'Paradise' by Nicole Papaefthimiou

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'paradise' by Nicole Papaefthimiou

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'paradise' by Nicole Papaefthimiou


Nicole Papaefthimiou studied Fine Arts at the University in Greece and did postgraduate studies at the University of Dusseldorf, Germany, sponsored by Bosch. Her artworks are presented in art museums, art halls, and private art galleries. Nicole was selected and will participate In the Florence Biennale in October 2021. She has participated in many group exhibitions with the most recent ones being at Artbox Zurich, Palazzo della Cancelleria Vatican Rome, AIAPI UNESCO HUMAN RIGHT «Women Can Save The World» International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti Rovereto Italy, Galleria Spazio 40 Rome, Museum Bellini Firenze Italy, Galleria La Pigna Rome Italy. She has shown in many personal exhibitions at Ekfrasis gallery Athens, Ekfrasis gallery Glyfada Athens, Cultural art center Ileana Tounda Athens, Gallery Bosch Athens, Greece.



''Image 1' | 100x120 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 2' | 110x150 cm acrylic on canvas

• What is your favourite art movement up to the 20th Century and how has it affected your work? My favourite art movement is Abstract Expressionism. The action painting and spontaneity have always fascinated me through artists such as Willem de Kooning and Joan Mitchell . • What is your work-day like? Every day I get to my studio as early as possible I start working and stay there as long as I can.

• Is there any advice you would give to your younger self? “ I have no fear of making changes or destroying my image because the painting has a life of it’s own “ Jackson Pollock.

• What is your favorite part of this job? The personal freedom I feel while working

• What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio? In my studio I can’t live without my canvas and colours

• How do you choose your themes? Is there a theme you return to regularly? I’ m not the kind of artist who has a specific theme. My aim is to express my emotions through energy and gestural lines in a balance between chaos and control I focus on the physical act of painting

• Give us some behind-the-scenes from the creating process / What is the last thing you do before starting working / What is the first thing you do when your work is done? I usually lay down my canvas and my colours and start working In the end I check my work from a distance to have a clear image

• How do you define success in an artist’s career For me, success means the ability to enjoy my work with devotion, practice, discipline and persistence without losing my personal style. There is no doubt that sales and attention from museums and curators are part of success.

• What are the next steps in your career? To keep working with clarity

• How do you deal with social media? How has social media affected promoting your art? Social media can promote the art world by providing access to wide audiences all over the world and giving thus the artist the opportunity to establish communication with the people.

Image 3' | 100x70 cm Acrylic on Paper

'Image 4' | 100x90 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 5' | 160x100 cm Acrylic on canvas

'Image 6' | 120x100 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 7' | 140x100 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 8' | 140x100 cm acrylic on canvas

I'Image 9' | 160x100 cm Acrylic on canvas

'Image 10' | 100x120 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 11' | 140x100 cm acrylic on canvas

''Image 12' | 120x95 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 13' | 100x70 cm Acrylic on canvas

'Image 14' | 120x100 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 15' | 80x80 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image16' | 140x100 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 17' | 120x100 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 18' | 140x100 cm acrylic on canvas

'Image 19' | 100x70 cm Acrylic on Paper

'Image 20' | 100x70 cm Acrylic on Paper

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