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Rait Rosin

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to realize that a synergy between different disciplines is the only way to achieve some results, to express some concepts?

In summarising some longer run projects and periods of realising one’s different kind art works is easier to create general vision and more wholesome concept about it. I think you cannot fully express any concept without practicing different medias or develop skills in some direction. This is physical and corporeal dimension of the subjection. In individual level there is no matter if one is moving through the one single channel and it make the expression more focused and effective to conceptualise. I guess this is dependent on individual in which direction one is needing to go, but generally I adopt the view in which everyone has different periods in life. Well developed personalities have many sides well developed and to get this condition one should do ones decision sometime alone and in being in separation from others with similar professions. It goes without saying that feedbacks and especially awards are capable of supporting an artist, I was just wondering if an award -or better, the expectation of an award- could even influence the process of an artist... By the way, how much important is for you the feedback of your audience? Do you ever think to whom will enjoy your Art when you conceive your pieces?

the level of EU standardised humanitarian programs. I hope that this manifestation could be good example for Estonians too because there are too much information in the cultural study and translation process.

I think this situation that occurs in my example is a specific matter of Estonian cultural and political situation. Here the cultural thinkers have low self confidence that is caused in one side by dominant aggressive neo-liberal politics. This is why there less critics have been written in magazines and newspapers.

Your works are rooted in conceptual art disciplines whereas film, installation, performance, painting and drawing are the basic medias for expression‌ If I have been asked to choose an adjective that could sum up in a single word your art, I would say that your it's "kaleidoscopic": while crossing the borders of different artistic fields have you ever happened

Thank you for your time and for sharing with us your thoughts, Rait. Anything coming up for you professionally that you would like readers to be aware of?

Thank you for interesting and intriguing interview questions. My next plans are to focus more on my own philosophical views to develop and to prepare for personal exhibitions in the moment. Maybe I go in near future to some university again to make my PhD in arts. Of course I would continue there my writings on practical philosophy and aesthetics to be more open for different aspects that in could endorse as practicing artist. Ars Longa Vita Brevis Est 2 An interview by

Self Portrait with Flowers


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Peripheral ARTeries Art Review November 2013  

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