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Art Prism, a New Curated Online Art Marketplace Goes Live Art Prism, a new art marketplace has recently gone live. They aim to connect art collectors and talented artists from around the globe. To provide artists and art collectors a platform to sell and buy art, respectively, their curated online art marketplace went live in November 2017. Through their online art marketplace, they have facilitated the success of struggling artists by offering them an effective platform with a global reach. They want to serve as a medium between artists and art collectors with the goal to assist art collectors to discover the artworks of top emerging artists and in return, these artists receive a steady income and gain exposure among art collectors from all around the globe. According to the spokesperson of the new curated online marketplace, “The world is full of amazing talent, but that talent remains unexplored because artists do not have a place to publish and market their artwork. They neither have the resources or the connections to find an audience willing to consider buying and displaying their paintings at their office or home. By joining our art marketplace, they will no longer have to go from venue to venue and gallery to gallery to find an audience because we bring the audience to them and give them the worldwide exposure they need to succeed. We are the only online marketplace that charges a low commission and at the same time, we curate as well.” Artists wishing to join Art Prism’s online marketplace can register online and submit their application for review. Artists who receive a direct invitation from Art Prism will not be required to fill and submit an application for review but can join straight away. Artists can publish paintings, prints, photographs, drawings, and sculptures on the online art marketplace. Since Art Prism caters to art collectors from several countries around the globe, it provides artists with a better scope to establish their presence as a professional, experienced, and well-known artist in their field. In Art Prism’s growing community of artists, only artists who meet their carefully outlined criteria are invited to join, unless they received a direct invite to join from an existing artist vouching for the quality of their work. Once an artist joins, they can create their store, list their artworks, view updates of store traffic via a built-in analytic system, offer discounts to art collectors during peak season if they want, list their upcoming events, and create an interactive store to engage visitors. The spokesperson commented on how artists can earn money via their newly established online art marketplace, “We aim to build a thriving community of extremely talented artists to join our curated online art marketplace. We make it our priority to select and represent only those artists whom our professional art curator deems as having the potential to make a positive impression on art collectors.” They offer a user-friendly and an organized platform for artists to use to create their store to publish their artwork. Art Prism charges a 20% commission fee on each sale an artist

makes, which is according to them, less than brick and mortar galleries that ask for 50% on each sale. The spokesperson continued, “Where to buy paintings? From our curated art marketplace! We offer art collectors with a vast selection of artwork by artists from around the world. They can easily access an artist’s store to browse their paintings.”

About the Company Art Prism is best online Art Galleries marketplace that brings together artists and art collectors from all around the globe.

Contact Information Address: Art Prism Mercury House Shipstones Business Centre Northgate Nottingham NG7 7FN United Kingdom Email: Phone: +44 8006 890 824 Timings: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (UK time)

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Art Prism, a New Curated Online Art Marketplace Goes Live  
Art Prism, a New Curated Online Art Marketplace Goes Live  

The company provides an invaluable platform for both artists and art collectors and have recently announced the launch of their curated art...