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Greg Randall is an American artist born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After working in computer science and helping run an artist’s collective, he is returning to finish a BFA with a concentration in printmaking and photography at the University of Alabama. He has received numerous accolades and awards for his undergraduate work and was honored with a Windgate Fellowship in 2013. He enjoys pushing boundaries, especially those of space, time, and other people. He experiments with everything.

Alyx Chandler is a sophomore at the University of Alabama double majoring in Journalism & Marketing with a minor in Creative Writing. She writes for Planet Weekly, the CW, & UA’s Honors College Mosaic Magazine. She is a Slash Pine alum. She thanks UA Prose professor Kellie Wells for teaching her how to love the mystical, and how to believe a published novel can be in her near future. She likes her poems to be iron fisted & her stories to wreck nostalgic havoc. 1) Once in my life, you will love the grass too much in July. It will consume you. You’ll grow back and I’ll eat you in the form of mushrooms. Don’t fight it. 2) I wake up so early that the planets are fist sized, and you’re a tiny lizard in the morning, flexing away, scurrying-- in the between, in the candy planets and blue blood streams, this is how we hike through our dreams.

Love me! You say. You are two word sentences. Please come. Carry me. Help me. Be me. Baby, baby. A moon eyed lady told me you’d be okay. She said it’s normal. Relax. Don’t pay for pills. If someone your age isn’t like this-shell shocked, lips twitching, knees knocking, if you and her aren’t personally wounded by society, she shook her head at me, then you’d be an adult. You wouldn’t interest each other.

3) As a kid, I dreamt constantly of an apocalypse. Of ruling the egg shaped planets. I dreamt I knew you forever. King and Queen. Concrete cracking and yes! you would say, this is why I love you! you runny nosed dreamer, jumping like a squirrel from sky scrapers, flying into my window with spider hands. The playgrounds growled, we raised our flags, triumphant, you newsworthy child, you skinny ruler. We ruled and ruled until the dimensions of space calculated itself.

4) Until one day, you became an infinite series of numbers, seven, you are me, a trillion, God disappears, one hundred and fifty, you bite my bruise softly and we hide in a cellar. Constantly escaping. Two thousand, the aliens arrive and you’re their green eyed screaming queen seventy-eight, humans are fuel for cars, yours will hit my bike sporadically, peddling me into the spacecraft of the president’s mind. Eighteen. The health care system will change and once again, we infinitely rule the planet. I told you the truth that when you wrap yourself in a burrito around me, it makes me nervous. Makes me calculate our circumference. Can two people take over the the country? Will I end up burning in a house fire while you create a new pledge of allegiance? You answer sometimes. You’ve never say more than two words to me. Kiss me. 5) Now it’s been six hundred mornings and my teacher said a sink hole sunk a house in the middle of our town-a girl is gone forever, have you seen her? The earth is an unstable place. A heart beats somewhere deep in the mantle, growing into halite. You’re going to look for her. Maybe for seventy two days. Maybe for ten years. Even for two hours. You’ll mail a letter to the president, he’ll archive it for when you one day rule the worldall the planets tiny and crushed in your apprehensive mouth, still consuming her. Baby, baby, we are adults now.

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Black Warrior Film Festival

Art-Let is proud to sponsor the 2014 Black Warrior Film Festival. The Black Warrior Film Festival is a competitive showcase of student films from universities across the Southeast. The focus of the festival is to 4 celebrate student made films and independent projects, giving young filmmakers a chance to have their work viewed by the UA and Tuscaloosa communities. The festival will be held at different locations on the UA campus April 11-13.

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Art-Let Vol. 5 - March 2014  
Art-Let Vol. 5 - March 2014