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Therefore, is there a particular song you like more? What about one from Center of the Great Unknown? A.M: I believe every member of the band has another favorite song. For me, now, “King of the World” is the best Magica song and I am constantly contradicted by the rest of the band. T.A.O: Ana, your voice is powerful and impressive. Have you ever considered the possibility of a live concert or DVD with an orchestra? A.M: Thank you! I don’t deny the fact that we’d like to be able to accomplish something like that, but a project of this magnitude requires a very big financial effort, which is impossible for Magica now. T.A.O: What do you think about classical albums and concerts? Have you ever thought about doing such projects? A.M: I’ve been working for about 20 years in the “Oleg Danovsky National Opera Theatre Costanta”, always working with orchestra and classical music, but I don’t think Magica will ever have anything to do with the orchestration of that genre as Bogdan really insists on Magica remaining a metal band T.A.O: 5 years ago you were invited to sing with Axxis. If you were to have such an experience again, with whom would you like it to be? A.M: Yes, they were 2 extraordinary months and a formidable experience for me. If I were to dream, I’d like to go on tour with Kamelot, but with Roy Khan as a front man. T.A.O: After all these tours and cities you have seen, how does Constanta stand in your heart? Is there any comparison with other occidental cities? A.M: I can’t say that Constanta is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen because I would be lying, but for now I can’t see myself living anywhere else. Bogdan has proposed more than once to move somewhere in the heart of the European metal action, but I just can’t leave from here. T.A.O: Although touring must be dynamic and agitated, how does an usual day in Ana Mladinovici’s life at Constanta go? A.M: I’ve recently put aside life on the tour to take care of Alma, my 6 months old baby girl. So an usual


day goes like this: wake up, put on a big metal playlist on YouTube, prepare the milk for Alma, say hello to online friends, change Alma, prepare vegetables for Alma, go for a walk in the park, get back home, bathe Alma, sing with her (la la la, ghe ghe ghe), prepare dinner and off to bed. T.A.O: Lastly, as the winter holidays are approaching, what would you wish for the new year and what message would you like to send to your fans? A.M: I would like to move to a bigger apartment and wish to be as healthy as possible. I want to thank our fans for all their support and invite them on where we can keep in touch. Thank you Teen Art Out! interview by Simona Mihalca & Ioana Gaurean

So learn to move from the people around us, the But now… Puppet on athink stringfor a moment. What are the things people that are no good for you, and learn to find that make you happy? Simple things? Take a yourself because there is no one who will take moment and reflect all my the-someare people Every morning when Iabout wake up, moves coorbetter care of you than yourself. would small things that could dinatedsay intoinsignificant-a single, clear choreography. The openbrighten day. If I just moment the and dawn think ing moveyour corresponds totake the aembrace You`ll learn that nothing you want is easy, but at about it, I could list the tea that I drank this morning, gives to me. The dance continues with the blankets the end of the road when you finally have which indeed burned We mytwist throat butother made meI get all and with the windows. each until achieved that thing you had wished for so long, fuzzy andand warm on thisabout awfulthe fall space. day; and the hug puzzled confused I touch the when you finally have a pretty smile on your face, that received fromtogether. my best The friend; or opens the fact thata light Iand we ballet door with you`ll realize that it was worth it. Maybe all the they the new chapter from my waltz finally and theuploaded water imposes its own rhythm. pain that you took, all the bad days when you favorite television series. I see the insignificant things Then, every sound and every movement stops for an cannot deal with your own bad moods, and all the that brought a small smile to myof lips today and instant, as I continue my chain dreams withalso my broken hearts you faced had been worth it. You made my day. HowThere aboutisyours? eyes wide open. a true substance in this would be in a such good place that all these negaSee? Takea chance a moment andand think aboutmyself simple solitude, to reveal to keep to tive things will be forgotten. But in order for all things… myself. There is no need for diamonds rings and expensive cars to live your life happily. these things to happen you need to suck it up and The right moves are obvious in the outer move. You need to continue moving because world, too. I cannot solely dance with the wardrobe moving on means growing up, growing apart, So make the up move you want, it`s I in your best when I dress or when I dressbut down; also have to change. interest thatthe yousnow. needThe to make the right the dance with snowflakes havemove-their own move it willand make youand be they happy at the end of the waltz, slow classy, froze my conscience It`s kind of scary how we choose to keep up the day-not the move that will leave you grumpy and for a moment. memories, how we fight to keep things the same regretting things you or you too The peopletons whoofpass along thedid street passwere through despite their ways to make us feel bad, to do us afraid Step up and to the things you want me andtobydo. that we mix our souls and our stories with only harm, to make us feel miserable. As hard as because let`s face it… The In order to have something a gentle passe-a-deux. subway hurries to get to we try, the only thing that we don`t see is the fact you never had you need do something that the destination, but my to body is tangled in theyou’ve arms that things can`t stay the same. No matter how never done. of inertia. People move through the automatic hard we try, at some point we just have to let go. worm. Our shoulders rub, we stop for an instant, but We must move on because no matter how painful You may ask yourselfcourse. if what you dofidget is the right theyou dance follows Children their You need, sometimes, to just stop trying so hard to As think about its the word “moving”, tons of in defieverything is around or inside of us, it`s the only move... Itarms, is true, thismoves question may be in your head at parents their are more alert. make everything perfect, to make your life perfect nitions pop up in your head. It could mean a way we grow. We must let things change so we can this particularly moment me. but, Aaswrong I see it, youcould just step and the people in it perfect. Some of the people simple The step day you exhausts take to get where you want, a Puppet on a string move on from bad things and make room for the know it. You also need to think a bit before acting. I make me fall; the pressure could make me crack. who are currently in your life have been there from move you make in order to get to a place or to good ones to come. know that sometimes being abeams bit mischievous will Even so, allsomewhere. day, every day, of light trigger the beginning. Some of them had just popped in. simply go Thisthe isup, the regular, and by Every morning when I wake my moves are coorThe people who pass along the street pass make your life morefeel colorful fun. Because you this dance. I often like a and ballerina in to aifmusical Everyday people think of what is right do. We There behad days when wecircle wantwill to continue do is stay at Some of can them just left. all This far the most common, meaning of it, but you dinated into a single, clear choreography. The openthrough me and the by that mix our and our In order to make rightwe moves, we souls must learn to are young that is possibly one of the best characterbox. The difference is that my tutu is colored by the wakemove up every morning because we know that we onhome, watch havenever a cupending of tea, until a great book forever andTV, ever, your really want to dig in a bit,to you`ll find a better one. ing corresponds the embrace the dawn stories with a gentle passe-a-deux. The subway appreciate what we have, what we need, what istics youwho have, but me thisand is not always a good thing. If dancers touch who influence my soul. In have to go school or continues work. Actually, we are trying and The relax. Forthat some us,hold weekends are so busy death. fact youofjust onto something To make thetoThe right move… How does that sound? gives to me. dance with the blankets hurries us to who get to but my makes wethe are.destination, We are unique no body matteris you need to make an important move, to take a huge the end, when the sunset closes our eyes, we are all so hard tothe do “what is right” that we forget that,until fromI that that don’t time waste. If making we reallyyou have is we good for have you at thetomoment, What does “right move” actually mean? We can and with windows. We twist each other tangled arms of the inertia. People move how muchinwethe try to rely on fact what we prefer decision which may or may who not change your entire puppets left without strings dream of a colorful time to time, it’s good for us to do what we really to do something important that can’t wait, feel good temporarily, is maybe the reason youwe definitely make a right move in order to become a get puzzled and the daily. space. I touch through the automatic Ourunique shoulders rub, to be as other people. Weworm. must be because life depending onconfused howwould you about see it, you just need to sit life, where the routine change enjoy. can’t afford to wander around, but after we finish actually don`t have something better. Never in new person, make a right move in order to end up and we ballet stop for andespite instant,allbut dance follows its we are perfect ourthe injuries. athe bitlight and think about it. together. The door opens Ilinca-Ruxandra Tone thatlife task, can taketo a short break. mediocrity where we want. Sometimes you justits need torhythm. lose your dowe you need just accept with a waltz and the water imposes own course. Children fidget in their parents arms, their Sometimes, we just need a bit of time with ourselves, Sometimes people need to take a break and relax; If there is any time to be spent with people we and common things, but at the same time, youlike yourself, but if you really do that, you need to Then, every and every movement stops for We an moves arethe more alert. So make right moves in order to be a better because no sound one know us as we know ourselves. enjoy you some time friends. tendfind to the work to stay with, it would to be be a shame forIt`s us to don`t need everything perfect. in ignore the know twowith choices. You either instant, as have Iwe continue chain ofWe dreams with my The day me.the A person wrong step could make person, in exhausts order to be you would want might say don`t my know ourselves because it`s non-stop because “working is a good thing to do”. So such a pleasant and rare moment. It is known that human nature to choose to make the wrong person youopen. used to be, or you justsubstance make a move eyes wide There is a true in this me fall; the pressure could make me crack. Even so, to have beside you all your life. Chose the moves quite difficult to describe yourself when a stranger is relaxing. There is a big difference between humans all of us have busy lives with strict schedules, and move, but it`s also in the human nature to have and lose that person completely because somesolitude, to reveal to keepormyself to all day, thea life beams of light trigger this that willevery guide day, you to you want. Your life, your asks you,aorchance it might take aand moment-actually and robots can’ton work non-stop. maybechance. some ofAtus think is too short to another least wethat are the ableday to try it again. times you because need to we move from the person myself. dance. I often feel like a ballerina in a musical box. moves. two-- to just think about your favorite movie, band, doget everything weit planned to take care of. It may up and try again. From the start. A fresh you`ve been and are remember the person want The right moves obvious in the outeryou world, too. Yes, The difference is that my tutu is colored by the or song... but you know yourself during the tough we were born, taught us the new juststart be to hard tolet`s keepface up it-withHappiness everyone’sisexpecbecause the to be, the person you our are. parents See?the It`shave not that difficult ISince cannot solely dance wardrobe dancers who touch me and who influence my soul. times, when there is no with one with you, when when you areI difference between good thing and bad thing. We tations and still have time to take breaks. and purpose of life. At the end of the day, to findupaordeeper smarter I meaning. “Move” dress when Iand dress also are havehappening to dance meaning In the end, when the sunset closes our eyes, we are sad and tired of all the down; things that learned that being nice to people is good, working All we have do ishead to make our soft ownpillow way ofand workwhen you resttoyour on the could also mean moving on from someone. In life with theyou, snow. The snowflakes have theirwhy ownyou waltz, all puppets left without strings who dream of a around and you cannot understand are hardtend is good andand being ambitious great. Butthe what ingtryand plan our so fluffy that we have to warm up daily your schedule body in the quilt, you to meet people who are not always slow and classy, they froze myis conscience a just colorful life, where the routine would change feeling way you do. There will never be a personfor who about what we want? What about having fun and time to do everything we thought of and still have the whole aim of the day, in fact the whole aim right choices for you. They could possibly not fit in moment. daily. will come to you and say "Hi. I know why you are like unplugging ourselves thehard day to routine? time relax a bit.existence, is happiness. In its and endtoof human your life, although youfrom try so make them Andreea Ene this." Nope, not a chance in a million. purest form. fit. Andreea Albulescu Ilinca-Ruxandra Tone


Teen Art Out 6  

Teen Art Out issue no 6 "All the right moves" presents our view of today's society and what is considered "right". Moreover, enjoy an interv...

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