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Seasons Spa Greetings Y’all! 

Who’s freaking out yet? You know how I’m always finding the coolest goodies on our Spa Brunch trips? I started a list & when y’all asked me for spa gifts, I checked it twice and a #SpaSanta was born! #HolladayWishBook is filled with things I love & lounge with and delight in giving. Some are even offering Spa Brunchers a promo code! I hope it brightens your holidays and makes things a bit easier for you. How to Buy: Click the item name to go to the company website to buy or more details. If there’s a discount code put it in at checkout. How to Relax: Click on “Brunch” name to go to the episode & spa. Don’t forget to share #HolladayWishbook with friends, fam, and social media spots! Happy Holidays! PS: We’re hoping to continue the WishBook year round so let us know what you’d like to see. I’m BTW! Join our SpaBrunchers Club for the newest editions! Loving Lounging with ya! Candy Holladay


Brunch: Spa at Four Seasons Las Vegas Eyes by ToGoSpa

Decompress that stress off your face & eyes. The Green Tea “flavor” is our fave!


Stimulite Bath Pillow

The coolest looking Bath pillow around with its honeycomb texture. No more sore necks when taking a long winter’s soak! It’s even antibacterial.

White Lion Honey Pearls

We sipped on this tea in the spa relaxation room & then discovered their honey pearls, only 18 calories a tsp and so decadent looking.

Brunch: Westin Mission Hills Pure Fiji Coconut Bath Soak

Apache Burden Basket

Karina Smirnoff Shape Up DVD

!If they are out, you could buy a

Smells like you poured a fresh coconut in the tub! & Super skin softening! YUM!

This workout DVD is so much fun, it doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising - bonus tight dancer bod!

Woven by a local tribe, envisioning your worries leaving you into this basket, starts all the treatments at the Spa at Mission Hills. A lovely gift available from the Spa boutique basket and dress it up with a “How to Card” inside! (image via Westin Mission Hills pinterest)

Wrapping Up Have y’all noticed how expensive gift wrap and ribbon are? If you’re going to spend $7 on something wouldn’t you rather it not be demolished within seconds? Here are a few alternative ideas that, bonus, are useful once their cover is blown ; ) 




Dish towels, washcloths, sheets, cloth napkins & tablecloths, blankets. . . Match to the gift!


Don’t limit yourself to winter woolens, saris, handkerchiefs, pretty shawls look gorgeous


Go Vintage! Take any of these ideas to the flea market or antiques shop


Brunch: ISPA Conference

80 Acres by McEvoy Ranch Body Balm Pure, olive oil balm straight from the farm! This multi tasking product is marvy! Blood orange is my favorite scent!

Petalwell Aromatherapy Scarf

Apparel with an attitude! This scarf holds onto the aromatherapy oil (we heart the TravelWell blend) and puts you in a fantastic mood all day long!

Couples 8 by Dossage

The 1st ever synergistic fragrance combo. 1 for him, 1 for her - when they’re together a custom couples fragrance! Magic!


Brunch: ISPA Conference Serene House Ultrasonic Donut Room Fragrancer

A hip looking diffuser, adds moisture to the air & even plays tunes from iTunes - including Spa Brunch!

Spa Heroes Holiday Rescue Gift Box

Aromaflage Insect Repelling Perfume

!Bonus! $10 off your purchase in

Glamping! Forget citronella this lovely scent means you don’t have to sacrifice style for bug bites!

!Brunchers get their biggest

promo ever! 18% off your purchase before 12/24/14 with code: ISPA2014

Spa Heroes makes safe organic skincare a breeze with their Hero subscription boxes picked by spa pros. A great introduction is this Hero Holiday box! the Spa Heroes Store before 12/24/14 with code: SUPERTHANKS

Put spa gift cards inside of another present, like the Spongelle buffer box!


Just make sure to have an excuse ready to get the recipient to open the box so they see the gift card!

Spongelle Pedi Buffer

Go feet first with this ingenious tool, it’s like a pumice & foot softening lotion in one & smells wonderful - fun stocking stuffer.

Wrap Up by VP wraps

I personally love wraps better than robes, that way you don’t miss your chest w skincare products. And these are light & pretty perfect!

Would you take your shoes off at a holiday party if your host asked you to?

Brunch: The Today Show Barefoot Spa Party  

Kashwere Throws

These blankets are super soft and warm! I always have one of these close by - buy two for couples they will fight over it! Their slipper socks are the bomb too!

Sebastian Signs Purusa Gel Perfume

Root has ginger and vanilla two of my favorites! The gel is so wonderful, light, moisturizing and you can even mix it into hair gel to fragrance your locks.

Brunch: The Golden Door Spa  

Bento Box

If your food looks good, it tastes better! And the healthy, yet amazing meals at The Golden Door are presented artfully for maximum savoring. Many in Bento Boxes like this one, a must have for meal times.

The Golden Door Cookbook

Recipes from the spa right to you! Even dessert! The cover says it all. Enjoy!

Did you know fragrance can affect your sleep quality? Listen to our interview with Yelo CEO Nicolas Ronco to learn his sleep & napping secrets!

Brunch: Yelo Spa How to Get Spa Sleep  

Kobo Candles

I was pretty psyched to see these organic soy candles in Yelo Spa’s online shop. They smell so refreshing and natural and Olive is peaceful!

T Spheres

Have a ball massaging your face with these essential oil fragranced spheres. The Mint is a fave of mine it makes your face tingle! And helps my migraines.

Brunch: Amangiri Spa 

Aman Virtual Spa Books

Adventure expert, Ryan Van Duzer, joined us for a special brunch with Men’s Health Magazine as he journeyed to Amangiri Spa in Utah.

!Lucky for us, Aman Resorts, has put together two magnificent photography books that make you feel like you’re journeying into their world of incredible properties. Open one and relax! Awesome gift idea for guys.

Learn How to Make Our Tree of Good Fortune from The Today Show: Here !

Find our show here:

Holladay WishBook Gifts Inspired by Spa Brunch Podcast  

A holiday gift guide to shop and relax with! Candy's fave finds from her Spa Brunch podcast travels & escapades. Plus, hints & episode lin...

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