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This Issue: John Stephens Evan Grimball Ruben Perez James Perez Jon Ortiz

Issue Two April 2009

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This month’s Art of Rolling’s up-and-coming

James Perez

Featured Interviews: John Stephens p. 7 Evan Grimball p. 11 Ruben Perez p. 15

New York is famous for being busy and most New Yorkers eat on the run. What do you think is the food spot that you would go to after a tiring session?

April’s Up and Coming: James Perez p. 2

The food I would go eat after a dope session is probably a nice cooked meal back at home. Unfortunately, I don’t have that so ill say the dollar spot pizza near perfect ledges!

April’s Featured ‘Legend’: Jon Ortiz p. 21

Where are some of the best spots to hang out and skate? The best spot for me to chill and skate with a couple of heads is downtown. We got marble ledges, battery park, the Brooklyn banks. and a couple of little spots on the way. They’re mad ill too by the way man.

Montage p. 5 & 19 Article: Tri-State Skate Shop Grand Opening p. 3: Cover Art: Frank D’Angelo Photography: Angelo Ferrer Produced and Edited by: Layla Quinones and Angelo Ferrer Art Of Rolling 1

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t skating? If I wasn’t skating man, I think I’ll be out being a mad bum bruh. But I’m in church most of my time. If I’m not in church, I’m in school so ill probably be doing that. But I thank God man because by his mercy he gave me a nice gift, so if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be skating.

Savannah on a chilly night In a few sentences, what does it mean to be a NYC skater? To me being a NYC skater is being a humble dude with nice steez, nice tricks, being cool with everyone and not hate at all. If your from NYC you gotta’ have beat up skates man! Haha, I know I do!! You gotta’ let skating do the talking not your skates man. Don’t hate man show love, support each other, give props and I’ll give big ups to every NYC skater out there. Keep doing yah thing bros and skate for the love of it! Art Of Rolling 2

BS Savannah


aturday March 14 was the grand opening of the Tri-state Skate Shop, a brand new rollerblading skate shop on top of Drop-In Skate Park. This shop is owned by a skater and run by skaters; there is nothing better than to buy new skate parts and test them out at the skate park underneath. Although Drop-In Skate Park is predominantly a skateboard park, it is always appreciated to see signs of rollerblading now being available. Owned by Gregory Kieffer, the Tri-state Skate shop has a variety of frames, skates, wheels, clothing, magazines, and videos available for skaters.

Tri-State Skate Shop

Gregory Kieffer

Trent- 540

For more information about this skate shop, visit http://www.tristateskate.blogspot. com Art Of Rolling 3

Angelo Ferrer- stall Grab 180 flat

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Art Of Rolling 6

Art Of Rolling 7

John Stephens

Interview with

Within the last few years, John Stephens has exploded onto the New York City skate scene and has become an icon for the new generation of skaters to come. John has a extreme dedication for rollerblading and is shredding the streets of New York with immeasurable talent. With this, John Stephens has emerged from the Bronx, NY as one of the finest rollerbladers New York has to offer.



Wall ride

Who are some of your sponsors? B Unique & Co. DipSkate Flatline Skateshop Skeptic Media Evotek Shout out to all the NY Based Companies such as IRollNY just to name one. What does it mean to you to be a New York skater? Well to me, we are the trend setters in the game. Almost every style you can think of came from us “City Boys.” I mean, we’re all very innovative in our own way, whether it’s the personality, skating, clothing, or videos and edits.

What tricks make you feel above the rest? There’s no specific trick that I can do that makes me feel above anyone. It’s the spot that I do the trick on and how well I do that makes me remember that I’m just that nice. How do you get yourself pumped to do a hammer? Honestly, I just tell myself to man up and get focused because I know I got this. That’s what I would tell the kids. If I’m thinking to myself, I’m saying: “Where ya balls at John, man the fu** up and do this. It’s LIGHT and I’m the one using this spot so this spot ain’t gon’ use me!” Excuse the profanity (lol) but its the truth.

Torque Cross Grab

Have you ever broken any bones? None that I know of, but I’ve had a few pretty good falls. I can remember a few sprains here and there but nothing major. I sprained my ankle about three times and my wrist about 5 times. I hurt the ligaments in my elbow when I started skating serious back in 2001. If you were to tell someone about your skating, how could you best sum it up? That’s a good question, that case you should answer this one for me (lol). One thing I do have to say is that it’s FAST. Where do you see yourself skate wise in the next 5 years or so? Wherever God allows me to go with this. Recreational skates- AO makio Art Of Rolling 9

Where are your favorite skate spots in New York? The Pitt & School Rail are the only spots that I can think of right now. I’m pretty sure there’s a few more. Finally, what is your favorite trick? Fishbrains, because I do them on anything but I like them all; except for alley-oop mizous! Zero spin mizous’ are cool in my book though. How long have you been skating? I’ve been skating ever since I had the Fisher Price Quads. You do the research (lol). Art Of Rolling 10

Nineteen-year-old Evan Grimball surly is a diamond in the rough. His dedication and

passion for skating is seen through the energy exhibited in what he skates and how he skates. Soon to explode in the future in terms of NYC rollerblading, Evan is definitely one to keep your eyes on. Who are some of your sponsors? How did you start skating? Skeptic Media Well, I was a skateboarder and I was Loyal Dynasty hitting this ledge. My best friend Devan Adikted came with rollerblades and started grinding Tri-state Skate Shop it mad smooth. I was like “Yo that’s ill, I’ve

never seen anything like that!” So I asked him if I could try on his blades, I did my first grind and got hooked.

What does it mean to you to be a NYC skater? Exclusive

Interview with

180 lui-kang 540

Art Of Rolling 12


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Either a cop or corrections officer in the state of California. Hopefully my clothing line blows up and I wont have to do anything.

How do you get yourself pumped to do a hammer? I have a play list in my I-Pod that’s titled “F*** it” and every song in there are songs that hype me up to lace hammers.

What boro do you represent in NYC? I rep. both Manhattan and the Bronx.

In a few words, what kind of skater are you? I think I’m a hard, smooth and solid skater.

What is your favorite trick? Sweat stance.

What is your favorite spot in NYC? 85th rails in Queens.

Art Of Rolling 13

Trevor Johnson- Top soul

Ruben Perez Interview with

“That’s what I am, I consider myself a skater. It’s everything to me, I live off of skating. Everything in my life has to do with skating.”

Ruben Perez is the type of skater who is heavily involved with influencing the youth. He is currently employed as a rollerblading instructor for elementary school children in the New York area. He is dedicated to the kids and realizes the importance of reaching out to the next generation in order to keep the spirit of rollerblading alive. While wearing his skates, he represents rollerblading in its true nature while using skates to skate anything and everything. He is truly the epitome of an old-school skater.

How did you start skating? I skated in my country, I love skating no matter what. Then when I came here and saw kids skating, doing the s*it aggressive, I fell in love with it. I just saw it and fell in love with it. How long have you been skating? I’ve been skating for about 17 years. I’ve been skating New York City for like 15 years. What is your favorite thing about skating? Everything, its all freedom. You can do whatever you want. I love the rush the adrenaline, the danger, everything about it. How do you get yourself hyped to skate? I just put my skates on, “lets do it” its skating man, it’s natural.


Pole Bonk stale grab

Art Of Rolling 16

Art Of Rolling 15

Shifty Air

In a few sentences, what does it mean to be a NYC skater? Everything really because that’s what I am, I consider myself a skater. My life is nuts, its crazy, skating is a part of my life. I live off it you know? What I’m saying is that I’ve met mad people skating, everything in my life has to do with skating in one way or another. Art Of Rolling 17

To me it’s just the rush of doing it, that sh** behind your head telling you you’re going to get hurt. When you tell yourself “No I’m not, I’m going to put my skates on and do that sh**!” To live in that moment, I love it, that’s what skating is about.

Franco Camayo- 180 wallride grab Art Of Rolling 18

Ralphy Herrera- Rocket Grab

Angelo Ferrer- Bank stale 180

Jaoquin Fletcher- Fast slide

Alex Nunez- Top Soul

Adonis Taylor- Top Acid

Trevor Johnson- Fish Art Of Rolling 19

Kevin Cintron- Over soul Art Of Rolling 20

Jon Ortiz A day with


Thank You To all the skaters who contributed to this zine. We will forever appreciate your skating!!!

Bank to ao soyale


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540 Medspin

Saftey grab transfer

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