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Morten Rockford Ravn Copenhagen. Denmark

The nucleus in my practice is painting, I paint almost every day and almost exclusively in black and white. Black and white is the skeleton in both painting and photography, it forces us to focus on the substance of the work, the balance between form, light and darkness. My approach is rather eclectic in the sense I don’t subscribe to any particular movement or style. I see art history as a buffet, and use the various ideas and concepts as ingredients to compose something idiosyncratic. I do a lot of experimentation. Mostly I work with acrylics, ink, household paint and oil sticks and sometimes incorporate “mixed media”. I build the paintings like sculptures with multiple layers, using various “techniques” of adding and detracting pigments to the surfaces (canvas, wood panels, metal plates). Everything from brushes to knifes and golf clubs are being utilized to achieve satisfaction. I’ve even invented a few special tools that I use from time to time. Sometimes I also mix ink and paints with liquid consumer products such as Coca-Cola to create chemical reactions within the compositions. In doing so, I’m trying to reflect a generation brought up on high blood sugar, and the instant gratification that permeates the society we live in. My understanding and use of aesthetics is contrary to popular belief not simply about the surface, as the dichotomy of black and white suggests. Rather, I believe there’s an inside for every outside. I believe the strokes are reflections of my subconscious, which reflects the world I’m moving in and the information I consume. In that sense the work becomes autobiographical, while also reflecting the times. I’m working with a personal contemporary translation of Japanese aesthetics (wabi-sabi) that I believe to be a timely antidote to the existential void of consumerism and pop culture. The aesthetics reflect my philosophy. Morten Rockford Ravn (b. 1987, Copenhagen, DK) is a former professional poker player turned artist, his work explores themes of chaos theory, alienation and the friction between physical and virtual realities. Working in mediums ranging from painting, photography to sculpture and digital forms, his work have been featured in media outlets such as VICE, BBC and ZEIT, and been exhibited in Denmark, Germany and South Korea.

Art Reveal Magazine no. 34  

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