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Alma Bajiaj

of personal development of the individual and his ambitions, either on a Research level regarding medicine, sociology, psychology, either concerning artistic development, another so there will be continuation of life and evolution. Artists must create gaps (questions) to be filled by the viewer, or to create more gaps, so that to activate people’s thoughts and wonder of alternative perceptions about the world they live in. Besides your paintings, you produce videos, and I couldn't do without mention your work HTRAUMA (homage to Mark Rothko) and Ariel... while crossing the borders of different artistic fields have you ever happened to realize that a synergy between different disciplines is the only way to achieve some results, to express some concepts?

A still from Ariel, 2011 3’02’’

Both videos have been created as a reference to works by other artists. It was an effort to create a work of art with another medium of expression different than that one of the referred artist. Thus, H-Trauma (Homage to Mark Rothko), is like a moving image of Rothko’s painting. The title “HTrauma” refers to Home-Trauma, such as HomeCinema. The word cinema was replaced with the word trauma. The element of snapshots taken from a movie, creating an incoherent continuity of the storytelling is another characteristic of my paintings. Each painting is like a frozen moment from a scene of an action.

cently had your solo Anamorphosis, at the Folklore Museum of Ioannina, Greece... and you have been also awarded in many occasions... it goes without saying that feedbacks and especially awards are capable of supporting an artist, I was just wondering if an award -or better, the expectation of an award- could even influence the process of an artist... By the way, how much important is for you the feedback of your audience? Do you ever think to whom will enjoy your Art when you conceive your pieces?

I don’t do “easy to perceive” or “easy to sell” Art. When I participated in the Inspire Festival 2012 I was living in England, I left my job for 10 days, paid a whole journey, made a piece of Art that was destroyed after the exhibition and what was left after that was some impressive feedback and few photographs of my piece, plus someone else had taken my job.

Similarly, “Ariel” shows the relationship between mother and daughter, which is quiet close to the relationship described in the novel of Elfriede Jelinek “The piano teacher”. The title “Ariel” refers to a poem of Sylvia Plath. When I created this video, I was dealing with the questions of how I can create a moving image based on my perception of images, colors, shapes and feelings created from the reading of “Ariel”. In both cases, there is the involvement of the human condition as something emotionally vulnerable.

So I returned unemployed with some images for my files. By extension, being awarded is a personal satisfaction that obviously makes me feel I want to try for more success, but also for artists financial help is very important (when it is a money Award) for the support of studies and personal development. It is not about putting money in the bank; there is nothing left to save after all these years being self funded in order to produce artworks that

During these recent ten years your artworks have been exhibited many times: you have re48

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