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New Era 10th January - 31st January

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art number 23 London • Athens

Art Number 23 is a London based organisation with two physical Gallery spaces in Londonand in Athens and also a Virtual Gallery! We are organising art exhibitions in all our Galleries and we invite artists from all over the world to share their work with us and participate in our shows! The aim is to create opportunities, in order to encourage and support artists to exhibit and promote their work.

HIDEO OHTSUKI @lua_barco

My work, mainly centers around each giving existence playing their part or roles, given that changing the perspective and views things are not concrete. An expression through my work is monochrome style because it is focus of bipolarities that exists in subjects; what is there is reconstruction of elements that are extracted from an object or phenomenon. I grew up in the US when I was a child and went to University in Japan. Sandwiched between two different cultural differences I had difficulties grasping to indentities of self during my teenage years giving me experiences in search of self through art, craft, and theatre.


'Mauve' | 73x60cm Acrylic on Canvas


ALEJANDRO PANTIN GIL @alejandrosbookart

My name is Alejandro Pantin Gil, I’m an artist from Venezuela living in Barcelona, Spain. I recollect obsolete books like phonebooks and tour guides from past years, old magazines and catalogues, etc. Restoring and recycling them into topographic carved sculptures. I like to carve shapes and forms that are anatomically correct as well as buildings, structures and nature.


'T. Rex Fossil' | 30 x 21 x 14 cms Obsolete Books Carving



Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. My work is an interpretation of different ideas that I have about the world I live in. I do not limit myself to one style, medium or concept. My creativity, ideas and knowledge changes from time to time. Each piece I create has its own story behind it, and after careful planning and positioning I decide on a composition; how my lines and objects interrelate on the picture plane is just as essential as the subject depending. I do not classify myself as a visual artist as I am also a construction engineer, sculptor, fashion illustrator, furniture maker and interior decorator.


'Aduke' | 60 x 92cm, Acrylic on Canvas


DILEK ISLEK @dileksy.art

My name is Dilek. I was born and raise in Turkey and 26 years old. I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Art University (painting) in Istanbul.I am currently living in London.I would like to express to people that we have all different looks but all same on the inside through my paintings.That is the reason why I paint portraits which have loads of colour,emotion.


‘Different Shapes,Colourful Faces’ | 120x100 Acrylic on Canvas


ABRAHAM CASTER @caster_art I'm a hyperrealism portrait artist based in Nigeria, I'm 19 years old. I start drawing since I could remember but I just recently started my career as an artist. My hope is for my art to engage the minds of people and not just serve as an aesthetic.


'Self-discovery'| 43.6 × 59.4 cm Charcoal and Graphite on Cardboard



Ă ngel Castillo Perona was born in Madrid in 1975. Self-taught photographer and emerging artist, for the last three years he has developed and mastered techniques which combined his love of impressionist art and his skill in photography which does not rely on software editing, capturing the essence of natural elements in urban settings or the city dwellers passing by. The city has always been the environment where he liked living, therefore streets of any city or village are the scene of his photography. With his camera he portraits a world with no troubles, full of light-hearted vivacity, vibrant colours and light. There is a lot of reality in his photography, although it appears transformed in the eyes of any viewer.


'Pai-Pai' | 30x45cm Fine Art Photography


Ronja Luise Henter @r.l._art_gallery

My Name is Ronja L. Henter and I‘m a female artist from Dortmund, Germany. I saw your virtual gallery and was very interested in your concept! I paint pictures since I was a little girl. Very soon I knew this is my passion and I want it to become my vocation. I started studying art to get better and live it up the fullest. Discover my limits, discover if there are any limits in art. I know there aren’t, and that is why I totally burn for all kind of art. The fact that tastes are different but abstract art can grab anyone because everyone is seeing something different in abstract art, that amazes me completely and is one of a thousand things why I am painting abstract.


'Inseperable' | 150 x 115 cm overall Painting; Acrylic on Two Canvases


Özge Gönlügür @gonlugurozge

After she completed her bachelor degree in science, she decided to follow her dreams in art and changed her career path. She decided to bring art understanding in fashion and she is the co-founder and creative director of a slow fashion brand called Atmosfera. She contemplates a wide range of topics including the theory of self, genderless, personal boundaries, encounters, and leaving her traces in her works. She mainly produces works using painting, drawing. She usually paints with mixed media. In this work called “Balance” she performed with a piece of glass rather than a brush as a tool. The surface was a photo frame before however once it fell down to the floor it got all broken. And it was painted with the piece of glass that was left on the frame and you see her fingerprints on the piece of glass in the painting. It represents the balance of life on earth. Things fall, they get broken, it turns to be edgy, or soft, some pieces leave, some pieces stay. And you only become complete when you actually manage to reunite with your pieces.


'Balance' | 25x30 cm Acrylic on Cardboard, Framed


ZORKO @_zorko

I'm sure that everyone ever dealt with the such material as concrete, directly or indirectly.I felt how cold was it. Cold, dead, absolutely completed material. But it's able to "soak" everything. That was my starting point, I wanted to love concrete. The aim was to put some structure into concrete to make it radiate warmth, love, visual aesthetics.My works have a clear structure. They have the foundations of life, such as human, natural materials and texture mixing.For me it was a significant result. I loved concrete and accepted it as a basis.


“Water amor” Concrete Panel with Knitted Element


Beata Walczak @beata_walczak_painting

What I paint is my individual path resulting from my development and experiences, it’s effect of everything that happened in my life. The heroine of my paintings is a woman. I try to paint a woman’s feelings, words that she can’t necessarily say out loud but we can read on her face. In my opinion painting should affect, never be indifferent. In my case it takes place on the level of color, emotion, subconscious. Quite often it happens that someone, while looking at my works, finds their stories in them, so I don’t think there is anything that communicates better than art. Painting “For ever and ever” was awarded the first prize in the national painting competition in 2020.


'For ever and ever' | 80 x 100 cm Acrylic on Canvas


Kamila sitak @s_kama_s

Kamila Sitak is a passionate Polish painter and Interior Designer whose works have been exhibited in Poland, Germany and the United States. Trained in ballet, dressage and now tango, she infuses her art with the joy of dance and movement - the freedom, music, and satisfying exhaustion. Her paintings reflect these themes with strong lines, shapes and shading. Her works are in private collections all over the world


"Just blue" , 2020 100 x 120 x 2 cm (h x w x d) Acrylic on Canvas


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