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When you first started your exercise, you had a specific plan, schedule and even goals. What kind of exercises you're going to have, which part of the body you want to shape, what size you're going to achieve, etc. You do all of them from the first visit to the gym with big motivation. You sacrifice your leisure time to exercise, and you work very hard to achieve your goals. But after few weeks you begin to feel exhausted, while the result is not as fast as you thought. What is happening here? Maybe there's something wrong with the way you manage your exercise! I want to share these 10 secrets I believe can help you to succeed your exercise, and make sure your exercise efficient and effective! Secret #1 - Start Lightly If you are a newbie, don't start with heavy exercise in an instant. Instead, you can try this method : Day 1, 4 and 6 - 10 minutes warming up, by treadmill exercise or spinning exercise - Stretching exercise - Weight lifting exercise - If you are in a weight loss program, have cardio exercise for 30 minutes - Stretching for cooling down Day 2 and 5 - 10 minutes warming up, by treadmill exercise or spinning exercise - Stretching exercise - Cardio or aerobics exercise for 30 minutes - Stretching for cooling down Day 3 and 7 Take a rest, as you need to give your body and muscles time to recover. But if you feel like having

some light exercises, choose swimming, jogging, tennis or your other favorite sports for relaxing with your family or friends. Secret #2 - Maximizing the most difficult Many exercise you want to have, but less time to do it? Solution: you must maximize your exercise on the most difficult area to train or your most troubled area. This way, you can use your energy to train specific area with optimum result. For burning fat more effectively, do cardio after weight lifting. When you are doing weight lifting exercise, you burn the sugar in your blood, which will create energy. Use the energy for cardio exercise, which at the end will maximize the burning of fat. Secret #3 - Don't stay at same level After 3 months or when you already feel comfortable with your exercise, add your exercise portion. Don't just stay at the same level forever! Your comfortable feeling means your muscles need more 'challenge'. The better you build and maintain your muscle, the better and faster your fat burning would be! Secret #4 - Keep your focus! - Focus and concentration are very important to ensure success in your exercise. - Do every exercise slowly, don't rush away. - Always keep your body straight, to maximize your breathing. - Do the right breathing technique: exhale when you do with the weight, and inhale when you return to normal position. You'll need oxygen for your muscle, to enhance its job capacity. Breathing also has impact to your weight loss program. Secret #5 - Set new target After certain period of time, you'll find your exercise to be boring, and you'll lose your motivation. Don't stop at this stage, but try to increase your exercise portion, or change your exercise program. For example, If you used to have treadmill as cardio exercise, try high impact aerobics for a change! Or you might want to try a new sport, squash is a good sport to burn calories fast. Secret #6 - Wear a suitable sport shoes for your exercise Sport shoes are must have item to do most exercise. There are so many choices of sport shoes with many brands, designs and colors. Choose the most suitable sport shoes with the kind of exercise you do. Secret #7 - Train your stability Besides cardio and weight lifting exercises, don't forget to train also your stability. Stability is important to help your movement and to avoid injury. You can vary your exercise with yoga, or

simply try this little trick at the end of your exercise: - Stand on one leg and raise the other leg forward. - Hold the position for 20-30 seconds. - Do the same with the other leg Secret #8 - Be creative Do the same routine exercise after a while will decrease your motivation. Be creative, and add fitness equipment such as gym ball, resistance band or dumbbells to create more variative and fun exercises. Secret #9 - Switch exercise intensity It's even better if you could provide 1 day during the week to lower your exercise intensity. Try some light and more fun , you can perhaps do it with your friend. The point is to give your muscles time to recover, so that you will be ready for your next exercise schedule. Secret #10 - Don't stick on numbers! Heart rate monitor or weight scale is useful for supporting your exercise program. The equipment gives you accurate data to measure your performance. However, don't just stick on the numbers. You must keep your concentration on your own body. Keep doing the exercises and enjoy it, your body will let you know what it needs!

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Succeeding in Exercise & Fitness Program  
Succeeding in Exercise & Fitness Program  

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