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About Us History Artist's World Magazine is the new up and coming Art Magazine created for Artists in the Valley and around the world to share their work on an international level. In the past, Artist's World Magazine has promoted hundreds of p rofessional and emerging artists across the U.S. and abroad. In recent years, in tempo with the trend of staging online art competitions, Artist's World Magazine has proudly promoted their own winning artists through a process of International Juried Online Art Shows. Mission Artist's World Magazine's mission is to help emerging artists to be recognized by featuring them in their very own online magazine. AWM's goal is also to globally promote already established artists. AWM hope to give every Featured Artist who enters the ability to reach a larger audience by monthly postings and also in their keep a record of talent in its Archives section. AWM also features an extended gallery of past winners from a variety of Art Competitions. Artist's World Magazine holds a monthly juried online art contest in AWM Facebook Page and publishes the winners on Artist's World Magazine website. The hard copy of the magazine is distributed to art galleries and museums across the U.S. and major cities around the world. AWM's goal is to give each winner the opportunity for international exposure, and to see past winners of Artist's World Magazine Art Contest continue to live successful lives as artists. Community To join, AWM has a low fee of only $10.00 per entry. The fee helps cover the cost of printing, mailing, prizes, reception food, space rent and other costs associated with Artist’s World Magazine. A percentage of the fee goes to specific charities and non-profit organizations. AWM believes in giving back to the community and to those in need. AWM is happy to announce that AWM has given away hundreds of dollars to a variety of organizations including Americares for the Japan Tsunami Victims, F.A.C.E. The Cure, The Pink Show, Kulay Rosas Team of Susan G Komen, Philippine National Red Cross for the Typhoon Sendong Victims, Artreach Missions, Children of Siverio Compound and more. Editorial A.S. Angelo/Consultant Editor Robert PDTagle/Consultant Editor Jan' Lyndell/Web Design & Graphics Mae Palaci/Photographer New York Area Elena Rose/Photographer California Area Jeannie Kabeary/Advertising Account Representative Johnny E.SJ. Otilano CEO&Founder/Publisher/Curator/Artist

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The Cover – People’s Choice Award Winner Sumit Sharma “Feelings of Love” About Us, Editorial Staff, Table of Contents A.S. Angelo – Judge Gretchen Glick – Judge Sumit Sharma – People’s Choice Award Winner Raquel Sturges – Best of Show AWM Manager’s Choice Award - dRaCeFaCe Imagery Juries Choice Award – Craig Mendez AWM Love Award – Steven Cook Autumn Steam – 1st Place Jessica M. Hanna – 2nd Place Lauro Pedraza – 3rd Place Honorable Mention – Elena Rose Honarable Mention – Johnny ESJ. Otilano Advertising/Kulaynijuan/Car Show/Krizanne Tiles Back Cover – People’s Choice Award Winner Sumit Sharma “Feelings of Love”

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A.S. Angelo Author, Illustrator, Musician

A.S. Angelo is an author/illustrator best known for his young adult fantasy fiction novel "Faerie Bound" published by Xlibris Corporation in 2008 and an illustrated children's book "Au Secours" written about the Huegenot persecution of the 18 century. The short book is in French published by ELB in Belgium. A.S. Angelo: Autumn Sebastian Angelo baptismal name Joshua James Frazier (12 May 1976 – *) is a visual artist, painter, sculptor, composer, performer on violin and piano, author of several unpublished works and one published novel as well an actor and parody artist of Charlie Chaplin. Musically, trained in contemporary and classical backgrounds A.S. has composed over 600 works, a few of which may be listened to on YouTube. Angelo's channel on YouTube has been viewed by 8 nations with over 60,000 views and thousands of comments of praise. A.S. showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood and later in academic feats in the U.S. and Brazil. Born in Tacoma, Washington to American parents of Native American and Irish/German descent, Angelo soon left the U.S. for travels abroad due his father's involvement in the military. By the age seven, Angelo had lived in or visited five countries, Canada, Korea, Japan, U.S (Alaska) Mexico and by the age of nine had lived in seven including Brazil. A.S. returned to the U.S. at the age of thirteen for scholastic achievement and further education in Liberal Arts. By the age of seventeen Angelo had visited the major continents on the globe including Europe and Africa. Already competent on keyboard and violin, he composed from the age of five and performed in churches with his parents who are also musically gifted. His mother sings and plays auto-harp and his father sings and plays the violin and cello. He has two sisters who are also musically inclined. At seventeen A.S. grew restless and traveled to Africa where he made numerous sketches which provided material for some of his stories and notes on music always composing abundantly. While visiting Mombasa, Kenya he made notes of the color of fish and water as well as studied the nature of wind. A.S. graduated with honors in 1994 from a special Arts program held at Theodore Roosevelt High school in California. There he learned theatrical basics, acting, theatre movement and continued his study of the keyboard, the violin and was involved in such visual artistic studies as printmaking with the talented Donna MacCauley, oil painting with William Smart and sculpture with the notable Californian sculptor Manuel Vasari. He chose to attend a Private University where he achieved some fame. During his final years at the University he had a change in religious views and felt it best to proceed in a different path more related to the Arts. Illness: While writing and illustrating fourteen children's books, Angelo fell ill. He was taken in by his family in California where he spent time recovering. Recovery years (2003-2006): During this period he was highly productive and creatively finished a three hundred page novel "Faerie Bound: Beyond the Wagon Attic" complete with his own illustrations. The work has been revised and is awaiting republication with interior illustrations for 2011. In addition, during this period he increased his talent in piano and began to post video sketches of his ideas online through MySpace and YouTube. He has been also noted as having a striking ability to parody the antics of silent film star Charlie Chaplin. A.S. has performed for film, stage, and for parades dressed as the renowned Tramp. These videos display his physical dexterity as well as have garnished praise. Two years ago, October of 2011, A.S. Angelo contributed to "The Pink Show" a fundraising art event for breast cancer awareness. His painting "Hope" was featured on the front page of the Fresno Bee (newspaper) as well as garnished a first place award in the category of painting.

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Gretchen Glick Artist, Historian, Philanthropist

Gretchen Glick began working in Fashion Design for Robinsons Beverly Hills, Saks 5th Avenue and Bullock’s Westwood when she was sixteen. She attended California Lutheran University, receiving a B.A. with a double major in art and art history before pursuing graduate school for an M.A. in Pre-Columbian Art. She continued to paint while taking her academic expertise and natural gifts of public relations and fundraising to the museum and art business world. She has become a much sought after Development Director and Consultant for numerous museums, non -profit arts, education, and health organizations. In 1999, she established The CMTUS Trust which hosts the popular global CMTUS discussion network with a database now exceeding 10,000 people. She has studied CMT in depth for 14 years, authored one book and numerous research articles. She is always the happy voice on the phone answering a question, making suggestions, or simply ‘listening’ to a person in need. Her patience and kindness to all in the CMT community is stellar. And if she doesn’t know an answer, she will find one! During the past twenty years Gretchen’s artwork expanded from oil painting to collage, montage, watercolors, photography and mixed media, including hand painted, worn furniture. Finding old, broken tables and chairs, she repairs, repaints and redesigns the piece into today’s “Functional Art.” This hand painted chair is one of a series of six. It is 36 inch tall, with a low floor to seat of 16 inch and took 6 months to complete. It was originally purchased as junk for $1.00 at a garage sale. She continues to work on coordinating furniture pieces for the ‘right look’, using natural themes of flowers, vines, and beautiful insects.

In addition to numerous awards for her paintings, ceramics and watercolors, she has received great esteem and awards in her “Wearable Art” jewelry designs made from combinations of buttons, beads, shells and semi precious stones. No two pieces of her work are the same. In May 2012 she created an additional line – “Wearable Art” for dogs – matching dog collars for her best friends. This recent work “Starina 2 Plus” is an eclectic use of blue and silver recycled buttons, beads and charms and hangs at 14 inch.

Gretchen has won numerous awards through the years including Outstanding Achievement recognition from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an Alumni Career Achievement Award from CLC, Excellence in Public Relations from Very Special Arts, several nominations for L’Oreal’s Woman of Worth and CNN Heroes. More recently she received a nomination for “Champions of Change”, a Presidential Award from the White House. She is published in several of the Who’s Who directories and is a much sought after Life Coach to those living with CMT, in addition to accepting speaker requests on “Motivated to Win.” Gretchen is an avid gardener, having learned much from her father, “the butterfly man.” She pursues an all encompassing spiritual growth program to keep her emotionally fit and stress free, with the ability to help anyone in need. In addition she’s a volunteer at a Fijian Orphanage and School, raising funds for simple needs: school uniforms, books, computer equipment. She travels to Fiji several times a year to see her ‘kids’ and meet with staff to ascertain special projects. She’s a born leader and much admired wherever she goes. In addition to arts and culture, her interests are travel, collecting antiques, biking and horses. Gretchen and Wearable Art designs can be found on Facebook. Custom made pieces for holidays or special events are welcome.

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“People’s Choice Award”

Sumit Sharma New Delhi, India

Title: "Feelings of Love" Medium: Water Color on Paper Size: 26" x 38"

Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


“Best of Show”

Raquel Sturges San Francisco, California

Title: "Tree of Love series" Medium: Ink Size: 6" x 9" each

Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


“AWM Manager’s Choice Award”

dRaceFace Imagery Oklahoma, USA

Title: "Cryptic Affection" Medium: Digital Photography

Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


“Juries Choice Award”

Craig Mendez Fresno, California

Title: "Everlasting Valentine" Medium: Digital Art/Photography Size: 8 x 12 inches

Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


“AWM Love Award”

Steven Cook Florida, USA

Title: "Acrylic Myocardial Infraction" Medium: Acrylic on Paper & Framed Size: 4.25" x 6.25"

Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


“First Place”

Autumn Steam Oregon, USA

Title: "Orgasm" Medium: Mixed Media/Watercolor on Stretched Paper Size: 12x10 inches

Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


“Second Place”

Jessica M. Hanna Fresno, California

Title: "La Magia de Amora" Medium: Oil Size: 4' x 6'

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“Third Place”

Lauro Pedraza Monterrey, Nuevo León, MÉXICO

Title: "Flores para Dayana" Medium: Digital painting on iPad (ArtRage)

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“Honorable Mention”

Elena Rose Grand Rapids, Michigan

Title: "Heart To Go" Medium: Digital Photography Size: 8.5" x 11"

Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


“Honorable Mention”

Johnny E.S.J. Otilano Central Valley, California

Title: "In Loving Memory" Medium: Oil Paint & Mixed-Media on Chalkboard Size: 24" x 30"

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Artist’s World Magazine Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved


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