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Anelor Robin and her wandering


By Lula Valletta

I am standing in front of an apartment in Berlin-Neukölln. I ring the bell and as soon as the door opens, I am greeted with colorfulness and am invited into the curious world of Berlin based artist Anelor Robin. Some of you might know her or her project GlueHeads and will agree with me that she is an important key in the contemporary collage scene. I met with her on a typical Berliner spring afternoon to learn more about her world.

Anelor, who would like her name to be changed into Margarine, is an artist working with different media, but mainly focuses on the art of collage and her ever-growing collections. “Already since my childhood I have been a collector. I collect images, like vintage photographs from strangers as well as objects that I randomly find. My first collection was that of Malabar, you know the tattoos… One of my favorite collections is the one I have of coffee- and ice cream spoons. For me, collage is the perfect art form to combine objects and images from my collections and use them in a confronting way. I love the freedom you have with collage and the strong message it can help you to create; for example to combine a modern-day object like an iPhone and some toy from the 70’s. With collage it doesn’t matter anymore where and from when an object or image is from.”

Her biggest inspirations get obvious to me, as soon as I step into the studio where she creates her work: bright colors, elements from the 70’s and 80’s pop-culture, crazy patterns, trash and with that also the godfather of trash: John Waters. She also gets inspiration from music, movies, literature, food and everyday life. “I have had a great childhood and remember lots from it. It still inspires me a lot and hopefully I’m still a child and didn’t grew up too much during the years passing.” Anelor grew up in France, has lived in Istanbul and is now residing in Berlin. About her adventure in Istanbul she says: “Istanbul happened more like a coincidence. I applied for a job, got it and moved without expecting too much about it. It is a beautiful and magical city. On the one hand it’s very conservative, on the other it’s very European. If Istanbul