Art Reveal Magazine no. 17

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Mark McAfee Brown Mountain View, CA, USA LANDSCAPES (Woodless Woodcuts) are a series of digital art works that express my love of the natural world. These landscape images have been turned into a cross between woodcuts and photographs, though no trees were harmed in the production of these artworks. Creating them is a reductive process - removing photographic information and distilling the images into simpler visual essences, creating sky gradients, keylining and outlining components of the landscapes and painting with Photoshop’s digital brushes. All of these images began as analog or digital landscape photographs. I have had a lifelong love of Japanese wood block prints. As a child, I was exposed to prints by Hokusai, Hiroshige and Hiroshi Yoshida. My mother (born and raised in China and Japan) had original prints by all of these artists which were on the walls of our New York city apartment from the time of my birth. I spent many years as a traditional and experimental printmaker, starting at age fifteen with wood and linoleum block prints. I moved on to stone lithography, etching, photo etching, photo silkscreening and cyanotypes. The toxic chemicals associated with these methods helped me transition into the digital realm. Photoshop has been my digital darkroom for over 20 years.