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A story of people's lives in exceptional times



Title This is my street Editor 國際博愛協會 (澳門) / Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau) Author Lurdes de Sousa Design & graphic production Victor Hugo Design Cover photo Yuzo Fujii, Japan Printing Tipografia Welfare Lda, Macau, China Publishing November 2021 Macau, China The photos of this album were shared on the Facebook page “This is my street” ©Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau) – Lurdes de Sousa ISBN 978-99981-866-0-6


Foreword by Lurdes de Sousa


Message by Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau


The story begins in 2020...


Deserted streets in the five continents. Quiet streets everywhere.


From Famous urban landscapes...


From Beirut to Zhuhai...


…Or streets we’ve never been...


Loneliness and social isolation…


The 2020 events, announced as great celebrations of humankind... from Tokyo 2020 to Dubai World Expo...
















A beautiful smile...


Member Photo Credits




And life goes on...

And then came the time of sharing something beautiful and powerful…

Supporting Entities

This is my street art photo exhibition takes us to the story of people’s lives in exceptional times. It’s your story. Our gratitude goes to the authors of the photos here in display and the many thousand more posted online and spread over 136 countries, which names we enclose in this album, for the generosity in sharing their photos and inviting us to their streets. This is what we believe the community at This is my street is, people good at heart. The overwhelming majority of the photos presented here were taken in 2020 and 2021. A few dates back before as a testimony of a world a generation once knew. This is my street is about the power of sharing and people’s empowerment. By simply sharing a photo, all of us here who participated in this journey, gave full expression to the very essence of Philanthropy, the love of humankind. All proceedings will revert to a local charity, here in Macau. Because we dreamed it.

Foreword by Lurdes de Sousa President

This is my street is a beautiful journey through the many ways we give back today. We, the non-wealthy givers, give in all kinds, from gofundme to shopping at certain businesses or making conscious choice. We give cash, time or share a little bit of ourselves for the common good. These new trends transcend geographies and cultural traditions, it’s a new form of participation and how we commit to our communities.

國際博愛協會 (澳門)

Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau)

Finally, a thank you note to our supporting entities for embarking with us in this journey and making this possible. To Artyzen Grand Lapa for hosting the exhibition and giving us the opportunity to tell the story…from Macau to the World. We praise their upmost sense of Corporate Social Responsibility when society needs it the most. This is my street speaks about human feelings and humanism during the pandemic, but it is foremost a story about human resilience and the extraordinary capacity humans have to see beauty even in the darkest times and that’s where we end, with a beautiful smile. Our journey starts in 2020, follow the story…



At the heart of Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau is Art, Culture, and, perhaps most important of all, bringing Emotional Wisdom to life. As 2021 unfolds, the world continues to face a shared challenge – the emergence of the pandemic, which created an unprecedented need for us to rethink, reflect and seek ways to make a positive impact by contributing to our society. We are honored to work with the ‘國際博愛協會 (澳門) / Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau) on the project of ‘This is my street’. Around 6,000 photos around the world have been captured, connecting people of more than 130 places in 5 continents across the world. Among them, over 50 photos will be showcased at Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau. It is more than an art photo exhibition, it's a journey of people's lives in exceptional times and it's a project to the world, by the world, starting from Macau.

Message by Rutger Verschuren Area Vice President, Macau Operations of Artyzen Hospitality Group and General Manager of Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau

When the project called for photos, there is one vision, and one direction - that is to sit back and learn appreciating the beauty of our homes, our cities and countries and this beautiful world, for a moment ignoring the fact that travel has been so restricted. The amount of creativity and passion that followed next was unexpected and spoke for itself: we all see the beauty of our habitat, and are happy to share that with others. We are proud and honored that Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau is able to join hands and that we could help a little to make the present a window to a better future together. Spare a moment to look, see and appreciate the simple things in life that surround us and make us happy – I am sure you can find something! We believe you will enjoy the photos and can discover the authentic stories behind.



Deserted streets in the five continents. Quiet streets everywhere.

The story begins in 2020...

From Famous urban landscapes...



Paris, France Casa Gina Once in a blue moon... in Paris. What started out as a 10 day trip to Los Angeles became a 7 week stay. Finally, I am back home in Paris and went for my usual day evening walk. I didn’t realise it until I return: this, is indeed my street.

New-York, Central Park, USA Danielle Finkelstein 12


Bangkok, Thailand Faisal Meerkhani

London, UK Martin Lochon This is my street Notting Hill, London, England 14


Los Angeles, USA Stéphanie Chevrier Eisen Above my head...#staystrongLA

Lisbon, Portugal Mário Barrela Like ou lives... Barred. Lisboa CCB



Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, USA Casa Gina

From Beirut to Zhuhai... Beirut, Lebanon Roberto Nahas Manchester, UK Hermenegildo Lamba e Barai



Georgetown, Malaysia Lesli Chin Parma, Italy Aldo Panciroli Denver, USA Denis, Herrera



Bésame aqui

Andalusia, Spain José L. Caño Ortigosa



Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Dinho Lorentz Sedona, Arizona, USA Kevin Tran Macau, China Elsa Jacinto



New York, USA Parisa Khalili Macau, China Pablo Titosse Évora, Portugal Cidália Cotrim Soares Ottawa, Canada Vai Leng Choi



Beijing, China Nuno Furtado

Zhuhai, China Bonifácio Benson



…Or streets we’ve never been...

São Tomé e Príncipe José Cardoso Sand, sea and the fort (national museum), São Tomé city, May 8. #saotomeandprincipe islands.



Azores, Portugal Xana Leandro

Mauritius Clive Classe

Oslo, Norway Kinga Baltazar This is the street I was working on the last five years. Fornebuveien 80, Oslo, Norway. The most Georgous sunrises



Ria de Aveiro, Portugal Feliciano Oliveira Hunan, China Andy Lam



Somme, France Caro Mouchon-Ton

Batroun, Lebanon Patricia Mokbel Built on the ruins of a Byzantine church in the 19th century, the beautiful whitewashed chapel of the Lady of the Sea is located on the seashore near the Phoenician Wall.

Deauville, France Poïchy Nat



L'île de Bréhat, France Marie Emmanuelle Juglet-Roco 38


Macau, China Rebecca Choi A literally street temple that one can pass by

Whitby Abbey North Yorkshire, UK Debra Holmes Santorini, Greece Beatrice Berlanga



Loneliness and social isolation…

Genoa, Italy Cristian Degl’Innocenti



Tokyo, Japan Yuzo Fujii Montréal, Canada Charles Lafrance



Praia, Cabo Verde Francisco Paco Figas Figueiredo Dortmund, Germany Ilkay Strebel-Ozmen Lisbon, Portugal João Calinas 46


Niterói, Brasil Luiz Bhering Social isolation. Private Infinity. Tokyo, Japan Kazuhiro Miyahara Sekiguchi city Tokyo Japan. St. Maria Cathedral



Lisboa, Portugal Mario Barrela Cambridge, UK Aris Sfakianos



Hanoi, Vietnam Ryeo Baba Vevey, Switzerland Sébastien Schmutz



Johannesburg, South Africa Paula Harron Moscow, Russia Tema Kotikov Timor-Leste Bernardino Soares



The 2020 events, announced as great celebrations of humankind... from Tokyo 2020 to Dubai World Expo...

Dubai Expo, United Arab Emirates Patricia Basso Silanine Terra at Dubai Expo 2020

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan Yuzo Fujii



Resilience Then came resilience. Reconnecting and regaining our urban environment...Walking, living, working relaxing... and life goes on...

Aosta Italy Paolo Lampugnani Guilin, China Gauthier Delecroix Follow me



Tokyo, Japan Yuzo Fujii Manhattan, NY, USA Julia Gianopoulos Macau, China Fatima Cameira



Macau, China Miguel de Senna Fernandes Havana, Cuba Adrian Almeida Aroche

Hong Kong Mx-Ray



Jerusalem, Israel Yakov Lev

Hong Kong, China Mx-Ray Father and daughter love Shanghai, China 张中伟



Trondheim, Norway Florence Elie Hong Kong, China Lam Makmak



Macau, China Frankie Choong Hong Kong, China Miles Yuen





Guatemala Rosa Maria Castilho Timor-Leste Bernardino Soares



Brooklyn, NY, USA Julia Giannopoulos

Milwaukee, USA Philippe Lesuisse



Macau, China André Ritchie

Macau, China Joseph Lai 74



Trafaria, Lisboa Luís de Paula Campos Macau, China Nicholas Kei Relaxing 76





Huambo, Angola Christopher Antunes Kapuwa Macau, China Nicholas Kei Macau, China AR Alves

Macau, China Eva Mok



And life goes on…

Murcia, Spain Heidi Heines Brighton, UK Dora Deparis Santiago do Chili, Chili Irwin Chernin



Alcochete, Portugal Luís de Paula Campos



Buenos Aires, Argentina Constanza Cairone Lisbon, Portugal João Calinas Tourists returned to the city - Lisbon, Portugal Piran, Slovenia Darja Štrucl



Beautifulness And then came the time of sharing something beautiful and powerful…

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Luíz Bhering 88


And because humans are humans and can feel hope and see beauty even in the darkest time, this is where our journey ends, with

a beautiful smile...

Tokyo, Japan Kazuhiro Myahara Beautiful smile 90


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Dinho Lorentz 92

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AR Alves

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Dora Deparis


Kevin Tran

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Lurdes De Sousa Fatima Cameira Jenn Simms Sandrine Laporal Véronique Alber Latour Séverine Faure Magali Laguillaume Virginie Thom Sandrine Mar-tino Poïchy Nath Anna Preece Kenneth Ip Filomena McGuire Laura Mousinho Yaone Eric Paula Mota Mar Saraiva Gonçalo César de Sá Sandy Walter Marilia G C Coutinho Rem’s Le Emmanuelle Pina Vicente Domingos Pereira Coutinho Victor Kumar Silvia C Mendonca Etiane ECarvalho Gama Maria Fernanda Pinheiro Jumey Malan Kallweit Simone Martins Tuul Purevdorj Rocha Diniz Patricia Mokbel Jorge D’Abreu Dhalia Generao Barreto Sara B. Figueira Carla Luz Silva Ingrid Hendrickse Georgia Creeden Olga De Freitas Cabral Clémence Pina Uyanga Lkhagva Cristina Jesus Paul Towns Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro Edith Long Antonio Bilrero Cidália Cotrim Soares Carla Fellini Fernanda Lages Pina Bernardino Soares Pam Pam Phil Marques Konstantin Bessmertny



Porfirio A. Gomes Rui Macau Michel Reis Marta Duarte Fonseca LinaLenço Dessert Albano Martins Filipa Caeiros Vieira Rodrigues Margarida Luz Marcella Lau Ana Bela Gonçalves Marco Carvalho Chan Sandy 96


Madalena Cardoso Jose Manuel Morgado Carolien De Joode Mateus José Carlos Wilson Belinda Lemos Ferreira Fernando Sousa Marques Antonio Sanmarful Lisa Souissa Paulo Canelas de Castro Rodrigo Dos Santos Marques Paulo Coutinho Rutger Verschuren Wallas Carneiro da Silva Bruna Pablo Gerry Ritthagen Olivier Bonard Lenira Massano Ana Soares Jack Salah 张中伟 Isa Manhao Mariana César de Sá Guilherme Zeverino Carlos Lobo Vincent Marques Karyna Silva Gomes Maya M Axio Sébastien Geřin Fabio Bargiacchi Naji J. Zakkour André Ritchie Rafa Paulino Alex Saad Bolormaa Ganbold Alexandre Pinto Laila Bokhari Paulo Vaz Louise Lihua Ung Raquel Gralheiro Isabel Fatima Batista Vasco Senna-Fernandes Kessane Akhvlediani Mafalda Vasconcellos Ana Correia Murr Laurice Leila Nofal Murr Marcelo D’Almeida Antonio Conceição Junior Graça Santos Paula Azevedo Cruz Rosamaria Castillo Mafalda Lara Cruz Gomes Natacha Amora Florzinha Da Costa Monteiro Maria José Freitas Leanda Care Agnes Magdolna Tony Reis Margarida Alves Vera Fernandes Bonifacio Benson Juliette Denis Catya Martin Beth Doherty Antonio José Vidigal

Emilie Tran Claudia Aranda Toshihiko Yamaida Julia Herold Pedro Lobo Denise Kabre Winner Stephen Maryam Shu’aibu Kd Kazuhiro Miyahara Cristina Marques Lourenco Jardim Rebeca Fellini McAulay Filomena Barros Luis Almeida Pinto Paula Harron Sophie Lei Maria Anjola Torrao Renato Marques Cecile Marques Luiz Bhering Nicolas Marques Laura Mousinho Heidi Haines Poulton Isabel Marques Da Silva Nicholas Kei Marie Pina Anne Endres Sipes Winnie Wong Jandira Silva Rodrigo Wolff Apolloni Violeta Bosco Diana Soeiro Nuno Miguel Melo Furtado Tatiana Lages Catarina Cottinelli da Costa Clémence Pina Oyuna Oyunaa Jihad Haddad Miguel Levy Tamalia Alisjahbana Augusto Nogueira Salome Kobakhidze Helena Minhava Afonso Irwin Chernin Sébastien Mariojouls Kineta Sit Michel Reis Elsa Jacinto Kelly Sou Nuno Porto Maravilha Marcella Lau Lili Jiang Marco Carvalho Matt Helm Lina Ramadas Chan Sandy Rosen Wu Teresa Chong Gika Simão Selina Lei Pedro Vale de Gato Marco Martins Rui Carreiro Maria Manso Carma Blandineau José Manuel Simões

Francisco António Ricarte Carla Lobo Georges Jojo Chamchoum João Janela da Silva Juan Manuel Gutierrez Garcia Nada Anouti Danilo Lemos Henriques Cecilia Yao Jane Martins Helene WG Cristiano Cannata Jean-Jacques Céveau Maria Ceu Samantha Birkwood Ricardo Seabra de Mascarenhas Carlos Variz Miguel S Fernandes Parisa Khalili Carlos Lobo Xana Da Silva Veronica Kok Maya M Axio Carole Delavelle Hitomi Sunagawa Graziela Lopes Joe Joan’s Alexandre Pinto Emily Milan Audrey Zeitouni Lasky Jay Deleña Lynn Jacqueline Landsman Filomena M Da Rosa Iryna Amirova Baldridge Maura Capoulas Santos Rebecca Choi Selina Chan Carlos Casteleira Rui Filipe Torres Ibrahim Natour Maria Rita Gonçalves Isabel Vieira Carole Meyer Khalifa Joao Serra Pereira Nadine B Hack Tony Reis Tudor Vladescu Maya Heikal El Zein Margarida Alves Juliette Denis Jorge Menezes Miles Yuen Gauthier Delecroix Darja Štrucl João Calinas Caroline Koutsouridis Cristian Degl’Innocenti Feliciano Oliveira Luiza Menescal Photography Roberto Pazzi Magali Lobreau Vulin Root Matters Luís De Paula Campos Karen Meares Aris Sfakianos Nuno Marques

Leeann Herechuk José Manuel Marques Eva Mok José I. Duarte Lucy Juler Amanda Bradley Denise Fiddis Joshua Holmes Bill Zam Alice Zammit Tracey Peake Dave Holmes Susan de Jonge Joan Meares Jorge Hilario Manuel Semeano Elena Boccoli José Nobre Cristina Martins José M. Fânzeres Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau Andy Lam Photography David Chiodo Photography Kirsten Shaw Khan Teresa Brandão Mahlatse Dlamine 艾丽娜 Ryeo Baba Rakesh Lohiya Claudia Silva 黃玉莲 Jhon Cyhpis Aniri Bucansil Bandeira Nelsy Sousa Charles Okotie Dadjy BF Clare Williams Mimi Schoucair Pule Khau Eze Chidera Beverley Milan Shine Sadia Maria Natalia Carrascalao Georges Bechara Ibrahime Niane Vaumir Borges Silvina Santos Mona Kahil Marco Cathy Delavaud Yacine Douibi Tema Kotikov Rob McDonald Sara Cruz ‫هلتسن هلتسن‬ Alcina Ferreira Bryan Smith Gerhard Ackermann Thaier Malki Rebecca Baldé Bidin Franck Gracy Azar Rachid HB Jean-Michel Mariojouls Lyzel Labuschagne Attwell Rohit Kumar Ana Cristina Lima

Barman Dipsouma Wagner Melo Chantal Van Den Berg Pedro Cabral Luck Luck Jacky Chick Clémentine Dalis Sara Rocha Serena Paul Misob Isuru Sulakshana Christopher Antunes Kapuwa Kikelomo Mosudi Sharlotta Lotusflower Lv Soares Irene McGilvray José Manuel Esteves Max Ou Wicke HD Jackson Buckley Nayla Youle Abbas Zayani Achy StarParty Elaine Li Alexandra Oliveira ‫םענ םענ‬ Ana Luisa Cruz Nathalie Aouizerate Daniel Soubreço Luis Crespo James Cassier Pablo Titosse Anthony Bakhos Douaihy Steph Moreira Waed Saleh Meltem Belit Helia Lopes Fonseca Nelson Lindner Dutra Maria Bakusová Mikulcová Lina Chatila Enry Enry Maria Fernanda Silva Winnie Audie van Huyssteen Eduardo Bondioli Akoa Faze Ricardo Frias Stephanie Mirabel Jean Philippe Monnard Leo Stepanov Mayckol Sabino Maria Da Conceiçao Moreira Luiz Sousa Pinto Vanessa Williams Antonio Amodeo Larissa Li Soraya Melo Ismail Corina Da Silva Sarah Conteh Thierry Choume Baraye Karim Deek Isabel Dias Andrea Khan Miguel Marques Mark Smith Naveros Georges Luis Pedro Morais Mila Peixoto

Frank Holzberg Elda Lemos Jml Property João Peres Béatrice Tavert Julien Dulhoste Evelyn Bruno Oscar Mendes Himanshu Rana Vickie Sutherland Raluca-Sandra Moore Kouider Lettifi Sami Hallak Ju Maygalie Finca Arabesque Valerie Koné Richie Roche Miguel Carvalho Lilit Manukyan Fred Hage Amanda Hill Miller Orlando Pableaux Pauline Higgins Tiaray Serena Sally Mahamane Kalayar Oo Jennifer Eicher Fernando Fontana Fernando Simões António Luís Mota Ghandour El-saad Kaya Cat Sylvie Marionnet Jacqueline Bastos Tamzi Moe Kaur Nicky DN António Carneiro Russo Happy Gus José Canas Flores José Luís Neves Silva José L. Caño Ortigosa Andrew Burnett McGregor Gail Berry Chris Tsoi Saulo Nóbrega Laure Truffaut Ya Ksenya Antonio Manuel Carrillo Lopez Naty Morales Sandra Oliveira Sanches Tanya Iraklopoulos Cy Williamson Mark Lebut Sébastien Schmutz Maysson Devoye Adrian Almeida Aroche Eyla Vilela Amy Li Lee Callan Lara Sayegh Josue Eicholz Angelina Ritchie Duval Pestana Thomas Willoughby Stacy Roberts Pedro Do Amaral Biba De Chateaudun 98


Malik Tahir Naseem Samuel Pm Héléna Freiha Hélder Pereira Maria Isabel Ponte Fernandes Sally Lee Celina Martins Santos Paolo Lampugnani Bronwyn Machon M Cecilia Leandro Matos Luisélio Salvaterra Pinto Florent Herbet Santos Rondon Flores Hugo Amaral Damien Pery Kabir Ebrahimi Nadine Ghorayeb Sasa Sasa Caroline Brison Francisco de Lacerda Alexandra Verissimo Magui Capela Trisula Trisulino Bidam Moni Sambú Zoe Jayne MacGregor Michael Sum Cammy Kong Susan Davies Cheryl Todd Rejani Dreyer Rogério Carinhas Yasmina Kasmi Bakkali Roxy Good Anastasia Seledkova Zoe Von Hess Dalal Rahmoun Ogridor Gnaix Gnahz Paula Grunwell Rochelle Ferreira Frédérique Deschamps-Collet 伍淑莉 Julie Zamora Veronique Arnaud Lydo Jesing Reckitto Diaz II Claire Graham Kim Miyura Seb Berti Emil Marques Micha Gemayel Sousa Luis Gary Verster Robyn Holmes Fiona Di Trapani Roberto Nuno Kan Graça Morais Estrela Virginia Roque Gerson Khoy Paul Lowe Joana Maria Yana Nikonova Isabel Tavares Charo García Ramón Wendy Bull Lawrence P Eaton Elie El Asmar

Jane Brooks 夏寅智 Elie Al Alam Paul Kane Viktoriya Sutulo Mary Ann Bellas Maria José Gaudêncio Helen Clark David Miguel Koji Kajikawa Nicole Rio Tony Stark Wolkimg Carlos Fraga Flavio P. Santos Lauriane Eeckhoudt Baresse Raquel Silva Tavares Attakorah Pedro Vasconcelos Mariana Tam David Timar Ana Ilídia Lopes Andrelino Francisco Magalhães Vitor Gomes Teixeira Anna Bondarevska Florence Lebois Galy Seneng Utami Imad Abourafeh Kay You David Beautier Nuno Veloso Santos Irene Maria Winck Inês Variz Etelvina Assunção Aneta Nikolova Bilitis Pendic Joana Vann Rita Roma Ivo Sousa Olapizzy CG Minyi Li Nadia Bour Manon Tremblay Adoghe Favour Flora Figueiredo Majoe Sison Domingo Petru En Deon Greyling Aaron Beydoun Neusa Oliveira Alexandre Bittencourt Leite Marques Faisal Meerkhani Diogo Couto Silmara Fernandes Lisa Korney Annemarie Pellaudin Cécile Saint-Espès Alfie Sherwood Ahod de Carvalho Marcelo Antônio Cardoso Cheryl White Dee Feebz Crisp Christine Tournecuillert Clément Casanova Тэмүүгээ П. Patricia Richardson Angenca João Nunes Cá Tony Nobre

Imad Redjem Nathalie Ott Stéphanie Archimbaud Ana Tam Anne Wolf Vera Borges Bill Hopton Jeremy Lai Lourdes Neto Patrícia Santos Carine Aramouni Saab Silvia Franceschini Ghwen Estilong Chrissa Lama Ounsi Gaël Fons Cameron Alexander Armindo Abreu Teddy Gile Yakov Lev Gabriela Maria Diana Tai Vitor Md Rocha Michelle Hanel Edgar Matos Hilary Lardner Marie Conceicao Teresa Bada Andrian Legaspi Luisap Djukom Sarah Howayek Mila Pinto Andreína da Silva Conceição Aido Anna Lochon Giaime Lili Baleira Helena Fonseca Kandi Elizabeth Kamal Hirbli Misaki Tsuboi Elisabeth Gallais Raphael Khalifa Marcia Caobianco Crystal Nelson Margarida Cardoso Lin Fredman Jenny Holzberg Andrea Goggioli Meeg Boonnet Agata Kostrzębska Akis Phokas ChaiLi Kwek Douglas Roderjan Filho Sharon Stanton Francisco Soares Maria João Marques Pedro Luz Lasma Senberga Wong Wasabi Meralona Balasa Carla Maria Farroba Lindeza Jennifer Anna Clarke Pedro Peres Emílio Castro Baruch Mataneal David Alexandra Nicole Carla Mesquita

Isnara Pereira Ivo Toun Latsanho Parco Chim Lia d’Alte Lorenzo Bianchi Shanna Rogers Siolo La’a Jr. Walter Martinho António Loyola Teixeira Azevedo Irene Scott Elcio Dalazoana Benjamim Rodrigues Estela Osório Helen Meehan Leah Buckney Riad Akel Svetlana Gramatiuk Michael Cheung Jeronimo Henrique Té Noga Zhang Shahar - Nogart Daniel Graça Eduarda Teixeira Valérie Pouteau Mira Armani Ribébé Manuela Soraia Ferreira Carmen Goetz Casagrande Joana Madeira Nobre Annie Gaon Locow Tuğra Yazar Helia Benzinho Stanislav Stefanov Beatriz Moura Maria Jose Azevedo Di Maria Alice Correia Nissrine DS Luis Miguel Queiros Paula Ramadas Dayudz Joyskie Pancho Raphael Klein Helder Faria Kravchenko Yelyzaveta Fernando Aguiar Didy D. Davy Ирина Михайленко Márcia Pinho Naioncan Dos Santos Daniel Morgan Rudina Visoka Candida Nogueira Kingsley Dogah Rose Lu Wendy Garforth Karim Sabbagh Genaro Toreti Tutu Sousa Edson Neto DI Mamandi Lopes Toito Ludimila Barai Mikulec Katarzyna Karpińska Mariajo Cebria Pascual Paula Rute Garcez Correia Olumide Abimbola Nay Kordahi Bahout Bárbara Rivas

Elda Sum Celia Mota Isobel Deeley Rosa Wong Marília Coutinho Catarina Vaz Daniel Vendramini Mayada El Khatib Mário Vidal Fernando Sedano Irada Ida Claudia Daniela Teresa Maria Charles Lafrance Nina Claire Angie Elliott Stefania Traini Kino Rodrigues Marcelo Scharlack Nina van der Maas Catalin Rotaru Aom Onuma Kongwaha Adelino Correia Ilka Soares Miguel Sarutraf Sue Parsons Candida Cooper Nuno Sampaio Stefano Casales Catherine Cate Mia Lacy Eurico Monteiro Armando Milagre Humphrey Khalechi Vivien Coutelle Edla Santana Nicole Razzouk Emanuel Silva Eva Bourdoukan Kassis Daniele Aramouni Gerges Joela Alves João Paulo Alen Maria Rita Б.М Ганчимэг Tomoyuki Gushikami Cláudia Fernandes Aisha Alfama Ferreira Shizuyo Tsuboi João Santo Azizbek Gulyamov Katarzyna Guzik Romane Denis Betsy Hansel Georges Melhem Elias Badaan Pamela J. Rowe Agostinho Oliveira Fernanda Rodrigues Anacleto Steve Satoko Tanabe Maya Ceramics And Paintings Célia De Sá Ferreira Kanafistra Etl Salvadora Gratidão Elvire Moreno Angela Carvalho 100

Cascão da Silva Yuzo Fujii Fernanda Rocha Linda Rosalind Reid Aline Giner António Pinto Adriana Mederi Moy Moises Silete Dalalibera Rui Rêgo Machado Juliette Kerboua Radnaa Cgd Riska Edditia Zaley Tamihana-Brown Eduardo Aguiar Lurdes Ferreira Armando Caldas Andrelino Tony Kit Chow Fabiola Haddad David Antunes Isabel Lopes J Ricardo Santos Mohamed Ahemmal Raquel Ferreira Annika Lindberg Jason Yoon Rachida Essahib Donna Maria Walker Micheline Hakim Haddad Jaderio Fonseca Natasha Bin Ricardo Teixeira Simões Arylson Caetano Liliana Grasso Mounya B Sanford Plinio Martins Barai Kevin Hirst Sofian Gerhard Estación Bruce Inês Serrano Luis Alexandre Diana Ong Laura Silveira Ekaterina Limoncello Filomena Pereira Loic Neyron Uğur Şentürk Pablo Barreto Falco Smash Jongkyun Kang Isabel Silva Florence De Friberg Senechal Laetitia Spaccapelo Nancy Everett-Parson Helber Lima Dos Santos Vitorino Teixiera Aventino Pinheiro Bryan Bailey Tania Romualdo Rolando Olly Desumondo Deseumondeu Sandra Anton Alan Lau Teresa Vaz Nalma Villpan Winzs Panuncillo José Sabino 101

Patrícia Nheu Kingsley Kong Eunice Leong Cristina Gil Gordon Goh António Pé-Curto Fatima Dores Rui Jorge Santos Almeida Raquel Vieira Carla Fernandes Fernanda Barreira Jose Ribeiro John D. Tzoum Andreea Oprea Rosa Vital Emanuel Vital Paula Alexandra Sõ RaYā Anaa Gomes Anabela De Castro Tavares Ana Isabel Oliveira Raquel Rocha Karen Buck Jason Shaw Sabine Morini Gurkhali Gurung Gantulga GT Joelle Majdalani Abi Nassif Alena Kukhar Nuria Funchal Pedro Borges Luis Aguiar António de Brito Sylviane Ton Antoine Z. Sfeir Chaiya Torsakul Leung Yuki Lorenzo Bisconti Lenine Nankassa Ana Dias Angela Neves Alves Kalpesh Patel Caro Mouchel-Ton Vitória Lopes Karim Hasnaoui Margaux Goureau Vijay Thapa Sam Tou Rosaria Tribouilloy Michaela Shuttleworth Jasmine Straga Herminio Albuquerque Emelio Pascual Carla Rio Guy Pierre Couleau Jorge Lourenco Vanessa Dos Santos Ana Ferreira Ana Macedo Nuno M. Vieira Carlos Tojo Pierre Yang Adriana Quaresma Maria Gomes Jenny Ramos Anke Abken

Monique Whear Ana Filipa Meleiro Silva Angela Guerra Nelly Soubrier Ovidiu Șelaru Anastasiya Mykhaylenko Isabelle Buisson Franciska Bikki-Seres Ana Cristina Melo Gouveia Rui Mindela Dos Santos Julião Vieira Insumbo Melanie Ruston Marlène Aoun Fakhoury Angelica Germanó Laurence Bagot Mané Carvalhão Evangeline Moureen Manire Emmanuel Rtr Dolores Moreira Luís Ribeiro Mário Rui Amaro André Fontoura Magdalena LM João Lelo Dennis Wiechmann Lay Afonso Jorge Luis Gonçalves Sharon Walter-Roberts José-Manuel Carmo da Silva Carla Araújo Ana Jacinto Nunes Cristina Donaire Tiago Almeida Catarina Filipe Nunes Matthew Parry Dianne Chapman Ludovico Pieri Ricky Lightner Carolina Reis Jo Penton Olívia Leonardo Dias Estelle Cohen van Delft Annie Baliad Prince Arif Catalon Felicitas Kathy Vidal Shelly Boylan-Affleck Sandrine Galtier Gauthey Gabriel Mendes Amalia Lopes Miguel Pronto John Heng João Pereira Paloma Castro Ivone Carvalho Teresa Pinto Amjad Tarar Solicitor Manuela Cardoso Andrew Dembina Stefka Kapitanova Carla Quintans Vasco Coutinho Marlene Nogueira Sheila Goldsworthy Rejane Oliveira Cristina Paulo Ferraz

Jorge Conde Lydie Angenard Albari Rosa Augusto Valente Bahjat Salameh Cátia Lopes Paulo Oliveira Francisco Trigueiros da Cunha Tatyana Samsonova Etiandra Fernandes Isabel Tomás Karina Salazar Patrick Robert Carla Simões Ro Martins Elsie Green Andrew Leung Manuela Ribeiro Fah Rungrudee Sérgio Rolo Sabbagha Michel Kate Brodsky Maryne Myss’ile Theolat João Carlos Maria Margarida Santos Andre Duarte Alexandra Gauthier Jean Francois Massaad Marta Ferreira Tiago Moreira Sandra Toussaint Vanda Serrano Cisco Roby Pedro d’Alte Carla Pinto Rafi Sewornoo Tania Hanania Kerkor Lauro José Cardoso Barbara Seravalli Катя Топузова Zé Margarido Artimiza Rezende Costa Injai Vilma Aguiar Sandra Martins Tatiana Denise Andrade Martins Caroline Galtier Lisa Barnes Nicole Temlett Miriam Ramos Isabel Santos Heba Dz Luiz Lima Junior Teresa Santos Pedro Almeida Lucas Tirelli Desiré Paul Claassen Mariana Cruz Diamantino Torrado Izaqueo Leal Daniel Cheong Margareta Lindberg Glimenius Sara Ribeiro Inês Tonello Campos Vasco Alves Sónia Soares

Lucia Macaya Paulo Valentim Santiago Ilkay Strebel-Ozmen Marcelo Amorim Sónia Silva Lana Meyer Jennifer Liao Jackie Hwang Susana Pinho Roy Eric Xavier Marília Almeida Wally van der Woning Liz Carrilho Fidelis Linehan Maria Silva Tiago Fernandes Joana Azevedo Lopes Evelyne Pasternak Paulo Neto Luisa Polonia Carlos Folgado Eva Drummond Miao-chou Chou Ricardo Sousa Iva Comisso DC Ribeiro Johan Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen Paula Lopes Tee May Philippe Lesuisse Fabiana de Paula Natacha Lima Leite Ogando Ted Chiu Vanilza Da Silva Freitas Gustavo Gvan Vieira Eva Bato Lorena Araya T Paula M. Ferreira Julie Gee Ana Paula Werneck de Capistrano João Pombo Mhiles Simeon Mônica Marceli Mandy Tarot Bruno Lomba Margarida Correia Herman van Niekerk Nádia Dohnalek Emilie Giaime-Gallais Ema Bada Daniela Milani de Oliveira Christian Blanchard Leno Silva SD Jorge Pereira Linda Lawson Stephens Ana Paula Figueiredo Caramelo Mohamed Cardoso Jassi Yatuti Dabó Catarina Gralha Clotilde Fava Alice Pais Do Amaral Kseniya Zorina Sarah Tayara Donna Estridge Peters

Anette Barros Tavares Nuno Tiago Ferreira Manuela Brito DC Marta Lampugnani Nelson Meireles Meireles Emiko Mito Pinto-Marques Luís Madureira Nikola Trégnerová Ciaran O’Neill Christian Chasset Andreia Nalesso Helder Santos Revesso Maria Cristina Cesco João Aido Adri McLaughlin Goncalo Nuno Izabela Garcez Maria João Nunes Fernando de Freitas Sean Hung Joao Bruxo António Barros Chen-Kang Wang Sónia Paixão Francisco de Geraldo Eric Kyte Jeremie Morgenstern Akram Khodr Carla Rosado 司俉早 Gismo Cavalheiro da Silva Ana Cabaça Ssean Ccostello Telmo Paiva Sandrine Cuny Paulhiac Andreina Cardoso Telma Correia Pedro Cegonho Nicole Matthews Graça Freire Rui Silva Teresa Mateus Mary Goja Leisan Deacon Christina Pinto Julie De Smet Khaled Ghanem Jo Pugsley Alice Julia Variz Puzon Carlota Caleiro Carla Edwards Vladimyr Vera Cruz Fiona Tye SpinnerMel De Castro Ed McNally Paulo Bordonhos Ricardo Manhão Solange Salvaterra Pinto Leonardo Giannelli Marius Badenhorst Joey Winner Mdfive Checksum DoubleCheong Cheong Melissa Anne De Beer João Cândido Martins José Bouças

Karen Lejambre Marta Arantes Oksana Nemchenko Saionara Martins Obadia Anil Piya Manuela Lopes Graça Silveira Machado W.O. Laroue Sonia Santiago Venessa Chin Chi Chang Zélia Bica Martine Olmeta Runy Lamba Luis Gomes José Passos Pereira Peťule Kubová Cleo Peralta Cristina G Brandão Ana Teresa Monteiro Rosa Maria de Sousa Henrique Meireles Maria Fernanda Reisinho Katherine Brooker Lauri Aultman Binta Ture Cristina Lu Kirsten Cayrol Rytgaard Fátima Neves Cecília Čonková Luisa Vasconcelos Slone Soin Sawyer Dio Mango Linda Wilson-Yates Andrea Tello de Lima Ana Rita Neves Antonio Lindvaldo Sousa Teresa Rita Marques Frankie Choong Maria Emilia Monteiro Porto Alfredo Alexandre da Costa Dianne Gianaris Susan Richards Denlinger Shin Chan Joann Arneberg Luis de Matos 宋曼玲 Ban Palmos Guath Rogerio Motty Patricia Deschamps Sofia Quintas 陳柏任 Ricardo Kong Shandi Lai Mário Afonso Franco Alysse Phily Daniel Filipe Caldas Abby Dumapig Ana Luísa Varani Leal André Yala Almeida Antonio Barbieri Mel Zerda Gomes Tony Hafez Paulo Moreira Clémentine Gharbi Ana Serra Do Carmo Britta Henning 102


Armando Lobo Catarina Faustino Sara Marcireau Alexandra Maria Mendonça Viçoso Patrícia Dourado Gaspar Miguel Marcelino Marques Rogério Martins Fernando Cruz Anika Michelle Luckin João Carreira Óscar Madeira Dody Wakim Nélia Tavares Manuela Nunes Yulia Bulsievici Gonçalo Gomes Nabin Kumar Gurung Ana Vieira Natercia Vale Manuela Magalhães Eva Pluchova Markéta Auerová Albino Xavier Hy Richard Callaghan Maria Leonor Afonso Bagarrão Celeste Costa Kamini Samantha CristinZiano Inês Mota Carlos Alberto Oliveira Anabela Martins Gigi Mariconda Dava Ffrog Wing Denize Ribeiro Gillian Lee McCain Ana Barata Soheila Aref Susana Roldao Solange Man Richard Geddes Rowena Jordan Chalaine Shl Charly Faraud Suzanne Abu-Ramadan Jamal Attieh João Carlos Malta Ana Jael Tavares Nélia Mano Erminia Toni Eden Sanner Elisabetta Bertelli Felicia Hallenbeck Henrique Levy Pedro Serapio Serapio Milos Obrenovic Onacsut Amliv Astrid Bouda Wygoda Paula Serdeira Azevedo Maria Madalena Seixas Regina Célia Cit Murta Nadege Royer Kinga Lukaszewska Jim Leonardo Antonio Gameiro Isabel Cruz

Jana Dvorska Susana Gomes Angela Lee Barbara Teasdale Pri Barros Carla Saccal Farah Catherine Cheong Dollie Myers Jeroen Louwers Ana Novo Francisco João Velez Roxo MV Basilio Chinha Chipenda Leila Tarazi Margarida Manita Gouveia Henriette Henault Anjo Lei Maria Sampaio Mary Lackman Mazza Luis Gorgueira Yvonne KT Liliana Rita Silva Carmelinda Botelho Dos Santos Lara Rodrigues Filipa Simões Sacha Coirre Vera António Maria João Cardona Melissa Migotto Isabelle Tarazi Valeton Nadezhda Obradovich Karima Ben Sharon Lightner Blackmore Calito Freire Paulo Pinto Ana Cecilia Marques Nuno Lima Bastos Cristina Nunes Nelly Blondel Pedro Cardoso da Silva Anacleto Marques Carla Sá Elisabete Silva Cristopher Aaron Batusai Baldovino Diane Berrian Viola Karolina Štreimikytė Cristina Silva Guilhermina Gomes Natascha Urdich Henrique Tavares Jerome Vasquez Sandra Gonzalez Aramburo Gaurav Jha Rodolpho Pajuaba Marcie Ann Céu Almeida Oliveira Lília Carla Patrício Nunes Beatrice Vestrini Ivy Leong Michael Lin Filipe Russo Redinha Esterline Género Simone Khan Yaelle Antoine

Célia Coutada Catarina Gralheiro Cintia Joner Martins Beverlee Jordan Carr Nalva Bucuane F. Gomes Jose Manuel Patacao Micco Pizzamore Raffaele Anna Hanson Betsy Johnson Hália Cerqueira Eva Martins Filipe Amorim Ana Frade Jihane Mouwafi Ziadeh Moosa Fulhu Ana Gorgueira José R. Pires Manso Manuel Filipe Afecto Nuno Ferraria Vicent Negre Sol Cadavez João Silva Munkhzul Kh Michelle Walery Thomas Mario Roque Magda Resende Ferro Irene Pereira Nuno Silva Janesh Vaidya Raja Noujaim Clementina Santos Sandra Jerónimo Santos Mélanie Ferey Janet Tracy Maya Cohen Fatima Cordeiro Beatrice Berlanga Celine Garcia Sonia Almeida Vieira Eduardo Chan Dale Martin Paulo Vieira Giuliano Catini Shelley Austin Paulino Lopes Julia Rvn Ana Policarpo Natacha Sarah Pawlak-Zuares Kaiuwailani Oliveira Elisabeth Goncalves Karen Thompson Mauro Breno da Silva Ana Ribeiro Miguel Pinto Costa Paula Cristina Ferreira Jorge Pinheiro Tammy Ann Sara Montalvo Ortega Sandra Kim Cathie Melvin Susie Bridges Regina Correia Christophe Hacquel Brian Paterson Tereza Pinheiro Le Cherche Midi

Cyrielle Clb Daê Teixeira Enedino Patricia Vinagre Lisa Cropp Daniel Goldenberg Isabel Andrade Roque Carina Ribeiro Patricia Basso Silanine Naziha OumAshraf Diana Martins Roberto Souza Hernán Cortés Fernández Zé Silva Rosemary Hill Wendy Howarth Mario Mido Patricia Falcao Villaverde Goncalves Daniel Alves Ana Silva Lopes Dulce Silva Lopes Arnaud Rchrd Ditza Graca Cunha Rodrigues Bowie Soe Su Castro Samantha Stanton Fernanda Aleixo Aj C. Adiviso Mário Sérgio Felizardo Bibito Henrique David Sipes Kin Hong Ip Lucile Narjoux-Wurtz Anne Tournié Varsha Rajkhowa Lica Barai João Marques Valentim Rebecca Cheers Shirley Fritts Aurélia Rodrigues de Almeida Mona Gonzales Anthony N Michelle Lowth Marta Rocha Ricky Hall Doreen Bottolfson Stribbell Yana Valerievna Marrao Ziad Sarraf Sandra Bessa Luisa Cariano Rodriguez Mercy Jean Francois Peres Dora Deparis Ana Simoes Silva William Wong Jacqueline Hung Ana Luis Joao Santos Hugo Sousa Pinto Kristine E. Vernon Miguel Duarte Jazzy Uc Anastasiya Motuz Gomes Fabrice Thomas Vitor M S Simões João de Campos

Elena Nwamaka Okechukwu Eva Eva Taylor Marthe Nawar Kanaan Jorge Soares Florencia Botta Julie Gillbee Andrea Grayson Caron Iley Karoliina Siira Simonetta Tacchinardi Trey English Luca Rovinalti Parajdi Gyorgy Alex Pina Martins Mandana Sobhanpanah Nadia Khatir Eric Matayoshi Glenda Tan Dina Kyriakidou Glenn Jenkins Angela Farnsworth Domingos Joao Braia Jean-Luc Le Noguès Gail Carter Vera Marques Alves Ciaran Twomey Paula Tomé Isabelle Brissonnet Portes Isabel Nolasco Georgia Sergent Jorge Ferreira Joanna Pisarska Nuno Miguel Lameiras Figueiredo Shlomit Levy Bard Renato Ferreira Loh Soo Mui Debra Holmes Agostinho Franklin Maria Manuel Quintela Ivo Palha Humberto Ma Alberto Cerlini Jorge Cerqueira Pereira Christina Boulieris Laurence Cartereau Susan Bodner Levine Kate Young Vojtech Dvorak Ana Julia Nozes Adilé Sebastião Prince Uzoh Ezeonwuneme Loelle Cheng Cati Fernandez Moreno Eli Sequeira Soraia Santos Letizia Babbucci Isabel Piteira Gilson de Sousa Alexandra Araújo Amy Sh Camille Cortez Catherine Comparini Maria João Batalha Brinquete Graca Beverley Mariana Vilela 104

Vivian Guan André Gaspar Carla Grilo Nathalie Clark Mike Wolfpac Sofia Margarida Matos Vieira Elena Rosestolato Suzy Khalifa Victoria Chebet Mutai Ismaïl Ben Saddik Vanessa Bernardo Maguy Nunes Rute Galhardas Fanny Blanchet-laurnagaray Francisco Paco Figas Figueiredo Teresa Teixeira da Silva Brice Giaime Ana Lavrador Yolanda Villa Amanda Wilsson April Cheng Jose Luis Arango Araya Serge Eric BornHipster Cheryl Webster Tomoaki Takagi Emma Huang Donovan Day Westney Rima Sabbah Diane De Saint Martin Severo Sanchez Perez Donna Balskey Patrick Henry Paula Moreira Ty Ich Aurelie Legrand Alessia Nencioni Danilo Vitor Del Rosario Mylene Deray-Malespert Maria João Couto Kate Gibson Julie Cummins Miguel Pinto Oksana Vladislavovna Charlotte de Harder Irene Gaspar Michelle Larkin M’ Dre Reyes E Rita Carvalho Christophe Sylvant Carlos Mendes Bela Miranda Lorraine Kaupp Bailer Pedro Sales Carlos Noronha Lotta Mariatheresa Denisse Pizero Emily Io Cadi Carvalho Joana Almeida Patricio Yubero Vlog Mir-yam Az Marie Pierre Giaime Vitor Cardoso Avinash Shrestha Lynne Hamer 105

Esmeraldina Dias Martins Bruno Camacho Da Corte Wilma Lao Iwaloye Olukayode Valle Borrero Marie Hélène Radenac Christian Marguillier Helena Serro Mafalda Melo Sousa Christina Holmes-Lopez Helena Nazare Cláudi Lacerda Pedro Jorge Gomes Ryn ßabakøøl Nina Shoueiry Nemr Renato Silva Marie Emmanuelle Juglet-Roco Konstantina Kandella Auré Lie Flo Frl Anabela Morte Elie Abouchahine Elsa Lo Julie Gallagher Mendes Philippe Belinda Kan Helena Andias Nada Salem Abisamra Kendall Strok O’Halloran Os Wei Tavares Jose Brittany Jimerson Diógenes Amílcar Nunes Correia Sarah Behm Adnan Nasim Angela Aguiar Fatima Sousa Est-elle B’x Eva Diel Egevardt Alano Karen BnCh Gloria W. Sanford Magali Ciejka Míša Škopíková Donna Lupita Ailsa Lawson Lorenza Cancado Sue Schaefer Leonore Brink Teresa Paula Batista Alícia Moreira Joana Pereira Carlos Jacinto Sandy Davenport Aga Kaszubowska Aldo Panciroli Maria DCoutinho Mauricio Amboni Conti Sinisa Wagner Adriane C L Fernandes Antonio Fernando Dias Lourenço Diorino Lopes Gomes Clariska Welman Siree Bobo

Lena Martella Rui Rocha Philippe Seon Jayne Mellor Carole Farhat Majdalani Judy Ho Nga Wan Mário Gordalina Samuel Saadoun João Benazra Faria Helena Maria Conceição Isabel Maria Gonçalves António Gomes Maria Gouveia Linda Elliott Daniel Messias Hiroko Ema Angela Ho Beffert Ieong Nga Kei Alice Enrico C. Cross Pietro Pezzolla Alcina Oliveira Alzira Margarida Coimbra Fausto Godoy Rafaela Silva Magdal Frigotto Magali Spinetta Cláudia Ferreira Fabio Parreira Nabil Jean Tânia Santos Thierry Cornillault Maria Alice Nascimento Lizandra Carvalho Charlene Schouwenaars Kipp Martines Beatriz Lagarto Eric Werno Brenda Mendonça Barbara Atheris Bruscoli Yehya Hasbini Isabel Duarte Paula Mendonca Carmo Diane Benichou Guilherme Pupo Sydney Monteiro Amy Slater Lina Boehnke Agostinho Fernandes Liliana Bento Da Silva Angie Alloway Sofia Custodio Clive Casse Emma Heslin Anass Drissi Sameiro Pereira Claire Raynes Céline Ulmann Sandra Haslè Ana Cristina Castro Neni Glock Elise Batel Olga Radlynska Naudot Lolo Booyo Allina Kiškytė Birgit Zammit Lou Lou

Susan Glover Marin Guillaume Jane Steres Manzari Kenny Miau Lurdes Costa Crystal Jdbs Carla Alexandra Soares Pereira Joao Reis de Morais Jerry Li Hortense Isabel Santos Juliana Moreschi Rossi Anna Ricardo Pontes Barbara Jordan Wampler Mardis Aprilanne Bonar Martine de Heyn Paulo O. de Barros Rui Rente Campos Charlotte Fleury Carmen Tong Cardoso Sharon Gillibrand Catarina Canelas Rui Felizardo Stéphanie Achilli Tiffany Zhao Kris Robinson João Pedro Conceição Silva Patricia Khoder Sandrine Temime Langman Davide Garazzini Anca C. Despina Slavila Joana Cunha Andreea Apostol Sébastien Grosso Maggie Hie Vance Stephanie Sasson Barre Ivan Caetano Alex Lavi Lynda Davidson Carole Azoulay João Miguel Thomas Bonnecarrere Delphine Judith Benmoha Lara Sofia Calinas Ricardo Perry Maher Dogmoch Swen Wong Jp Rilleux Joana Cordeiro Avril Brenig Saundi Crandall Maisie Khin Maw Swe Larissa Patron Dovilė Deduchova Mário Pereira Cubi Salgado Gomes Kim Kool Paul Chui Nuno Silva Leal Lucille Fanini Charlotte Paillard Helena Correia Maria Alves Carla Almeida Rodrigues

Rodrigo Fernandes Ray Mrx Barbara Neto Mo Creps Effie Ka Marina Pinto Barbosa Elodie Demarez Fatima Gloria Akwuchi Mohamed Dermouni Seb Berti Ana Sofia Nani Vergara Alvarez Maria João Nadia Malan Nel Manuel Marques de Matos Gene Lindquist Ezio Malagnino Constanza Cairone Audrey Adjadj Carlos Makwa Barreto Maria-Alves Neto Andre Benayoun Eva Hed Augusto Balça Alexandre Capuche Pamela Tompkins Patrícia Neves Vangelis Ikonomidis João Araújo Edite Castilho T Tracey Vince Xana Leandro Chadi Hatem George El Khoury Ines Soares Dan Sing Christoffer Grønstad Monica Yao Pauline Laur Ca Zan Emyr Ehcihcem Imala Ricardo Borges Carvalho Riccardo Hosri Nádia Andrelino Edu Magalhães Reva Berbari Melanie Peake Marcelo Alves Rana Wehbe Ghandour Mehdi Ferjani Rola Sinno Cacio Borges Inhaia Lina Nahas Soubra Hani Machnouk Charlotte Bliss Mafalda R. Cannata Ana Carla Lourenco Kate Sloan Nad Et Choco Jason Peter Stevens Tracy Satori Kevin Tran Antonio Carreiro Costa Leah Marie Hernandez Capuchino SuZane Suzanne

Magali Gaudin Son Ia Karina Sukar Larissa Ondzie Celine Kalot Ana Maria Manhao Sou Nelo Silva Manon Drolet Ronnie Conde Vaz Cathie Dakel Carin Wagner Rauth Yves Chagoury Bader Mehanna Joseph Lai Sami Solh Anabela Paulino Katia Rahi Dubois Stephanie Jay Nehme Kimberly A Cooper Nicolas Premat Sandra Guedj Shanna Catini Leighton Morvinson Myrna Doumet Brenda Badaraco Nadja Sennhenn Manuela Dora Dennis Salvaterra Jean La Guerre Laurent Franco Danielle Buyssens Lynn Tehini Shelley Wakefield Carla Kosremelli Zoghzoghi Manuel Moita Junior Leotha Rebello de Souza Ofomukoro S Jael Corinne Nader Elie Hanna Morris Meng Amanda Lou SioMan Sandra Miguel Gsrey Torres Carla Bou Assi Fabrice Zaffran Caroline Chemaly Francisco De La Fuente Carolina Bragança Michèle M. Gharios Dora Lameiras Donatella Maschio Maram D. Fakhouri Paula Pinto Marion Julia Hedger Luca Meacci Cécile Minimoyz Paul Politi Philipe Pascot Raymond P. Sasson Hilmi Erbil Lara Abdul Malak Carmen Fortes Mariposa De la Luz Shirine Abdallah Patrícia Gouveia

Cristina MG Nelson de Assuncao Hermenegildo Lamba e Barai Jose Aires Reis Pereira Elmarie Albertze Shaw Helder Ferreira Manuela Gorgueira Ariana Martins Brenda Doucette Peter Zed Vicky Yau Lee Nathalie Lalanne Joyce Rahme David Wilkinson Danielle Birkenfeld Ralph Bardaghji Helen Kachouh Tayar Marwan Harfouche Youmna Dahdah Jureidini Berta Chan George K Catarina Cadavez Adriana Leblond Rudy Yaone Yaone Jemma Elston Criselle Aleri Jean-françois Marie Miguel Tiago Blake Strasser Elie Balkis Saveria Donsimoni Benny Yip Camille Allard Cristina Morais Juan José Velardo Edde Alfred Mattsen Vítor Morais Lau Ganchimeg Purev Walter Kei Edith Cheok Myrna El Asmar Mary Kamci Jorge Vasconcelos Gauchan Bikal Susan Morgan Kristoffer Sundøy Mariska Nagy Sophie Clin Landel Imad Elkhoury Filipe Senna Fernandes Artur Ramos Christina Au Puni Tartson Wong PunHo Gaynor Whalley Michael Lee Jihad Doumet Maria Cecilia Viegas Zeina Naccache Jane Khou Clara Gebran Edite Ten Jua Naoual Khermez Lilia Mattos Isabel André Bandeira Morgan Guffroy Paula Lau 106


Michelle Medina Lopez Soraya Z Mouawad Lora Lo Hicham Abou Raad Alpeo Iong Lucille Avoine Perri Ghetti Salina Lam Pascal Pellaudin Pat Relf Hanavan Julia Ayline José Cardoso Jonathan Chan Juliano Marcondes Diala El-Yafi Angela Hung Julie Darnis Lugassy Eva Aouad Turk Cory SantoCristo Karen Bensimon Thalia Makdessi Maya Salman Jerin Pearl Emilie Peter Eddie Sum Chris Carson César de Brito Johanna Roucou Sabrina Morrow Jean Ch Kim Holman Diane Aftimos Kwek Saw Imm Tania Arwachan Ada Chan Eduardo Faustino Mara Duarte Julien Boinet Klervi Cott Yamilet Rendon Marta Melo Joao Vgs Felipe Constanzo Bravo Isa CK Dianne Scott-Young Elena Soledad Porras Fong Ieong Miguel Gassmann De Oliveira Renzo Mejia Viviane Nasr Robert Zakem Dirk Westermann Jools Myles Filipa Oliveira Zah Ya-Sin Lydia Tong Bev Oneil Karen Bitar Kat Bull Vanda Teixeira Anne Do Uri Moss Sylvie Lamarque Deb Alkoby Zelorine Reyes Sharon Tudela Barbara Oliveira

Vitória Sam Simões Rana Attar Claire Langlands Lynn Jacobson Jakob Søndorf Patricia Abou Merhi Daou Carla Borges Tis Cheng Alessandra Araujo Judy Wong Raymond R. Macalalad Shirley TC Vijay Verghese Stephen O’Connell Vishali Reddy Barbara Pang Harika Irgi Samantha Shepherd Ilhane Carvalho Fernandes Brooke Morvinson Pedro Boaventura d’Azevedo Daniel Gomes Jennifer Bovard Ros A E Gladys Ana Borges Cherine Najjar Maalouf Gary W. Chin Xavier Salort Liz Deasy Stephanie Oliver Pedro AVentura Malek Ghandour Luis Fernando Sanchez Sarah Ward Sharon Raccah Perez Fiona Leung Cherie Lam Mário Marques Antoine Lattouf Jimmy Dahdah Halim El Barch Graça Tirelli Mel Campbell-Rodgers Bélinda Béatrice Ibrahim Graca Saraiva Marlene Lima Diego Ramirez Stephen Boyko Mazen Mroueh Irene Malevitis Gaspar Mary Leung Karen Otton Laura JG Kristine Michelle Flores Christelle Amal Hoteit Ruby Lam Rui Cortes Debra Dorgan Abdi R. Abyan Osman Nguyen Duy Vinh Casa Gina Nicholas James Mia Fløjborg Rebecca Jespersen Ricardo Igreja Miguel Da Silva Cristóvão

Noelene Hovelmeier Samantha Cartwright Irene Ho Brigitte Saraiva Greenshields Yana Lakizina Jane Douglas Isabel Far Carlos Brum Melo Veronica Iao Becca Jane Cristelle Rage Vassa Reddy Zülal Özdemir Chloe Louise Bouscaren Sophie Beraud-dufour Carmen Mota Adriana Lucas Rita Marques Bernardo Emam Hosni Anuta KA João Jorge Magalhães Philippe Prata David Ball Jovito Costa Caroline CG Katty Wu Marcos Loureiro Tobbi Goulet Ludmila Kasalová Wendy Blake Donna Obeid Héloise Assous Israel Zavala Antønio Falcão Maria F. Garcia Dirk Iven Flora Mweseli Iris Lei Alas Soares Sofia Filipe Teresa Fong Kay Seto Florence Elie George Salti Taira Nicdao Sally Bennett Baxley Maria Pimentel Hala Jneid Dinho Lorentz Andreia Martins Christopher Mawer Chris Carole Ghali Nicolas Akl Siv Svendsen Gayle V. Economos Maya Hamzeh Vicky Chan Cláudia Wolff Apolloni Mendes Gledis Memelli Jo Ghareeb Donald Soo Urshela Schutte Shahena Bleakley Brenda Lee Landolt Allische Lea Landolt Angel John Lowe

Olga Liebl Robyn Masters Urvi Bhawsar Martine Allam Pedro Miguel Ferreira Nunes Yurtsever Tamer Seval Jeremy Belilty Bruno Knudsen Hansen Jay Carter Jenni Manson Aldina PG Lola Couto Rosário Derek Jones Antonio Martins Walid Haidamous Rita Serafim Augusta Barker Rain Ao Ieong Laurence Faibis Jakubowicz Isabelle Fefeu Fiona Harwood Filipe Vaz Zinha Moreira Carine Mouzannar Gerry Chamberlain Lara Bouchaaya Abhilasha Subba Celeste Vong Rebecca Khalifa João Cabral Pierre Iskandar Sam Chiu Tania Pinho Grace Wong Jing Ru Zhang Emilie Pottier Evelyn van Litsenburg Jen Leonard Rob Orton Kimberley Boyle Georges Coury Ziba Rezai Sepasi Ricardo Santos Meireles Ian Ordish João Soeiro Constantin D. Parnos Amine Jules Iskandar Lisa Maree D’Arcy Julia Giannopoulos Rita Samaha Haddad Djane Nogueira Michel Somsanouk Susana Diniz Lisa Tilley Marie Jan Justine Noujaim Telvezian Ana Lei Lina Moussawer Coury Nada Hamzeh Beto Bebeto Syl Via Ana Paula Gomes Leslie Chin Louise Drake Ray Makkar Melinda Earsdon

Arabelle Combet Çağla Unan Sevincel Michel Sebban Darren Blakeley Marina De Senna Fernandes Andrea Burke Jeremy Angland Nesmie Guerrero Crespo Dina El Machnouk Wendy Moenig Vanessa Gorczyca Porsche Porsche Joseph Bahout Stephanie Cheung Carlos Brito Águas Brían Mac Eoin Laurence Chevalier Sofia Oliveira Karla Bernardo Rees Audrey Denhez Karen Jones John P. Rees Tassia-Lee Jorge Coelho Walid Younes Amina Ibrahim Jacqui Weston Hadi El Assaad John Michael Morris Yvette Robeck Paco Chan Ant Smith Natasha Smith Lior Zehavi Milrad Eugénia Teixeira Fadi N. Sabbagha Maria Batlouni Peter Briggs Wendy Chung Paola Shayne Reyes Mélie Sam Melissa Wood Amina Ha Karim Saad Adonis Kwong Omar Karimeh Işıl Tuğçe Sareyyupoglu Dany Hatem Hachem Christelle Vincent Elie George Tala Khabbaz Raymond Esmeralda Catalim Claudine Fallaha Katherine Chan Kelly Kelly Marilia Resende Laurie Sinclair Elvis Simoes Bárbara De Latorre Gonçalves Jose M Giga Vasco Soares Zeina Fares Yasmine Abouzeid Kim Smale Meryl Brows Nicoleta Dimcea Joanne Mulholland 108

Ant Clements Rita Puskas Alex Nico Hanna Khoury Amy Costello Khaled K Nsouli Fouad El Gharib DC Bull Elio Sassine Michele Corby Luke Jennifer Welker Firas El Zein Suren Thar Nils Von Der Assen Rich Gomes Ghassan Azar Vai Leng Choi Angretta Wessels Jo Hughes Leo Fan Patti Morrison Jacobs Yaz Armstrong Cristina Santos Rodríguez Aboudi Bsat Ruchna N Alexandre Choueiri Ines Marinho Cathy Conroy Humphrey Cheong Laurent Lindebrings Ihab Hammoud Marit Aarvaag Storaker Rachel Feather Rony Rassy Claire Louise İpek Kırca Yasser A. El-Hajj Bonsai Valenciano Ara Boghossian Sylvain Girardeau Sandi Manhão Rafailla Georgiou Kyriaki Yiannouri Martin Lochon Margarida Rendeiro Zé Lupi Pip Bradley Miguel Kutsuwada M. Carvalho Hülya Yamanoglu Eva Gomes Daniel De Oliveira Flores Heather Lee Angland Carla Ferreira Seixal Alun Rees Tarek Omar Fahmy Marco Wołczyński Man Carla Melki Ljubov Ermolaeva Inez Dias Emy Sakata Antonio R J Monteiro Sylvia Pugin De Vries Tatiana Alvim Aylin Arp Hanelise Wagner Rauth Desiree Whiteman Bestman 109

Ana Larcher Sıla Tüfekçi Hayley Buckley Andrew Campbell Tania Guilherme Steve Eleftheriou Julie Prinet Kimball Sarin Esther Chin Iman Harb Jose Das Neves Lcc Randy Gerard Ruimy Belen Martinez Martin Adham Dahy Ana Caldeira Hilda Lam Lee Marinette Dorkhom Giaquinta Rima Osseiran Mrowa Abdallah Ko Peter Speaking Toby Toby Tse Dídia Dias Omar Chehab Telma Oliva Iris Chung Sandra Lou da Silva Mafalda Raposo Anthony Bernoty Muji Vong Lety Mamiet Timmy Kelly Anthony Dempsey Ibrahim Bawer Polat Liz Budd Norbert Ruimy Munkh-Erdene Khurelbaatar Laurent Gayme Kevin Bentz Xavier Barreto Ruth de Pater Andy Bennington Cara Lynn Benny Luey Ghadi Turk Aline Sader Gael Majorovic Sofia Brito Shannon Fedor Cannell Zinha Duque Bárbara Cagica Sherry Kirkvold Jorge Valente Bolton Bx Fabrizio Mazzetta Rita Patron Fiona Carrington Kenneth David Nicolas Vannier Zeta Abela Zeina Nasrallah Jacky Benhaim Amanda Willis Sarah Chan Vicky Ghobeira Aureliano Ritchie

Isabel Matos Martins João Pedro Góis Catarina Durães Kelly Sum Vivi Joaquim Dunia Garti Alex Sum Manuel Caleiro Louisa Wong Monica Roriz Betchy Barros Michel Choueiry Cherilyn James Paula De Senna Fernandes Michelle Chan Adeline Martini Wua Wua Ma Paul Lamming Sean Harris Caroline Martinet Nathalie Habchi Harfouche Adele Norby Rognhaug Nada Farhat Rebecca Wu Herbst Choi Helena Gary Dale Helmer Anita Law Lin Marco Toro Melinda Ross João Pedro Marques Fida Sakr Tammy McMahon Mazen B. Ghandour Viki Jerke Sammers Does Gabriel Marques Ellda C Jain Souad Shaaban Manal Najjar Ryoma Ochiai Jim Mc Durham Jones Lúcia Costa Jennie Marie Sosorbaram Khurlee Teixeira Stéphanie Chevrier Eisen João André Sequeira Gayle Russell Hansen Jewels Crick Allan Faull Lucia Leao Miriam Corver-Stenberg Svet Majaroff Shireen Ragbir Rui Flores Andreia Gui Costa Fiona Murphy Flaviana Varlet Popody Mpouo Sandi Allan Cristela Reb Ivone Cheang Rita Samad Noelleen Westcombe Dory Sawaya Ahmad Khattab

Chris Wieners Isabel Combe Adelina Kong Santos Felicia Cheong Leonardo Chung Anil Bhawsar Branka Scherrer Amy Lee Saree Xongmixay Fabio Ritchie Alba Troya Raz Sugababe Elturk Anca Anca Kym Preston Jayne Baumann Lois Dembina Paulo Calinas Nathalie Tellier Ostéopathe Isabel Mousinho de Figueiredo Veronica Barboza Rojas Bermet Aitalieva Tina Rosa Lucena Lavanchawee Sujarittanonta Tsuki Lam Zenab Kazoun Sabrina Jacobs Luis Manhão Sou Benson Chow Gina Poh Rui Marcelo Nabil Khalife Elie Kehde Sara Gorgueira Barrias Brett Townsend Jo-Anne Uhl Galloway Rimi Chakraborty Ho Kye Lon Dom José Luís Azevedo Nuno Lopes De Oliveira Andrew Lee Pedro Manuel Mosciaro Lesme Martin Venier Inês Fontoura Santos Cindy Li Hugo Oliveira Darlene Kobley Martine Chemali Gabriela Lam Daniela Oliveira Cathy Cath Sonia De Sousa Gonçalves Elaine Luey Nicola Johanna Gersch Sunny Mehta Jo’ Kin’ Isa Ferreira Iva Gordandas Lam Matthieu Bailly Natalie Hinds Sabine Bustros Sarah Gallie Mehmet Nemo Koçyigit Edgar Martins Leonor Estácio Marques Renate De Almeida Tojo

Yolla Pellé May Ha Lacin Latife Sandra Fiti Sany Cunha Jeferson Ferro Nadine Majzoub Juliet Thompson Winnie Sze Maria Strantzali Biswajit Guha Chadi Youssef Yammine Julie Allouch Beilei Be Karim Hammoud Jennifer Saliba Hekmat El Zein Shaun Greenwood TC Faik Atik Dennis Herrera Jacopo Giuliattini François Lebreton Zeynep Yaratan Nat Placé Jane Gray Christine Rawls Pascale Di Ines Chung Danielle Uhl Helen Zhang Joumana Abboud Graham Hartshorn Supriya Pradhan David McAdam Filipa Pais Rodrigues Roberto Nahas Nelsy Sousa Isabella Macau Imelu G. Mordeno Gitika Tandon Maria Alexandra Mota Steve Mooney Michael Schwartz Abubakar Ibrahim Habu Rita Caterina Nehme Nour Kahil Tony Keirouz Alice Dauchez J.C. Veilleux Mehdi Moumen Hanaa BM Rassy Jonathan Edm Berkin Istanbulluoglu Didi Chan Edison Barbosa Juan Ivan Vidal Valenzuela Tiffany Chen Maya Tayara Kassem Debby Ng Rayve Zen Luís Rocklee Lourenço Alan Roseman Gonçalo Garcia Coutinho Niina Morais Catarina De Oliveira Paulo Patience M

João Osório Lisa Wagner Mary Chao Anthony Miller Bally Gill Maher Hanna Hayley Goldman Cinderella Jie Andreas Møller Erica AntuneSousa Sarah Cotter McGillicuddy Esther Chan Kitty Swain-Evans Rebecca Glade Luci Nguyen Nikki Rhoades William J Barron IV Aris Tam Mikaël Safrana Nick Parsa Thom Fe Steph Shing Kyllie Pollard Debra Jane Emily Rossi Edith Cheong Jeya Verschuren Quint Verschuren João Rato Morgan James Ruth Barnes-James Fiona Chambers Gemma Harmer Emily Charlotte Lisa Barnes Teng Keung Alexandra Noack


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