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14th Annual

We extend a special thanks to our local eateries who generously contribute to our Gala Opening Reception. BIG T BBQ 2318 N Pearl St • Centralia (360) 330-0830 or (360) 628-9726 BOCCATA DELI & MARKET 405 N Tower Ave • Centralia (360) 736-2404 BURGERVILLE 818 Harrison Ave • Centralia (360) 736-5212 DAWN’S DELECTABLES 204 N Tower Ave • Centralia (360) 602-1495 JEREMY’S FARM TO TABLE 576 W Main St • Chehalis (360) 748-4417 MARKET STREET BAKERY 492 N Market Blvd • Chehalis (360) 748-0875 MCMENAMINS OLYMPIC CLUB 112 N Tower Ave • Centralia (360) 736-5164 NW SAUSAGE & DELI 5945 Prather Rd SW • Centralia (360) 736-7760 ONCE UPON A THYME 1090 NW State Ave • Chehalis (360) 740-8944 SANTA LUCIA COFFEE 202 S Tower Ave, Suite C • Centralia (360) 807-9600




RTrails of Southwest Washington is a community of emerging and established artists who live and work in the greater Lewis County area. Through the annual open studio tour, ARTrails provides an opportunity for the public to meet artists in their studio/workplace and to observe work in progress. ARTrails promotes the arts and the work of member artists through exhibits, workshops, and educational programs in coordination with area businesses, schools, and organizations. Lewis County and the cities of Centralia and Chehalis have generously supported the vision and activities of ARTrails over the years. We thank them, as well as the other communities of Lewis County, for their support of the arts. We look forward to our continuing and evolving relationships. We also thank the many volunteers and businesses who have contributed to our annual events and our success over the past ten years. Their ongoing support has been a major factor in our success. Special thanks to our supporters for their generosity: Our Supporters Twin Cities Trading Post Port Blakely Bob and Doris O’Neill Nicole Notch Now in our 14th year, our community of participating artists continues to grow, as does our support in and of the broader community. We are very grateful to all. Additional information is available at:

THE SHIRE 465 NW Chehalis Ave • Chehalis (360) 748-3720 THE BRANCH 202 W Centralia College Blvd • Centralia (360) 669-5127

Please support the businesses and communities that have so generously supported us!

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2016 artrails catalog web  

2016 ARTrails Studio Guide

2016 artrails catalog web  

2016 ARTrails Studio Guide