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Spring 2013 Lookbook

Art Relief International

Wildest Dreams LookBook 2013 To celebrate Songkran, Chiang Mai's wildest week of the year, Art Relief International is proud to present its latest collection of group artworks. United under the theme of 'wild', we brought together marginalised, stigmatised, traumatised or conpartmentalised groups and gave them the time, space, tools and encouragement to bust apart the silence, stigma and stereotypes entrapping them. We were presented with crazy abstracts, splashed about the page. Watercolours and stencilled patterns emerged as workshop participants channeled the essence of wild animals or created their own monsters out of pick-n-mix body parts. Our artists also took a fearless look at themselves and at each other, and spoke in colours and images about their own identities outside of the confining ideas that their society may have about them. We loved bonding with the groups as their ideas blossomed on the canvas. We are thrilled that we can now bring the finished achievements to a wider audience and prove that there is a way for the silent and invisible to roar. Art Relief International is a non-profit organisation based in Chiang Mai, running creative workshops serving the disadvantaged citizens in the local community. Focus groups include Burmese refugees, who are often forced out of their country due to violent clashes only to arrive in neighboring countries and denied the citizenship which would secure schooling for their children and a fair wage. We often worked with the children of refugees, who get very little attention from the education system and often start working to support ther falmilies at a very young age. We like to give them a space where they can explore and play with ideas and materials like all children their age should have a chance to do. Similarly, indigenous hill-tribe groups are often impoverished, outside of educational reach and stuck in a cycle of exploitation. They are also a major focus, especially the single mothers, who are heavily stigmatised and isolated and often find it difficult to support themselves and their child. In our workshops, we try and build confidence in a safe and kind environment, as well as teach them skills which they can use to create marketable items and generate income in order to be self-sufficient. We also do workshops with children that have physical and intellectual disabilities, who are often left out by schools that do not have the funding to support and educate children with different needs. We try and make these sessions stimulating and creative, in order to prove their potential as human beings rather than emphasising the things they can't do. This year has been a real success at Art Relief International and we hope you enjoy our colourful collection, and get touched by the spirit of the wild!

Art Relief International Wildest Dreams Lookbook 2013 - Pricing

Our organisation is volunteer-based and relies on dedicated and openminded individuals who are looking to make a creative difference in the world. We believe that art changes lives. It is both a powerful means of expression and a recognised means of therapy – two things our participants badly need in their lives. Art Relief International works to cultivate creativity, create an atmosphere of inclusion for groups that are often cast out and ignored, and encourage social change. The prices listed in this booklet refer to the original framed artwork, and include shipping fees to the United States and Europe. A high-quality print of any piece can be ordered for $15 USD, including shipping. Greeting cards created by our art workshop participants are available in sets of three for $5 USD. These come with 3 matching envelopes. A set of three postcards can also be purchased for $5 USD. Art Relief International tote bags – ideal for holding all of your art and crafting supplies – are available for $15 USD, including shipping. Contact or call +66 898 355 524 with any questions or to make an order. ARI is a refistered 501(c)(3) in the United States and all purchases and contributions are completely taxdeductable. As always, thank you for your support.

Watercolour Wildlife Collection At once delicate and vibrant, we are proud of the skills that emerged during this workshop. Working with a muted palette, the participants created whirling or splattered backgrounds before inking an animal design to fit in with the remaining white gaps. Often having their education severely interrupted by political turmoil and poverty, it is important to give these workshop participants an outlet to think creatively and in a stress-free environment.

'Surface Water', 'Sunbleach', 'Gallop', all 28x38 cm $35 USD for framed original

Watercolour Wildlife Collection Continued

'Calm Lion', 'Squirt', ‘Roar', all 28x38cm, $35 USD for framed original

Abstract Series Wild, colourful, mysterious and expressive, these abstract paintings allowed a group of Burmese refugee children to communicate outside language and symbolism. From Hockney blues to Rothko blocks, these bright paintings liven any space they inhabit.

Abstract #1 Spiralling, Abstract #2 Growth, Abstract #3 Red and Blue Dancing, 38x26cm, $30SD

Self-Portrait Series Unfortunately in Thailand as in many countries, individuals with mental and physical handicaps are often excluded from mainstream society and often view themselves through the distorting lenses of others’ prejudices. With the workshop participants we explored their sense of self, creating self-portraits which brought their inner world out onto the page. Results were colourful, moving and challenging to our pre-conceived ideas of disability.

( (Clockwise from top left:) ‘Fuse’, ‘Migi’ , both 38x26cm ‘Phet’ 38x28cm All $35 USD for framed original

Stencil Series Collection I This lovely collection of stencils was created based on the idea of ocean and sea-life. Workshop participants loved learning the new painting and stencilling techniques, and created some really dynamic underwater scenes. All original framed artworks are $40 USD each.

'Seaweed Splash' 55x38cm

'Galaxsea' 55x38cm

'Wave Daze' 55x38cm

Stencil Series Collection II These stencil paintings were created with the theme of 'freedom'. Responses were beautiful imagery from the natural world, while ideas of flight are also predominant. It was fulfilling to empower the workshop participants with this new skill set.

'Dove’ 23x19cm 'Far Away' 30x42cm, both $30 USD each for framed original

Stencil Series Collection II Continued

'Wings' 28x19cm and 'Hoop' 38x27, both $30 USD each for framed original

Making a Mark: Paw Prints Gift Cards For this series we encouraged Burmese refugee children to imagine the creative spirit of animals from their local areas, and to include their paw prints as the animals splashed vibrantly across the page. We loved connecting the children back to nature, and to the potential of their own creative footprint. These images are available as gift cards (set of three for $5 USD including matching envelopes.)

'Bear Feet'

'The Elephant Stomp'

'Sun Wolf' All gift cards 10x15cm

Animal Postcards Collection: Exquisite Corpse Inspired by the 'exquisite corpse' game invented by Surrealists, our “Young Lions” passed around a drawing, adding a section of the animals’ body without knowing what the final result would be. We loved the fresh, bright style and sharp playing-card feel which contrasts with the wild and wonderful beasts that they created.

(Clockwise from left): The Flyger Fish, The Anphibian Monkey and The Panturtle-pea! Postcard size: 10x15 cm $5 USD for set of 3 postcards

Art Relief International LookBook Spring 2013  

To celebrate Songkran, Chiang Mai's wildest week of the year, Art Relief International is proud to present its latest collection of group ar...

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