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Jon Barwick

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ting around them to make them harmonize. This process may seem counterintuitive at times, but results in the most originality. Now let's focus on your artworks: I would like to start with your recent and interesting work Orange Dots and Fustercluck, that have been admired by our readers in the starting pages of this article: would you tell us something about the genesis of these pieces? What was your initial inspiration?

For the Fustercluck, my goal was to create a composition that simultaneously appeared to recede into apace while also popping out at the viewer. This push/pull effect provides a sort of dynamic tension for the viewer, drawing you in while simultaneously radiating forward. I often view my paintings as windows or portals into some otherworldly realm, and Fusterluck was a bit of departure from this. While it is my impulse to cover every square inch of the canvas with dense imagery, I tried to restrain myself and leave space

Orange Dots, 2013 acrylic on canvas, 36x36x2 inches

components of future paintings. I also use the computer to manipulate and create imagery, which comes with its own digitized aesthetic. As far as assembling these components into a final product, my process is mostly improvisational. I don't preplan or map out paintings in advance, but may start with a vague template in my mind. Through the weeks sometimes months i am working on a piece I like to take many digital photos of it and play with the composition on the computer, moving imagery around and seeing what interesting combinations I can come up with. Artists have always used new and available technologies to aid their process. Digital imaging programs such as photoshop are, in my opinion, some of the most invaluable tools to come to our disposal since the invention of the camera. Making art is essentially problem solving, so often I will create a set of problems for myself, like painting two completely clashing motifs, then figuring out how to construct a pain-

Fustercluck, 2011 Mixed Media on canvas 72x72 inches


Peripheral ARTeries Art Review November 2013  

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Peripheral ARTeries Art Review November 2013  

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