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"In the one hand I try and turn selling out into an art..."

Maxwell Rushton was born in 1989 in Swindon, UK. In 2009 he moved to the North, where he worked as a fish monger whilst studying for a BA in Fine Art at Leeds College of Art. Moving to London with 1st Class Honours in 2012 he continued to create art based upon his own relationship with commercial culture, expressing both his rejections and obsessions, and the influences it has on him. Maxwell identifies an unavoidable spectrum between a world saturated in commercialism and one that on that resits it. His work often imitates a materialistically driven culture in order to stand provocatively close to it..

Through physically becoming a brand by painting 10 pints of his own blood into a logo in Buy In Bleed Out, or spending a year in isolation constantly drawing and repeated symbol for Drawn Out, Maxwell identifies an unavoidable spectrum to encourage his viewer to question their placing within it. Maxwell articulates the force of commodification in today's culture by adopting the characteristics of commercialism in order to stand provocatively close to it.

".... and in the other I try and turn myself away from buying it all."

Selected to exhibit in BCN Art Fair, Barcelona, Casa Batllo, Spain The Brick Lane Gallery "Art in Mind", London, England West London Art Factory, Solo Exhibition, "Industry and Artistry", London, England Cella Shows, Solo Exhibition, "Post Product", Leeds, England LAB, solo Exhibition, "X" Leeds, England


Art Reveal Magazine no. 7  

Artists: Edgar Askelovic, Boris Beja, Anupong Charoenmitr, Ezio Cicciarella, David Ellingsen, Katie Ernst, Martin Gerstenberger, Maxwell Rus...

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