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Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Brock Tekin, Offers Tooth Whitening w ith Opalescence®

Atlanta residents looking to flaunt their pearly whites can now do it at the ‘Art of the Smile’ clinic, through the Opalescence® system. The system that is widely appreciated for being safe and convenient is being offered by Dr. Brock Tekin, a popular name among Atlanta cosmetic dentists. Opalescence® was introduced by Ultradent and can be customized to suit home tooth whitening treatments as well. The in-office treatment process takes about an hour and does not need laser lights. The latest formula of Opalescence Boost! is chemically active and hence does not need an obtrusive light on your face for the treatment. The system uses potassium nitrate that decreases sensitivity. The whitening gel is sticky and thick, thus preventing its migration to the gums. Potassium Fluoride, used in the gel protects the enamel and offers protection from cavity. “When the tooth whitening gel is applied, the bleaching agent breaks down; allowing oxygen to reach the tooth surface, thus keeping the structure of the tooth unchanged,” says Dr. Brock Tekin of the ‘Art of the Smile’ clinic. Patients can either choose to undergo the cleaning process at any of the Atlanta cosmetic dentists’ clinic or at home, with the help of a customized bleaching tray. The tray is created by taking an alginate impression of the mouth. The patient can also choose from different formulations and flavors including mint, melon and regular. “We often advice in-office tooth whitening patients, to do touch- ups for added brightness. These take-home kits are great for touch ups. The carbamide peroxide, fluoride and potassium nitrate in the gel take care of sensitivity issues. And since the gels are sticky and thick, there’s no problem of the gel leaking out,” adds Dr. Tekin. The home whitening gel is also helpful for people pressed for time. The user has to wear the tray for anywhere from 30 minutes to up to 4 hours. The results can be seen in about 4 applications. All that the patient has to do is to ensure that the Doctor’s instructions are followed carefully and without fail. About Art of the Smile Clinic: Dr. Brock Tekin is a popular name among Atlanta cosmetic dentists and has helped several people overcome problems related to flawed teeth. To know more, visit,

Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Brock Tekin, Offers Tooth Whitening with Opalescence®  

Atlanta based dentist offers in-office tooth whitening with the renowned brand, Opalescence®

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