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What is an Art Magazine All About? There is a profusion of art magazines today. Every genre of art has numerous magazines dedicated to it, and many of them even have a digital version that is available online to as well. This is because an online art magazine will definitely enhance the publication’s reach and readership. But what is an art magazine? What does it contain and how does it help artists, art aficionados or even the general readers?

Well, art magazines are generally intended to introduce a variety of art forms to the reader and make it both accepted and admired by different people. Readers not just become aware about the art form but can also glean valuable information about it. They come to know about everything that goes into making an art piece – right from the various art techniques to what art materials are needed and more importantly, where they will be available. This kind of information inspires even the non artist to try their hand at the art form. Apart from the art form gaining recognition, art magazines are often dedicated to the professional and amateur artists who practice the art form. Through the magazine, they come to know about the new art techniques being developed and used by others as well as the latest tools, materials and other supplies that are hitting the market. Then again, most magazines look to highlight the remarkable works of both top and upcoming artists of that genre. This is educational to other artists as they gain a valuable insight into the creative techniques and processes that are used by different leading artists. New artists gain a huge leg up as their promising artwork and inherent caliber is displayed prominently for everyone to see. The imminent inspiration that the artists’ themselves and even others gain is particularly noteworthy.

The ArtMolds Journal is one such leading art magazine that is dedicated to documenting the high caliber of work and trends of three dimensional art such as life casting, mold making, casting, special effects, ceramics and stone carving. It is a bi-monthly print publication that is also available in a digital format magazine online. It spotlights a variety of accomplished artists in each issue and highlights not just their incredible works, but also the technique and materials used to create their art. There are insightful interviews with world-class artists on their creative techniques and thought processes for stone carving, mold making, life casting and even the extravagant special effects. This art magazine also seeks to encourage innovation and support of these specialized art mediums by featuring varied techniques and materials of mold making, casting and especially life casting in particular. And, not just artists but even art enthusiasts are completely wowed by this new art magazine. Consequently, with both the artistic inspiration and instruction at their very fingertips, more and more of these enthusiasts are slowly turning into artists themselves!

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What is an Art Magazine All About?