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Brigitte Dietz Lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany By painting, I try to explore the paradox of the human being living alone in community. Whom are we representing and who are we in reality? Already in our personal lives, we have troubles to answer this question in a satisfactory way. The diversity of humanity is the variety of its individuals. They differ not only from each other, but also show their 'manifold faces'. As a portrait artist, my task is to discover consistently this difference in every personality. My responsability is to pick it out as a central theme. In order to achieve this, not only the facial expressions, the colours and „moods“ are important, but also the confrontation of every personality with their own contexts. The abstract parts on my paintings however, I often begin by softening up the archetypical geometrical forms, I put on the canvas before. After that and within these forms, I create ideas to design the painting. The subleties operate as counterpart of the basic forms. On this stage, my paintings receive the „character“. Expressions and spaces get introduced into the formation. My aim is to excite the observer to „finish“ the painting by himself, to motivate his imagination to create his personal image in a specific situation. The painting works as a peg on which to hang the personal interpretation of the observer. By this means, the difference between the personality and its self-portrayal appears in a specific suspence.

An interview by Josh Ryder, curator and Melissa C. Hilborn, curator

image in a specific situation: we are very pleased to introduce our readers to Dietz's stimulating and multifaceted artistic production.

Rejecting any conventional classification regarding its style, Brigitte Dietz's work draws the viewers through an unconventional and multilayered experience. The central theme of her work is the paradox of the human being living alone in community and in her body of works that we'll be discussing in the following pages she accomplishes the difficult task of exciting the observer to „finish“ the painting by himself, to motivate his imagination to create his personal


Hello Brigitte and welcome to Peripheral ARTeries: we would start this interview with a couple of questions about your background. You have been artistically productive since your schooldays, specially supported by your professor Bernhard Epple and later by Traugott Notz. How did these experiences influence the way you currently conceive and produce your works? And in particular, how does your cultural substratum due to your studies of classical philology inform the way you


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