Art Reveal Magazine no. 28

Page 84

Elisabeth Wedenig Glanegg, Austria Rooted in abstraction and figuration, most of my current works are the results of my interest in perception; what is real, true and important to each one of us; the flexibility and elasticity of reality; how we remember and how we forget; how we lose, hide, destroy, keep, make up, reorder and find new solutions. Central to my works is the intention to combine and connect elements with the aim of finding an in-between. Between abstraction and figuration, painting and drawing, geometric and organic elements, chaos and order, reality and dream. During the work on my paintings, I compress and develop collected elements through selecting, reordering, replenishing, overlaying, distorting, disguising or deleting them. I never completely know how my paintings will look in the end. My interest lies in how they develop through the painting process, in seeing what materialises. It is a process of creation, reaction and reflection. A flexible process, where plans can change or coincide.