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‘Alpha Theta’ the Old Biscuit Factory February 2019

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Emma Daniel Roberts Page 2 - Shahina Andy Onyx Page 3 - ARTDOBRO

Anne Leigniel

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Sicada Yuliya Lapshyna

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Matyja Stuart Batchelor

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Clemson Constantin

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Page 13 - Tomo

Original illustrations based on archival delving into these Victorian buildings in south east London. Tower bridge used to have stables on the south side due to its incline, and was used to test low altitude parachute jumping. The White Hart was the site of the old tollgate in which later became New Cross Gate. Just across the road Charles Dickens secretly lodged nearby and wrote his final novel ‘Our Mutual Friend’ at the Five Bells Pub on the Old Kent Road. There is an accompanying mural to this piece on the corner of Brocklehurst Road and Hatcham Park Road SE14. And the Hermits Cave in Camberwell with some added fantastical realism.

Barnie Emma @barnieemma

Portraits of the Unconscious. Amplifying the friction between the inner and outer world using a combination of 3D mocap, scanning technology and dream interviews. Whether the Self is a fractured system of competing parts or a coherent ecology of mind, my work uses dream interviews inspired by Active Imagination to capture and express those dynamic organisation of parts. I am attempting to uncover, connect and visualise the unconscious as a dynamic system behind the coherence of the public face. The current image and video represents my continual exploration of these themes and is specifically inspired by Jung’s Archetypes to express the friction between the inner and outer world.

Daniel Roberts


Inspired by: Balance and Rhythm The Nude, aims to take the viewer on a journey, through interconnections, form and flows. Based on a thought by Leonardo da Vinci, he said ‘Painting is concerned with all the 10 attributes of sight; which are: Darkness, Light, Solidity and Colour, Form and Position, Distance and Propinquity, Motion and Rest. The Nude, represents the balance of block shapes, blended with the rhythm of bends and flows. Choreographed onto a nude background. Forming, an emerging landscape, which is reflected in simple colours, and some shades in between. It is also said that a relaxed mind can travel, perceive and transform, The Nude is about finding the rhythm in the silence, a sense of wonder within balance, and a pause mid-flow. @shahina247art

Shahina Jaffer

Smitten #1 represents the strength of love’s fall, feelings that flow and all that ensues. Sensations masked and hidden as if lingerie‘ for your eyes only(?)’ Torn in anger or passion? White represents clarity, purity of thought deed and intention. The human heart’s built in disclaimer-marks easily, handle with care. Andy was born in West Yorkshire in 1969 of Irish and Jamaican heritage. He landed on Primrose Hill in 1998 and has lived and worked in London ever since. He considers himself and his work to be in the ‘Outsider Art’ category inspired by the likes of the late Liverpool artist and sculptor Arthur Dooley (1929-1994). Andy’s main education was in the workplace as Painter and Decorator for many years, moving into specialised areas of gilding, graining and culminating in an MA in Conservation from London Metropolitan University. Often influenced by ‘Pop Culture’ Andy uses various mediums of expression including music, painting, film, digital/iPad, sculpture and the written word, describing this as Full Spectrum Modernism. Twitter: @AndyOnyx1 Instagram: Andy.Onyx

Andy Onyx


Imagine you wake up in Bali... from the sounds of tropical rain... barely understanding where you are… You hear the sounds of purling and splattering water… You slightly open your eyes and see the rainbow of silhouettes… The colourful bliss dazzles your eyes for a split second, you hear the birds singing and the rain knocks on the leaves of huge palm trees… The water flows down from the mountains making a pleasant murmuring sound… You listen to the sounds of nature… close your eyes… and re-immerse yourself with a fantasy of your mind… a dream... a reflection…


Travel drawings This series is for me a return to the meditative calm of the observational drawing blended with the hypnotic effect of traveling. When I travel or commute as a passenger I put a drawing pad on my lap and draw the landscape in real time as it evolves before my eyes. I draw what I see and what I see is constantly changing. Somehow, lines representing the chosen elements of my journey become superimposed and an abstract atmosphere emerges.

The title on each piece indicates where the drawing was started, where it ended, the date and the means of transportation.

Anne Leigniel 3

This piece was drawn after a dream I had, I tend to psychoanalyze such experiences as a form of growth and reprogramming. The art is a representation of the ego upon a session of detribalization and reflection. People of all cultures feel part of a side ie. politics, race, gender etc. With the narcissist, I feel their side is unknowingly or knowingly with themselves. Regardless of what people are brought up to be aligned with, the world will be a better place if we can detach from the ego at times. There is a place for it as we all need to protect ourselves, but your side is not you, nor should it be.

Sampy Sicada Instagram: @sicada_art Facebook: Sicada Art youtube: Sampy Sicada Art

A series exploring everyday life in-depth, considering problems and fears of our current society. This series deals with made-up worlds in real life, worlds that people create in their minds to tackle the problems. It illustrates surrealistic emotions, which can be read in the body language, as emotions are the first thing people relate to, when they explore visual arts. It includes a range of experimentational photographs, from unfocused close-ups to sharp wide angled shots, and follows a frame-by-frame format. There is a narrative, which contains all the necessary information to understand it and there is an open meaning to every story. In the end, despite the fact that every viewer will understand the idea, each person will interpret it in many different ways.

Yuliya Lapshyna 4

Ewa Matyja

Between Worlds is a series of abstracts based on liminal space, both in the aesthetics of the pieces and the interdisciplinary approach taken in their creation. Working between the worlds of digital and physical media to create pieces both vivid and distant. A memory of a real place, a shadow of the past, these liminal spaces of the mind are reflected in marks on the canvas - being neither wholly 2D shapes nor 3D forms, the viewer transitions from one to the other as they explore the works, mimicking the transient nature of life and their own experience. The process involved in this work was itself between worlds - that of digital code and physical oil paint. Produced with C++ open source software openFrameworks, using data from scanned in paint, complex point clouds were generated to run simulations containing more than 1,000,000 particles. These were then used to paint, using both the artist’s hand and the generative simulations to create the final images

Stuart Batchelor 5

When two souls feel very close to each other they could become one creating strong and complex bounds between them. The artwork is an attemp to show the true connection between man and woman, between two loving humans. The sculpture is charecterized by minimalist style. Simple line creates a harmonical and noble form. The surfice is nicely polished. www,

Elisaveta Sivas’s artwork is an allegorical interpretation of Human nature, existence, experiences. It is a meaningful story told in the form of symbolic figures and interactions between them, filled with intellectual messages delivered in aesthetical form. The viewer could continue Elisaveta’s story or could create her/his own one, reflect, meditate, contemplate, dream...

Elisaveta Sivas

The books are an exploration of the of dissociation of the waking mind from the body which often before sleep. In these moments of dislocation, our thoughts can wander and anxiety can cause unrest. We tell ourselves stories which may be based in truth but often stray into narratives that have no resemblance to ‘truth’ even though they reflect who we are. 6

Each book is a self-portrait made from 3D scans. The aesthetic dissonance is produced by scanning a 3D form, printing it onto a two-dimensional page and reforming it back into three dimensions as a book, alluding to the complex nature of dreams.

Jane Elizabeth Bennett

Experienced, published internationally photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the photography industry. Skilled in Photography, Video Production and Editing. Strong arts and design professional background. Norbert since young age shows interest in visual arts. First, in drawing and analog photography. Later, with rise of digital media, computer 3D graphics and digital photography. Today he use his experience and analog legacy in his work as a commercial photographer and as visual artist in his personal projects

Norbert Pietraszek

Abuelita (grandma) glances at you in question, disbelieve, and disapproval. A disregarded glance from a disregarded object. The base of this object was found within the debris of the after-math of Hurricane Maria. When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, it left the island in isolation and devastation. Piles of debris, what was left of the houses along with their damaged belongings, were dispersed in the street. These objects, not functional but salvageable, were abandoned. During this time of isolation and few resources, I devoted my time to creating with the recollections found in the debris. It was a time to reflect on our character and to be grateful for the things we had, and the things we could reuse. Nonetheless, it was a time to gain humility for the people and the agriculture of the island, Puerto Rico.



‘Dragonfly’, 2012, Oil on canvas mounted on board, 40 x 40 cm. As an artist and art psychotherapist, I am fascinated with art’s capability to reflect the unconscious. Having seen this image in a dream, I asked myself in the waking: are we not all cycling around a rim of a pot; repeating our routines in circles, while balancing on the precipice of the unknowable? ‘Phenomenon’. 2018, Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm. Twitter: @hadashart

Through this painting, I attempted to capture an image that I have experienced during the Alpha brain wave phase. Suspended between dream and waking, I saw birds murmuring in a spiral. Propelled by their collective mind, the flock climbed skyward in silence. Upon waking, I was left with an uncanny feeling of having met a mind so different from my own, that no point of reference existed.

Samuel Golc

The Gun Triptych Installation 2015/2018 by Willie Nash “The Gun Triptych Installation” is a piece that consists of three separate images exploring a dark aspect of the human condition and behaviour. It touches on how mans quest for knowledge and obsession with technology is often used for a violent means and eventually leads him to self destruction. Whether the characters depicted in the images are read as simple/advanced, archaic/modern, or past/future they are all valid interpretations of a behaviour that been prevalent since mans first step. The newborn baby (plaster) figures below are representations of those helplessly born into these cultures of hate, violence, and technological obsession.

Willie Nash 8

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. (Vincent van Gogh’s words actually ; dirty little plagiarist me )

Homer Fives

‘Nutter’, cast in marble resin, plastic and chocolate, is an exploration of the fragility of mental wellbeing in young adults and children. It is a focus of their dubious treatment both past and present, and raises the questions of options on holistic healing and availability of resources, rather than foregone institutionalised outcomes. ‘Nutter’ references chocolate’s Serotonin natural mood enhancers and balances the discussion with Bourneville and Kellogg’s belief that ‘clean’ living and institutionalised treatments would remedy the mental health of children who were considered ‘difficult’.

Blythe Plenderleith 9

I live and work above the Barbican Arts Centre. Immersed in a Brutalist landscape, my work involves the processing of my individual creative experience. The fusion of the personal and professional life in my work means much of my work explores the subconscious mind. My use of reversed, recycled palette papers represents the unconscious use of colours once applied consciously, a palimpsest for my previous endeavours once applied consciously, a memory map often preserved in double-sided framing. Experiments in different uses of recycled papers and paints represents a tension between my wanting to retain the integrity of the unconsciously created work, now recycled and my need as an artist to create deliberately. These variations allow me to explore issues of the identity of artwork, its history, the process of palimpsest; the purpose of recycling; the permanent and the ephemeral and most importantly the role of the artist in the creative process.

Tamara Tolley Instagram: @tamaratolleyartist

Strange Brew is part of ongoing series of wall-mounted sculptures in tablet form. Envisaged as a portal, or window to another state of consciousness, the work is inspired by votive objects, sacred geometry and ritual artefacts. Created by methodically layering brightly coloured enamel paint, Foster associates the process of creating the vivid pattern upon the surface with a form of meditative exercise. Though a simple repeated shape, the scattering circles evoke colliding particles, bubbles or the impact craters of the moon. The hanging clay disk, suspended from a protruding branch, could be read as a shamanic charm or hypnotist’s pendant, and its gentle rotational movements perhaps evocative of lunar cycles and distant cosmic movements. Twitter: @robert_j_foster

Robert Foster

10 instagram: facebook:

The painting is called “Perspectival Spaces” and is apart of a project which I am currently working on. The main idea behind it is how the human being perceives and leaves its mark on the surroundings it inhabits. This space is composed through a mixture of inside and outside environmental elements and it sits on the border between abstract and figurative style. Rather then being concrete the ambient is a lot more metaphoric and it is formed out of perceptions, experiences, memories with the idea of showing the uniqueness and subjectivity of each individual which seems captive in his own life. This art work puts together more images that captures the character in an almost unreal world. The used technique is acrylic and oil on canvas (150 cm by 100 cm) and it’s realized by overlaying colours and transparencies.

Ioana Baltan

Psycopathy refers to the rise of twenty first century human abstract thought. Which is to say that we are evolving towards a planet autism future. We stare at a screen and attempt to interact via that screen of social media. We interpret life through the lens of a smart phone. A psycopathic mind thinks only of itself, its own self gratification and own self importance. If you think of society as those enfranchised; who have a bureaucratic career, and those who do not it is the enfranchised who best fit into the new autistic normal.

Chris Alsop instagram:


‘Speaking over’ explores the position of the artist’s voice in their work and was made in response to current discourse around identity politics, privilege and ‘platforming’ marginalised voices. Three voices intertwine in this work which is 2 minutes and 45 seconds long. The woman visible tells a story to the camera, ‘vlog’ style, but the lip-synced voiceover is male. The overarching voice present is the artist’s voice, as I am the writer of the text that is spoken, and it is from my point of view. It is in this way that several voices fight for a platform in the art space. This is my first video work as I usually make photography, and all of my work explores my own voice as a female artist through other people’s voices and images.

Georgia Clemson Instagram @g.clemson Instagram: @constantin.lll 12

The 2 pieces that have been selected for the show are the perfect example of conscious and subconscious bridge . As an expressionist my brush strokes are very spontaneous I don’t stare at the canvas thinking how I’m gonna do this , I just let it flow . Both pieces that are part of Alpha-Theta show ( Creators Of Man and Man vs Religion ) are a form of protest against doctrine / religion and the way we are brainwashed since our childhood to see things in the way others want us to see without letting us choose and interpret in our own way . All this doctrine is almost dictatorial , sometimes if you don’t follow it you will find yourself alone and on the wall . Without doctrines every time you look at a person you will see a reflection of yourself- a human being not a Muslim not a Christian not a Jew not Etc . This is what my exhibited work is about... lifting that barrier.


Contemporary images are, in fact, visual insignificances, simulacra, assemblages, poor images, etc., they may even be undefined and unrecognizable; in the last instance, it is not so important what they are - false or true, public or intimate, professional or lay, composite (assembled) or simple - as where and in what way they appear. Mode 0 is a collage of images that, through various themes, respond and explore the imagination of today’s time - it is therefore an attempt to transform individual anonymous and everyday images into ambiguous structure, which reinstate their attention, dramatism, memory and thought. In short: image-thought or just statements.

Tomo Stanic

My art explores popular culture through the combination of retro and tropical references, alternative universes and lots of characters. With them, I describe myths and clichĂŠs of the generation Z and Millennial, the feelings and anxieties of my generation, stories of love, dreams and technological addiction in a pastel and neon universe.

Marta Zubieta www. 13

With a background in the Arts and Social Sciences, and graduating with a 1st Class Honours Degree in History and Sociology; I chose to develop a fusion of acrylic portraiture, inspired by the current political climate and cross culturalism, which looked to represent the changing nature and variation of culture globally. My work is largely inspired by complex underlying political thought patterns and processes; thoughts illustrated as an abstract form. Gold underlying tones are purposefully used to enhance the subject and reflect the soul as a precious metal, in order to identify with the emotive composition of the subjects. Abstract Minds seeks to address both the micro and macro perceptions of a changing state globally; with the sense of ‘self ’ being central to this body of work. Instagram: @sldobson

Sara Dobson

My paintings, present a unique combination of abstract, figurative imagery and drawing expressed with emotion and poetic sensitivity. My images convey a consciousness that implores us to seek out the details and subtleties of nature and explore our relationship with it. It is often the unintended and subliminal mind that creates the initial medley of shapes and spaces and I’m is the one who makes the choice of exaggerating or diminishing various areas and characters. Each piece of painting might be a peculiar exploration of natural forms of botanical, animal and human shape. Somewhat the combination of illustrative and abstract styles gives my work a dreamy quality that transports the imagination into a whole other world that is waiting to be discovered.

Mila Raczkowska 14

The inspiration continues to come from the large painting “FALLEN” Working with paint, paper, fibers, in a collage and painting mixed media approach I am inspired by the ancient theories concerning the origins of the human race and our relationship with Orion & the Cosmos

Patricia Rain Gianneschi

Raskovsky’s creative genius is in fact an outstanding innovation to photographic art: after centuries of technical and technological evolution, the progress of the optical instrument that revolutionised our lives seems to deserve a new dimension. Impressionist painters accelerated the gesture of their brush strokes in order to capture the ephemeral and immediate nuances of light, while Raskovsky carries out the process in reverse: he already owns reality and, with a unique refined vision, transforms photography into post-impressionistic masterpieces. Flowing waves and sinuous lines create a sense of movement that vibrates all the nuances of a wild and rampant nature. Raskovsky’s rich imagination is able to relieve the viewer from the dominant and accepted norms of photographic art and, as a consequence, he opens our minds. 15

Martin Raskovsky

With the two Greek letters starts and finish the journey of a peaceful mind ..... One has to dive into the earths core and to then to fly above the sky to find the right waves to feel free and safe and to be purified from the old trauma ...a space in our unconsciousness and to balance between the past and the present and envisage the future. Because we are the masters of our own faith. We are the center of our life . Our past which bring us all this unnecessary informations , believes norms, inherited customs links especially with parents and partners and bad habits negative feelings ,sorrows that we have to get rid of them if we like to leave long and with quality . All these became totems that govern our lives. As the little man which is in the middle of my canvas and she seems meditating with closed eyes in a hypnotic position and imagines pictures some recognizable and other abstract or hyperrealistic because in hyperbole one might search her/his truth which reassure her/his healing . In this position each and every one find balance just for moments to continue life’s path.

Panos Lezes

A forest of anxiety and depression, the fears and inter demons that both torment their suffers and are tortured themselves. Inescapable, they suffocate, their bodies screaming, crawling through the dirt, trying to find the way out. ‘The Beasts’ is a manifestation of the artist’s personal experiences; the piece was created in layers to build the sense of chaos and raw internal horror. This piece represents a new level of subjectivity in Liberty Antonia’s drawing practice, and a relinquishing of control during the creation process, allowing the hidden to surface and the unspeakable be expressed. Instagram: @libertyantoniasadler

Liberty Antonia Sadler


This painting developed as an exploration of past iconography around the world. This painting reflects my visionary exploration of what a futuristic Abstract enough to symbolize mankind as we collectively navigate our way into new ways to live, yet devised for each individual to recognize themselves within it. It encompasses the sacred Eastern mandala of meditation. Dynamic yet still, this new icon symbolizes the dynamic process of adapting to novel ways to think and experience spirituality.

Sonia Ben Achoura

My main focus of my work in recent years is in art, textile design, illustration. I also spend time drawing, painting, illustrating. My inspiration comes from music, film ,movies and my natural surroundings . I enjoy experimenting with colour and techniques in order to create innovative designs. I use a mixture of computer generated techniques (e.g. photoshop) as well traditional methods such as painting and illustration. Ideally I would like to combine my creative interests in both illustration and textile designing.

Christopher Opetunsin


Exhibition Catalogue

‘Alpha Theta’ @artnumber23

The Old Biscuit Factory 100 Clements road Block F SE16 4DG London

Profile for Art Number 23

'Alpha-Theta' - exhibition e- Catalogue by Art Number 23  

The e - Catalogue from our exhibition 'Alpha - Theta' at the Old Biscuit Factory.

'Alpha-Theta' - exhibition e- Catalogue by Art Number 23  

The e - Catalogue from our exhibition 'Alpha - Theta' at the Old Biscuit Factory.