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Joanna Tam

Cok Tessekkur Ederim - Performance @ Pasajist, Istanbul (Photo by Aaron Wan)

particularly invested in emerging, underrepresented, non-traditional and cross- disciplinary approaches to artistic production What is the importance of this type of experience in relation to your art career?

Turkish at the beginning of the performance. Having said that I would not have been able to do my subsequent actions as I planed if he did not do what I asked him to do. In the case of Shower Talk and other pieces that I have done in collaboration with other artists, the works definitely reflect my practice and my collaborators' very equally.

My involvement and experience in founding and running Howard Art Project are very important for an emerging artist like myself in an environment with very little support for the arts.

In Shower Talk even though our conversation followed a predetermined theme, the way we talked, the words we used and our body languages revealed our individuality as a performer. For instance, I am a fast talker and Leah is calmer.

Depending on the gallery system is not enough for artists these days. We often need to start our own initiatives instead of waiting for other to offer you an opportunity to do the project that you want in the context and space that you want.

Besides producing your artworks, you have cofounded the Howard Art Project, an artist-run gallery/studio space in Dorchester: as I have read at your website you are

So far your artworks have been exhibited in many occasions and you have recently had an award at Best Art Film, Aesthetica Short Film

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Peripheral ARTeries Art Review November 2013  

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Peripheral ARTeries Art Review November 2013  

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