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Serene Greene

throughout the city. I also use use forms and lines created by automatic drawing.Never underestimate the value of scribbling! Like Miro , Tapies, Breton and several other other artists who pioneered the technique, I do believe that it is a window to revealing more or a primal connection especially while living and creating in an urban enviornment. I often do digital drawings to explore lines and shapes that will be in my memory bank so I can call upon them at a later time. Often they will reappear in a very intuitive way. It was a definite evolution and I struggled between abstract and representation in the early days and changed from using oils to acrylics. I spent several years making the adjustment and transitioning from texture and more saturated dark colors ,gradually evolving into the style I have now. While I believe my work is precieved as very contemporary, it is very deeply rooted in the tradition of Lyrical Abstraction, and even further back, connected to ancient rudimenty markings and the development of visual symbols and language . Organic shapes and line work fuse memory and movement through current experiences and are remnants of our early stages of evolution. And I couldn't do without mention [3] which I have to admit is one of my favourite pieces of yours... I have been struck with the way you have been capable of establishing such an effective synergy between few dark tones and light all around, creating a symbiosis rather than a contrast... would you tell us more about the evolution of this stimulating work?

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SilverLake Series

Acrylic on Canvas 40 " X 40" 2013

Thank you , I appreciate your comments.I also feel that I achieved more of a balance in this composition and love the interplay of color and line. When I work, it is a form of meditation for me and I try to turn off the critical mind. Jazz of course is my soundtrack and it transcends daily life to a creative space that is very transformative.

elements are in movement through space. To accomplish this it is essential to think of white, not as the absence of color, but as a color and to pare down to essentials. I love the quote from William Morris, “ you should have nothing in your house or life that you do not deem either beautiful or useful“ . I think it also applies to my philosophy of art. Too many elements, whether you are cooking or writing a story, creating a painting or a design, are counter productive .I really feel that it is a metaphor for my personality and philoso-phy. I tend to reject divisive elements in my life and I am contantly striving for Cassandra Hanks

Without producing a literal translation of a score or composition, I do see the influence of musical notes and the essence rhythm. If I had a large color field background dominating the canvas, with a predictable horizon line, it would be the antithesis of the organic quality I am going for. I like to feel that the 94

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Peripheral ARTeries Art Review November 2013  

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