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Tart (Belgium) an artist’s statement

An image speaks for itself. I am sure some of you will not agree with this or will need to be escorted, lead by the hand, but like these strange and weird plants I grow at the same time and place (studio) than my paintings, these last can continue to develop themselves... As I am never sure of what It or I will produce or infant...And if the result is totally in opposition to what I had first in mind, well it's fine by me and who cares anyway. While creating, I need or hope to be embark on a new adventure, rather than to rot on the spot. Otherwise I would prefer the craft of ÂŤambulant plate repairerÂť, but you know how it is: people have lost the sense of real material valors. les quatre bras de Tervuren, 2011 alkydes sous verre 50x55 cm


Peripheral ARTeries Art Review - July 2013  

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