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INTERVIEW JRoldan on works created with patron turned artist, Christian Pandolfino

S P OT L IGH T Outlining the current challenges and risks faced by the Maltese art community

REVIEW Sudanese Art upholds a legacy of standing up to military regimes



Ann Dingli interviews JRoldan – a London-based visual artist who worked for over a decade with Christian Pandolfino – an art lover and patron who was killed in Malta earlier this summer. It was only in the nineteenth century that the modern role of the artist as autonomous genius gained ground. Before that, artists were overwhelmingly beholden to their patrons – the relationship between creator and benefactor propelling themes in art history that would permanently shape the world’s visual heritage. >> Interview, pg. 19



Cultural Catastrophe SPOTLIGHT Joseph Fountain keeps memories alive – aside from being a cousin to Fountain, Chris Pandolfino was a brother, sister, father, mother, mentor, child, collaborator, and eternal best friend DESIGN The post pandemic scenario presents an opportunity to finally make the periphery the INTERVIEW Journalist Michela Moro on lockdown in Milan and Gozo new centre EXHIBITION The focus on printmaking over the past years begs some attention NEWS Remembering Isabelle Borg FEATURE Konrad Buhagiar on love, locks and lockdown OPINION Confessions of a frustrated artist and artistic director, Kenneth Zammit Tabona ARCHITECTURE Richard England on one of his favourite pastimes – sketching historical EVENTS Exhibitions in Malta and around the globe. townscapes

“Artists, art professionals, exhibition spaces and galleries in Malta are some of the most severely im-pacted in the current COVID-19 crisis. While our arts sector is known for its growing talent, its ecology is fragile at the best of times.” Opinion, pg. 28

JRoldan and Christian Pandolfino in the London studio

Art in Life and Death – A Legacy of Patronage

Detail of illustration by Te fit-Tazza for the Many Faces of The MIll collection of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation. >> pg.05