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Joanna Tam My practice focuses on my interest in examining the notions of nationality, patriotism and standardization as well as the issue of displacement. I investigate through the use of spoken languages in order to highlight our physical, emotional and psychological responses when words are verbalized and heard.

Scott Vogel





We’re living in an age of information overload and communication breakdown, so when I look at my own work, I feel that it is trying to return to simpler times. There's a sense of majesty and nobility on the one hand, and a sense of isolation and despair on the other.

David Wilde

Antonia Cacic Through the medium of painting, asking questions - about the functioning of the system of values and social conventions of the ethical beliefs of the socio- political elites, the ideas and ideals, especially the truths discussed sideways - or shut up about them.

Serene Greene My work is a visual soundtrack, calligraphic in nature, and fused with the emotions of color. Created with successive layers of images, written messages, texture and color, they fuse techniques of painting and drawing, and represent the excavating of secrets and unrevealed life.



The process of creating and the presentation of art is a fundamental blessing and encouragement for human society that arises from the artists' ability to open to the primal elements of life's appearances. Feeling the heart of events and finding the freedom to express that in media and terms beyond the distortions of ego is a liberating thing that wakes people up to the natural benevolent vividness of circumstances.

Erin O’Malley “With digital macro photography I have been exploring the interaction of light with transparent and reflective surfaces. I consider my photography a series of experiments, a process of trial and error that builds upon past succes-ses through the manipulation of variables”

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