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peace on earth 2., 2007 oil on linen (150 x 200 cm)

Another interesting pieces of yours on which I would like to spend some words are from the series Rahu Maapeal: I have been struck with the way you have been capable of establishing such an effective synergy between different colors and materials, creating a symbiosis rather than a contrast... by the way, how do you decide upon which materials you incorporate within a piece?

Actually Rahu Maapeal is made together with one documentary film with the same title which was telling a story about old man who’s profession was wrestler. Hi got to be blind more than 10 year ago and all about he spoke was old memories from times when he was young and made lot of sport.

peace on earth 3., 2007 oil on linen (150 x 200 and Institution... by the way, any comments on your choice of "palette" and how it has changed over time?

By interviewing him I had such impressions that I knew, were my own ones, but I found them to be so colourful that only expressive paintings with the introvert storyline could have effect enough for expressing the feeling. Usually I am much dependent on the material that I use so all planning which material I take, is very intuitive. I am not calculating much, I just take what get by change and I combine them intuitively in being open to the situation where I found myself in the process of painting on some topic.

The idea for the series Nimeline was taken by thinking on discussions where different medias were opposed in theoretical contribution, on one side old medias and on other side new medias. I liked thoughts on topic on so called “internet age�. The claim was about the way of choosing images and analysing them is refused because we are accustomed of surfing on internet where are images of all kinds. Therefore every image is non personal until it is not titled or explanation or other data still missing. My aim with these painting was just coping them from somewhere and do them more sympathetic even tough the images are

A visual of your stimulating series Nimeline that has mostly impacted on me is the deep reed, whose nuances are recognizable also in other pieces of yours, as for example Welcome to Kopli 54

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Peripheral ARTeries Art Review November 2013  

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