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09 l 2011

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Gwangju Design Biennale 2011

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KIAF2011 (2011 Korea International Art Fair)

△ Honey & Bunny, Table Manners

Gwangju Design Biennale 2011

圖 可 圖 非 常 圖 Dogadobisangdo design is design is not design Duration September 2 – October 23, 2011 Preview September 1, 10 am – 7pm Venue Gwangju Biennale Hall and select locations in Gwangju Host/Organizer The Metropolitan city of Gwangju, Gwangju Biennale Foundation Artistic Directors Ai Weiwei, Seung H-sang OPENING EVENTS DURING PRESS AND PROFESSIONAL PREVIEW Gwangju, South Korea Press conference 10 am Opening Ceremony 7 pm Preview Hours 10 am - 7 pm

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The Gwangju Biennale Foundation and Co-Artistic Directors Seung H-Sang and Ai weiwei would like to announce the fourth edition of the Gwangju Design Biennale. It is most regrettable that Ai Weiwei, CoArtistic Director of the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale, has been detained since April 3rd and his whereabouts are still officially unknown. Ai Weiwei has been working on the Gwangju Design Biennale since June 2010. His involvement and enthusiasm has made the Biennale a rich, dynamic and participatory event. The title theme of this year’s Biennale is DOGADOBISANGDO – “Design is Design is Not Design.‖ With works by more than 300 artists, designers, and architects from 40 countries, the six sub-themes of the Biennale — Thematic, Named, Un-Named, Communities, Biennale City, and Urban Follies—constitute a fundamental 옐로우(1977), 90x62.5cm, 컬러 실크스크린, 손글씨 ⓒ Joseph Beuys / BILD-KUNST, Bonn - SACK, Seoul, 2011 re-examination of design and present the changing concepts, practices and potential of contemporary design.

Inspired by the first lines of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching (道德經)--―the way that is the way is not always the way‖--the title theme of the Biennale, dogadobisango -“design is design is not design,” adopts but replaces 道(do - the way) with 圖(do - the design) in an effort to re-examine and rename the fundamental issues of design today. The Chinese character 圖 (do), which means to draw, was once used to denote design as a formal practice, similar to the notion of disegno and dessin. We are reminded that the more fundamental meaning of 圖 was to design a city on a piece of paper: that is, to create complex human environments within the frame of a specific medium. 圖 was at base an issue of place and human relations. Moving beyond the established distinctions of the design industry, the six sections of the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale explores the dynamic of design that is named and un-named, that is placed, un-placed, and displaced, and the communities that are woven through these relations. The Thematic exhibition engages with the main theme of the Biennale, ―dogadobisangdo,‖ as both an interpretive and an analytical concept. From this approach, it pays special attention to overlaps in the ideas of creativity, innovation, and imitation in contemporary design practice. The Named Design exhibition is represented as a spectrum extending from less known to globally recognized identities. While exploring how a name functions in contemporary culture and the massmarket, this exhibition illustrates the authority and effects names have on other creative disciplines, and reflects on how people and ideas, whether named or un-named, are connected in fundamental ways. The Un-Named Design exhibition questions the contemporary definition of design and challenges the myth of the designer. It backgrounds issues of authorship in order to focus on effects - the ways in which design alters perceptions, reinvents, and reveals hidden truths.

△ Eun-Me Ahn, Rainbow Fantasy No.1

The Communities exhibition explores the profound changes in the nature of technology, demographics, and the global economy that give rise to powerful new models of production based on self-organization rather than hierarchy. The Biennale City emerges from the notion that the space of the exhibition is not neutral; that in fact space has the capacity to construct productive relationships between objects, processes and ideas. This section attempts to create a range of spatial organizations that construct a frame for the overlap of territories, the mutual contamination, and possible dialogue across different thematic blocks of the exhibition. The Urban Follies exhibit will construct a network of 10 small-scale architectural installations along the path of the old city wall of Gwangju. In an effort to help revitalize the old city centre, each urban folly will be strategically integrated into the existing urban fabric and accommodate key functions of the public. Following a five-part program consisting of point, strip, wedge, finger, and network, the Follies will be carefully blended into the site and the community. Nine of the world’s most renowned architects, along with the winning team of the open competition were selected for the Follies. The eleven architects are Juan Herreros, Florian Beigel, Nader Tehrani,Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Peter Eisenman, Sung-yong Joh, Dominique Perrault, Francisco Sanin, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, and the winning team of Sejin Kim & Sehun Jung. The Biennale Academy is an intellectual forum that ―designs the design biennale.‖ In a series of international forums held in Beijing (April 8), New York (May 17), Barcelona (May 31), London (June 6),and Gwangju (September 2), the Academy stimulates, debates, and documents the processes and issues of the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale. Each Academy engages key curatorial concerns of the six sections of the Biennale with invited participants such as Barry Bergdoll and Deyan Sudjic.

Dates. Thursday, 22th September- Monday, 26th September 2011 Venue. Hall A&B, COEX, Seoul Vernissage. 5pm, Wednesday, 21st September (at the entrance of Hall A) Auspice. Galleries Association of Korea, COEX Operation. KIAF Operation Committee Participating galleries. 192 galleries from 17 countries Participating artists. Approximately 1,500 from Korea and abroad Number of art works. Approximately 5,000 Genre. Painting, Sculpture, Print, Photography, Media art and etc Website.

KIAF Celebrates its 10th anniversary! KIAF2011 remarks its 10th edition this September. During the last 10 years, KIAF has grown into Asia's leading art fair. In KIAF2010, there were 193 galleries participating from 16 countries, and there was over 25% increase in visitor's number,which was 72,000 in total. KIAF2011 will present 192 galleries from 17 countries this year and showcase most exciting works from contemporary young artist to established master. KIAF2011's Guest country of honor is Australia, and this year is 'Australia Korea Year of Friendship' which remarks two countries' 50th anniversary for their diplomatic relations. There will be 17 prominent galleries from Australia and will introduce various Australian art.; and it will be an excellent opportunity for Korean art lovers to explore this new territory of art which hasn't been widely recognized yet in this country. The biggest key point of this year's fair is that we introduce 'Art Flash' for the very first time, which specialize in media art and installation art works. KIAF genuinely hope that this new start can bring out positive and fresh impact on Korean and Asian art market.

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9.22 - 26. 2011

Exhibition Info Korea / Insadong Area Savina Museum

pungmoon woman's high school

Anguk station 안국역 Gallery TheK Gallery175


Anguk art intersection Hongbak supply store Galerie Gaia Gallery Godo Gallery Dongduk

Na Gallery

종로 경찰서

Rho Gallery Artspace-Hyun

Gallery Yedang

Crown bakery

Rho Gallery Gallery Is

Bon Gallery

Jongno police station

Baum Art Gallery Gallery Miz Gallery Seoul

Young Art Gallery Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art LTD

Gallery Tongkeun

Road to the Museum Bunam Gallery

Gallery 31

Gallery Woorim

Yooniart Gallery Gallery Art Bank Moin Gallery Garam Gallery

Kosa Space Kimyoungseob Gallery Bob Photo Gallery Cube Space Gallery Lux Speace inno

Gallery Grimson Insa Gallery JH Gallery


Insa Art Gallery

Gallery The K Mokin Gallery

Daboseong Gallery Jangeunsung Gallery

Moro Gallery Space Peace

Rock Gallery

Gallery Gala

Gallery M Dokwon Gallery Nakwon


Gallery Art Plus


Gong Gallery

Chohyung Gallery

Myung Gallery

Mirim art supply store Tourist Information Centers Kimjinhye Gallery Noam Gallery

Hanro Gallery

Topgol Park 탑골 공원

Jongno Tower

Jongno-samga station 종로 3가

1) 유수종 전 08.31-09.06, 2011

Gallery 秀 갤러리수 +82.2.733.5454

1) 니 히展 l 08.30-09.06, 2011 2) 이기수 개인전 l 09.14-09.27, 2011 3) 백승주 개인전 -푸른기억, 같은 곳에 있어주기 展 09.21-09.27, 2011 4) 정성옥 개인전 -책들의 정원展 09.28-10.04, 2011

1) 윤강우 개인전 09.07-09.13, 2011 2) 고광복 초대전 09.14-09.20, 2011 3) 조현숙 개인전 09.21-09.27, 2011 4) 유인숙 개인전 09.28-10.04, 2011

TOPOHAUS 토포하우스 +82.2.734.7555

Pizza hut

GAGA gallery 가가갤러리 +82.2.725.3546

Mokin Museum & Gallery 목인미술관 +82.2.722.5055

2) 장보라사진전-한 살 l 09.21-09.27, 2011 3) 우기곤사진전 l 09.28-10.04, 2011 Gallery Godo 갤러리고도 +82.2.720.2223

Sun Gallery

Gallery vook's Gallery Dos

고래잡이 Oil on Canvas 112x162cm 2011

Seoho Museum of Art

Gallery Sinsang

Korean Art Center


1) 박동진 展 l 08.31-09.06, 2011 2) 임장환 展 l 09.21-10.04, 2011

1) 09.07-09.20, 2011 1 space 류시호 2 space Fusion 구영국&장마리자끼 3~4space 갤러리라메르10주년기념전시 - Joan Llacer 5 space 흰돌동인전 2) 09.21-09.27, 2011 1~2space 조정호,김민채,조현용 3 space 김가을 4 space 이종숙 5 space 장수빈 3) 09.28-10.04, 2011 1 space 안호협 2 space 보자기전 3~5space 성신판화협회전

Gallery Bon

Gallery AM

Grau Gallery

Jonggak station

Gallery Lamer 갤러리라메르 +82.2.730.5454


Gallery i

Gallery Hwabong

Gallery Soo

1) 정재원개인전 l 08.31-09.06, 2011

Gallery Leciel

Gallery Now

Bona Museum Kwanhoon Baiksong Art Gallery Gallery Baegak Museum Gaga Gallery Ttei gallery Gallery Dongho Gallery Lamer

Seoul Art Center Gongpyung Gallery

Gallery NoW 갤러리나우 +82.2.725.2930

Gallery Gac

Sungbo Gallery

Mulpaspace Gallery DongSanBang Gallery

1) 09.07-09.13. 2011 1 space. 강진 청자전 2) 09.14-09.20. 2011 1~2space. 호미회 3 space. 이윤식 개인전 Atelier. 프로젝트 꼽제기 전 5 space. 이화은 포슬린 페인팅 회원전 6 space. 박상진 개인전 3) 09.21-09.27, 2011 1 space. 이은설 개인전 2 space. 고정석 개인전 3 space. 3스페이스 9웍스 Atelier. 이형호 개인전 5 space. 한국 손뜨개 강사회 뜨개나무 전시회 6 space. 취산 김월식 문인화전

Gallery Tablero

Dansung Gllery

Yeasung Gallery

1) 김희정 개인전 l 09.07-09.13, 2011 2) 이영은 개인전 l 09.14-09.20, 2011 3) 배소연 개인전 - 바람 09.14-09.20, 2011 4) 건대텍스타일전-Brilliant 09.21-09.28, 2011 5) 이수지 석사청구전 09.28-10.04, 2011

Hana Art Gallery

Sudo pharmacy


Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art 경인미술관 +82.2.733.4448~9

Modern Gallery


Korea Craft & Design

rsection ng inte Insa-do

GALLERY GAIA 갤러리가이아 +82.2.733.3373

JH GALLERY 제이에이치갤러리 +82.2.730.4854

Artspace-hyun 미술공간현 +82.2.732.5556

1) 이승희 초대전 08.31-09.09, 2011 2) 신효순 개인전 09.14-09.20, 2011 3) 배병규 개인전 09.21-09.27, 2011

1) (2011 미술공간現 기획전) Over there_이진혁 08.31-09.06, 2011

Tong-In Gallery 통인갤러리 +82.2.733.4867

1) 09.14-09.20, 2011 1 space. 이현서 개인전 2 space. 장은영-인하대 대학원 석사 청구전 <14500여일 동안> 3 space. 박신자 개인전-'해나 박,차차차' 2) 09.21-09.27, 2011 1 space. 김시내 조각전 2 space. 노혜심 개인전 -페르소나:너의 깊은 얼굴 3 space. 홍승일 개인전 3) 09.28-10.04, 2011 1 space. 김정란 개인전-Healing SpaceⅡ <Second Garden>

2 space. 박화진 개인전 3 space. 강옥순 개인전-바다를 품다 Gallery is 갤러리이즈 +82.2.736.6669 over there 144x81cm 장지에 채색 2011

2) (2011 미술공간現 기획전) 스며든 풍경_이현열 09.07-09.20, 2011

유수종_ 달항아리 80호 한지에 수묵 2011

2) CROSS OVER 2 展 09.07-09.27, 2011 3) 김서윤 개인전 09.28-10.04, 2011 Jang eun sun gallery 장은선갤러리 +82.2.730.3533 1) 김대열 초대전 08.31-09.10, 2011 2) 김중식 초대전 09.14-09.24, 2011

배병규_꽃이내리다 130x193cm oil on canvas 2010

4) 하주현 개인전 09.28-10.04, 2011 NOAM GALLERY 노암갤러리 +82.2.720.2235 배우 이범수와 작가 7인이 함께 하는 HOPE&LOVE WAVE 09.26-10.03, 2011

YOUNG ART GALLERY 영아트갤러리 +82.2.733.3410 1) 일청회展 08.31-09.06, 2011 2) 양명진展 09.21-09.27, 2011 3) 조재인,권은주 展 09.21-09.27, 2011

1) 1 space 십자가 전 l 09.07-09.13, 2011 이진석 전 l 09.14-09.20, 2011 오준원 전 l 09.21-09.27, 2011 정지의 전 l 09.28-10.04, 2011 2) 2 space 변우식 전 l 09.14-09.20, 2011 이도희 전 l 09.21-09.27, 2011 김태우 전 l 09.28-10.04, 2011 3) 3 space 이유선 전 l 09.28-10.04, 2011 4) 4 space 김종윤 전 l 09.28-10.04, 2011 강원석 전 l 08.24-08.30, 2011 이승희 초대전 l 08.31-09.09, 2011

1) 김승만 도예전-코리올리힘 (Corioli's force) 08.31-09.06, 2011 2) 스웨덴작가 10人 금속공예전 -Just Swedish Metal 09.07-09.20, 2011 3) 요코야마타쿠야 도예전 09.21-09.27, 2011 4) 딜아름회 도예전 09.28-10.04, 2011

Tong-In auction Gallery 통인옥션갤러리 +82.2.733.4867 1) 박형진 展 08.17-09.14, 2011 2) 최석운 展 09.16-10.09, 2011

Hanaart Gallery 하나아트갤러리 +82.736.6550 1) 이혜경展 08.31-09.19, 2011 2) 임창열展 09.20-10.04, 2011

The Dongduk Art Gallery 동덕아트갤러리 +82.2.732.6458 1) 동덕여대 시각&실내디자인 졸업전(전관) 09.14-09.20, 2011 2) 김옥현 개인전(A실) 09.28-10.04, 2011

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아트앤맵 디자인의 전시도록메일 대행서비스는 이메일을 통해 전시도록을 전자책 형식으로 책 페이지를 넘기는 것처럼 보실 수 있도록 서비스를 해드리고 있습니다. 아트앤맵에서 지속적으로 업데이트되는 2만여명의 광범위한 미술관계자(갤러리스트,큐레이터, 미술기자,미술평론가,작가,컬렉터,기업CEO등)에 배포됩니다. 아트앤맵 디자인에서 도록을 제작하시면 무료로 전시도록메일 서비스를 받으실 수 있으며 타사에서 도록을 제작하셔도 인쇄파일 (illust,PDF)을 보내주시면 저렴한 가격에 2만여명의 미술관계자에 전시도록을 이메일로 전달해 드립니다. 엽서만 제작하시고 전시 도록은 디자인만 하셔서 전시도록메일로 보내시면 적은비용으로 전시도록을 많은분에게 전달하실 수 있습니다. (자세한 내용은 아래에서 확인하실 수 있습니다)


문의. Tel. 02.3663.7537

Sagandong Area / Exhibition Info Korea Samcheong Gallery Artpark

Samcheong-dong post office

Gallery Young

Gallery On 갤러리온 +82.2.733.8295

Gallery Kong 공근혜갤러리 +82.2.738.7776

John Goto 展 09.06-10.02, 2011

1) 정금희 사진전-BEYOND 09.16-10.02, 2011 2) 실제의 사각지대 -The Blind Spot of Reality 08.25-09.09, 2011

삼청동 우체국

KUKJE GALLERY 국제갤러리 +82.2.735.8449

Mongin Art Center

samchung-dong office 삼청동 주민센터

hyoja street

Gallery KONG

Gallery Sonamu KHJ Gallery

Gallery Sang

Gallery Fifteen

Gallery Doll

Digital Analog Gallery Limm Gallery

Gallery Biim

ICAM Gallery The National Folk Museum of Korea

One & J Gallery

Rothem Gallery

Ram Gallery

Junsun Gallery Kukje Gallery

Trunk Gallery Gallery Chosun

PMK Gallery Gallery b’ONE Gallery All

Bandee Gallery

Daiah Gallery


UNC Gallery

Gwangwhamun intersection 광화문 교차로

16bungee 16번지 +82.2.722.3503


LG-sangnam library Ga Gallery Bukchonchangwoo Art Space H theater

Gallery Dam

Leehwaik Gallery

Woonbo Gallery

Kumho Museum

1) 안희선 개인전-im Blumengarten 09.01-09.18, 2011 2) 김진우 윈도우전-신인류의 초상 09.03-09.25, 2011 3) BJORN LARSSON,허숙영 2인전 -스텐베리만 프로젝트1-버드캐쳐 09.30-10.07, 2011

박지현 <Betwixt> l 09.16-10.09, 2011

Myungin Museum


Artsonje Center Arario Seoul

Gallery On

Gallery Jinsun 갤러리진선 +82.2.723.3340

Jungdok library

Kyeongbok Palace

Africa Gallery

Gallery Scape

Bukchon Art Museum

Hakgojae Gallery


Insa Art Museum Museum of Korean Buddhist Art


Gallery Sun Contemporary

Vit Gallery



HBW Gallery Sun Art Space

Gallert In

Joongang high school


samchung-dong street EON Gallery

제니홀저 Jenny Holzer 09.08-10.16, 2011

Gate Gallery

Leec Gallery

Ducksung woman's high school

Constitutional Court 헌법 재판소 Gallery Space

Baum Art Gallery

Gallery Artrink

Simyo Gallery

for One (butterfly ash cloud, episode no.1), 2011, Burned rice paper on Canvas, 122x152cm

Savina Museum

Anguk station

pungmoon woman's high school 풍문여고

Gallery Eye


Dream Gallery

Jongno police station

HanKook publishing 종로 경찰서 company Insa-dong street

Gallery Dam 갤러리담 +82.2.738.2745 1) 민복기展 09.01-09.10, 2011 2) 조지연展<내별을 끌어다 너에게 보여줄게> 09.15-09.30, 2011

1) 이은미 개인전 08.24-09.06, 2011

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Cyart Gallery


Cyart Gallery 사이아트갤러리 +82.2.3141.8842

Hyundai Engineering and Construction

Gallery Songadang

Blue Purple Tilt, 2008 7 electronic signs with blue and red diodes 152.4 x 145.6 x 62.5 in. / 387.1 x 369.8 x 158.8 cm Text: Truisms, 1977–79 © 2008 Jenny Holzer, member Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

손봉채 개인전 09.21-10.21, 2011 GALLERY HYUNDAI 갤러리현대 +82.2.2287.3500

Gallery chosun 갤러리 조선 +82.2.723.7133~4

ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL 아라리오갤러리 +82.2.723.6190 Teenager Teenager, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu_Solo Exhibition 09.06-10.09, 2011

SAVINA MUSEUM 사비나미술관 +82.2.736.4371

Building A Void _박혜정 09.16-10.08, 2011

신관) Epic of Units l 09.01-10.02, 2011 본관) 화가가 애호하는 조선시대 목가구 08.26-09.25, 2011

L oil on canvas 50*60 2011

2) 곽대철 개인전 09.07-09.20, 2011

Gallery Art Sagan 갤러리아트사간 +82.2.720.4414 1) Imagescape 사진전 09.02-09.08, 2011 이우환이 소장한 이층책장(二層冊欌), 18세기, 102x41x85(h)cm

Gallery Doll 갤러리도올 +82.2.739.1405~6

우하하킥킥숲 130x97cm 캔버스에단청 2010

Gallery SOWYEN 갤러리소연 +82.2.546.2497~8

2) 전회(轉回) 09.16-09.25, 2011


William H. Gates

145x112cm Acrylic on canvas 2009

조윤선 개인전-lunar rainbow(달무지개) 08.31-09.18, 2011

나의 어린 시절-정수진 08.01-09.30, 2011

3) 백승혜 개인전 09.21-10.04, 2011

N 파라다이스 호텔 아크릴에 잉크 79x116 cm 2011

3) 이경 개인전


가능한 색의 수평-mogliche Farbhorizonte

09.28-10.17, 2011

Gallery Songadang 갤러리송아당 +82.2.725.6713 소장품 상설전 09.01-09.30, 2011

Lunar_Rainbow1101 캔버스에 아크릴 +거즈+실 45.5x53cm, 2011

Publisher. Seung-hoon Lee Managing Editor. Sam-Ran Kim Editor New York. Jaein Jung. Ara Cho Editor Korea. Ju-mi Ji Sales Executive. Ara Cho Designer. Ju-mi Ji. Jaein Jung Reporter. Jeong-Min Kim. Bo-Mi Nam


rejoice in... 8.18 -11.30, 2011 615-3 Citi Bldg., Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea +82.2.544.4800


Exhibition Info Korea / Chungdam, Gwanghwamun Sungsu Grand Bridge Korea Premier Auction Do Art Seoul GALLERY HYUNDAI GANGNAM SPACE

Juliana Gallery PMK Gallery

Galleria 갤러리아

Art Forum New Gate

Galleria Soonsoo Gallery A Atory Gallery In the Box Wellside Gallery Gallery BHAK Gallery PIG Gallery JuYoung Space C Gallery SeoMi Cais Gallery Atelier Herres Im Art The Columns Gallery

Gallery Woong

Daily Project

PYO Gallery Gallery Isang Opera Gallery

Chungdamn Art Center Rumian Gallery Gallery Won Yoo Art Apace

oroom Gallery Janet Oh Gallery K&Gallery Gallery Rm Cheongdam Park 청담공원


EM Art Gallery

Jungsoyoung Gallery

the Space

Gallery Zein Xeno Next Door Gallery

Gallery GOdong

Park Ryu Sook Gallery Michael Schultz Gallery CheongDham Messanine Gallery Able Fine Art Gallery Gallery


Gyuounggi high school

Gangnamguoffice station

Gallery EVE


Gallery 4 Walls


Sungkok Museum Gallery Jung

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

hak-dong station


Asem Tower

Seoul Museum of History

Munhwailbo Gallery Deoksugung 덕수궁


Lamada Hotel

Deoksugung Museum

Samsung station

Sunreung Park 선릉공원

Joggak station 종각역

Ilmin Museum of Art Shinhan Museum Gallery CHosun



Young-dong telephone company

Gwanghwamun station 광화문역

Gyeongheegung 경희궁

Bongeun Temple

Watergate Gallery

Anguk station

Gyeongbokgung station 경복궁역

Gallery Lumiere

Cheongdam station

Gallery Parisienne

Gallery Kunstdoc

Brain Factory Gallery Factory Gyeongbokgung Jean Art Gallery 경복궁


rsection Seoul CT Gallery dam inte Prima hotel Cheong


Gahjin Gallery

Contemporary Woori Daelim Art Museum bank National Palace Gallery ARTSIDE Gallery Cha Museum of Korea

Gallery PICI Songeun Art Center 123 Gallery

Young-dong Gallery high school Gallery

Gallery Artga Caf Goghi

Seoul Museum of Art

Seoul Metropolitan Government Euljiro 1-ga station 서울시청 을지로입구역

Gallery Lotte

City Hall station 시청역

Lotte Dept.Store 롯데백화점 SEOUL PLAZA HOTEL 서울프라자호텔

Ilwoo Space

Cha hospital

Chengdam-dong GALLERY HYUNDAI GANGNAM SPACE 갤러리현대강남 +82.2.519.0800 오치균-감 08.24-09.20, 2011

MlCHAEL SCHULTZ GALLERY SEOUL 마이클슐츠갤러리 +82.2.546.7955 1) 김유섭 개인전 09.02-09.18, 2011 2) 게르하르트 리히터 09.21-10.23, 2011 gallery 4walls 갤러리포월스 +82.2.545.8571 이길우,손원영 2인전 -The Variation(변주곡) 08.19-09.17, 2011

감 Persimmons 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 160 x 80 (each),3점 연작

GALLERY WON 갤러리원 +82.2.514-3439 상설전 09.01-09.30, 2011



Gwanghwamun ARTSIDE GALLERY 아트사이드 갤러리 +82.2.725.1020 황은정 개인전 미디어 괴담 : 튀어나오는 캐릭터 08.18-09.07, 2011 Gallery Palais de seoul 갤러리팔레드서울 +82.2.730.7707

Shinsegye Dept.Store 신세계백화점

Sejong Gallery

Myeong-dong station 명동역

Seoul Museum of Art 서울시립미술관 본관1층 +82.2598.6247 이미지의 수사학 展 07.15-09.18, 2011

GALLERY CHA 갤러리차 +82.2.730.1700 강지현 PLANT-FLOWINGㅣ08.24-09.07, 2011

LOTTE GALLERY 롯데갤러리본점 +82.2.726.4429 The Record of Life 삶의 기록 :만레이와 사진거장 展 08.30-09.18, 2011 plant-flowing 한지에 채색 60.6x40.9cm 2011

Johyun Gallery 조현화랑 +82.2.3443.6364 이광호-'Touch' 09.02-10.02, 2011

서울시 종로구 낙원동 19번지 1층

거북이 등에 올라선 코끼리

KIAF - HAN, man-young 09.22-09.26, 2011 Moon fine arts 문화인아츠 +82.2.554.6106


Alpha Gallery

Migliore 밀리오레

1) 안준홍 개인전-아바타 그리기 08.30-09.10, 2011

Yoo Art Space 유아트스페이스 +82.2.544.8585

Tea Time. One -가국현,안윤모,오상일,하의수 09.05-09.30, 2011

Pyunghwa Gallery Myungdong Gallery

Korean Foundation Cultural Center

Sunreung station

Euljiro 3-ga station 을지로3가역

Untitled1106 Oil on Canvas 45.5x53cm 2011

2) 민준기 개인전 Re-emergence of memories 08.30-09.10, 2011 3) 변내리 개인전 Promenade 산책散策 08.30-09.10, 2011 4) 오종원 개인전 지상 최대의 섹슈얼리티-예고편 08.30-09.10, 2011

만 레이, Les Lames (variante) (눈물(변형버전),1932, 30x35cm, Gelatin Silver Print©Man Ray Trust / ADAGP, Paris, 2011

Pyunghwa Gallery 평화화랑 +82.2.727.2336~7 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

강영수 수녀 개인전ㅣ09.14-09.20, 2011 이춘지 서양화전ㅣ09.14-09.20, 2011 손숙희 작품전ㅣ09.21-09.27, 2011 이명숙 작품전ㅣ09.21-09.27, 2011 서울여류화가협회 아름다운 희망전 09.28-10.04, 2011

Pyeongchang, Shinsa, Seocho, Itaewon, Hongik Univ Area, hwayang-dong / Exhibition Info Korea Gallery Seju Gallery Growrich Kimchongyung Museum

Kimi Art Pyungchang Art Gana Art Seoul Auction

Hongjecheo 홍제천

Gain Gallery

Total Museum Sangwom Museum of Art

Jungsong Gallery

Gallery Art School in Deco

Bugak tunnel

Ehyundai Department store




21세기 웨딩홀

The Siuter Art Group

Ehyundai high school

el ng tunn Jungreu 터널

Hana bank

Gallery Pool

Dosan park MayJune Gallery 도산공원 ChungJark Gallery 신사중 Singu elementary school Gallery Yea Gallery ERL Jazzy M.A.S Gallery SoYeon Gallery SP Gallery LVS Gallery Simon PhilipKang Gallery Dado Art Gallery Gallery Yeil Gallery Prior’s Hannam IC June Art Gallery Urban Art MK Collection Euro Gallery Gallery Eugene GALLERY UM Gallery Joo Gangnam Eulji Hospital 현대고교

Sinsa middle school


Inner Circulation Road 내부순환로

Kookmin Bank

Seoul Arts High School Hwajeong Museum

Sinyoung-dong Intersectio 신영동 삼거리

Pyeongchang-dong office 평창동 사무소



Art’n Dream Gallery

Segumjung Cathedral 세검정 성당

K Auction


Kwangrim Church

올림피아 호텔

21century wedding hall

Apgujeong station

현대 백화점

Hannam Bridge

Olympia hotel

Bugak Mountain Highway

Gallery Route



Segeomjeong Intersection Gallery Ejoque

Hongjimoon tunnel

Hakdong Park


Jahamun street

SK Gas station

Shinsa station 신사역

Bukhansan Fortress Wall

Whanki Museum

Gallery Wooduck

Hakdong station



Spoon Artspace

Duroo Art Space Buam-dong

Yemac Gallery


Nonhyeon station

Zaha Museum Bukaksan street



In touch with nature 08.18-09.14, 2011

1) 제8회 서초미술협회전 09.01-09.08, 2011 2) 차승언 개인전 09.16-09.23, 2011 3) 전미경 개인전-나는 빛이다 09.15-09.23, 2011 4) 안현숙 개인전-잡음(White Noise) 09.17-09.23, 2011 5) 유민자 개인전 - Eco-Thinking II 09.25-10.03, 2011 6) 두시영 개인전 - 아리랑 색동을 입다 09.25-10.03, 2011 7) 한국한지문화산업발전연합회 정기 협회전ㅣ09.25-10.03, 2011

바깥, 풍경 - 그림 없는 그림책 참여작가: 김민구, 김봉관, 김소정, 김영훈, 린다 김, 김진광, 장은지, 조은필, 주원영, 허수영 07. 15-09.06, 2011

Shinsa-dong PHILIP KANG GALLERY 필립강갤러리 +82.2.517.9014 오병욱 sea of your mind 72.5x72.5cm acrylic on canvas 2011


Chung jark gallery 청작화랑 +82.2.549.3112

Hangaram Art Museum


예술의전당 한가람 미술관 +82.2.325.1077

+82.2.741.6030 CHEON, HYEYOUNG

석창우 초대전 08.26-09.08, 2011



KEPCO ART CENTER GALLERY 한전아트센터 +82.2.2105.8190~2

GALLERY SP 갤러리SP +82.2.546.3560

kimiart 키미아트 +82.2.394.6411

Collection展 - 2부 08.26-09.17, 2011

Gallery Royal


오르세 미술관 전 06.04-09.25, 2011

08.25-09.15, 2011



Gallery Golmok 갤러리골목 +82.2.792.2960

Gallery 꽃삽 +82.2.466.2606

1) 김연아,임은지 2인 전 09.06-09.15, 2011

윤승희-일상의 아름다움展 09.03-09.28, 2011

nothing change 코팅한 종이,아크릴,잉크 63x33 2009

2) 김소연,김소라 2인 전 09.06-09.15, 2011 3) Again 김수환,문형태,박주영,박진성,성유진,유별남

09.17-09.28, 2011

Hongik Univ Area Space of Art, ETC 그문화 갤러리 +82.2.3142.1429 두자리 하우스 Paxe / 빡세 개인전展 08.26-09.18, 2011

매월 발행되는 아트앤맵은 영자신문 페이퍼 형식의 지면으로 서울과 뉴욕의 주요갤러리에 배포되며 주한해외 대사관 50여 곳을 비롯하여 전국의 미술대학, 미술관, 갤러리, 미술대학, 미술평론가, 각종언론매체의 기자 분들의 직장 혹은 가정으로 DM발송이 되고 있습니다. 한국과 미국 온라인과 오프라인에서 동시에 홍보되는 아트앤맵 페이퍼의 광고효과는 각종 아트페어 진행을 한 광고주와 전시작가, 갤러리 광고주에 의해 확인되고 있습니다. 아트앤맵의 온라인홍보는 한국의 미술 전시정보를 아카이브 형식으로 저장한 후 1만 4000여명 에게 관련법에 규정된 형식에 의해 메일발송을 작은 비용으로 대행해 드림으로써 전시소식을 안전하고 효과적으로 전하고 있습니다. 아트앤맵은 국내에서 유일하게 온라인 대량메일과 오프라인 영자신문을 통해 온,오프라인 그리고 국내와 국외에 동시에 입체적으로 전시소식을 전함으로써 가장 영향력 있게 전시를 홍보해 드릴 수 있는 매체가 되고 있는 것입니다. 뿐만 아니라 홈페이지에서 매일의 주요 미술뉴스와 한주간의 주요 미술서적 그리고 각종미술 관련 공모에 대한 정보를 일목요연하게 무료로 제공하고 있으며 매달 이달의 주요전시를 클릭없이 마우스만 올리면 전시정보를 한눈에 볼 수 있는 전시캘린더와 전시장을 찾아주는 플래시 갤러리 지도 등을 무료로 제공하고 있습니다. 그리고 전시 아카이브와 포토뉴스 및 동영상뉴스는 인터넷만 된다면 집이나 작업실 혹은 갤러리 등 어느 곳에서든 작품과 전시장 안을 들여다보듯 전시를 감상할 수 있는 온라인 서비스를 무료로 제공하고 있습니다. 이와 함께 미술인명정보, 미술논문정보, 미술이론정보 등 미술에 관한한 거의 모든 것을 홈페이지에서 제공받으실 수 있습니다. 기타 홈페이지의 캘린더에 공개되는 이미지와 텍스트로 된 갤러리와 작가의 전시소식과 보도자료 항목은 무료로 전시를 알릴 수 있도록 공개하고 있으므로 갤러리와 작가 여러분들께서는 전시 소식에 관련된 보도자료를 보내주시면 무료로 실어드리겠습니다. 또한 유료로 제공되는 홈페이지 배너서비스는 타인의 전시메일 하단에 따라다니므로 반복적 인 광고효과를 보실 수 있습니다. 전시는 갤러리, 전시장에서 끝나는 것이 아니라 바로 그곳에서 시작되며 온라인과 오프라인으로 가장 확장적으로 알려질때 완성될 수 있을 것입니다.



위치 전시일정리스트내 1page 100만원(65X65mm) 2page 20만원(45X45mm) 3page 4page 5page 10만원(45X45mm) 6page 7page 8page

*부가세는 별도

하단2분할 하단3분할 하단전면 하단전면+ 하단전면++ 표지전면 4단기준




각페이지하단 270X140mm

각페이지하단 270X170mm

각페이지하단 270X210mm











광고문의: Tel. 02.3663.7537 Fax. 02.6442.7537 Email. 입금방법: 아트앤맵(하나은행 / 271-910106-98707)

8p 페이지전면 270X410mm


JOUNG-HWA HOE Memories of Utopia

2011. 09. 07 - 09. 20

300만원 23-2 Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, seoul, korea(110-290) T. +82.2.720.0319 F. +82.2.720.0306



Information of Contemporary Art _Korea & Newyork