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IMPREINT When did you realise you wanted to be an artist? I did not realise. It just happened.

Who are the artists that influence your work? None.

Tell us about your practice/work. There is no plan. I follow my moods. I know when an artwork is finished.

How do you seek out opportunities? I don’t. To be an artist is a way of existing and that is the opportunity.

How many of the 100 most successful artists do you think will be remembered in 100 years? It is a question that does not interest me. I will not be there.

Do you think that there are great artists who have never been discovered? Sure.

What do you think of Private Views? It is just mental masturbation for the pseudo rich.

What do you like/dislike about the artworld. I like the fact that you can find creative people. I dislike the importance of money.

What is your dream project? It is a dream. I do not want to tell you.

What suggestions/advice would you give to other artists or aspiring artists? I never give advice. No one can show you the way.