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Jane Watenpaugh first woman on Telluride Ski Patrol

March/April 2020

Photography by Mary Kenez

Gondogola, Telluride

Kamruz Photography & Art Gallery • 100 W. Colorado Ave. • Telluride, CO

All Photographs in by Mary Kenez

Welcome to Townie, Telluride

Lab Adore, Telluride

Dear Readers, Welcome to the Mar/Apr 2020 issue of ! Kamruz Gallery is all settled in at 100 W. Colorado (under Overland) Come say hi to me, Gordon Cade or his trusty companion Red! In this issue I talked and skied a little with, Jane Watenpaugh about her history in Telluride, starting with Ski Patrol. THANK YOU Telluride magazine for the cover of your Winter issue *. Jenny Page and Deb Dion I so appreciate the coverage! Gondogola! Well, the popularity and appeal never ceases to amaze me. Still Goo Goo for Gondogola in Telluride for sure. Stop in for a complimentary postcard and maybe meet one of the dogs of the now famous photograph. Certainly my dog, Red will show you his new photo book!

Enternally grateful for Gondogola greeting passenger housed at San Sophia Station ! The largest known Gondogola is hanging at Petco Corp Headquarters in San Diego . WOW! “Ball Patrol - Dog Beach” is now keeping Gondogola company, a huge 76.5 ft by almost 11 ft. Thank you fine people of Petco! Check out “About Gondogola” online at Kamruz. com and get the answers to most frequently asked questions about this photograph. Kamruz Gallery is the exclusive store for Alpine Aloha®. Mountain Adventurewear that will add zip to your sport! Come check it out. When you stop by Kamruz Gallery mention of this editors note and you’ll get a free pair of biking/hiking socks. Woo Hoo! welcomes artists to submit art of all media types, to be considered for Kamruz Gallery. See you at Kamruz Gallery or on the slopes!

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“Ruff RIders, Telluride” - Mary Kenez

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Mary Kenez

Bike and Ski, Telluride

Up the River, Telluride


Jane Watenpaugh Jane is the first female ski patroller at Telluride Ski Resort, I had a chance to ski with her and ask her about her life on the slopes of Telluride. Which year did you move to Telluride, and from where? Mark and I moved here from Denver in 1973. We saw an ad in the Denver Post for a parttime pharmacist, in “new ski resort” We fell in love with Telluride. In 1975, Mark opened Sunshine Pharmacy, we owned it for 40 years.

Why did you want to be a Ski Patroller and how long did you do it? I was working at the clinic at the time and I watched the ski patrol bring in accidents from the mountain. I had always dreamed to be paid to ski and it looked like the perfect job. I patrolled for 10 years and it was the best job I ever had. How did you qualify for ski patrol? I was in the right place at the right time. I was the first female ski patroller. I worked with Johnny Steven’s mother at the clinic that was run by Idarado Mine. I was an EMT but not a good skier. The first year I patrolled was 1976 and that was a drought year so all I did was pack snow. How did you learn to ski? I started skiing after High School. I had to learn to become a more advanced skier or die. The other patrollers were not that easy on me, but they did take me under their wings and show me the ropes. How did Ski Patrol deal with accidents on the mountain back then? There was only one ski patrol shack, and in those days it was at the top of 6 . Today it’s the same shack, now just below 6, because they moved lift 6. We all had radios but if you got hurt on the front hillside you had call in from one of three emergency telephones to report an accident. These phones were attached to trees. One of the most memorable accidents I was called to was on Misty Maiden. It was a belly dancer who broke her femur. We splinted her up and took her to Big Billies at the bottom of chair 1. She was then transported to Telluride in the Barnett which was the old hearse, which we used as an ambulance.

What was your favorite run then and now? Milk Run was my favorite until they summer groomed it! Dynamo is my favorite now. What were the early runs like? Telluride in the 70’s was more like Silverton is now. Mammoth, Spiral Stairs, Plunge, Coonskin and Milk Run were never groomed. Mammoth was not always open. We would control it for avalanches and when we deemed it safe we would open it. Back then Bushwacker was a tiny drainage. What has changed the most on the mountain? There is less powder and it is warmer overall. How much do you ski now? Five days a week. How do you describe your life now in Telluride? I have close friends from 40 years ago that still live here, two of them are Joni Knowles and Franny Cohn, the second and third female ski patrollers here in Telluride. My husband and I have been married for over 50 years. We raised 2 sons here who both came back married, and are now raising their daughters here. That makes three generations of Watenpaughs in Telluride! Mark and I still live in downtown Telluride. Tell me about the first ski patrol dog? She didn’t start working until after I retired, and her name was Jane WatenPaws. She was guardianed by Gary and Kim Richard. How has skiing changed here in Telluride? The ski mountain has gotten nothing but better with the bowls and the expansion. I’m happy Mountain Village is there to keep overcrowding in the town of Telluride to a minimum. It’s still hardly ever crowded and there are no lift lines. What are you doing these days? I ski about 80 days a year and skiing is still my favorite winter sport. I LOVE IT! I have been a snowshoe guide on the mountain for 15 years.. I continue to do that to get my lifetime season pass because the policy is that you must work 20 years consecutively. I’ll be 77 when I qualify. Fun fact, everyone at 80 years old skis for free! These days... hmm...I feel so lucky to have come to Telluride in the 70”s, and so privileged to have spent 47 years here.

Mary Kenez

VW Love, Telluride

Mary Kenez

Dogs on the Gondola

Sheltie Squad

Corgi Cargo

Mary Kenez

Powder Poodles


Mary Kenez Dogs on the Gondola

Aspen Gondogola

Collies on Board

The Beagle has Landed

Amazing Paper Paintings by Molly Perrault





Using tiny shards of found colors and textures carefully cut from magazines, Molly Perrault strives to create the illusion of oil paintings without paint. With a focus on rendering landscapes, she is motivated to meditate and slowly re-construct the places that have been a source of inspiration, adventure, and comfort. Perrault views her process as cyclical: nature is used to produce the paper in which the magazines are printed, and Perrault assumes her role in both the act of destruction and reconstruction. She sees her detail-oriented method as a path to subvert the artificial colors, extravagance, and careful page layouts of mainstream print media by returning its contents to a state of nature. All works are 100% recycled magazine paper. No paint is used in this process. Instagram,

Mary Kenez Photography

Mary Kenez

“Our Town, Telluride”

“White Sheep of the Family”

“Ski Tree, Telluride”

Mary Kenez

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 970.708.0135

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Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 970.708.0135

Kamruz Gallery 100 W. Colorado Ave Telluride, CO 970.708.0135

Mary Kenez

Welcome to Telluride

Gone Skiing, Telluride

K9 VW, Telluride

Driven by Treats, Telluride

K9 Road Trip, Telluride

Ball Patrol, Dog Beach

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Casey’s Corner “I know a little about photography” Please send me your best Dog photograph to be considered for the Photography Contest! Despite what it may seem, our contest is not rigged.

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Mary Kenez I see colors... I’ve loved photography and the outdoors for as long as I can remember... My photography is a documentation of my travels and adventures in... Vivid color and sometimes not. Telluride is so full of color and beauty It’s easy to be inspired here. I find inspiration around every bend and in everyday I’m fortunate enough to spend here. Each season brings new colors, new light and new photographic opportunities.

Mary Kenez

“Welcome to the Sheep Show!”

LOVE fall in the mountains ! - Mary Kenez

Photographs by Mary Kenez

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Dog is my Pilot featuring Nellie - Photo by Mary Kenez

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World’s Largest known Gondogola hanging in PETCO Corp. Headquarters 6’ x 10.5 ‘ •


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Plunge Lift

Avalanche, Telluride 2019

A Big Bike LOVE

Exhibit at Kamruz Gallery

A Big Bike LOVE

Exhibit at Kamruz Gallery

Photographs by Mary Kenez

Kamruz Gallery

100 W. Colorado Ave

Telluride, CO