hall Sir Michael & Lady Hardie Boys Philip & Leone Harkness John & Barbara Heslop Willi Hill Ken & Jennifer Horner Chris & Sue Ineson Hugh Judd & Sue Morgan Peter & Trudy Keenan Grant Kerr Michael & Monica Laney Hilary Langer Annie K. H. Lee Ken Lister & Barbara Bridger Helen Lloyd Eugenie Loomans Mary Lynskey Sue & John Maasland Janice Macleod Eileen McGrath-Hadwen Sir Roy McKenzie Joy Mebus Pauline Mitchell Alexandra Morley-Hall Barbara & Roger Moses Douglas Myers Robert & Freda Narev Mike Nicolaidi Rob & Jacqui Nicoll Mervyn & Francoise Norrish Trish & Roger Oakley Neil & Phillipa Paviour-Smith Sam Perry

December 2006 Joe & Jackie Pope James & Rachel Porteous Michael Prentice Chris & Sue Prowse Professor Hilary Radner Don & Moira Rennie Andrew Robertson & Niina Suhonen Lyn & Bruce Robertson Rita Salmon Greg & Rosie Schneiderman Sir Ronald & Lady Beverley Scott Lindsay Shelton Max & Laraine Shepherd Jan Spary John & Robyn Spooner Roger Steele Ross Steele Scott & Vicki St John Sir Angus Tait Kathleen Tipler & Michael Cole Turnovsky Endowment Trust Philip van Dyk Kerrin & Noel Vautier The Waimarama Trust Fredricka E M Walker-Murray James L. D. & Eve Wallace Margaret Wheeler Helen & Geoff Whitcher Gillian Whitehead Les & Marie Williams Helen Young Peter T. Young Anonymous (7) Bronze Laureate Donors Ann Mallinson Terence & Elizabeth O’Brien Lindsay & Kees Weststrate Kirsty Wood

The Arts Foundation of New Zealand owes its existence and project funding to a number of organisations with vision and a passion for the arts:

Forsyth Barr – Principal Sponsor A New Zealand-owned company and Principal Sponsor of the Arts Foundation, Forsyth Barr is proud to be investing in New Zealand’s cultural heritage. Presenting Sponsor – Laureate Awards Ceremony Forsyth Barr enables the annual celebration and honouring of five of New Zealand’s highest achieving artists. Naming Sponsor – Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage Forsyth Barr’s support provides a unique opportunity to experience some of the finest, most exciting, working artists in New Zealand.

Presenting Sponsor – New Generation Awards As funder of both the awards and event, Freemasons New Zealand is providing significant support to artists in the early stages of their careers.

Supporting providers The following companies provide generous support through the provision of high quality services.

Official Marketing Advisor Official Designer

Official Print Supplier Official Beverage Supplier Executive Director: Simon Bowden Project Co-ordinator: Angela Busby Administrator: Bryna O’Brien Many individuals and organisations have supported the Arts Foundation through patronage donations, gifts and bequests since our emergence in 1999. This support is extremely important to the Foundation. Patrons’ continued loyalty and contribution to the cause is most gratefully acknowledged.

Official Office Equipment supplier

Official IT supplier

Donors Philanthropic trusts provide valuable donations to support

Photographers: Ken Baker, Nick Barr, Robert Catto,

infrastructure and events.

Scott Venning

Arts Foundation of New Zealand PO Box 11-352, Manners Street, Wellington Tel: 04 382 9691, Fax: 04 382 9692, Email:, Website:


Foundation Organisation The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board provided a capital base of $5 million to establish the Arts Foundation Endowment Fund.

Applause - issue 12  

This issue of Applause includes Arts Foundation Milestones; Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage; Hone Tuwhare; Icon Artists; John Psathas; Justi...

Applause - issue 12  

This issue of Applause includes Arts Foundation Milestones; Forsyth Barr Laureates On-Stage; Hone Tuwhare; Icon Artists; John Psathas; Justi...