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Manss Aval San Diego, CA, USA

According to the Greeks, the gods were forever doing geometry. It has always occupied the human mind and dictated the environment we have created for ourselves. Manss grew up in the West, but is intimately familiar and fascinated with Eastern cultures where for centuries artistic expressions were limited to calligraphy and geometric shapes. His latest painting and photography series originated from photographs of high rise buildings, metal spirals and other real objects and explore the concept of how these rigid, well‐defined and nominally inorganic shapes, can morph into moving, transforming, three‐dimensional constructs. When ordinary circles can assume dynamic, doughnut‐shaped faces and rectangles in perceptually transition to hexagons, octagons… as elements of a twisting, flexible and growing multigonal boundary of abundant complexity and depth, the viewer’s eyes begin a journey to wherever it leads them, often returning to the origin to depart for a different destiny. Complexity in deceiving simplicity.

Manss grew up and attended college in Hamburg, Germany. He then left for Vancouver, Canada, and eventually moved to San Diego, California. He studied at the University of Hamburg and the University of British Columbia and has a broad set of skills with backgrounds in media, communications and the sciences (including a Ph.D.). He is a fashion designer, curator and visual artist engaged in painting, photography, sculptures and videography. His art has been showcased at over 85 international venues and received critical acclaim at home and abroad.

Art Reveal Magazine no. 26  

Artists: Manss Aval, Irena Azovsky, Paola Bazz, Kenneth Borg, Daniel DeLuna, Jamie Denburg Habie, Chelsie Dysart, Christian Gastaldi, Nat Gi...

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