Art Reveal Magazine No. 11

Page 22

Georgios GreeKalogerakis London, England, UK TIAF (The Independent Artist Fair) London 2014, UK interview to the international Art Habens magazine (won the competition) distinction from the University of Westminster (Mixed Media Fine Art)

In my fine art practice, since 1999, I have used different materials and a mixture of techniques. Experimenting on sound and light has been a major part of my artistic development. The challenges of my early work(s) in oil and acrylic painting helped me realised that painting was not the medium I was interested to work with. As a result, I engaged with what I found fascinating in my surroundings, day-life materials. My work experience in metal construction and iron buildings was a major influence, leading to artworks where I combine a multitude of materials with construction chemicals and various techniques ‘Man and nature’ as well as ‘life and death’ were long-lasting topics of this experimental period of my life, which I named “11”. Ten years later, I decided to make a self-portrait, choosing to cut Gainsborough’s “blue boy” (c 1770) from an embroidery pattern and use it as my portrait behind a big, framed and chemically cleaned mirror. Despite the impressive result, something was missing from the painted background, with the boy standing in the middle and all behind the surface of the mirror! It took me a few months staring at it to realise that lighting was essential for completing my new creation. This realisation signaled the beginning of my artistic period called “6”. The use of sound, videos, small screens and any type of lighting extended my limits and opened the doors of my artistic imagination.