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NASSIA ZEI IG: @mecoricollage Nassia Zei is a graduate of Visual Arts Program of Vakalo Art College. Initially, she studied Law in Athens and after spending three years in France, she settled in Athens and immersed herself in Collage Art. She recently presented a body of anti-war collages in Spain. Her collage depictions are figurative, moving between the tangible and the surrealistic element of the subconscious..

IZZY MORIARTY IG: @Izzymrt Izzy Moriarty is a visual artist, film-maker and photographer based in Thessaloniki,Greece. She has studied Audio and Visual Arts in The Netherlands and for the past decade she has been involved in several art projects, including music videos, photography and video portraits. Lately she has been following her passion for digital art, creating a series of surreal photo collages inspired by nature, daily life, personal experiences and her knack for the tiny details in her surroundings.

FABIO CIAFFO IG: @fabio_ciaffo Fabio Ciaffo, Milan-based photographer. Bachelor’s Degree of Arts at University of Rome. His photographic representation aims at combining the search for geometry and light in relation to the human essence. He is exhibiting here at Athens Open Art with AWAKENING, a series of three photos that express the strength of the human being in regaining possession of spaces and routines. A sort of privilege that was interrupted during the pandemic.

PEEP AINSOO IG: @ainsoo_artw Peep Ainsoo graduated from Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1985. Since then, he has worked in the fields of graphic design and photography, been an art teacher and participated in various exhibitions with his large-scale ink paintings. For the last six years, Peep has devoted his attention to a new medium - digital graphic art, which is also displayed in this catalogue. Peep has drawn inspiration from various sources, but currently, his favourite artist has turned out to be Nature itself - both the visible and the invisible to the bare eye (the microscopic world and the cosmos). In his own creations, just like Nature, Peep is constantly on the lookout for balance and harmony.

RIZZY KHATUN rizwanaaa.khatun@gmail.com Born and raised in the UK , Rizzy Khatun is a digital illustrator and creative. Having the ability is draw and create has always been her number one passion. Illustrating is something which speaks for her, a form of therapy and something which sums up her entire being . Every single one of her illustrations is perfectly drawn to a high standard details are must in every single piece. It's evident in her work. Her work ranges from character desgin to product/packaging design followed by themes such as fantasy and mental health. Rizzy gets her daily dose of inspiration from fantasy shows, quotes and daily affirmations. Her work radiates etheral beauty with a touch of magic.

MARTA FRACKOWIAK IG: @marta7frackowiak.art Marta Frackowiak is a professionally active artist. She works as an illustrator, a game artist and a teacher. She mainly deals with digital art. She works at university, in high school and at a game company. She actively participates in cultural life, conducts workshops and takes part in numerous exhibitions and festivals. Marta received The Award of His Magnificence the Rector of the University of Silesia for cultural activity.She also receivedThe Mayor of the City of Czerwionka-Leszczyny Awardin the field of artisticcreativity, dissemination of culture. She has participated in over 90 exhibitions, incl. in Poland, The Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia, Serbia, Egypt, Mexico, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, South Korea and The United States.

FILENA VLAVIANOU IG: @filena_artducollage Filena grew up through the travels and inspirations of her globe-trotting parents. In 2010, while living in Santiago de Chile during a trip in the desert of San Pedro de Atacama she discovered her passion for photography. Her first step into the Collage world was when she created her first collage made from clips of her favorite photographers, models, actors, and movies. Soon she discovered how to experiment with the paper and the combination of different pictures. Creating a collage can be described as a new inception, a new universe, a new feeling. The final creation tells a story, perhaps different for each person and invites them to discover it from their perspective and interpret it freely.

CARLA GINA RUBEO IG: @carla__gina “I deconstruct, then rearrange the pieces to tell a new story.” Carla Gina Rubeo (Montréal, 1989) is a Canadian artist based in Milan, Italy. Her multidisciplinary practice explores themes like identity, sexuality, and humanity’s relation to the natural world. Carla Gina’s collage series Pastel Dreams is a narrative about her experience living abroad, reconnecting to her Italian heritage, and understanding the different societies. Her process begins by selecting images from Vogue magazine and then deconstructing them to become part of her visual dictionary for her narratives.

BELA BALOG IG: @bemycreativestudio Bela Balog lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. He consider himself primarily as a digital artist of deconstructivism and futurism. He mix a lot of architectural elements into his digital works. These create a sense of chaotic structure, increasing the dynamism of the work. All his artworks are a process of a story, a plot. Stories that surround his narrower or wider environment. Sometimes it's a simple newspaper article or a photo inspired, but there are times when it's a literary work, a movie, or the streets around his residence, the riverside, or the people. Bela Balog's artworks have been shown in galleries and art magazines in many countries (USA, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Belgium).

MO KARIM IG: @film_noir_petit_lama Karim graduated with a BA in Cinema Production. He started working as an assistant producer on commercials, eventually rising to become an assistant director on feature films and high-end TV commercials. In 2013, he studied directing at the Prague Film School & directed his first short film The Visit (Al Zeyarah) which won many awards and nominations. In 2019 he also worked as an assistant colorist at Company 3, New York where he gained more experience in color grading and post-production. Karim's passion for photography started growing since 2006, managing a slow steady steps path towards exhibiting some of his work.

CARLOTA GONZÁLEZ IG: @http.huny.pt Carlota González seeks to explore the different forms of artistic expression. Trained in set and costume design, she has always had an interest in installations and what the stage can offer as space and narrative. The illustrations are a new personal exploration that started with poetry of her own authorship, she invested in illustrations to accompany her writing, but quickly realized that they have an independent character. These three illustrations represent her greatest sources of love, in the ambiguity that love is not always a happy place.

ATHANASIA MARR IG: @athanasiamarr Athanasia Marr (b. 1999) is a freelance photographer based in Greece, focusing primarily on fashion and portrait photography. She is currently finishing her Associate's degree in Photography, while also completing her Bachelor's degree in Economics & Business Administration. Her rather minimal photography style is characterized by natural lighting and outdoor locations where every natural prop is essential and where she tries to complete the scenery by following its semiotics through the colours and the lines of the clothing, the make up as well as the model's posture and facial expression. Athanasia's work has been featured in PhotoVogue platform and many printed and online magazines. .

FLEXVIRGO (SAMANTHA RIVIÈRE) IG: @flexvirg0 FlexVirgo (Samantha Rivière) is a 22 year old self-taught artist based in Paris who try to evolve in visuals art and find her inspirations from the first collages and collaboration between dada artists like Hannah Höch,Sophie Taeuber and Jean Arp, also trough poetry when words and letters are the main meaning of most of her collages, which are rarely totally abstract. FlexVirgo also creates digital collages ,a medium which lets her mix an infinity of figures and compositions but the tactil report given from the different paper textures are the most enjoyable. For FlexVirgo, collage is a way of making infinitely malleable what is fixed or frozen to us.

ALEGIA PAPAGEORGIOU IG: @alegia_p Alegia Papageorgiou is a scenographer and visual artist. She holds a BA Interior Design University of Derby, UK, an MA Scenography - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, UK, and has also attended an MA Art Science - Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL. Her artistic work focuses on the images that surround us, on their impact on our conceptions of reality and our sense of identity. She challenges not only what we see but also what we perceive as real. Her work experience includes the world premiere of Edward Bond’s “Dea”, Sutton Theatre (UK), various productions for the National Theatre of Greece, Athens Biennale, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Commedie de Reims (FR), Ugly Duck London (UK), Asylum Chapel London (UK) as well as participation in several art exhibitions in Athens (GR), Thessaloniki (GR), Venice (IT), The Hague (NL), Eindhoven (NL) Berlin (DE), Lebanon etc.

STELINA KAPITAGLI IG: @flowing__soul Stelina is a contemporary dancer and performer from Greece, currently living in Dundee, UK. Life as a dancer during lockdown has been intense, which is why she decided to use Instagram as a platform to record and show her journey. Trapped in an unsteady position, having to practise outdoors while dealing with bad weather conditions, or between the walls of a small room with no proper floor for dance, these videos are inspired by the place she used most for performing. Her home. Improvisation has been one of Stelina's biggest motives, since her main idea is to make improvisation into an actual performance, as if it's a staged piece. She believes that anything can be a driving force for dancing and creating movement and that's what she wants to show through her profile.