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Fall 2013 - Winter 2014

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UNIQUE ALPACA FIBER Indigenous people in South America have raised alpaca for its fleece for thousands of years before Europeans learned about the animal and exported alpaca fiber to Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today this domesticated animal is bred throughout the world, but its native habitat is the Andean altiplano: Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Bolivia, and northern Chile. Descended from the wild vicu Ăąa, alpaca resemble a cross between a llama and a sheep. Its fleece is similar to sheep's wool, but is usually softer, less prickly, and has minimal lanolin content, making it hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Its extreme warmth, relatively lightweight, and natural resistance to water make alpaca wool an ideal fabric for the frigid winters of the Andean altiplano and also for Canada.

Artistri has worked with this group of women in La Paz, now. Their talent for hand crafted weaving has been mothers and grandmothers. They work with the natural lovely hearing bone weave and incorporate a macramĂŠ two production groups that Artistri Sud works with, and they managed and staffed by strong, dedicated women who to support their children and their communities. These inspiration; their careful skill and devotion is woven into every piece unique and of the highest hand-made quality. produce for sale is representative of their skill and

Bolivia, for many years passed on by their Alpaca fiber to make a fringe border. There are are both entirely selfwish to earn an income craftswomen are truly an every garment, making Every garment they perseverance.

Product Description: The Alpaca scarves and shawls are exceptionally warm, comfortable and durable, making it a favourite during the cold winter months. These items come in both natural colours and dyed colours, with a variety of choices to peruse. Whether wrapped around your neck or shoulders, the Alpaca scarves and shawls are a classic necessity to add to your wardrobe and easy to care for.

Alpaca Shawl, shown in Burgundy

Alpaca Scarf, shown in Sand

a Scarf, shown

Scarf Code AC 01/01 AC 01/12 AC 01/10

Colours* (show colour name & swatch) Ivory (Natural) Sand (Natural) Camel (Natural)

Shawl Code AC 02/01 AC 02/12 AC 02/10


01/07 01/08 01/04 01/33 01/44 01/42 01/28

Light Heather Grey (Natural) Dark Heather Grey (Natural) Green Apple (Dyed) Aubergine (Dyed) Rose Pink (Dyed) Burgundy (Dyed) Steel Blue (Dyed)


02/07 02/08 02/04 02/33 02/44 02/42 02/28

*Please note that due to variation in natural dyes, the products may not be exactly as shown here. Scarf



28 cm x 175 cm (11 1/32” x 68 57/64”)

55 cm x 175 cm (21 21/32” x 68 57/64”)

Dimensions including fringe

28 cm x 210 cm (11 1/32” x 82 43/64”)

55 cm x 210 cm (21 21/32” x 82 43/64”)



Unit Price Volume Rebate (20+ units)

Instructions for Care

The alpaca scarves and shawls can be gently washed by hand in cold water with a mild soap or shampoo. Be sure not to wring or rub, for this may stretch the product out of shape. Rinse carefully in cold water, then squeeze out excess water between two towels and lie flat. Reshape the product it to its original dimensions, smoothing the scarf or shawl and gently flatten any wrinkles by hand. Allow to dry flat in the shade. When dry, iron with a cool iron if needed, using an ironing cloth.

Cambodia Weaving and wearing silk is an expression of deeply-rooted cultural and social traditions in Cambodia. Silk is a prestigious fabric, often worn by the King and Queen in official ceremonies, and very popular among Cambodians. The story of these silk scarves, designed by Kong Chim, is a special one to share: Kong lost her leg in a landmine accident that killed her best friend. Despite this tragedy, in 1992, she seized an opportunity to be trained in sewing and design by an international aid organization. For the next ten years, she held down a day job and worked hard each evening on her own designs, pursuing her passion. Finally, she launched herself full-time into her own organization, Ta Prohm, in 2003. Kong designs her own accessories and collaborates with a small group of women to bring each piece to life. The name Ta Prohm holds special significance as it is the name of a holy site in Cambodia and the group is a member of the Artisans' Association of Cambodia, a certified Fair Trade organization.

Silk 3-Layered Scarf The silk 3 layered scarf is hand-made, using natural Cambodian silk and is designed to create a three-tiered border on the outer edge, with its edges embellished with a darker trimming. This fashionable piece, worn around the neck, adds flair to any outfit.

Scarf Code TP3LS - 01 TP3LS - 02 TP3LS - 03 TP3LS - 04

Colour Description Periwinkle Blue (olive green and deep purple accents) Pale Orange (dark purple and violet accents) Periwinkle Blue (dark blue and purple accents) Sea Blue (pale purple and golden green accents)

Dimensions: 18 cm x 114.5 cm (7 inches x 43 inches)

Silk 4-Block Scarf


Bulk Price (20+)

The 4-block scarf consists of four complementary colours in a rectangular array. Made with 100% Cambodian silk, this scarf has a natural scrunched appearance and will add a splash of colour to a formal or casual outfit. The scarf itself is smooth in texture and soft on the skin, adorned with simple tassels at each end.

Dimensions: 18 cm x 114.5 cm (7 inches x 43 inches) Scarf Code TP4BS - 01 TP4BS - 02 TP4BS - 03

Colour Description


Instructions for Silk Scarf Care: The silk scarves can be hand-washed, however use the mildest soaps while hand-washing. Rinse in cold water until all remnants of the soap are washed away. Drip dry.

Jewelry Roll Description:

Sophisticated in style, this silk jewellery roll is ideal for storing your favourite jewelry pieces neatly in one place. With multiple compartments, the roll contains an elongated pouch to fit longer chains, along with three small zipper pouches. The roll can be carried along in your purse and works well for traveling, adorned with a chic tied ribbon.

Dimensions: 15 cm x 20.5 cm (5.5 inches x 8 inches) Jewelry Roll Code TPJR-01 TPJR-02

Colour (As depicted above) Royal Purple Pale Blue


Purse Description: Made of 100% silk, this trendy purse is simple in design and elegant in style. The purse contains a compartmentalized inside, with a zipper pouch in the centre and two panels to hold up to five cards. A

long strap that can also be tucked in enables the purse to function as a casual clutch in addition to a shoulder purse.

Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 15.5 cm (4.5 inches x 6 inches), with a strap that’s 26 inches (67.5 cm) in length

Purse Code TPP-01 TPP-02

Colour Description (As depicted above) Bright red, with dark grey floral print Silvery Grey textured pattern


Holiday Ornaments Description: These charming holiday ornaments come in a variety of shapes and colours, including a duck, star, elephant and dragonfly. With a shimmer in appearance and embellished with small sequins, the ornaments will add a decorative and warm feel to the home. They can be used to hang along the mantelpiece, on the Christmas tree itself or simply as a decorative piece in the home.

Approximate Dimensions : 3 inches x 3 inches

Ornament Code TPO-01 TPO-02 TPO-03 TPO-04

Style and Colour Description Pricing Duck; royal blue, with little sparkly blue sequins attached and a beaded necklace around its neck Star; dark maroon, with sparkly red sequins on the front and outlined in a thin gold ribbon Elephant; dark maroon, with a green fabric on top and beads as the tusks Dragonfly; royal blue patterned with a pale green, a few sparkly blue sequins on top

Dimensions 2.5 inches x 1.75 inches 3 inches x 4 inches 2 inches x 3.5 inches 4 inches x 4.5 inches

(PAGE 5) ARTISTRI & FAIR TRADE The money raised selling these products will be used to fund the non-profit organization Artistri-Sud, whose mission is to empower women artisans in developing countries to fight poverty and build better lives by capitalizing on their existing craft skills and cultural assets. The funds will be used to implement training programs for these women. Our pricing is reflective of fair trade, since we aim to help producers in developing countries to promote sustainability. Only adults produce these products and the production complies with social and environmental standards. PAYMENT TERMS & CONTACT INFO

Payment Terms: Contact Persons:

Jennifer Lonergan

Phone / email:

Website of our partner NGO:

GEORGINA’S NOTES (alpaca photo URL) Bolivia (Page 2):  No artificial dyes (have to clarify that Coproca uses natural dyes from local boiled plants)

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