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Mirror Mirror It is safe to say that mirrors are one of the most used symbols, be they in literature, movies, music. A mirror is never a mirror. But what is it? Is it a portal, is it a window, is it a reflection…? No, it’s superman. Putting joke aside, mirrors hold a fascination to us. They represent an option to see ourselves. And that perception holds everything about us. It may be in your eye, in your heart or in your mind, but mirrors rarely are simply just what physics has them be. As you know, every issue bears the name of a song. And this time, we used a part of Kamelot’s Elizabeth I. Mirror Mirror “Mirror can How to stay Let me know I will hold

you tell me forever young the secret my twisted tongue”

Have you ever seen the beauty and joy in a child’s eyes when he lays eyes upon a mirror for the first time? Or for the hundredth time? When he realizes that that is him, right there, captured in the strange shiny mirror. But as we grow up, mirrors stop being something magical, stop being Alice’s wonderful mirror and become The Evil Queen’s mirror. We see what we are and we might not like it. We expect the mirror to hold answers, to be a solution, to remain that which you once were. And unless you are Dorian Grey, the mirror always shows exactly who you are and who you should be, how you look, even if you cannot accept it. We will let you discover what exactly mirrors are, for us and invite you to spare a thought towards it, too. Simona Mihalca, Editor-in-Chief


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INTERVIEW Interview with Manuela Kraller - Xandria


MIRROR MIRROR Be true to who you are, Andreea Albulescu Bless the child, Julia N. Hamermesz Mirror mirror, Florian Radu Mirror mirrror, Simona Mihalca Mirror, the gatekeeper between our two selves, Raluca Pancu Mirror mirror, Koustav Shaw To love a mirror, Ilinca-Ruxandra Tone

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COOL STORY, BRO The reflecting tale of a haunting, Tonya Ridener Andorran uban legends

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IDEAS ON CELLULOID A letter to Julianne Moore: I will talk about you (a lot), Michela Sereni 33


Interview: Manuela Kraller 4

- Xandria

INTERVIEW Simona Mihalca: Hello! How are you? Manuela Kraller: Thanks I´m fine...

before, for example: Giving many interviews, taking the entertainer role on stage, standing in the public focus...This was something I had to learn. Sometimes it was a S.M: How was the album received challenge, but everytime I manand how do you feel about that? aged it, I was happy that I was givM.K: The album has been received en the chance to learn something great by the fans! We were all very new. At the beginning I felt like a happy that the reactions were so child who´s hand you had to take positive... and whom you had to show the way. Now I feel like a woman, who S.M: How much of a duty and has grown up, even if a small child how pleasant or unpleasant is will always be inside of me;) what comes after the album was done? All the listening sessions, S.M: Do you ever or still get overloads of interviews, promotional whelmed when you see all your pictures and so on. fans waiting for you or realize M.K: There have been A LOT of what a inspiration you are for so interviews etc. before, during and many people? after the release. It was much, but M.K: Yes, I still get overwhelmed, we did it with pleasure and it was it´s amazing! But for me it is still very exciting, especially for me, a bit strange that people want auto get to know all the procedure tographs and pictures with me, coming along with an album re- that they tell me that I am an inlease. spiration for them. This makes me incredibly happy, but at the same S.M: What do you think that has time I think: What the hell is going changed in the years since you on here??? I´m not a star, I am just joined Xandria? Manuela. A girl, that loves singing M.K: Me:) to be honest, all the z:) things that came towards me in But nevertheless I am thankful the role as Xandria´s frontwom- by heart to have such wonderful an made me grow up a little bit. I fans, who support me in every grew up inside. There were many possible way. I love you! things that I haven´t been used to 5

INTERVIEW S.M: Do you think it is an extra pressure to being the image of the band as the lead singer? Many times people who listen to a band only remember or know the vocalist. M.K: I think every band member has sometimes some topics which are hard to deal with. But of course there are some special topics who give me a kind of pressure because of the frontwoman role. I should say “gave”, because especially in the beginning, when I started in Xandria, I had some barriers to take: The first headliner gigs, the entertainment of people, the speeches during the shows... as I am a perfectionist concerning singing and everything belonging to it, it was hard for me in the beginning, if things were not that good as I wanted them to be. I had to be very patient with myself. I wanted to be the perfect frontwoman from beginning on, but this was something that needed time and experience. It was something I couldn´t force. But with time everything went better. And now I feel really comfortable in this position.

M.K: Being the only woman in between a bunch of men:) S.M: How do you protect your voice and health while touring? M.K: I take a lot of warm clothes with me. Most of the tours are in spring or autumn, so it could still be very cold sometimes. And last year I started to make my own smoothies every day, so I get a lot of vitamines;) My favourite drink for my voice: Ginger tea with honey, perfect:) And I should go early to sleep every night, but of course it happens often that there´s a little party on the tourbus. And sometimes I join, I cannot resist;) S.M: Think big! If you could have any band, any singer as an opening act, whom would you wish for? M.K: I recently heard that “Two steps from hell” also make live concerts. This would be great. Soundtrack music enthuses me very much, so I´d be warmed up for the Xandria show;)

S.M: Why do you think that in the metal scene there is so much need to compare all the bands S.M: What do you consider to be and singers? I believe that this is the hardest thing about being in what spreads mindless hatred. M.K: I think this is not a phenoma band? 6

INTERVIEW enon in the metal scene but in music business in general. But I see nothing bad in making comparisons as long as critics are still made with respect for the artists. S.M: Do you ever read what people say on the internet? M.K: I still read my facebook messages and most of the comments, but I stopped reading the posts under Xandria video clips on youtube, because it´s sometimes really mean what people write. Of course there are also many nice comments about our music but also some that made me sad and also angry, so I stopped reading them. I don´t need to know everything that is written about me or Xandria.

S.M: What is your stand on Floor Jansen joining Nightwish as a guest musician on this tour following Anette Olzon’s departure? M.K: I think Floor is one of the best singers we have in the symphonic metal genre. I adore her voice very much as she can sing classical as well as rock/pop. I think her voice fits perfectly to Nightwish, to old songs as well as to new ones....

S.M: You have recently launched a “call for songs” for you upcoming project for a more silent symphonic music based on soundtracks. What can you tell us about that? M.K: This project is still under construction. I am in contact with a few talented composers, but I have not decided with whom I will work together in future. All I S.M: Speaking of internet, how know is that I want to sing symmuch do you think it is a bad phonic music, which is strongly thing and how much do you see it influenced by soundtrack/trailer as an opportunity? music, but without any metal in M.K: It is a great opportunity for it...let´s see what will come out;) musicians to spread their music and make promotion, to get S.M: How much do people recognew also connects fans nize you on the street and come and artists, which is a good thing, for pictures and autographs? Are cause without fans we´d be noth- you still able to hope for a normal ing. Bad thing? Mhhhh, perhaps and quiet day, a walk or a holiday? if people use internet to spread M.K: To be honest: Nobody recogbad things about others without nizes me on the streets yet, I am respect... not that famous yet;) 7

INTERVIEW S.M: If you could be any god or goddess, who would you be? M.K: Sorry, I cannot think of any... no idea. S.M: Who was the last person you asked for an autograph? M.K: Ok, this will be very embarrassing now, but you asked, so you will get an honest answer: It was Brian from the “Backstreet Boys” when I was a teenager:) Ok, my coolness factor has gone near zero now, haha :) S.M: Thank you and best of luck with your tour. We cannot wait to see you in Romania this summer! M.K: Thank YOU! I´m looking forward to rock Romania in summer! See you all there! Kiss :*



rorrimmirror 9

mirror mirror

Be true to who you are Have you ever felt like every time you look in the mirror you see a stranger? Did it ever take a few seconds before realizing that the person staring back at you is your very own reflection? Sometimes, we look at ourselves just to see what’s going wrong with us. Why are our eyes so red? Why do we look so tired? Has anybody noticed how miserable are we inside? Can we hide it better? Fear is only in our minds, but somehow it takes over all the time. We are afraid to be less than perfect. Everybody’s got huge expectations and we keep pushing ourselves to the limit just to prove ourselves and the others that we are not useless. The result?We become more like robots and less like a human being, thing which makes us become enemies with who we really are. By always trying to be perfect, all we do is damaging our minds and consuming our spirits in vain. We lose ourselves until we’ve got nothing left to lose. That’s the final stage of becoming strangers with our reflections. Now, what exactly is a mirror?


Except for it being a piece of glass, it is an adviser. It tells us when we look awesome, when we’re tired or when we need to meditate a bit on the things that actually deserve thinking of. By analyzing our faces, we realize when something is right or wrong. Coming to think of it… can we imagine a world where there are no mirrors at all? What will the world be like if nobody could see their reflection? I wonder if the girls would wear makeup… Mirrors are very helpful when it comes to talk about beauty and fashion. Coming back to deeper topics than glamour and style, we need to gradually consolidate our self-esteem. By accepting who we really are, we gain strength, we accept ourselves and we learn that we are perfectly imperfect. Mirrors, our silent helpers, keep reminding us, by simply showing us our tiredness, sadness, joy or whatever we feel in that specific moment, that we must never forget who we really are. Andreea Albulescu

mirror mirror


The most variant answers

may come from a child after being asked the so common question “what will you be when you grow up?” A pirate, an astronaut, a police officer, a princess, a doctor, and, in my case, a scientist, are just some of the possible replies. The next certain question my parents would ask me was what would I do as a scientist, and how to make money out of that. I used to shrug and say I’d find a way. Truth is I really didn’t care about the money. Having fun doing something was more than enough. That’s what’s fascinating about children. We used to explore whole universes, have our own palaces, travel across de oceans and be in bed by nine where our journey would simply continue in our dreams. And still, we couldn’t wait to grow up. There’s an interesting lot of innocence on those adventures and wishes. We all have looked in the mirror once and wished we could get back to being a child for a day, or, at least, to remain forever young, forever unworried.

the child It’s hard to tell when childhood ends. Some specialists say more or less at the age of twelve. But the eleven-year-old me would hardly like being called a child, though looking back now I would probably have considered myself one. They say childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies. Well, childhood is the period of your life in which innocence is undamaged and you can fly to the highest mountain or swim in the deepest of the oceans without considering the possible problems on it. After all, it’s your imagination, what can stop it?Children don’t consider failure an option, at least not completely. Maybe that’s why they get so upset when they don’t get all they want. However, one day, maybe in class, sharing your first kiss, alone in your room or after studying five hours straight for that test the next day, you realize your wish has come true: you’ve grown up. And little you remember of those old days. You may think we lose our imagination growing up, that’s the difference between us and them,


mirror mirror and in parts that might be truth, but most of all, we notice that we need paths to get to that mountain, or oxygen tanks in the ocean. And we start seeing that not everything is that easy. A friend told me once: when I was little, I thought I could save the world. I thought it was simple, I just had to go to college and start it and everything would go well. But I was wrong and now I see: I can’t change the world. And I never will. Not the way I want. And I should have asked her why couldn’t she. But I unfortunately know how she feels. Not everything is that simple. And that’s the worst part of growing up. Realizing – what else? – Reality itself. And now when they ask me what do I want to do (“what will you be when you grow up?”) I don’t know. And most of us don’t. There are so many possibilities, and, more than that, so many problems in the way of getting what we want. Rare and brave are the ones of us who follow their dreams despite everything. It’s not easy to find that path or grab that oxygen tank. Either because it’s hard, you can’t make that much money out of it, or parents disapprove it, many give up on what could make them happy. Would your eight year old that thought growing up would be so awesome, that you would be able


to do anything and go anywhere, live the adventures so far only in its mind, be proud of your choices now? Sometimes maybe it’s better if we forget money exists. Sometimes, it’s better if we forget everyone else and the world exists. It’s better if we forget we will have problems to climb that mountain. What would you do if you didn’t have this pressure upon your shoulders? If you could believe, just as a child, you can do anything? One second of courage might be what takes to you to make your mind and build a whole different future. Maybe even change the world. So why not try it? Getting to know your passions and what really moves you is the first move. Take a step onto this new adventure of freedom. Freedom of everyone and everything. A journey of yourself, for yourself. And if you still don’t know what path to follow, maybe taking a look into that chest where your childhood memories are buried is a good start. Some of those characteristics and opinions might still be with you, as well as the dreams and attractions. What did you play as a child? Julia N. Hamermesz

mirror mirror


mirror mirror

Mirror mirror I was in a barber shop. I remember every detail ... It was just before the vernal equinox. The air suddenly warmed. Sky had cleared. Hovered over the city light plant, as I do, that I promised a spring drunk and high. A warm wind wiped last cold streaks. The


world smiling on the streets and feel the air that miracle began. What’s more, besides my philosophy were present all arguments ... While the barber cut my hair, I saw in the mirror, the wardrobe, a woman of about forty, with an air of simple, modest dress and with a gentle and appliances in attitudes. One of those women who should be neither beautiful nor well dressed, with a kind of basic maternity and gently resigned and quiet, living in small gestures. Wardrobe stood in the same position without moving, without a word, staring into space. In fact, I

mirror mirror thought I was not even thinking. “Look so should I stay if I want to be like a tree,� I said. When a customer came, take his coat and hat automatic movements and putting them in the nail. Upon leaving, he kept his coat, gave two or three times then brush Thanks for the tip received low voice, and then resume their immobility and silence. At one point I saw her dress, and took a plastic bag and was ready to head for the door when something happened. Probably one of the barbers working for the other side, and to the bottom, he said something that I had not heard. I’ll only see it. He spent a few moments without saying anything, staring at the back of the barbershop. Then suddenly congested and started to cry. And as you scream, her voice thin, becoming scream, scream

until crumbled. She was aware that the voice will help out and then scream louder. I did not understand anything I say, but that scream insecure as a knife blade which is broken, it sounds so loud that it was scary. There was a human scream. He was an animal cry of despair and helplessness filled. I do not know how it took so but if no end and I felt that I could not stand. And maybe more I feared that this time no one turned away for not barbers place. Like everything I saw and heard were figments of my imagination. For others, woman still in her wardrobe silent or gone. Understand? They scream there. In vain scream, no one wanted to hear. Including me, actually. For all this time I never got up from his chair to go back. I left the barber to cut my hair on. And only after the woman went somewhere be-


mirror mirror hind the barber shop where hairdressers left their coats, because he had become sick, I asked the guy who cut my hair, “What happened?” As if I had not been present or think of something else, I was not careful. Barber explained when the woman working there for some time and had been fired, and she, not having a living, and could still do the job further without any salary, content with what they get tips. One of the barbers gave him a rude word, adding that there was no need for it there, you could ... I still hear the groans when I paid and left as quickly as I could. I felt I had to get out. Do I hear a woman moaning on. And if they cry still floated like a barber blade dagger in the air, although what happened is not shattered any detail. The noise was the same as usual. “Tantrum, said one. I’ve seen new stuff.” Both. Understand? This was the only comment that I have heard ... Outside it was spring. Florian Radu 16 16

mirror mirror

Mirrormirror What is it in a mirror that has us enthralled? You see it every day. You pass by so many, only to catch a glimpse of yourself. You never want to believe it, but it speaks and it speaks the truth. The hard, painful truth. You can say the mirror is a symbol. You can imagine worlds beyond it like never before. Hard to believe that it is all just a reflection, just an image light creates. It can be the tiny reflection of a clear water or magnificent mirror with jewels and sapphires. Mirrors have been around for thousands and thousands of years. To think what they have seen in all this time. Maybe, somewhere, behind the glass, they hold the keys to the universe. Maybe they hold the history of time. Maybe that is why they are so fascinating. Admit it, you spent so many moments figuring why your image moves when you move. As a child, you would point with a big smile at yourself and then kiss it. That was joy and wonder. And it

was innocent and beautiful to see that. As you grow up, you start seeing it as a tool. It has become all but a simple tool for you to check your hair, to see how your clothes fit and match. You trust it to speak the truth. But as they say, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How many times did you think that it was all good only to realize later that it wasn’t just perfect? That little seed of doubt. Of “what was I thinking going out like this”. So, slowly but surely, the mirror can become an enemy. It holds all your secrets and shows all your flaws. And not only do you believe it, but you augment it. You cannot see past that and remain stuck in your perception. And day by day you hide from it, you hate it and that makes it hate yourself. And to that I say: stop! You are not an image! You are a person, beautiful amazing, important person and mirrors have no say in that. When the mirror becomes 17 17

mirror mirror a monster you just say: not today! You show it who you are and do not let it define you. When you think of a mirror, you think of beauty. But you forget what a very practical nature it has, what is has done and what it can do. As Greek mythology has it, Archimedes, invented some enormous mirrors to use the sun to set Roman ships on fire. And yet there are so many truths and myths, folk tales and stories about mirrors. Do they keep a soul? Do they open new worlds? Do they bring bad luck, were you to break them? Do they hold a conscience of their own waiting to tell you who the fairest of them all is? That, my friend, is for you to find out. Simona Mihalca

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mirror mirror

Mirror, Mirror the gatekeeper between our two selves A pp e aranc e s are by definition superficial approaches. Even if we acknowledge this statement and admit that there is more to a person than just a beautiful face and a pretty well dressed physic, we struggle each day with the same verdict: the mirror verdict. So, we live our entire life by having two identities: the one reflected by the view of others and the other one, reflected through our self examination. The mirror stands at the half way of the road. Either way, you have to cross her. The problem is: should I use her as guidance through life, or should I let her dictate the way around? Should I let her define the status of beauty 19 19

mirror mirror and ugliness and add the tags she normally implies, or should I do it instead? In some of the cases, we end up building our true and fake self by believing that what the mirror showsus is what the reality assumes to be. Forward, we will see how the mirror, from being a simple instrument, can turn out to be our best or worst judge, that strongly activates our emotions and pushes us to the limits, where our “appearance” holds the last and the heaviest word. As always, we are dealing with two sides of the story and the most important fact is to realize where you should drag the boundary line. That’s why, most of the time, many of us carry on a continuous battle between who we think we are, due to our mirror reflection, and who we really are in the view of others. In the case of family and friends, we will always be taken in count, firstly, for our moral values, behavior and personality, and least for our look and material tastes. Therefore, asking them: how do I look, will only trigger a positive response,most of the time, even if the mirror tell us something else. On the other hand, in the case of strang20

ers or work partners or simply people we interact to, we will receive a more objective response, an impartial point of view that will satisfy our own mirror verdict, or maybe not. First of all, the mirror reflects our own side of the story. It has been said that, as human beings, we only see what we want to see. If one day we are feeling depressed, with lack of confidence, the face will wear our emotions. Following this, our body will appear to us from the same perspective, dominated by sadness and disappointment. So, we will end up believing that we don’t look good, even if our impressions are far from the true. Therefore, the mirror promotes our fake self, meaning, it doesn’t make us believe the contrary of the feeling inside, it urges us to follow the same emotional path on our physical image. At the same time, when our state of mind and mood are in a better place, meaning excitement and happiness, we tend to see the same amount of positiveness reflected in the mirror. In this case, the outcome is desirable and we manage to see our true self. Nonetheless, when we receive a compliment or somebody is admiring our figures or clothes,

mirror mirror immediately we look for a confirmation, which the mirror happens to give us, for both negative and positive outcomes. So, in this case, the mirror appears as a support for what has been said, playing by the rules of others. That is way many people end up hurt and start believing that the ugly parts are surpassing their good ones. At the same time, what the mirror shows us proves to not be enough. We still seek for another response, regarding our own perspective. There will be moments where both points of vuewill match, and, of course, situations where the voice outside our head will carry “the right” to decide. Therefore, the mirror canbe a tricky referent for those who don’t have a strong personality and don’t poses a strong level of security. They are easy targets, for the others, and for both, themselves. At the same time, the mirror can be a dangerous instrument in the hands of those who suffer from anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders. Their mind is distorted, they have to battle with serious psychological issues and their perceptions are blurred by the only thought they have in mind:

I’m fat. Furthermore, the mirror becomes their daily drug, which they consume, in order to assure that they don’t lose count of their weight. Unfortunately, the mirror only forces them to maximize their dose, so they consistently look, from 10 to 20 times a day, in the mirror, reaching the same ending line: “I’ve gain some pounds.” From a different point of view, the mirror can be our total servant and we can control how our image is being polished each day, without any extremes to interrupt the process. Those are the moments where the mirror fairly represents its role and helps us build a confidence that will remain with us even in the toughest moments, where the reflection will stand to properly defend itself. After saying all this, a slight conclusion can be dragged, we see what we want, what we feel, what we expect to see. The mirror can be a step in the way or a real help. If we focus more on the inside, then on the outside, we will reach a certain balance. In the end, there will only be one mirror left. The mirror of our soul. Raluca Pancu 21

mirror mirror



Life is all about making mistakes and death is about wishing to do those mistakes over and over again. In between life and death lies our mirror, our world. Mirror, according to the Wikipedia, a mirror is an object that reflects light in a way that preserves much of its original quality subsequent to its contact with the mirror. To me, it’s just a way to be happy. You see, happiness is just like fate; there’s no actual state of being happy but what we make of it. In Jay Z, a world-wide popular musician, words, “I’m a mirror. If you’re cool with me, I’m cool with you, and the exchange starts. What you see is what you reflect. If you don’t like what you see, then you’ve done something. If I’m standoffish, that’s because you are.” I would say that whatever he has said is true, to me. Why? It is because the world is just a reflection of who we are. If we are angry the world seems angry, if we are in peace the world seems to be in serenity, if we are happy we see happiness and smile floating around everywhere. I read a story once in some magazine or book I don’t recollect but I would

mirror mirror really like to share the story with you, whoever is reading this. A merchant had two pet dogs of the same breed. They look pretty much identical, except for their nature. One was always calm and sniffing around here and there while the other one was always doubtful, barking and yelling on every unknown person but both the dogs were pretty loyal to the merchant, like every other dog out there. The merchant had a special room for himself, which he used it for personal reasons and no one was allowed to enter that room. One day, in all agog of having a very personal guest the merchant forgot to close the door of that special room and the door was ajar. The maid of the house noticed that the door was open but before she could say anything she saw that the dog which one was always calm entering the room and after a couple of minutes came out even gentler. The dog was even more sniffing and licking everyone it saw. By seeing that the other dog, entered the room but within a minute came out even more violent than it was while entering the room. It barked and chased everything on its way, it even bit one of the family members. Everyone was

worried about it so was the maid. The maid took her chance and got into that special room to find out the reason behind such behaviors of the dogs. The maid found out that the room was full of mirrors everywhere, the maid stood there for some time and after a couple of moments she came out of the room nodding her head. When she was asked about it by others, all she said was ‘That the world is just a reflection of who we are.’ Well, the happy and serene dog found hundreds of happy and serene dogs in that room while the angry one just saw the reflection of itself, multiplied by a hundred. If we laugh at the mirror the mirror will laugh at us and if we cry, yell at the mirror the mirror will just give the same response back to us. It is also true with the world. If we smile at everything we will see they are smiling back at us but if we disrespect everything we will just receive the same from them so next time when you look into the mirror try to have a smile and you will feel better. Anyway, keep smiling because it heals every wound. Koustav Shaw 23

mirror mirror

To Love a Mirror

I could say so many things about how I turn the lights off in my room and how I sit there remotely, trying to find myself or pretending to do so when I fail. But the best thing in life for me is


mirror mirror that I have a mirror, an indicator of what I am and of what I have become throughout time. It is not a typical one, it is not magical and it does not possess the power of prediction. It is as alive and vivid as me, because it is a human being and, at the same time, my very own reflection. Finding someone who has the ability aforementioned can ultimately be the force which makes humans go on living, even though this drive is not perceived in the upper levels of our conscience. In many mythologies, the existence of an originary couple is mentioned. The Adamic couple, the myth of the androgyny, the paradisiac love are just a few examples of terms referring to the same reality. I personally consider this couple a pair of mirrors which are set in opposition to each other. Naturally, the effect would be an infinite reflection. Therefore, a perfect and complete introspection would take place. Finding that mirror that suits every person provides balance and a better knowledge

of the own inner self. Of course, some may argue that I pledge for interdependency and that I judge the lonely people, but there is no other better catalyzer for success than the human interaction, especially when love is in the equation. A permanent exterior marker is more advantageous than a subjective, personal opinion. What is more, love appears when the projection of our own inner qualities is made on the mirror in front of us. I have a mirror. It does not prove useful when I may want to apply make-up, because this ideal mirror loves me as I am and encourages originality. Sometimes I hate myself. Seeing a picture of me every time, seeing a person whose substance is the same as mine can prove difficult. Even so, if that mirror were to break, I would stare over it for ages, because it is my beautiful, favourite companion. And as I am made of the same small particles of sand as it, I would divide into pieces as well. Finding such a person will be every person`s salvation, just as long as one is ready to live a truthful life. Ilinca-Ruxandra Tone 25


cool story, bro


cool story, bro

The Reflecting Tale of a Haunting Before I get started I’d just like to state that this is a very real, very true story that happened when I was fourteen years of age. My best friend, Amy Jo, and I used to get pretty bored during the summertime. Living in a very small town in Kentucky didn’t help matters much because the biggest thing we had going for us was Wal-Mart. That still holds true to this day, actually. Teen girls get curious about everything. I think it’s something that’s been rigged in our genetics since birth, but either way, that’s what led to this hardly imaginable tale that I wish I could say is just a story used to scare children around a campfire. It’s not. Not everyone believes in the supernatural. Ghosts are normally just unwanted houseguests in movies and demons are things Dean and Sam Winchester kill—I get it. They’re not real. Or are they? Amy Jo and I were up late one night, as per usual during summer vacation, and her cousin

Meg had come to visit for a few days. What are three teenaged girls to do, in the middle of the night, when they’re home alone? I’ll tell you exactly what they do. They decide it’s a super cool idea to sit in front of a mirror and turn out the lights while playing the Face Game. I had never heard of the Face Game before that night. Perhaps it’s called something else altogether, but that’s what Amy Jo called it and that’s what we were going to play. The object of the game is simple enough; you turn out the lights but have at least one candle lit so you can see your reflection in the mirror. You gaze at yourself until your image starts to blur into nothing more than a blotch. I’d tell you that this is just a trick of the eye, but I tried it myself and once you’ve been focusing for long enoughyour face really does disappear. I was too much of a scaredy cat to do the next step. Once you’ve got nothing left of your face, you then start thinking of a name and 27

cool story, bro ‘supposedly’ their face will replace yours in the mirror. That’s all good and fun, right? Wrong. While Meg and I were sitting on the edge of the bed being perfectly quiet, Amy Jo was sitting only a few inches back from her wall length mirror. It was one of those on the closet door that slides to and fro whenever you need to get something. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything to happen. I was actually sort of tired and I’d blame the next part on being sleepy-but again, that’s not the case. Suddenly, my best friend literally flew three feet back and hit the foot of the bed. It happened so fast that I really can’t be sure when I actually realized what was going on. The next thing I knew, Amy Jo and Meg were running out of the room, screaming. I followed because I was confused. I had no idea what was going on! We ran all the way out of the house and we didn’t stop until we were in the front yard. I always liked to think that Amy Jo was a pretty sound, reasonable person. That’s just always been her. I’m the daydreamer. I’ve got the vivid imagination, but Amy saw something that night. Something scared the t-total crud 28

out of that girl and she wouldn’t talk about it. We ended up sleeping in the living room that night, and even after I went home things weren’t quite right. Amy would call me every night and talk about the ‘shadow people’ who were lurking in her front yard. I returned to her house the following weekend and the mirrors that once hung on her closet doors were gone. Something traumatized her. We hardly see each other anymore, but to this day Amy can’t look into a mirror for a long period of time. She sure as heck can’t glance at one in the dark. Even after all this time, there’s still one question I ask and it’s the one question she still avoids. Who’s name was she thinking? What is the moral of my little ghost story, you ask? Don’t play games that involve mirrors. Tonya Ridener

cool story, bro

ANDORRAN URBAN LEGENDS Sure everybody has heard about Pyrenees mountains but, maybe, most of you don’t know Andorra; a little country between France and Spain, just in the middle of these charming and magnificent mountains. Through the years, villagers from this small but charming country have been transmitting histories by word of mouth that still remind very alive in our generations. Here you can find some of them that, curiously, may sound familiar to you because in your city, town or district you’ve heard the same...Why do human beings tend to make up these little creepy histories? Or maybe they`re not so unreal...nobody knows.... Saint Jordi’s Day Once upon a time there was a village far away in the Pyrenees called Montblanc. A few houses were scattered in the middle of the mountains. The people were living in peace and quiet. However, near the village, there was a very big cave with a not very nice inhabitant. It was a fear beast, huge with green scales, fast wings and terrifying teeth. It was

a very scaring dragon that started eating people when he was angry. The villagers from the town were so terrified that made a treaty with him: every day they had to offer a couple of animals to the dragon as a sacrifice to avoid the destruction of the village. One day, there were no more any animals, so they had to find a solution. They came at the conclusion that they had to sacrifice a person every year. To make this horrible offering, they had to draw the name of the unlucky villager. There were a lot of deaths, till one day the name of the Princess appeared. Even though she was the only King’s daughter, and he was very upset and sad, she was just like others by law. The whole town cried because she was really kind and lovely but they couldn’t change the rules because that would have been pretty unfair. Bereaved they had to offer the princess to the dragon. While the bright lady was being offered to the dragon, a handsome knighted with a very glowing suit of armour showed up. He fought hardly against the dragon till he stuck his sword in


cool story, bro the beast’s chest. Suddenly a rose brush grew from the dragon’s blood and the princess was released. The prince, called Jordi, offered a rouse to the princess as a sign o love. Nowadays, every 23th of June, in Catalonia and Andorra we cheerfully celebrate this day “SantJordi”; boys give a rose to girls and these give a book to them. This day is commonly known as the “book day” and a lot of famous writers are on the streets signing their books. (Although this tradition was born in Catalonia it is also celebrated in Andorra)

pest, people went out of their houses. They didn’t suspect that their selfishness was going to be punished. As all of them were out, this man came back and revealed his real identity. He turned out to be God. Everyone was surprised but it was too late for them. This old man – now God – created a flood that destroyed the whole town, killing most of the inhabitants nearby. This flood led to the creation of the Engolasters Lake, which is still there reminding us that one day there was a selfish town exactly where this beautiful and deep lake is located.

The Engolasterslake Once upon a time there was a small village placed between some greenly, yet colourful, Andorran valleys. This tiny village, whose inhabitants were everything but humble people, seemed to be promising and full of life. Youngsters used to go out at night, as many teenagers do in our days. Most of them, however, had to endure very difficult working conditions, still others were poor and had children to raise and feed. One day, a very old man went there and asked these people for help. There was a big storm outside. After wandering around the town and knocking at everyone’s doors without success, he was left to die in the street. He wasn’t even given a loaf of bread. Immediately after the tem-

The White Lady Once upon a time there was a woman known as ‘The White Lady’ (in Catalan, la Dama Blanca). She lived in a country house near the current Andorran-Spanish border. The Catholic Church, which was very powerful in that time, was forcing the Andorran people to pay high taxes. One night, as the bishop was going to the Andorran valleys to charge the money, he came across ‘The White Lady’. Scared, the bishop decided never to return there. For this reason, it was thought that she was a witch. After a long-time, the bishop, who thought that ‘The White Lady’ had gone, returned to Andorra to ask for a repayment, but he suddenly disappeared. No one saw him anymore. As a result, it is commonly believed

Carlos Puente i Clara Marquez


DolçaFajardo and Javier Romero

cool story, bro among Andorrans that The White Lady has since then been the protector of this tiny land-locked nation located between France and Spain. Paula AlvarizaLoriente, Xènia Ribera Velasco,Lara De Sousa Amorin

The haunted hospital This story happened in an old hospital situated in Santa Coloma, Andorra. It was the first hospital to treat mental illnesses. It was closed because there was a fire in one of the rooms and they didn’t rebuild it because they were building a more modern one. The fire spread through the last floor where there were the most dangerous people. Nobody survived. The legend explains that the souls of the patients will always be there. One day a group of four teens went there to make Ouija. Two of them didn’t believe in ghosts, but two were really scared of sprits. During the game the two non-believers made different jokes to the others with lights and sounds. The boys were so scared that they ran away. The two jokers stayed in there to tidy up before leaving. But when they tried to go out they couldn’t open the door. They thought it was a trick because they heard shouting and laughter. When they wanted to phone for help, they didn’t have battery. The next day their friends returned to the hospital to look for their friends. They found them that

had burnt. They were alive when the two not-believers started shouting “Don’t close the door”. It was too late… The four boys were closed in a soundproof room and nobody knew they were there. 10 years later… They want to demolish the old hospital, but before they enter to check that there is nobody and they find the rest of four corpses in a room full of scratches on the walls. The legend says that all people who enter into the hospital never can go out again like the patients trapped by the fire.


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ideas on celluloid

A letter to Julianne Moore : I will talk about you ( a lot )

When willing to befriend me, one has to make sure they keep two things in mind, for starters: my obsessive behaviors, and my utter, endless, flaming love for Julianne Moore. I am a lonely, annoying, clingy being, and, as one, I won’t shut up about the stuff I’m passionate about. I won’t shut up about musicals. I won’t shut up about history and literature. I won’t shut up about the Internet, sexism, bullying, homophobia, inequality. I won’t shut up about ABBA, metal/pop/folk/medieval/ classical music (or just music in general, really). Most of all, I will not shut up about Julianne Moore. There’s not a single chance in Hell I am going to do that. I highly doubt anyone wants to hear me quoting “The Hours”, or desires to read my personal and deep review of “Blindness”, complete with the references I found it to have with recent history. But do I look like I care? No? Well, good.

Besides, the ones around me have simply given up on this matter. They know they’ll have to put up with sobbing, screams, movies they can’t even hear because I’m reciting all the dialogues, and “But Julianne Moore…” in every single sentence. It’s a part of me now, I couldn’t get rid of it, not even if I wanted to (which I don’t, by the way). It’s a habit. It’s funny, after all! Come on! Who wouldn’t like a lifelong chat about a celebrity’s hair’s shade of red? It’s a party! Bring your Drew Barrymore, I’ll bring my Julianne. We’ll drink a shot each time someone walks in with a Jessica Chastain. The silliest and most absurd part about my whole Julianne Moore-itis (sad news folks: once you watch “A Single Man”, there’s no coming back. So, don’t go there, unless you’re ready to pack up your bags and sell your souls for a bunch of DVDs) is that I do not, and I’m quite ashamed to admit so, remember how it all 33

ideas on celluloid started. It’s been inside me for so long, months, years, perhaps existences, I can’t point my finger on an exact moment and blame it all on that. Yeah, it makes everything a tiny bit crazier. “How long have you liked her”,”Oh, man, I don’t know, since I started breathing?More or less, hmh”. I recall watching “Crazy, Stupid Love” a few years ago, and I believe the ‘Today I Fell In Love With Julianne’ day is somewhere around that date, but I’m not too sure, for I can’t remember if I watched the movie because of Moore, ending up loving Emma Stone as well, or vice versa. This one I am sure about: “Hannibal” was the ultimate boom. It was all I needed. As a fan of the books, I knew I would love it, but holy moly, Julianne’s Clarice was the best thing since Nutella. Or Jesus. Can’t really decide. The vagueness of the reasons why I love Mrs. Moore is astonishing, and it’s obviously linked to the lack of memory mentioned above. Why did I even start searching for her on Google? Why did I begin to look up to her? Why, why, why. At times, we don’t need a single motivation. People are, firstly and most importantly, sources of energy. She happens to 34

be the brightest, purest, most brilliant ball of light I’ve ever known of. Yes, beauty, talent must have been the things that moved me, making me want to learn more, causing nightly trips on Google Images, fansites, Tumblr and Zimbio to collect the highest number of photos (4794, and still counting!). I was a bee and those traits were honey. What made me stay, however, was her kindness, her eyes, her silent “I decided I don’t want to age, so I won’t. Because I’m Julianne Moore. Bitches ain’t got shit on me. What do you say? I’m 52? Why, yes, and I’m still better looking than you, you late night teen blogger” (that’d be me), her bravery, her courage, her laugh, her voice, her amazing work for social issues, her soul. She’s got a very pretty one, I can tell you. I see that. It’s so ridiculously obvious.I cling to that. I look up to her, and try to improve myself, be it through self-empowerment, or independent thinking. She makes me feel like I can be better, as if I should raise my voice a little bit higher, even when others aren’t listening, because what I’ve got to share is all I am. I wish young girls, or the whole humanity, would just stop what they’re doing and listen to

ideas on celluloid her talking. It’s inspiring. I am in awe each time I click ‘play’ on YouTube interviews. It’s like looking at a flame-haired faerie. Those aren’t eyes, they’re deep, gleaming, greenish spiral of love which will seduce you and drag you down, straight to the depths of obsession. Be careful. They steal life away. Julianne Moore: she won’t take your sexist shit. Don’t fool around with her. She’s got a lot to say. She’ll stand up for herself, for women; she’ll point out what’s wrong with today’s society’s way of treating females. She will not take her heterosexual privilege as something that’s been God-given, and she will wrap her arms around the LGBT* community, doing everything she can to help and make sure we, too, get the same opportunities as her. She kicks asses! She’s a redheaded Wonder Woman, with a thing for roles that require an awful lot of crying scenes. Marvel, check her out. You’ll probably see her flying off into the sunset riding a unicorn. That’s really what it’s all about. Julianne Moore has been the biggest, truest, best inspiration I’ve been blessed with in the last few years. Hands down, this

ain’tgonna change anytime soon. As long as she keeps on being freaking flawless, I will stand by her side. Don’t worry Julianne, I’ve got your back (I wish).

Michela Sereni




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