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Joanna Tam

Oh Say Can You Act - Video Stills

City. I thought I should do an I'm American project on July 4th during the fireworks. It would tie nicely to the concept of the work and it would be interesting to watch visually and to listen sonically as my voice had to compete with the sound from the fireworks. Since there was no fireworks in Woodstock, I then went to a close-by town Kingston to do this intervention/live action/videoperformance.

ting point to talk about larger issues. The fact that I enrolled myself to an accent reduction class was critical to the project. My enrollment to the class constituted the research and the artwork simultaneously. It allowed me to gain unmediated knowledge of the accent reduction industry from a perspective of a non-native English speaker in the U.S. This was exactly what I referred to as embodied experience before. Performance artist Marilyn Arsem, who is also a Performance faculty at SMFA, calls this embodied research.

Another series of yours on which I would spend some words Reduction Study: a project focused on you as a not-native English speaker that has impressed me very much especially as regards the meta artistic aspect of it: it suggests me a reflection both on one of the main themes of your work - the pressure to assimilation- , and on the role that Art could play in creating such a modern koin?... so I would like to ask you if in your opinion, personal experience is an absolutely indispensable step of a creative process... Do you think that a creative process could be disconnec-ted from direct experience?

Your work Oh Say Can You Act, examining how patriotism is being performed in sport events, reveals in my opinion more than a subtle irony and social criticism... I can recongize such a political feature in this interesting piece, and I'm sort of convinced that Art these days could play an effective role not only making aware public

All of my work came from my experience not only as a foreigner in the U.S. but also as a human being living in this contemporary world. The books I read; the art I saw; the news I consumed from the media; the places I have been; the people I met; everything affects what I do and not do in my art one way or the other. I cannot even imagine my creative process could be disconnected to life. But of course the level of involvement varies. In Reduction Study I wanted to use accent as a starting

Reduction Study (Ping Pong) - Video Still


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