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Creative Projects by Severine Grosjean

After a few years of juggling my work as an independent cultural journalist and my work as press officer at the French Embassy in Guatemala, I decided to meet new political and cultural strategies, aimed at culture and creativity an engine for urban development and regeneration, innovation, social cohesion, citizens’ well-being and intercultural dialogue. Since five years now, I have been writing for art magazines in Europe and Americas but also texts for exhibitions in South America. It all started in 2017, I flied to Colombia and begin my journey through South America, Europe and now Africa, chosing the destination that are on the verge of a cultural boom where artists, organizations, innovation, business and community merge to grow entire economies and revitalize societies. I visited each place to interview nearly 600 artists, founders, directors, curators and others interested in the subject. Along the journey, I was also invited to two conferences to explain the project (Santos (Brazil) and Budapest (Hungaria). The vision of The Nomad Creative Projects is to promote and offer a platform on which each artist and project can present themselves. The project wants to simulate the debate and create a place to share ideas about the driving role of art in society. This initiative aims to accelerate, catalyze, connect and communicate civil society

initiatives in arts and culture - rethink and build the world as an open, inclusive and democratic space. Because we believe that artistic freedom is an indicator of a healthy and free society, the platform aims to have an international reach by giving an overview of artists and projects around the globe, with different contents expressing cultural identity, promoting new ideas The Nomad Creative Projects project aims to collaborate with other projects and initiatives that address issues related to culture. This project aims to offer a general idea of initiaitves but also to collect ideas for the creation of a structure inspired by the advantages and disadvantages that each one encounters. This project goes out to meet artists, projects, etc in countries in crisis or whose economies and cultural policies are different. The Nomad Creative Projects wishes to share its

expertise and experiences in a variety of contexts in order to develop tools, programs and projects. The Nomad Creative Projetcts’ ultimate desire is to launch an international structure where accessible and ongoing events for the creative community and the general public will be organized on various and committed themes thanks to the support of local partners, generous places and international partners. long term. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is creative. The Nomad Creative Projects aims to promote the international interconnection of art professionals who live and work in environments that can be considered as the main centers of contemporary art and to transfer knowledge to local people and vice versa. The projects has different areas of research. This world trip is a solidarity trip to meet artists and cultural actors. I collect docu-

ments, artists’ stories about their working conditions, the photographs of artists at work but also the backdrop of sometimes difficult scenery ... The temptation is great to look in the rearview mirror and analyze retrospectively the evolutions of artistic and cultural projects in the public space. But greater is the desire to project itself prospectively. What will be the main themes of the arts in public space in the next 10 years? What trends are emerging? Which ones do we want to value and encourage? The project aims to promote and work with cultural and urban art projects, to create opportunities and develop new markets in emerging art cities around the world. Art plays a major role in the culture and identity of cities. These places have made a name for themselves as centers attracting new artists and doing a great job. The Nomad Creative Projects aims