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Top 5 Prominent Mural Painting Ideas That Will Amaze You

Mural paintings have uniqueness when it comes to decorative art which is applied directly to a wall or flat surface. This art was used by ancient cultures to describe the nature and for interpreting their myths and sacred stories about the nature.

Wall mural paintings are able to make a room look bigger, exciting and full of illusions.

Here are 5 mural painting ideas: Murals featuring ancient periods and nature themes It is often seen that many building and small residents have dull and boring dĂŠcor. Painting the ancient periods such as Victorian, gothic, modern or classic would be a great idea to spice up a boring room. You can also feature a nature theme like flowers, gardens, fountains and oceans to give your home a magical view.

Murals of your favorite hobby

For most of the people their room is their secret box. Showcasing your favorite hobby on the wall of your room not only adds beauty but also makes your secret box more exiting. You can feature any hobby there, ranging from your favorite sports to your childish fantasy.

Murals featuring industry themes and business With mural artwork you can give an amazing look to your boring interiors. You can amaze your clients by showcasing your business values and services with the help of mural paintings. True beauty of mural paintings is the ability to interpret anything anywhere and this beauty totally lies in the hands of expert mural artists.

Murals showcasing famous landmarks You can ask your mural artist to paint world famous landmarks on walls, ceilings and floors. Don’t worry you will not run out of choices because there are number of world famous landmarks.

Murals of comic characters

Featuring childish heroes and comic characters on the wall that your special small ones love a lot will be the perfect gift for them. Thanks to this ancient art and advancement made in paint technology.

Mural art is spreading its feet rapidly. Homeowners, who really want to make their dream home a Neverland, are hiring expert mural artists to get their walls painted with beautiful and stunning murals.

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Top 5 Mural Art Ideas  
Top 5 Mural Art Ideas  

When it comes to Mural painting and decorative art then sky is the limit. A muralist can add beauty, sparkle and a point of interest to any...